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Lost Souls of Broken Graveyards

Wincest Writing Challenge: (October) | @ilostmyshoe-79 vs @rodiniaorzetalthepenquin

Prompt: (Fictional book titles) Lost Souls of Broken Graveyards

Word Count: 700

Tags/Triggers: kinda angsty, a blowjob in an inappropriate location

A/N: I hope you enjoy! XOXO

Sam finds Dean in the local cemetery. He knew he would.

Since they were young, Dean’s been coming to cemeteries on nights like this. There’s some sort of masochistic need that brings Dean to stare at the tombstones in the moonlight when things are bad.

And things are certainly bad now.

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Written for @spnkinkbingo​ |  Link to AO3
Square: somnophilia
Pairing: Wincest
Wordcount: 1,762
Tags: mildly dub con, established relationship, late s3, rimming, hotdogging
A/N: thanks to beta nigeltde for her support and for sharing my love of angsty s3 brothers

When Sam slept, his walls were down – he couldn’t overthink or fight, just breathe and dream – and Dean got hard just thinking about that.

The cold medicine left a tacky blue ring on the bathroom counter. Dean hated the taste – like cherries dipped in kerosene – but his brother liked it, said it was one of the few things that helped him sleep.

It was a miserable ride that day. For two hundred miles, Sam was unable to sit still, a headache building behind his eyes. Dean reached out across the back of the seat and tangled his fingers in the curls along Sam’s neck, rubbing the tight muscles underneath. Sam leaned into the touch but soon his eyes were pinched and squinting against the sun, and he pulled away when it became too much.

When they checked into the motel, Sam shuffled into the bathroom for a quick shower and to shoot back twice the normal dose of Nyquil.

As his brother slept, Dean watched. He sat on the second bed, cleaning their guns in the darkened room, soaking in the quiet. No tv, no police radio, just the rattle of the ancient air conditioner in the corner and the sound of Sam’s steady breaths from the other bed.

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Little green monster - Request Sam x Reader

Request: Can u make plssss a imagine when the reader is talking to Charlie and Charlie flirt with her and Sammy gets jealousy? Make it funny and fluff Ps: i love your writing My englis suck sorry 🖖

A/N: Thank you for the request! Hope you like it :) There’s like one swear word in here just to warn you. 

“When’s Charlie getting here anyway?” Dean questioned, feet kicked up onto the chair next to him. Sam started to respond before you heard a small knock at the door. All three heads turned, and you stood up with a groan as your muscles remembered how to walk again. The boys followed, and when Dean opened the door, a petite redhead girl stood outside, holding so many bags and boxes that she bore resemblance to a pack horse. “You gonna help?” She exclaimed, and Sam reached out for her things. 

You had made your way back to the library now, and Sam had set down Charlie’s bags on the table. She breathed a sigh of relief and went to hug the boys, and you stepped back politely as they greeted each other. “Who is this beautiful woman you’re dragging through the mud with you?” Charlie asked, sending a flirty smirk your way. Sam coughed awkwardly and she turned to him. “Charlie, this is Y/N.” You learnt forward and shook her hand, gifting her a small smile. 

Dean chuckled, recognizing Sam’s jealously that you had not yet sensed. “This is going to be interesting.” Dean murmured under his breath and left the room for a beer.  

“You need to teach me how to do that!” You marvelled at Charlie’s laptop screen in awe as she leaned back in her chair, chuffed. “I’m sure we could arrange that.” She smiled, and you stood up from your chair. “Definitely.” You replied and watched as Charlie packed up all her belongings. Sam was seated across the room, eyes narrowed. You met his gaze and his face returned to it’s normal state of friendliness. With a confused frown, you looked back at Charlie, now standing in the doorway loaded up with all her things. 

You skipped down the step so you were level with her, and offered to help carry her things outside. “No, don’t worry I’ll be fine.” Charlie shook her head. “May I say, you totally wear plaid better than them.” Her eyes traveled over your body and you blushed. “Why thank you.” You accepted the compliment and did a little spin to display your outfit. 

Sam coughed indiscreetly, showing his obvious discomfort at the situation. You smirked, turned your head around to look at him, and then back to Charlie. Sam was now leaning up against the pillar in the library, arms folded. He avoided eye contact, instead opting for staring at his feet, jaw clenched. You couldn’t help but smile as you looked back at Charlie. “Anyways, thanks for all your help gorgeous!” You crooned and leaned forward to hug her. She grinned at you and you embraced her petite body for just a second longer than you normally would. When you broke apart, you stepped back, and Charlie waved to Sam. He responded with a tight lipped smile, and you brought a hand to your mouth to stifle laughter. “See ya round bitches!” Charlie called as she made her way up the stairs and out into the cool night air. 

Sam breathed a heavy sigh when the door shut behind her, and you finally addressed him. “What’s your problem?” 

Sam’s eyes flicked up to yours, and he straightened his posture. “My problem? My problem is whatever the hell that was.” He remarked, gesturing to the spot where Charlie had previously stood. 

You giggled and stepped up into the library and towards Sam. “Nothing. She was just being friendly, so I reciprocated!” You exclaimed, waiting for Sam’s response. 

