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Hey everyone! So about a week ago this blog had it’s first anniversary which is crazy! It honestly doesn’t feel like that long at all and it’s amazing how many awesome people I’ve had the privilege of meeting on here over the past year. I thought I’d make a list of all my absolute favourite blogs, just as a little high five for you all being awesome. Of course I adore everyone I follow, but these are my absolute favourites of the bunch. Sorry if I missed anyone! And like I said, I love everyone I follow so much <3

Also, I just thought I’d write a little message to my wonderful boyfriend @yoongii-trash / @gudejama who I actually met through this blog. If any of you guys don’t know him he’s the sweetest, most thoughtful, funny, caring guy I’ve ever known and I wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy as I am right now without him. I love you bby and I WANT TO PUBLIC FLIRT OKAY PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW YOU’RE SPECIAL

And thank you to everyone who’s followed me over the past year! It’s been a weird year and this blog has been a lovely place to hang when I’m down, everyone gives me so much love and I’m always thankful

Okay so here’s all my faves ily all x x x

mutuals are in italics and super faves and/or friends are in bold

@artofennun, @ask-college-seokjin, @ask-bts-stuff, @ask-joonie, @ask-chimchim 

@beagletae, @baebsaes, @bts-for-life, @barkjimminie, @bangtanthemelaninangels

@creamsicklesz@cravingnamjoon, @cypherslut, @cloudjimin, @chokemejimin

@eyecandykook, @elfineveryday

@fyji-min, @fypjm, @fvckbts, @fy-sugamin


@h0bispeach, @honeyjimins, @hobicakes, @hobaeyourthirst

@iamthatgirlyouknew, @idjitchesters

@junghosyub, @jeonsshi, @jiminstrash, @jmnpeach, @jiminnetwork

@kths, @kinktae

@melaninjungkook @melaninbts @melaninjimin, @minyoongislaysme

@noir0neko, @nooniedraws, @nightsburning

@peachsyub, @poppytint, @parkjizzmin, @punkyoonmin, @parkjiminh


@sugutie, @sugainmycoffee, @sunnyoongi, @silverjimin, @sugaminpark, @sweaterpawsjimin


@vmih, @vminzaf


@yoonmin, @yooseok, @yoon-socks, @yoonminist

aoka college au (???) doodles or something

so it’s uh……. been a long while since I’ve posted anything on this blog hUH…;; I’m hopefully gonna start posting more on here to try and revive this dead artblog so uh! yeah that’s all 

hi!! I need blogs to follow so reblog this if you post any of the following!!:
tokyo ghoul
zankyou no terror
attack on titan
gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun
steven universe
neon genesis evangelion
sailor moon
legend of korra
avatar the last airbender
hirunaka no ryuusei
studio ghibli
& I’ll check out your blog & probably follow you*
(*since this is a side blog I’ll be following u on my main account chibiusah but u can follow this blog back)

get ready kids‼️

I’ve been getting a lot of people wanting to be snail mail pals & so it would be cool to have a net where everyone gets paired up with their very own mail friend 🍊

Rules 🌟
- to be in the net you must reblog this post
- be following me (I’ll follow everyone back)
- send me a message or make a post including
• your name & age
• what country you live in
• what languages do you speak
• your favorite fruit & favorite vegetable
• one hobby of you have
• three things you think would be cute to get in a letter
• if you play an instrument, what it is
• your favorite band & song
• and one random fact about yourself !!
- once you are paired up you must abide the safety rules, no posting ppls addresses and stuff like that (will be written later on)
- be a cool bean🌱
(you can tag stuff to mail pals net of you want)

now get going !!!