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Do you ever cry because Jack was about to be executed and he was just so careless about it -.- my baby is so done ...

Dearest Anon –OMG yes!! It BREAKS my heart!!!! Once upon a time we could have chalked such complacency off to him being the King of Cool, biding his time, waiting for the Opportune Moment to pull off a daring escape. But this round he was just Insert Fork Done. It was almost as though he wanted to get caught. Still walking around town in broad daylight after the attempted heist, living right on the edge of civilization, barely even trying to hide… His legend means SO much to him, and seeing the reward on his wanted poster reduced to a mere pound . UGH! Our poor baby! I wish they had spent more of the movie focused on him getting his groove back, rather than him stumbling around stuck in this low point most of the film.