“Yeah well, try being a little less friendly next time.” He murmured, and started down the steps and past you. 

You jumped to the side, blocking his path at the last second, and placed your hands on his shoulders. “Are you jealous?” You queried, analyzing his frustrated facial expression. 

Sam scoffed flippantly, but you maintained eye contact and rose an eyebrow. 

He frowned instantly, and looked down at his feet sheepishly. “Yeah, I guess. You can’t blame me though! She was all over you. I understand why she would be.” Sam’s outburst died down with the last sentence and you smiled shyly. 

“Sorry. You know it didn’t mean anything.” You spoke delicately and your hands fell back down to your sides.

“Does this mean anything?” Sam mumbled and he leaned down to kiss you. You wrapped your arms around his tall frame and returned the favor. “Definitely” you whispered as you felt Sam’s chest expand with relief. 

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Slow Hands || Sam Drake x Reader ||

Characters: Young Adult!Sam Drake x Reader

Song: Slow Hands - Niall Horan

Request: Yes! [A request for Sam based on the song slow hands from Niall Horan? Take it the way you want, if you’re not comfortable with smut I’m totally okay with that! I don’t want to pressure you!]

Tags: @rafeadderall @missdictatorme @dragonjedihobbit @shararogers @solarsystemus

Warnings: Kinda NSFW but like idkk 

Word Count: 1,769

A/N: lmaooo this turned out so differently to what I thought it would but I totally intended more smut but like heck??? 

The first time it happened was a drunken one night stand, the second time was a drunken coincidence, the third time was no mistake at all. It all started at a wedding, too many drinks and an insatiable lust for sex. You seemed to see him everywhere after that night of the wedding reception, the pants, moans and sensations still freshly embedded inside of you. 

You had passed him on the street, not knowing any better the day after the wedding, your eyes fell on his and the vivid imagery flashed in your mind of the previous night, his head buried in your neck, you gripping the sheets so hard you’d accidentally ripped them and how he made you feel when he was inside you. 

Then it happened for the second time, coincidentally you both had attended a mutual friend's birthday house party and it felt just as blissful as the last time you two had found yourselves tangled in the sheets. When the two of you accidentally bumped into each other at the library it made for awkward stammers and intense blushing. Neither of you knew each other’s names for a fact, but despite this, you two were starting to become quite…familiar… with each other’s physique.

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Sam Winchester x Reader

2500 Words

Summary: On a witch hunt with Sam and Dean, the witch puts a spell on you during her final moments.

Author’s Note: Tiny bit of Angst, but fluffy ending

Another room, another murder. This room was painted yellow, pictures covering the majority of the walls. The four poster bed was unmade, the blue and yellow comforter crumpled along the foot of the bed. A white dresser sat along one side of the wall, with a jewelry box and forgotten clothes strewn across the top. A bookcase was against other wall, filled with books, so many books. Glancing around the room, you looked for clues as to what could have killed the victim.  Following a hunch, you scamper down onto your hands and knees, searching under the bed.

“Whatcha doing Y/N? Think the murderer’s hiding under the bed?” You heard Dean joke behind you.

“You better not be looking at my ass, Dean. And at least I’ve found a clue.” You sassed back, straightening up before showing them what was in your hand, a brown bag with symbols on it, a hex bag.

“Should’ve known, it had to be a witch,” Sam replied, taking the bag from your hand. “Great work Y/N, what would we do without you.”

Staring into his hazel eyes, you became flustered. Looking down you tried  to hide your blushing face. You’ve had a major crush on the younger Winchester since you first started hunting with them. Not sure he felt the same, you kept your feelings to your self. Only Dean knew, and loved to tease you about it. He was like the older brother you never wanted.

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Bad Idea

Requested by @ackleholic96. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: Getting involved with Soulless!Sam is a bad idea. You can’t help yourself.

Warning: smut, Daddy!kink, spanking, rough sex

Word Count: 1600ish

A/N: I hope y’all love Soulless!Sam as much as I do. Feedback appreciated!

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Shelter from the Storm (Part 1)

Characters: Sam and Reader (platonic), Dean (mentioned)

Summary: After years of being apart, Sam shows up on his best friend’s doorstep needing a place to stay and a friendly face.

Warnings: Talk of character death

A/N: So this is my first technical series. I’m not sure how long it’ll go but I have a few parts already planned out. It’s loosely inspired by the Bob Dylan song “Shelter from the Storm.” It’s one of my favorites. Some of the lyrics are in italics at the beginning of the story. I thought it’d be interesting to explore the idea of a friend from Sam’s school days that he still keeps in touch with while he’s on the road. Maybe it helps him feel a little normal or finds it as a source of comfort. I’m mainly wrote this for my enjoyment, but if you guys like it, too, then that’s great. I would love to hear some feedback!

