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I put far too much effort into this show…the year 198X is set in is 1986, because that was the only year in the 80′s that had a friday on Halloween. Also, Metallica’s ‘Ride The Lightning’ came out 2 years prior, and ‘The Breakfast Club’ in 1985; which makes sense for both Hannah and Amanda to reference them. 

Thoughts whilst watching 6x12

- I actually feel sorry for Theo. He has no one. He came back from the dead, was forced to help the pack, bonded with Liam, but then got neglected again. He does have a really fancy Jeep so idk how that worked out but okay. 
- It’s the spiders again. Rats, bugs in wolves, spiders. Odd. 
- Can someone try out Scott’s number and see what happens? 
- Hunters? 
- Oh, come on why you gotta shoot him? he just pulled a spider out of his back.
- I wonder why Scott hallucinated. It has, as far as I remember, never happened before. Was it the shock that the bullet was Argent’s, thinking he’s killing the supernatural again with stronger, more dangerous weapons? Perhaps. Or it has something to do with the aftermath of the Wild Hunt. Liam can’t control himself sometimes, and Scott wolfed out in front of an entire squad of police officers. 
- The Sheriff is just not impressed anymore lol. Like “wop, there I go again, attacked by something I don’t know the name of.” 
- Also why is Malia running behind him? For Lydia, it’s logical, but Malia is a were-coyote. Use that super speed girl. 
- Ugh, why are they all so pretty? 
- Pack feels in the car ayyye. 
- Liam and Mason are so cute, it’s all just parallels of Stiles and Scott. 
- Those kids are so cute. I remember being hopeful in Freshmen Year that highschool would be awesome and full of dreams. (Spoiler Alert: it is filled with homework and tears)
- “Go lacrosse!” “yay sports” I CAN’T XD
- Bitch if he doesn’t make an appointment than you can’t force him. 
- “Opportunities Multiply as They Are Seized.” True. 
- lol and then Mason happily walking in nearly fangirling over his favourite peot or something. 
- that knife though. threat from the argent’s? 
- aw come on, why do the black people always get hurt here. First the black orderly, now him. He’s just fourteen, leave him alone. 
- Thank the Gods that Parrish is finally useful. You were shit in season five and 6A. Thank the Gods for making him go and not Lydia. 
- I want Lydia’s top. 
- Please, Scott should’ve known from the beginning the passport was Allison. His own passport for everything in sophomore year was Allison. 
- Oh and thank you Teen Wolf for not forgetting one of your greatest characters. Allison Argent will be forever missed. I really, fucking miss her. 
- Malia’s humour is on point btw. 
- So the name of the dead hellhound is Halwyn. Halwyn Hellhound, nice to meet you. 
- So the white haired dude is a doctor ohhhhh.
- bitch even if you do lock him up Parrish can still burn down the gate he’s literal fire. 
- Wait since when does Corey play lacrosse? And do girls still play in the team? Because you had Kira and then later on Gwen in 6A. Now it seems like there are none. CONSISTENCY, TEEN WOLF!
- Liam hold your wolf in, please. 
- Aye it’s that relative of Brett that I always forget the name of. No hard feelings, girlie. 
- Keep it in, Liam. 
- “That’s the IED I remember.” dude. not cool. wait, doesn’t Brett know that Liam is a werewolf? Isn’t Brett one himself? Or did I just read that in fanfiction? I’m so confused. 
