cool badges

All Green Day pins are DIY

The black and white pins in the top right are from the National Gallery of Australia, souvenirs from the Feature Exhibit ‘Defying Empire’ celebrating the 50th anniversary of the referendum that granted Australian Aboriginal peoples the right to vote, amongst other basic premises of humanity.

The Rancid and Bad Religion pins are from Canberra’s only true remaining record store, Landspeed Records. The same store I purchased the patches from.

The Amnesty international pin is from an antique store in Bowning, run by a couple whom are wonderful people.

The “Make America Read Again” pin I found at a bus stop, in Belconnen. According to the small text on the side of the badge, its origin is a bookstore on Broadway, in New York. I put up posters in the same location, no one claimed it.

Harley and the joker pins are just that. Why the fuck not. lol.

Then, the Supabarn trolley token. That’s my story so message me about my childhood this post is long enough already.

Some cool fake ID badges I got at Florida Supercon!

They had tons and tons of ID’s like these for every show/movie you could think would logically have ID badges. They had TONS of Harley ones so it was hard to pick but I settled on these. 


I’m going to LeakyCon Ireland soon, and I decided that I would go as a Hufflepunk! So here is a WIP of my punk jacket for the occasion! I’ve actually been wearing it out quite a bit as I really like how it looks, and it is certainly the most ME item of clothing I own!

There’s a collection of brownie and cub badges on there, a few nerdy badges and some critical role patches too! There’s a few I want to make for myself too, but they require me buying some more thread and maybe a badge maker lol


Day 20 (11/10/2017) Tokyo Disney Land :D I woke up with no plans googled things to do in Tokyo and an hour later I was there :D I’ve never been to a Disney park before and had a lot of fun! The stitch encounter was very cool!! Even though it was all in Japanese you could get every single joke, it involved a big Vr screen and someone doing Stitch’s voice then participating with the audience in a small theatre for about 20 minutes! I also got about 9 different squashed penny designs but this is a pic of the first one I got because Robin Williams :D though my main souvenir is this cool Tokyo Disney Land badge :D I had a really fun day but only went on about 4 rides because I couldn’t take all the queuing :S

A Story

So today was Pride in my hometown. It’s pretty small, especially compared to the ones in large cities, but I always show up as an act of solidarity. Plus, there are always cool badges for free.
This time, I picked up some pronoun badges and one that said ‘trans rights now!’
I added this to my denim jacket, which now has multiple rainbow badges and badges about being trans amongst a collection that also includes stuff from comiccon and Harry Potter events.

After the parade, my friends and I decided to go to the shopping centre because that’s literally all my town has to offer in the way of entertainment. We went into a shop and I bought a hoodie. As I paid, the person serving me said 'I love your badges!’

I smiled and thanked them, assuming they meant my 'Bowtruckle Nature Reserve’ or 'I’m A Feminist Superhero’ badge. But then they leaned in towards me and whispered 'I’m not out to anyone here yet, but I’m very gay’.
They then said 'have a nice day!’ in their normal customer-service voice.

And, like, sometimes I think maybe I’m going overboard with the lgbt thing and that I shouldn’t advertise it so much in a world where it could be dangerous but. That’s why the people who are able to be out and proud shouldn’t hide who they are. It’s important that we’re visible for the people who can’t be.