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In honour of Black History Month, I’ve decided to make a post or two about Black politicians in Canada, who are currently in power, in 2016.

in The Canadian Government (Parliament and Senate) there are currently 7 Black Canadian Politicians.

Members of Parliament:

#1: Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Liberal MP

#2: Emmanuel Dubourg, Liberal MP

#3: Greg Fergus, Liberal MP

#4: Hedy Fry, Liberal MP

#5, Ahmed Hussen, Liberal MP


#6, Anne C. Cools, Independent Senator

#7, Don Meredith, Independent Senator

For reference there are 338 seats in the Canadian Parliament and ~100 Senators in the Senate.


Rhythm-A-Ning” | Thelonious Monk Quartet w/ Johnny Griffin | Album: Thelonius In Action (1958) | Recorded at The New York’s Five Spot Cafe 

Johnny Griffin (Tenor Sax), Ahmed Abdul-Malik (Bass), Roy Haynes (Drums)

Stephen and “Clock” Gate

Oy. Oy oy oy. You know it’s gonna be one of those posts when it starts with “oy” and I just used four. Mentally prepare my friends.

First and foremost, this post will have absolutely NOTHING to do with television other than to discuss a television star’s recent comments about an event in the news. Feel free to turn away now.

But I’m getting a lot of questions about it and even though this might be a GIGANTIC mistake, I’m going to write a post about it. Why? My priest said something very important yesterday. “The more we talk about evil the less power it has.” It’s important to talk about issues like racism. I think too often we don’t because we are afraid of offending people. But I think that just gives racism more power. 

These are my opinions and my opinions only. Nothing too shocking since this is my blog. You are more than entitled to disagree, however I won’t tolerate hate. If you are hateful you will be blocked or your comment with be deleted. The better option is to avail yourself of the unfollow button. I’m going to approach this from a position of understanding, respect and God willing a little humor. The humor might be an EPIC fail, but the rest I hope will not. So I expect the same in return.

In the immortal words of Xander Harris, “I don’t like racism. I’m gonna take a stand and say it’s not good.” (Xander was actually talking about vampires, but I think the quote still works).  I would certainly hope everyone can agree. There. A little common ground. Let’s build a bridge.

I think when we’re discussing issues of racism it’s very important to keep two words in mind: world view. Your world view is crucially important in these types of situations. It means your experiences in the world help shape your view of the world. Said another way? You don’t know what you don’t know.

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