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Oh My, My, My - II (Bucky Barnes AU)


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: language

AUTHOR’S NOTE: sooooo….. this series might be longer than expected but that’s a good thing, right?
oh, and i am going to make the tag list for this story just 50 users since it does take while to tag. I currently have 32 spots left on my tag list for this series. If you want to be tagged, PLEASE let me know! .xx


“There he is!” Natasha swooned.

A new guy had just arrived to school and Natasha could not stop drooling over him. He was apparently scouted to be in the summer Olympics for archery and rumor had it, he was pretty close to perfect.

You looked away from the blond boy to find your favorite long haired brunet walking towards you with a baseball glove in his hand. He was a senior in high school and getting ready to graduate along with Steve and their new friend Sam.

You grinned at him and he winked at you before walking past you and meeting up with his other friends.

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Kanye West is like Batman for the Black Community

Look. This may sound weird but this will make sense. Follow me.

Kanye West is someone we need but we don’t deserve.

Kanye West is an anti hero. So is batman. You can love him or hate him but, you have an opinion. Kanye is an anti hero.

Regardless of his personality(which adds to the antihero part) he breaks barriers.

Kanye made it cool to be the back pack nerd with an urban twist. Kanye West made it okay for me as a black male to not be thuggish and wear baggy clothes etc. Kanye west has something to do with the progression of the black style. Think of life before and after 2007.

Think about musically. Regardless if you don’t like his music, it pushes the creative boundaries so far out. You ever notice when artist do something very different now they compare it to yeezus. “Oh that’s so and so’s yeezus”. Instead of bashing the artist, they compare it to his album as a sign of “something different”. 
In short, he gets a lot of the flack for what soon becomes acceptable or at least tolerable.

And with him releasing his fashion line, black designers now have a shot. Kanye made it. So why can’t you. By including black models with their natural hair, it will give black models of all shades a chance to enter modeling on a larger level. Hes making it so hip hop culture, not what the media perceives as hip hop culture, but actual hip hop culture is acceptable in ways unlike before.

Is he right all the time. No. 

Is he a dick. Yes. 

Is he rich. Yes. 

Does he make HUGE mistakes: Hell Yes

Are you suppose to agree with all that he does. Fuck no. 

And thats just like batman.

No one ever appreciates batman until the end when they turn around and realize shit is actually better because of him. That they can be whoever they want to be because someone made it just a little bit easier for you to be who you are. Kanye is doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Kanye is our batman and we won’t notice it or care and he’ll never get his proper due in the end. But I got you Kanye, I got you.