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Ulzzang Spotlight (1/50): Hwang Sunwoo

Hailing from Ulsan, Sunwoo (21) is a popular cam entertainer and personality. He enjoys watching variety shows (recently picking up on the 2 Days 1 Night series), playing League of Legends, catching up on fashion trends, having casual eating outs, and enjoys interacting with his fans. He is currently in a relationship.

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Okay what's so great about the miraculous ladybug because I've seen sooo much of it on here??

What’s so great about Miraculous Ladybug??


I’ll tell you ;3 (warning: its a long thing but funny, i’m very funny i can assure you) (also its not under a read more cuse pictures look like crap on my blog believe me)


The setting is modern day Paris, France

Here’s Marinette Dupain-Cheng

(cutie patootie)

A sweet girl, incredibly creative, tough, who wants to become a fashion designer. Her parents run a great bakery.

And she turns into:


(omg so beautiful *drools*) 

(Btw they both have cool transformations but no gifs for it sigh)

Crime fighting superhero girl, awesome, smart, strong, athletic, has a yoyo as a weapon, which as works as a sorta grappling hook, and cleanses akumas (I’ll explain in a little bit) Her power is luck.

and here’s

Adrein Agreste

(another cutie patootie)

He’s a shy, nice, boy who also happens to be stinking rich, a model, as his father Gabriel practically rules the fashion world. Also he has no mama ;A;

Who turns into:

Chat Noir (means black cat in French)

(this sINNER)

He’s a flirt, bad luck (poor kitty), too many cat puns I swear to GOD. Has a cool staff that hasn’t been used as a staff yet but has been used a pole, pole, beating stick, etc. His powers are bad luck (literally)

Now how do these two get their powers???

It’s a little something called Kwami (almost like kawaii cuse they both are)

Meet Tikki! Marinette’s friend/kwami, which is how she gets her ladybug powers

(so cute omg)

and then

Meet Plagg (almost like the freaking plague)

Adrein’s friend (sorta)/ kwami, and how he gets to be Chat Noir

(he loves cheese, camembert)

now you know what’s great about this? it’s a love square

you know what a love square is?

it’s this mess:

so she

likes him

but he likes ladybug:

(shes his superhero partner as chat noir)


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also here’s the other characters:

Marinette’s parents


and Tom

(she so smol and he so tall YES)

and Adrien’s father

(ahhh yess i can FEEL THE LOVE)


(such beauty, such grace, she’ll punch you right IN THE FACE) (representation is so beautiful isn’t it children??? she’s so prettyyyyyy)

She’s Marinette’s best friend, and a huge fan of Ladybug’s. Runs a Ladybug blog. 

and Nino!

(so cool, surfer dude voice for whatever reason???. YEAH MANNNN.) (REPRESENTATION IS WONDERFUL MATES)

(i ship nino and alya so bad, like pls)

Adrien’s best friend, cool guy

And then… there’s THIS BITCH (i love her but honestly, she so mean)

Chloe Bourgeois

(loves adrien, hates marinette, rich french girl, dad is the freaking mayor) and her slave friend Sabrina who does stuff for her.

She’s kinda the “rival” for Marinette in terms of everything. Makes fun of her, loves Adrien (calls him Adrein-kins BLAUGH) and he doesn’t really feel the same way back.

(Also shes caused alot of her classmates and an adult already to be akumiatized)

and their classmates at Collège Françoise Dupont


(she’s so cute omg) (so smol too)


(she’s cool, she does makeup i think?? people ship her and rose (yes)


(shes adorable, an actor i think, kinda gets scared easy)


(looks like a jerk, but isn’t. likes mylene. THEY KISS I SWEAR, MARRYYYYYYY EACH OTHERR) (so many ships, so many…)


(has/had? a crush on marinette, great artist, makes cute lil comic of him saving marinette it was so cute, so smol too)


(she’s REALLY SMOL, great roller skater, cool, cutie)


(asian jock, cool guy, (had very PAST TENSE, had a crush on chloe), and his friend, max, nerdy, calculating everything, also i love that they changed “racial stereotypes” on these two its BEAUTIFUL)

also kim and alix has a bet made from timebreaker that if she won hed stop with dares for an entire school year and if he won she would give up her skates to him (i ship it…) (watch me tell u all my ships whoops)

(she enjoying dat butt tho ;3)

okay enough of characters…

so… what’s the whole “superhero” thing they gotta do??

well it goes like this

someone feels bad, sad, upset, angry

so this asshole


(sure doesnt LOOK LIKE a hawkmoth to me…)

He wants their miraculouses (marinette’s earrings, adrien’s ring)

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he takes advantage of it and sends out this white butterfly gone wrong


to “evilize them” (i swear what does evilize even mean???)

which means they become apart of an item the person owns and that is kinda their main “weapon” “power” whatever

Exhibit A - Nino as “The Bubbler”, his bottle of bubble solution makes him a villain temporarily

Exhibit B - Alya as “Lady Wifi”, her phone makes her a villain 

(so it really shows that no one is truly safe from being akumized)

and so ladybug and chat noir

(sure it was an accident chat, sureeee)

stop them, and ladybug uses her power “lucky charm” to create a object (its spotted too, SPOTTED) and use it to stop the villain, and breaks the item holding the akuma

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(sassy chat i swear)

and after the villian is defeated, ladybug uses her yoyo to capture the akuma, cleanse it, “devilize” (UGH), and send the white butterfly off

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with her cleansing light fixes all damage, including the broken item itself (really a big help cuse superheroes make quite the mess)

 And that’s usually how the epsiodes go.

there are a few more things:

- new superhero will come!


Italian fox girl (theres not much else…)

So! I hope that answered your question. It’s really a great show and I would recommend it to anyone! And honestly I can’t believe tumblr let me put it all out too.

Okay I’m sorry but I have to add more to this thing (its already so long omg…) Okay so once they use their power, they only have a few minutes before their transformation wears off. And they have to feed their kwami to make em feel all better (tikkit loves baked goods, plagg loves… You guessed it, CHEESE)