(gif by capntony)

‘Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood
When blackness was a virtue the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form
Come in, she said
I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

And if I pass this way again, you can rest assured
I’ll always do my best for her, on that I give my word
In a world of steel-eyed death, and men who are fighting to be warm
Come in, she said
I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

It was another sleepless night. From just beyond the window you could hear the crashing of thunder and the hard pelting of raindrops. Light danced on your ceiling as lightning bolts streaked in the sky. The soft warmth of your bed linens comforted you and you felt at peace. Now if only sleep would find you.

Your mind floated in and out of thoughts: what you’d have to do at work the next morning, the closet in the hall that needed organizing, the beautiful blue dress you saw in the store yesterday. All just passing through, never settling in for long.

Through the rain and your thoughts you heard what sounded like a faint knock at your front door. You lifted your head up from your pillow and stayed perfectly still. Was it the storm? After a short moment you heard the knocking again, this time a little louder. You wrack your brain trying to figure out who would be coming to your door at three in the morning in the middle of a storm like this. Another set of knocks rap from down the hall.

You groaned a little, rolled to your stomach and dropped your upper body over the side of the bed. Blood rushed to your head as you searched underneath it for something. Your hand finally landed on the prize and you brought yourself right side up again. You smiled at it – the American Slugger baseball bat you kept around for moments like this. You just never thought you’d actually have to use it.

The bat hung heavy in your hands as you crept silently to the front door. The knocking had turned to banging in an attempt to wake you apparently. The list of possible visitors continued to roll through your head as you placed the palm of your hand on the door. As you looked through the peephole the person on the other side was the one person that never crossed your mind. You looked at your feet for a moment as you attempt to process what you’ve seen. Another knock struck and jumped you back into focus. You unlatched the locks and swung the door open. The cool air bit at you.

“Sam?” you said incredulously.

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Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,346

Request:  REQUEST: a teen reader (deans daughter) and they go to ikea and maybe she’s in a bad mood or something so Dean try’s to cheer her up by goofing around with her in the store while Sam is actually trying to do some shopping and just super cute. Love your writing <3

Style: daughter!Reader

A/N: Confession, I have never actually been to Ikea. Because of that, I have the setting as a department store (think of Sears or Macy’s, that sort of thing).


   “Can’t I just stay in the car, Dad?”

   “No one said you have to go in, but it might get really hot out here with the car off. Thought you might prefer some AC.”

   “I can keep it on; just leave the keys.”

   “Run it while it’s parked, and you’ll kill the battery. Come on, we won’t take long.”

   With a huff, you open the door of the Impala and step out into the parking lot. The sudden heat is an unpleasant change from the cool interior of the car, and the sun beats down bright and intrusive in your face. Ahead of you are rows of vehicles broiling as they reflect the summer sunshine into your eyes, and beyond them looms a two-story department store. Groaning internally, you trudge along behind your father and uncle, hands shoved into your pockets.

   Could’ve just said you want me to come with you, you think.

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All We Have Left

Title: All We Have Left

Pairing: Reader x Sam/Dean family

Word Count: 2,531

Theme song: You Belong by Alpha Rev (Awesome song and video either way)

Request: samanddeanwinchester asked - Hiya! Could I request a one shot where you’re dean and Sam’s younger sister and you’ve always had a special bond with dean and when you get kidnapped by a monster dean goes crazy and eventually him and Sam find you but you’re super beat up both emotionally and physically so he never leaves your side all week just tending to you. (The fluffier the better I’m a total sap) if you can do this thank you soso much and if not no worries!


Your name: submit What is this?


Laughter filled the inside of the Impala as you teased Sam about the ipod jack he’d tried to have installed.

“An ipod jack is a legitimate addition to a car! Why is this so funny?” he asked defensively.

“Because I’ve seen your playlists!” you laughed, clutching your ribs. “Sam’s workout tunes? Come on, that’s funny!” He turned around long enough for you to see the scowl on his face.

“She’s got a point, man. I’ve told you before, driver picks the music–”

“Shotgun shuts his cake hole, yeah yeah,” Sam finished for him. “Then how come whenever Y/N picks something, you let her?”

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anonymous asked:

Weecest promt with a 15 year old sam who doesnt think hes good enough for dean and theres just lots of fluff and cuddles

“How was school, Sammy?” Bobby asks him.

Sam leans against the car, sucking on the green Popsicle Dean got him. Bobby has tried to catch his attention continuously, but no such luck. John is inside the ammo shop while Sam and Bobby wait near the truck.

“School was good as always, Bobby,” he answers back, distracted.

He thinks that Sam is trying to get in on the case or get some info on it. Bobby still sees him as this curious pain in the ass that needs to be locked away from the shit John and Dean do.

“You know, I could always take you back to my house. Get out the heat for a while till Dean takes you out to eat later,” the older man tries again.

“Yeah, I need the cool air.”

Sam doesn’t look at him once. Just stares at his brother talking to a group of guys and girls around his age. Clad in a white t-shirt and some really ripped jeans, Dean looks hot.

The truck growls to life behind him and the loud noise catches Dean’s eye, his brother turning to smile and wave enthusiastically at him. Sam waves with the popsicle in his hand lazily, turning to climb into the truck.

He hopes Dean doesn’t forget their date.–

Sam is left waiting till nine at night on the porch of Bobby’s house, fucking pissed off to the Sun and back, if his brother were here he’d slap the fuck outta him.

