cool aquarium

Ok like we have Yuri being seen as cute by Otabek but like… what if Yuri found subtle things that Otabek does as sorta cute?

For example Otabek in practice successfully does a jump and does that little baby fist bump. Otabek is so stoic but Yuri can see his happiness and think it’s pure.

Or Otabek gets super excited about something but doesn’t want to show too much of it. Though Yuri can see right through and just sees how endearing it is. He loves that sorta childish excitement from Otabek.


Aquarium day //*Jellyfish (obsessed) 🐳🐬🐟🐠💙 #jellyfish #aquarium #love #makeup #mua #inspiration #cool #light #colorful #cute #girl #art #water #fun #mood #fish #beautiful

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I had a dream where Snape teleported me into the midst of an oceanic feud between mermaids, kelpies and frogs, all coz i was being a greedy lil shit

Date ideas:

-aquariums are cool let’s go to one

-park??? Heck yea

-lay in the middle of the tennis court and not move when ppl are playing, “play around us u bitch”

-scream into the void w me

-let’s draw shit together

-get turnt on AJ and crash a bowling party

-since were already at the bowling place let’s get some sodas

-these sodas r nice af

-play horror games together

-play tag but the entire city is within bounds so try to find me you fucker

-tie dye some shit and wear it with heart shaped sunglasses

-let’s use smoke bombs and then try to play tag into the abyss

-that penny date thing

-we go to a restaurant but don’t sit with each other and try to make eye contact from where we both are and try to get the other to laugh

-sing songs while screaming into a fan