- oh yeah he knows nevermind. 
- fuck he’s hot
- well hello Samarah from The Ring. 
- oh wait fuck is everyone dead? 
- ah, a doctor is evil. what a surprise. 
- Come on, Liam. Don’t lose it. Also, where is the black freshman? 
- ayyyye Argent please don’t be the bad guy, thank you. 
- he’s so not impressed I love him. Him and Melissa are also, clealry, not together, so why did they kiss in 6A if it had no meaning? 
- Oh, Malia. 
- “Bitch you think im getting out there? hell no.” MALIA I LOVE HER THIS SEASON SHELLEY IS DOING A WONDERFUL JOB. 
- For a man like Argent, it’s odd he even used “Allison”, as hackers often opt first for things that are familiar to the ones they are wanting to hack. Like family names, pets, dates, et cetera. 
- Fuck, man, he’s also part human. You’re a murderer. Well, he’s a hunter, actually. Now it’s just not an organised party, everyone is just killing. It’s basically season 4 only without the money. 
- wop, guess Jordan will go in hibernation then. 
- This woman fucking stayed at school for hours just to give him back that ball and threathen him or something. Jesus get a life. 
- oh fuck you. using wolfsbane is a dick move.
- Lydia fucking register for MIT odwn throw that away please. You have a little less than two hours so do something. 
- I love her ring. Very minimalistic. (gets sudden thoughts of married stydia and starts crying. trash ophelia has arrived)
- oh my God, Lydia, how much has Stiles influenced you. Like “Woopsie she caught me just pretend you’re really interested in this pack of post its yep totally not suspicious yep perfect perfect plan amazing awesome.”
- Also her banshee powers are on point. 
- Bitch he has never even terrified anyone. You have nothing to him personally but you’re acting like he did. 
- oh sure just stick a pole in his body. 
- “That’s incredible”, oh so now she’s a sadist, great. 
- oh cry cry you bitch be fucking afraid. what a dumb bitch. 
- no no no don’t go to the counsellor
- How did Liam not smell blood? Or just the stench of a body? Anyway, good job Mason. 
- Holy fucking shit. I get why the call it the most gory season yet. I’m fascinated though. 
- Her booties… I want them. 
- nononononono don’t lock Lydia up, please let her go she doesn’t deserve this. 
- great she’s probabaly having some sort of PTSD attack. great great great. -_-
- Even though I’m still against Lydia being there, her having her warrior “overcoming fears” Mulan-esque moment is so badass and inspiring. I’m here for it. 
- But you can’t just kill a hellhound. It should be a special kind of bullet. So, if the doctor puts a bullet against Parrish’ head, it shouldn’t kill him. Something’s off. 
- Even though I don’t ship Parrish and Lydia, it’s like now they’re even. he saved her in Eichen, now she saved him. It’s cool :)
- “I’m worried about you”, and in that moment, the whole scolia fandom died. 
- Scott’s look though, I’m even shipping it. He’s probably thinking of kissing her and then snaps out of it. 
- “cutesy looking down afraid of admitting feelings that have been developing since 3B” trope.
- Scott’s smile
- Yep. This is exactly how Stydia has been built up and I like it. I like Scolia. I’m here for it.
-  awww, bonding over almost being killed many times. cute.
-  cockblock!Argent
- okay even I fangirled over that “Scott is looking while she isn’t”-look. That’s a parallel to this right here motherfuckers