He said he wouldn’t forget. He said that Sam was too important to forget. Is Sam not old enough to be around? He is not fucking cool enough?

A car comes speeding into the lot, kicking up dirt as it comes to a jolting stop a few feet from the porch. Music blares from the small car and Dean steps out, smiling wide and his laugh raucous.  

“Yeah, I’ll see you guys later,” his brother yells over the loud music to someone inside the car.

Sam’s leg begins to shake, partly nervous because he wore the new jeans that Dean bought him that make his ass look great and because–well what if he was blown off on purpose?

“Hey, Sammy.”

The ecstatic smile does nothing to calm the storm happening inside his chest. He knows he looks like a brat: arms crossed, foot tapping, face red, and lips tight.

“Where the fuck were you?” he snaps, not really noticing the girl climbing back out the car.

“Dean!” She’s short, great legs, short, dark hair, and pretty lips. “Just wanted to say it nice having you around tonight, I wrote my number down,” she says, handing him a rumbled piece of paper.

Sam’s nostrils flare when she leans way up on her toes to kiss Dean on the cheek. He let’s out a huffing breath and stomps down the steps in long strides, walking fast out to one of the abandoned cars in the dark.

Is this how it’s bound to be? Sam being one up'ed by these girls? He just got what he wanted not too long ago? Ain’t he enough for Dean? Or is he gonna have to blow Sam off every time to go be with a bunch of people who are better than Sam.

Always left behind, always too brooding. He can’t make friends or be in with the friends Dean makes because he doesn’t have the charisma his brother has, or the looks.

He peers into the cracked glass of the side mirrors, sees his splotchy face and furious tears erupt out of him. The fumbling of the door only makes him suck in more muggy air and cry harder because great, now Dean gets to see him crying all ugly.

“Sam, baby. You cryin’ over that girl? Shit, I didn’t know she was going to do all that. I know she liked me and all–” Dean rubs at the back of his head and Sam stares out the other window, tears running down his face as he tries to keep the sobs in.

“You asshole, it’s not just her! You forgot our date tonight. You had me waiting outside like a fucking idiot! Bobby and Dad tried to get me inside, but I was really convinced you were coming for me,” he blurts, voice sharp and tender as he watches Dean.

Dean tries to cut in, pushing himself across the seat but Sam stops him.

“But of course you didn’t show up or call because you were too busy with your friends. Too busy too call your little brother,” he snorts at the end, looking back out into the dark.

“I should have called but–but I don’ know! I lost track of time with them. I was pissed at myself for forgetting and I told them I had to get home to you,” Dean grumbles, embarrassed.

“I know you were having fun, Dean, and I tried to repeat that to myself, but sometimes I feel like a drag. Like I’m not enough for you and all these girls act like you’re theirs and you’re supposed to be mine!” His lip trembles as he shouts at Dean, refusing to let his voice shake.

“I know, I know,” his brother whispers and cups Sam’s face real close to his,“ you’re always so devoted to me, Sammy. So devoted, baby boy.”

He sniffles and let’s Dean kiss him softly on the mouth, murmuring to him between as Sam grips his shirt tightly within his fists and gulps down his cries.
Dean looks down at his brother’s teary eyes, his lips pouty as he hangs onto him.

“And you ain’t a drag, Sammy. I didn’t raise you to be a drag or a lame,” Dean whispers to him.

Sam has to chuckle at that and looks down when Dean’s thumb scrub away the tear tracks.

“Marking up your face with all that salt water and shit, there’s no reason to be crying, right? Gave that girl back her number, like I do to anyone now. All for you.”

Sam smiles so hard he has to wriggle to put his face into Dean’s chest.“Am I that bad you gotta hide those dimples from me?”

He can’t stop himself from climbing into his brother’s lap, curling his legs around a tapered waist.

“No, just making me turn red, you jerk,” he pokes a finger into Dean’s neck.

“Always have, sweetheart,” Dean drawls and Sam can almost hear the waggle of eyebrows.

“Shut up,” he grouses, pushing Dean roughly onto his back, streetlamps illuminating the top half of his face

“Do you think she had prettier hair than me?” Sam whispers, squirming on top of the warm body beneath him.

“Dude, never. No one has better hair than you,” Dean scoffs, pushing a hand into it.

Sam manages a smile, pushing his wet lips to Dean’s in a gentle kiss.

“So devoted to you too, Sammy,” Dean murmurs  into the silence of cicadas and dry wind.

“Everyone else would call you whipped,” Sam snorts out a laugh moments later.

Request: Too Hot (Hot Damn)

Word Count: 666

Request: Can you write an imagine about being in the bunker but it’s too hot so the reader convinces sam &amp; dean to all go swimming please? (◕‿◕✿) maybe some fluff with sam? Thanks!! hope you had an awesome day💖

Thanks! I think this went a little sideways but you get the gist, definitely. I hope you like it!<3

In other news, I’m starting back at S1 with my little sister this summer, which I’m super excited about. It’s almost a year since I started watching, so it’s fun to go back!<3

“Ughhhhhh…” You whine, rolling over atop the bed’s covers. The shorts and tank top are too stifling in this head and you’re dying. It’s at least a thousand degrees in the cramped, badly-ventilated motel room and you’re seriously on the verge of passing out.

