cool bun

In some kind of AU… 🍃

Summer Fashion!!

may i present, international kpop sensation sunshine rainbow traditional transfer USB hub BTS featuring:

- smooth af hobi, fixing his glasses while running like it’s no big deal

- kool kookie, who manages to make holding his hat look like a model pose because he’s just that cool 

- cinnamon bun chimchim, running around happily while proving once again that he just can’t wear a jacket properly

- the eldest jinnie, trying to catch up because these damn kids show no respect and certainly didn’t wait for him

- grandpa yoongi, showing off his grandpa running with an on point technique 

- the group’s dad namjoon, always keeping an eye on his precious members

- flower kid taehyung, enjoying life to the fullest while looking like he just got off the “hair” musical set

as you can see, just a bunch of fluffballs running their way to your heart (✿◠‿◠)