- oh no they found the boy - wait, what was the flesh thing then? 
- Wait but Liam hasn’t done anything to the pupils. Or have I forgotten something? 
- oh fucking hell Gerard. 
- ah, so Gerard is going to recruit a new batch of hunters, as the Argent’s basically stopped. 

Class of 198X - Episode 2 RECAP

Here is a recap of Class of 198X - Stoner Munchies Mindfuck for non-rooster teeth first members who want to keep up with canon or just the show. 

For First Members: SPOILER ALERT

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"Mates” - Brett Tablot AU Imagine

Prompt by ameleleila - Hi! Can you write a Brett imagine like the mates one with Liam? 

Pairing: Brett x Reader
Word Count: 7368

Author’s Note: There was A LOT of pressure to write this fanfic. The “Mates” I wrote for Liam and posted last December got a lot of attention, a lot of love, and nothing but great and positive feedback. It’s special to me. It took me months to write it and it’s one of my favorite fan fictions I’ve ever written, but, honestly, it scares me. It holds such high standards. I’m afraid nothing will ever mount to that, which is why I’ve shot down every request I’ve gotten about making a part two, because I’m scared I’ll ruin the greatness of it.

When ameleleia requested a “Mates” fanfic for Brett, I honestly hesitated at first. I didn’t know if I could do it again and not recycle my work from Liam’s Mates. I pushed aside all my fears and grabbed the bull by the horns. Like Liam’s it was a long process of coming up with the plot and writing down the right words. Now, it’s finally here.

Lastly, this is obviously an AU. There are a few things I don’t follow from the show and made several changes as well.

Without futher ado, enjoy Brett’s Mates and you’re more than welcome to leave me feedback. Happy reading!

P. S. I’m so sorry ameleleia for taking so long with your prompt. I never forgot about your prompt. I was simply taking my time to make it the best I can for you and everyone else. And shout out to freeyourheartandsoul for being an amazing and awesome Beta! :)

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My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Age 6 – Elementary 

It was a good day. No, it was a great day for a couple of innocent kids playing outside in the front yard, throwing a lacrosse ball back and forth. It was their first year in little league lacrosse, and they were surprisingly good at it for a pair of kids who never played the sport before. Part of it was the constant practice they had with each other before and after their practice with the team. 

Like right now, Brett and Liam were playing in Brett’s front yard. They had been playing for about 20 minutes, just running around, pretending they’re playing a real game with their imaginary friends, and passing the ball towards each other. Liam threw the ball to Brett because he was about to get tackled by Cowboy Dyno, Liam’s imaginary purple elephant friend. Brett missed the ball as his eyes followed a moving van pulling up to the front of the house next door. 

The ball hit Brett on the back of his right leg, but he didn’t even feel it. He was too distracted by the moving van.

“Duuuude!” Liam exaggerated. “You missed the ball!”

“Finally!” Brett cheered as he completely ignored Liam’s comment. “Some new neighbors!”

Liam walked up to stand next to Brett. “Do you think it’s a boy? Someone we can play with?” 

“I hope its Tommy. At practice he said they were moving to a new house.” Brett said as he watched another car pull up to the drive away. Together, Liam and Brett saw a man get out of the moving van, obviously the man of the household. His wife got out of the silver Honda Pilot and helped unbuckled a little girl from the back seat. 

“Aww, man!” Liam whined. “It’s a girl.”


“She has cooties.” Liam said with so much disgust in his voice.

The little blonde haired girl in pigtails with perfect curls, which bounced with each step she took, started grabbing the light stuff to carry into her new house. Brett ran across his yard and into the one next door, Liam followed trailing behind. The girl stopped in her tracks and smiled at the boys in front of her.

“Hi! I’m Brett and this is Liam!” Brett pointed at Liam, who gave the girl a weak smile and wave, obviously not as excited about her arrival as Brett is. “Do you need some help?”

Brett noticed her cheeky smile. “Hi-ya! I’m Y/N. Maybe after you help me, we can play whatever you’re playing!” 

“We’re playing lacrosse,” Liam said. “And you can’t play if you have cooties.”

“I don’t have anymore cooties than you do, Liam.”

Brett laughed at her comeback. She was funny, he thought. I like her.

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Class of 198X - Episode 3 RECAP

Here is a recap of Class of 198X - Vintage Teenage Violence for non-rooster teeth first members who want to keep up with canon or just the show.

For First Members: SPOILER ALERT

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  • Brett: Guys, just promise me that when Geoff gets here you’ll be cool.
  • Aleks: Brett, it’s us. We’re totally cool!
  • Brett: Okay, right. Aleks, don’t put your hand out and then say, “Here's 5 good ones for ya”. James, do not tell him your theory about why the perfect murder weapon is a knife that absorbs blood.
  • James: But it is!
  • Brett: Joe, do not jump the gun on giving him a nickname too soon.
  • Joe: But I had “Geoffrey” locked and loaded!
  • Brett: And Trevor, when he says to you, “I’ve heard so much about you,” do not respond with the classic (in an old man voice) “Oh, I hope it’s all good things!”
"Nope not today buddy"

(Your perspective)

Lydia was speaking to me about our English test and I just didn’t really feel like listening as I catch someone in the corner of my eye. It was Brett the captain of the lacrosse team for Devenford Prep he was looking at me whilst taking his jumper off but his t-shirt came with it. I couldn’t help but stare I couldn’t take my eyes off him, his abs his hair his eyes they were all amazing until I hear Lydia saying my name.