“Problem, Y/N?”

“Yeah, actually. You two get to walk around without shirts on.” You huff, looking up at the shoddily painted white ceiling. There’s a pause, and you can almost hear the grin on Dean’s face.

“You can take your shirt off if you want to.”

“No, because you want me to. Pervert.” You say, but you’re grinning. Dean chuckles somewhere behind you and you turn your attention to a leaflet left on the bedside cabinet. You roll over and read through the pages – it’s just about the motel and all of its ‘wonderful’ features – then, your eyes land on something.

“There’s a pool!” You cry, leaping up, “Where’s the pool?!”

“Out back.” Sam replies, grinning slightly at your excitement, “Why?”

“Can we go? Just for an hour. It’ll be cooler! It’s so hot, we’re all grouchy and boiling. Please?”

You don’t want to have to beg them, but you’ll do whatever it takes to dunk your ass in that pool. And the rest of you, for that matter.

“Do we have bathing suits?” Dean queries. You shrug.

“It’s glorified underwear. We’ll be fine.” You say hurriedly, “Is that a yes?”

“Well, we’re not gonna make any headway on this case until tomorrow when the Smiths get home.” Sam concedes, “It might make for a nice break.”

“Wait… you’re actually thinking about it?” Dean asks, and you grin.

“Sure he is. It could be fun. Please, Dean?”

“What if it’s all grubby and gross?”

“I’m sure we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”  Sam agrees. You whoop with joy and grab the younger Winchester’s arm, dragging him out the door and into the humid afternoon air.


“Can-non-ball!” Dean chants playfully from behind. You grin at the empty, mercifully clean pool and take a running jump, curling into a ball and bursting into the water. Once you surface, you find the guys whooping triumphantly behind you and mirroring your actions.

The water is cold, but it’s an absolute blessing after the sauna-like heat of the motel room. Dean sends a tide of cold water in your direction, so you respond tenfold. The three of you get to act like a bunch of kids for a couple of hours, floating about in the water and splashing each other. No-one bothers you, like they don’t even realise that the pool is there – not that you care. No, it’s much better to have the place to yourself.

At one point, you’re engaged in a splash battle with Dean when a pair of arms wraps tightly around your waist and pulls you under. You’re about to panic, until you’re pulled back up to find Sam just about dying of laughter. You frown at him, but the laughter is infectious and he gets off easy with a playful thump to the arm and a stern look before you burst into giggles.

“The look on your face,” He teases, and you laugh.

“I was surprised! What do you expect?!” You grin, running a hand through your soaked hair. There’s a moment where you lock eyes and for a moment you think he’s about to kiss you, but Dean yells at you because he’s found a dead cockroach in the water and wants you to come and see.


You climb out of the pool, shivering slightly in the quickly cooling night air. Sam tosses an arm over your shoulders, pulling you into his warmth.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah. It’s just cold out.” You say, only half joking. He laughs anyway.

“This was nice.” He says softly, for your ears only, “Thank you.”

“Thank you.”

“I’d like to do it again sometime.” He smiles, and you look up at him.



“I’d love to do it again with you.”

anonymous asked:

You need motivation? Really powerful, intimidation demon!Sam goes weak in the knees for the righteous man's brother hunter!Gabriel

Not exactly the kind of motivation  I’d had in mind, I’d more meant motivation to get me writing my Big Bang, but this works too! I’m never one to turn down a prompt ;D


Sam was in deep shit. And he had absolutely no idea how he was going to get out of this. He was a demon, for hell’s sake! He wasn’t supposed to be getting frustrated over humans, particularly not humans that could very, very easily kill Sam without a second though. Especially not humans that he had been assigned to corrupt.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write first time Sam gives Dean a blow job and Sam's a bit nervous and shy?

Sex was all Sam ever heard at this school so far. A trend had been started by a boy named Brady Lee. Sam had listened from his desk, four seats away. The group of boys weren’t as quiet as they thought or Sam had really good hearing.

Dean had only been fourteen when he had his first blowjob, thirteen for his first handjob, and twelve the first time a girl made him cum in his jeans.

“How was school, Sammy?” Dean beams as they make their way back to the motel.

Sam squirmed a bit in his seat as he thought about the conversation he heard.

“Sam?” Dean questions, his eyes flitting between the road and his younger brother.

“T-these boys were talking today,” Sam answers quietly, face beet red.

Sam doesn’t know who else to ask and Dean won’t make fun of him, he just won’t.

“Yeah, I would think so,” Dean laughs.

Sam stares at Deans thick fingers on the steering wheel and he remembers those fingers in his hair last week when Dean gave him his first kiss. It was hot and wet with his older brothers big tongue stuffed into his mouth, he came inside his jeans in Deans lap.

“Brady Lee got his first blow job not too long ago,” Sam blurs out.

Dean goes silent at the words and his face is blank when Sam looks over.

