cool bras

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

pidge and boobs: an unfortunate experience

  • pidge is just like. really done with having boobs
  • pidge, looking down at her chest: why are you even here
  • boobs are just like…sacks of fat that get in the way of fighting and seeing her computer screen when she lays down 
  • and when her boobs just hurt she’s like “why. why me. i’m just trying to live my life” 
  • she doesn’t even have boobs that are that big and she wears sport bras most of the time but sometimes during practice they bounce and she just wants them to s t o p 
  • to hunk: i don’t want my boobs anymore you can have them 
    hunk: pretty sure that’s not how this works
  • pidge never goes bra shopping like properly like she probably isn’t wearing the right size but the bra fits well enough and doesn’t pinch and she’s not spending any more time on these expensive fabric cups that society demands she wears
  • society sucks ass
  • so do boobs
  • one day lance is like “i’m like 90% sure shiro has bigger boobs than you” and pidge is like “good. he can share my suffering” 
    • shiro: i’m always suffering
  • those days where you just have to grab your boobs as you’re running up the stairs or something? yeah. pidge hates those days and swears aggressively as she wraps her arms around herself
  • she loves wearing huge oversized sweatshirts but she especially loves it because she can go braless and no one will know 
    • also for your consideration: the extra lazy days where she literally just wears a sports bra and a sweatshirt and no shirt
  • lance: do you ever just. hold your own boob
  • pidge: do you ever just punch yourself in the face
  • one day she’s bored and particularly annoyed at her boobs and she’s just like. an a cup for awful a, b cup for bothersome, c cup for cursed, d cup for dreadful—
  • she mostly lives in sports bras but there are a lot of days where she’s like “…what if i didn’t”
    • the answer is nothing would happen. she’s in space. no one cares. she can just go braless. it’s a freeing day when she realizes that
  • they’re just laying around one day and she sits up suddenly and is like “does space even have bras”
    • it does. or at least, alteans do 
    • both her and lance are disappointed when space bras aren’t anything special and are basically the same as earth bras
    • lance takes every opportunity afterward to say “cool starry bra” when it’s relevant 
      • because stars. and space. starry bra. it’s funny
  • she is so jealous of aliens that don’t have breasts like how is this fair
  • pidge loves her armor because her boobs are out of the way for once and it’s so nice
  • she’s just like “what is even the POINT of you!!” most of the time and like. she knows but still. what’s the point
  • pidge is just very frustrated with her boobs

anonymous asked:

What was it like for the band when Noodle first for her period / had to go bra shopping?

ok funny story but tmi warning;;; the first time i tried to use a tampon, instead of actually inserting it, i popped it out of the applicator, and tried to use it as so… and then when i found out what i had done wrong, i shoved it back inTO the applicator and THEN used it;;; fun times.

womanhood sucks


  • So, her dads never talked to her about becoming a woman, apparently. 
  • When Noodle first got her period, Murdoc immediately found out.
  • “Who in the hell bled out in the bathroom?” 
  • By this time, Russ would catch on after he looked at the immense amount of rolled up TP on the floor. Noodle would be running back to the bathroom with some paper towels and some spray, stumbling upon 2/3 of her daddios are staring down the murder scene. Yikes.
  • When 2D finds out, he would probably gush over the fact that Noodle is a woman now. Little does anyone know, Noodle doesn’t even know what just happened and has no idea what the heck is comin’ out of her.
  • When the band picks up on this, Russel is the chosen one to tell Noodle what a period is. He also gives her a brief sex talk, but just runs over the fact to not do it. Russ would probably salvage anything on the internet he could that explains a woman’s anatomy without him having to talk about it too in depth.
  • Going lingerie shopping for Noodle would be kind of odd. Russel’s looking at the basic-colored undergarments like blacks and nudes, 2D’s looking at all of the fun patterns and colors for underwear and bras, and Murdoc is handing Russ sexy lingerie like white frilly garters and black leather leotards to buy for Noodle. That’s not going to fly.
  • At the end, the gang ends up buying a couple basic-colored things, some bras with cool colors, (as well as undies) and like, 20 packages of pads um dads’, you might be overdoing it.
  • murdoc gets kicked out of the shop for feeling up the mannequins
Five’s a Crowd

Originally posted by soluscheese

Pairing: Ruby x Reader, Dean x Reader, Sam x Ruby

Summary: We all know the Winchesters share everything… College!AU

Word Count: 3,801

Warnings: Foursome, oral sex (female on female, female on male), dirty talk, small amount of daddy!kink, use of strap on, deep throating, submission, double penetration

A/N: This is my first ever smut fic! Please let me know if it’s any good, I’mm hoping to incorporate smut into my Cigarettes & Candy series and maybe a small amount in Leavin’ A Lonely Town. Thank you for reading!

Once you reached the inside of the bedroom, you rounded the doorway you were all too familiar with and pushed Ruby up against the bare wall.

The wall used to hold two family photo’s, but after too many incidents with Dean, you both best thought to remove it.

Good call.

Hearing her soft moan against your lips drove you further in desire, your mouth paving a way from her lips to her neck, sucking softly on the flesh she bared to you.

Ruby squeaked as you nibbled on the juncture of her neck and shoulder, licking over the warm skin. Ruby’s pupils darkened when she took in the presence of two men walking in and closing the door.

“Came for a show boys?” She smirked, your actions continuing even throughout the interaction with the new crowd, moving your lips back up to hers, kissing her once more.

“Well considering you two are respectively our girlfriends, I think we are here to stay.” Sam spoke, winking at Ruby, admiring the flush that seemed to spread all throughout her body.

Dean motioned Sam over to two chairs he keeps tucked away in the corner of his room, both now facing the king sized bed he rightfully bought for days like these.

Groaning as you pulled away, you dropped Ruby’s  legs to the floor and panted a bit. “I would be a doll and start up top, but I really fucking need your pussy right now.”

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