“Y/N,Y/N snap out of it what were you looking at? Anyway come on let’s grab a seat before the games start” she grabs my hand and I see Brett look back at me and wave I just smile back.

(Stiles perspective)

“I dunno man how am I gonna do this when I have a lacrosse game going on and she only thinks I’m a best friend to her, say she puts me in the friend zone say she dosn’t even want to speak to me after it.”I say to Scott walking onto the lacrosse field to see Devenford Prep standing in discussion.

My heart raised as I think about Y/N her beautiful Y/C/E always seeming to be glowing even when she didn’t change into a werewolf they were still beautiful but her smile, her smile was the best whenever she laughed made me warm and fuzzy inside, I hear Scott say my name as I break out of my day dream.

“Hey man you might wanna take a look over there Y/N seems to be staring at Brett” you seem to boil up inside as you stare at Brett you cool yourself down and look back at Y/N but she was gone she was sitting down on the bleachers. You never had this feeling before but you wanted to crush Brett down inside but you knew Y/N would never forgive you so you try to keep your cool. (Your perspective)

You hear coach blow the whistle and the game began you see Brett going faster than you’ve ever seen anyone run. You feel yourself getting really cold as you didn’t bring yourself a coat and you regret it badly. It starts to get colder and colder and the only place where you could put your hands where under your legs to keep warm but that wasn’t working either so you try to watch the game without shivering so much to make it obvious.

(Stiles perspective)

I run for Brett’s direction with Scott as the coach blows the whistle I run faster than I ever have before the jealousy flowing over me I could feel myself boiling up and me and Scott run and flip him right of his feet we cheer quietly as the crowd sound shocked at what happened. And i hear the coach shout my name,

“ Stilinski get over here now” you look at Scott and run over to couch, “ what the hell was that out there I’ve never seen you do that” you look at the ground confused if he’s happy or angry with you, “ that’s it stilinski your off for the rest of the game.”

You feel disappointed but happy that you don’t have to look at Brett anymore until the games over.

(and Your perspective)

“Why did you do that stiles” you say as your lips quivers from the cold you wonder what stiles had against Brett maybe he was jealous, but why would Stiles be jealous of Brett. You let the thought slip through your mind and wait as there was only 10 seconds left you see that Devenford Prep scored on the last second and you feel happy for them but disappointed as your school lost. You shrug it off and head down away from the bleachers and wait for Scott and stiles to go get changed.

You try to figure out anyway to keep yourself warm but it’s no use till you feel two hands touch your shoulders and you jump to see it was Brett. You breathe out as you look at his eyes until he says something

“Hey don’t mind if I say anything but your eyes, your eyes are beautiful as he mutters under the cold air.“ You blush as you feel frost bite over your fingers and he see’s that your freezing. He hands you his jumper from his bag but someone chucks it out of his hands.

(Stiles perspective)

You see Y/N stand at the bottom of the bleachers with Lydia but she walks away as you see Brett approach Y/N and you couldn’t help but take it anymore as she smiles at him. You storm over and see that he gave Y/N his jumper and you chuck out of his hands, ” nope not today buddy” *gif* and Brett squints his eyes and walks away smiling at Y/N

You just stand and glare at him until Y/N speaks up. “S-stiles w-what w-w-was that h-h w-was on…” but I cut her off as I kissed her lips she stood there until she rapped her arms around my neck and stepped back for a breathe she just looked at me.

(Your perspective)

You watch Brett as he walks away and speak to stiles as your lips quivers, “S-stiles w-what w-w-was that h-he w-was on…” but he put my lips against his and I was shocked I stood there till I put my arms around his neck for support. He warmed up every part of my body and then we broke apart. I look at him shocked not knowing what to say u till he speaks up

“I’m so sorry Y/N I was just so jealous of seeing him look at you and making you smile I hate seeing you with someone else when I love you. There I said it I love you.” You kiss him again and whisper,

“ I love you two”.

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