Who is he kidding? Why would Dean want to give him a blow job? He’s probably lucky Dean even kissed him last week.

Sam wears baggy jeans and baggy shirts, his body swallowed in his beige jacket. When he looks in the mirror, his body is still on the skinny side. For fucks sake he barely has hair on his balls and he’s 15!

“Is that so?” Dean finally says, his voice sounds grated.

Sam nods and they finally turn into the motel. Dean rips the keys from the ignition and gets out the car. Sam follows, slamming the car door closed and hanging his head as he follows Dean into the small room.

He goes to his bed, dropping his bookbag and taking off his coat, but keeps on his hoodie. The heat was barely working in here.

“Did you want a blowjob?” Dean asks softly.

Sam gasps and turns to face his brother. Dean is sitting on the arm of the couch, playing with his hands.

“I-I just. Yeah, Dean,” Sam squeaks out.

His brother looks up with a smug smirk on his face.

“Then you should have asked, baby boy. Already had my tongue down your throat, why not put my mouth on your dick, C'mere,” Dean smiles.

Sam blushes hard and shuffles forward a couple steps to stand between Deans spread legs.

Sam doesn’t know how many nights he thinks about his brothers strong thighs and firm, toned stomach. Or maybe those thick arms, so strong. Those lips and eyes.

Dean stands and turns them so Sam can sit on the arm of the couch. Sam is already hard in his baggy jeans, tenting them.

“This for me, hm?” Dean whispers, cupping Sam’s erection.

Sam thrusts up into that big hand, looking up at Dean with wide eyes, nodding and groaning.

“Gonna show you a few things, alright? I promise this’ll feel so good, baby,” Deans voice is rough as he gets on his knees and starts pulling down Sam’s jeans and boxers, letting his hard cock hit the cool air.

“D-dean!” Sam stutters, covering himself when his brother spreads his legs more.

“Shy are we? Can’t be shy if I’m gonna’ do this for you. You need to move that hand so I can suck your dick,” Dean smirks, looking up at Sam.

He hesitates before removing his hand, shuddering as his wet tip brushes Dean’s plump lips.

Rough hands knead his inner thighs, thumbs rubbing up and down over the skin near his cock. Sam looks down and watches as Dean licks softly at his shaft, up to the head, suckling on it.


Sam’s hips buck involuntarily and he can’t help but blush when he hears Dean chuckle.

“Sam, watch me,” Dean growls, a hand coming to roll his balls.

Sam cries out softly at the feeling, looking down at Dean with lidded eyes.

“Cause you’re going to need this when you’re returning the favor,” Dean rumbles, mouth going to sink down on Sam’s dick.
Sam bucks and shouts loudly, gripping the back of Deans head. The rolling massage of his brothers tongue and wet suction make his eyes roll back into his head.

“First off, no teeth,” Dean says, panting as his hand jacks Sam in a corkscrew motion.

Sam whimpers out his pleasure, crying out again as Dean goes down again, the head of Sam’s cock hitting the back of his throat. Dean gags a little, but rights himself, slipping the rest of his little brothers dick down his throat.

Sam sobs brokenly, curling over his brother. Its intense for his first time, Brady didn’t describe it like this, but Brady also didn’t have Dean sucking his cock.

Dean comes off again, licking at Sam’s balls, sucking one into his mouth.

“Second, deeper is better, taking just the tip the whole time is boring. Oh, and lick a guys balls,” Dean smirks, but hesitates.

“Well, my balls,” Dean chuckles and his mouth engulfs Sam’s whole dick again.

Sam yanks and pulls at Deans hair as his brother bobs fast on his cock. He’s going to come soon, too soon.

“Oh, God. Dean!” Sam yells, head thrown back as his body spasms with pleasure.

“Fourth, little brother. If you can’t take him all the way, use your hand for the rest, usually jack it at the same speed you’re suckin’,” Deans voice is a wreck, but he’s pumping Sam fast and hard.

Sam whines as his eyes roll back again.

“Lastly, swallow if you can,” He hears Dean say.

He feels his cock jump hard as Dean sucks him down again. His balls tense and his curls forward again as Deans head keeps bobbing, wet noises loud as he works.

“Oh, Dean. Dean, I’m about to–to,” Sam doesn’t get much else out as he makes a high pitched, choked off sound as he starts coming.

He starts sobbing when he feels his come shoot down his brothers throat. Dean moans and swallows around Sam.

Sam feels himself falling apart as his orgasm goes on and on, dick pumping out come into his brothers mouth.

“So good, Dean,” Sam whimpers as his older brother pulls off and jacks Sam slowly, letting him come down from the intensity of his orgasm.

He falls back onto the couch, panting. He doesn’t care that his cock and balls are still out, jeans around his ankles.

“Don’t fall asleep, yet. You need to show me what you’ve learned,” Dean grins as he unzips his jeans.


forgivethesinnersammy because my phone is an idiot it lost the answer to your prompt in its asshole so I hope this is ok. But luckily I copy and pasted the whole thing before I tried to publish it!

