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My sister’s thoughts while watching eyewitness:

• She loved Tyler (not that I was surprised, she’s got a type)
• every time Ryan appeared “no nOO NOT YOU AGAIN”
• Helen lost a lot of cookie points in the last few episodes but by the end she was loving her again
• Gabe as BestFatherOfTheYear™
• “Tony I love you but for fuck’s sake sTOP GIVING OUT CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION TO PEOPLE!”
• during the finale: “Anne no no no nOO”
• “Lukas’ hair was so fake honestly please let him have his natural hair colour next time”
• during the sex scene: “oh my god they’re..? They’re doing it??? Isn’t Lukas in pain??? Stop! Guys no, no, ahi, painful, stop trying to take his shirt off he jUST GOT SHOT!”
• “ok I love this tv show and I’m gonna scream if we don’t get season 2
• but
• everything
• is
• liteRaLLY
• who was in charge?? Why did they decide the show needed to be this grey blob???”

So all in all I can say she loved it and she is now a true eyewitness fan.
Mission accomplished.

No offense but I just had a Steven Universe x Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney crossover dream and it was the best thing ever


another digital Portrait, it will maybe becomes a series :)

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