Prompt Idea or Close To It: Sex kitten!Sam gets Dean jealous, Dean buys him collar or makes him get a tattoo and Sam may have realized too late that he might have gone overboard.

I hope that’s close enough 😅.

Of course, lovely.

His slim hips sway with the music that’s on. He lets his head fall back as the guitar riff rolls over him.

Eyes watch him with lustful curiosity, Sam knows. His nipples harden under his black shirt at the thought of a pair of green eyes watching and knowing that Sam’s body is his.

“You here alone, darlin’?” A rich voice asks him.

Sam looks over a shoulder at a tall guy, too lanky for Sam’s taste. Also, too cowboy.

“Mh, may-be,” Sam gives him a teasing smile and rolls his hips hard.

Chocolate brown eyes trail themselves a long a body that doesn’t belong to them.

“What’re you doing in this place by yourself?” The guy comes closer, a few feet away from Sam.

Sam just swings his hips slower, blinking up at the man.

“Never said I was alone,” Sam shrugs.

Sam hears a beer bottle slam down onto a table and knows his lover is angry.

“Come home with me. Could ruin that nice ass,” chocolate eyes rake over what they don’t own again.

“R-ruin it?” Sam bites his lips, batting his lashes when the guy comes closer.

“Yes,” its a hiss of arousal from the man.
“You wanna hurt me?” Sam asks, turning to lean against the juke box.

Chocolate eyes meet hazel ones. Green eyes burn.


The twenty-two year old grins, tip of his tongue between his teeth as he sees his older brother come up behind the guy.

Dean grabs him up by the jacket and slams the man onto the nearby, wooden table.

“That’s my little brother you’re fawning over,” Deans voice is a growl.

Leather jacket, combat boots, and short cropped hair–Sam’s weakness.

“I-I didn’t know! He said he was alone!” Chocolate eyes dart from Sam to Dean behind him.

“He said may-be,” Dean hisses, picks the guys’ head up and slams it back down onto the wooden table; knocking him out.

Green eyes land on Sam.

“Lets go. Now.” An order.

Dean grabs him by the neck and steers them out the bar even as people watch.

All that Sam loves rolled into twenty-six years of hard muscle, green eyes, and possesiveness.

He gets left in the dingy motel room with an order of “You move and you’ll get spanked” that makes him shiver, but stay put.

Sam needs Dean, wants him, but Dean has opted to neglect him in favor of disappearing off somewhere. They could be having ravenous sex, Dean buried deep inside him, but Sam is just picking away at the red bed spread, laid out on his stomach as he kicks his feet back and forth in the air.

His cock stays half hard in his jeans and he ruts into the bed softly to keep the ache away, until he hears the rumble of the Impala.

He hears the engine stop and the creaking of the door opening and closing, immediately he’s fully hard.

“Dean,” he purrs as the motel room door opens up to reveal said man.

His older brothers mouth is set in a firm line and his shoulders squared.

“Face down, ass up,” Dean commands, a brown bag crinkling as it hits the bed.

“B-but, Dean,” Sam stutters, but does as he’s told.

He spreads his legs apart to arch his back further and lays his forehead down on his forearms.

The pillow smells like cheap laundry detergent. That’s what he notices as his brother stands beside the bed and begins to open Sam’s jeans roughly with one hand.

“You think you’re for everybody, Sam?” Dean asks, voice even.

“No, big brother,” Sam answers, letting Dean yank his jeans down to his knees.

“Then why–” he pushes Sam flat to the bed, “–do you act like it?”

He admits that he’s been testing Dean more than is acceptable, but he hadn’t thought about the consequences.

“I-I didn’t mean to!” Sam gasps as Dean rips his pants and boxers the rest of the way off, jolting his body.

Sam looks over his shoulder just in time to see Dean shrugging off his jacket and throw it onto the other bed. Deans muscles bugle under his shirt.

“Face down,” Dean barks.

Sam puts his face into the pillow and a few seconds later, a sharp slap to his ass is delivered. He bites the pillow, ass cheeks clenching at the sting.

“I told you not to be dancing like that in front of other people,” Dean whispers hotly in his ear, wet lips brushing.

Sam whimpers as Dean spanks him hard again, the sharp sound of his echoing.

“All this ass is for me, baby boy,” Dean kneads his left cheek hard as he licks from Sam’s neck all the way up to the shell of his ear.

Sam’s cock is hard and trapped under his belly, probably blurting pre-come out all on the sheets.

“So, I got something for you,” Dean says, voice raspy.

Sam tries not to whine as his lovers warmth disappears and he hears Dean pick up the brown bag.

“Lift up your head.”

Sam immediately does as he’s told, his eyes staring straight ahead at the brown headboard.

He hears the brown bag hit the floor lightly, empty, and a metallic jingle.

“Look, Sammy.”

He turns his head to the right to see…to see a fucking collar.

His hand flies down to squeeze the base of his cock with a whine, keeping his orgasm at bay.

The dark green collar dangles from Deans index finger, the silver name tag says ‘Property of Dean Winchester’.

“Gotta two name tags just for you, baby,” Dean smiles, green eyes dilated.

He reaches into his jeans pocket to pull out another silver tag, 'Dean’s Good Boy’.

Sam cries out as his hips buck against the sheets, head of his cock wet with his excitement.

“You’re going to look so good with this around your neck, let all those bastards know you’re mine,” Dean groans.

Sam’s throat gets grabbed as Dean climbs on the bed behind him, putting the collar around his neck.

It fits perfectly, the leather cool against his heated skin.

“My perfect boy,” his brother kisses at his neck.

Dean leans back between Sam’s spread legs, gripping his ass hard.

“Let it happen again, Sammy–” Dean slaps both his cheeks hard, “–and this ass is getting my name tattooed on it.”

Sam shivers and mewls as his brother spreads him open, exposing his hole to the cool air.

Sam is about to ask why Dean isn’t moving before he hears him spit, a warm wad of it landing right on his hole.

“Oh God,” Sam humps down hard into the bed, dick drooling.

Dean spits again and it runs down to his balls, slicking him up.

“Dean,” he pants out, face flushed and body on fire.

“Hold on, just–fuck,” Dean uses both hands to get his jeans down around his knees.

Sam squirms as he feels more of the spit sliding down behind his balls. He won’t last long, his balls already drawn up tight.

Dean lays over his little brother, slipping his throbbing cock between the slick space of Sam’s ass.

“Yeah, Dean. Fuck me, fuck me,” Sam whispers harshly, gasping as Dean ruts against him.

“Not tonight, baby,” Dean licks the shell of Sam’s ear as he picks up the pace.

His spit slicks the way, his dick slipping smoothly along the crack of Sam’s ass, over his twitching hole. He humps him like they’re animals, making the bed move and the headboard smack the wall.

“You’re going to cum just like this, all over these sheets. Just from me on top of you like this,” Dean growls into Sam’s ear, he wraps his hand around his throat to feel the collar.

Sam lets out a choked yell, hands tight in the sheets. He spreads his legs wider to move down harder into the sheets and buck back up into his brothers thrusts.

His nipples rub against the sheets as he cries out his pleasure and Dean rubs a thumb along his collar.

He’ll wear the damn thing whenever Dean tells him, wherever they go, no matter what.

“Beautiful, plump ass, Sammy. Feels so fucking good around me,” Dean is still talking into his ear, tightening his hand around his throat.

Sam lets out a yelp when the fat tip of Deans dick catches in his puffy hole. He’s going to come, can feel it in the way his balls pulse.

“’M gonna’ come soon, Dean. I’m gonna–oh, oh!” Sam lets out an embarrassing squeal when Dean reaches under him to pinch a nipple and bites his neck.

“I was thinking, Sammy,” Dean breathes hotly, his body pushing Sam further down into the bed, his dick making a sickenly wet sound as he ruts harder.

Sam sounds like he’s starving for air, chest heaving as his orgasm nears.

“Yeah, Dean, yeah?” Sam swallows, head tilting upward as his body is jarred wildly, his bangs sticking to his forehead.

“Was thinking about getting a tag that said–that said–” Dean cuts off with a loud moan, bloated length throbbing against Sam.

Sam writhes under Sam, sweat making the glide of their bodies easier.

“That said, Deans. Good. Bitch,” Dean snarls in his ear.

Sam screams loud, bucking wildly and shaking as he comes hard, moaning. He sobs, cock trapped under his stomach as he shoots the last of his load.

Dean sits back quickly, squeezing the globes of Sam’s ass together and fucking between them.

“Good boy,” Dean smirks, breathless.

He spits thickly onto his own red, aching length and fucks forward slowly. Sam groans, boneless and lets Dean do as he pleases.

He’s gonna spill all over his brothers tan skin and between his sweet ass.

“Not going to do it again, right?” Dean whispers, trying to hold out a little longer.
“No, Dean, not gonna,” Sam whimpers.
“Uh huh,” Dean pants, beginning to shake as his orgasm hits, hissing as his balls pump out his seed.

He looks down to watch himself spill thick and hot all over Sam’s hole and lower back.

When he’s done he slumps forward, groaning when his come dries between them.

“Dean?” Sam whispers.

Dean slides over on his side and Sam turns to cuddle against him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you angry,” Sam kisses along his sweaty neck, cooing softly.

“Its alright, just…makes me nervous to think about something happening to you cause– what if I’m not their at the moment, ya’ know?” Dean murmurs into his hairs.

“I do it cause you’re there with me, Dean.”

His older brother snorts softly.

Did you want smut? Cause smut happened. I’m sorry.
Heat of the Moment

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Prompt/Summary: Imagine pissing Sam off on a hunt and he takes his anger out on you. In the best way possible.
Author: Samantha
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1585
Warnings: angry unprotected sex?

“God Damnit Sam, Stop!” You yelled downwind as you stormed through the tall weeds back to the Impala. Sam caught up with you and grabbed you by the arm, turning you to face him and subsequently pushing your back against the cool, black metal of the car.

“You could’ve gotten hurt in there Y/N!” Sam seethed through his teeth. “Taking on all those Vamps without waiting for us, what were you thinking?”

Keep reading