beaghmore megaliths ▴ cookstown, county tyrone, northern ireland

beaghmore is a complex of bronze age stone circles and cairns, from about 2000-1200 bc, on the edge of the sperrin mountains. the singular circle is unique in that some are filled with more than 800 small stones which have been placed upright within the circle and are known as “the dragon’s teeth”. the name is derived from the ulster name bheitheach mhór, meaning “big place of birch trees”, as the area was wooded in the neolithic era.


Meeting Tessa and Scott in Cookstown

My Mom and I arrived right at 12 o'clock and there was already a really big line, actually 2 big lines. Tessa and Scott were seated under a tent like thing with tables - on one side of the table was one line and on the other side of the table was another line. We were in the line on the left of Scott (then Tessa, they switched seats when they started the second line).

My mom took these photo’s and what makes me laugh is the last pic she took of them just happened to be one where they’re doing what they always do….looking at each other.

I can’t say I saw anything particular ‘lovey/relationship’ like about them ( I also wasn’t looking for that) - the line was too long and they were concentrating on just getting the posters signed, making actual conversation and then getting the line moving. They were how you’d expect them to be, polite, interested and just joking and laughing together.

Me and my mom got up to them at 1:30 and as soon as I got to the table Tessa immediately apologized and said she hopes we weren’t waiting too long, we weren’t - an hour and a half isn’t long. Scott then asked where we were coming from my Mom said Caledon and then I made a crack about them not knowing where Caledon is but Scott was like, 'no I know where Caledon is’ - in my head I’m like don’t tell me that because if there’s even a chance we could run into each other I would lose my mind lol. Then my mom shook their hands and I was like, 'this is my mother’ and Tessa made a sarcastic comment like, 'ohh I couldn’t tell'  (me and my mom get that we look alike often) which went right over my mothers head lol. They shook our hands Scott had a very firm handshake and Tessa’s was also firm but feminine.  Then somehow Stars On Ice came up and I said we went to go see you guys in Hamilton and Tessa commented on how Hamilton is always one of their favorite shows because that’s when CBC films it to air. And I said which we didn’t know and thought was so cool and then Tessa made a comment about them doing re-takes and doing a lot of funny things and then that reminded me of Try, when Scott jumped into Andrew’s arms and I tried to say that and I don’t even know what came out of my mouth - I was so nervous because they’re Tessa and Scott but also because they were so disgustingly nice. And not in 'we’re paid too’ but in a very genuine way and it sort of threw me (not that I thought they’d be rude) but signing after signing, small talk after small talk - anyway they were so nice it was amazing.

I took photo with them as well but I’m keeping that off non-private accounts. 

All in all it was awesome. Oh and there was this older lady who was there by herself who had a picture of Scott and Tessa during their practice at Worlds in London for And the Waltz Goes On. I thought that was so amazing - it was a pic of them in their starting pose. Tessa’s face when she saw it was so sweet.

Amazing time, really sweet and genuine people. I’m so glad I got the chance to met them and I am looking forward to Stars on Ice this coming May!

(these photo’s are from before Tessa and Scott switched seats)

POST SOCHI sooo far...

(Feb. 24) — Moscow Gala

**around this time also there are pics of them celebrating the medals at Scott’s house and of them attending a hockey game with his brothers and wives**

(March 3) —RBC press conference as well

(March 3 ) — RBC Learn to Skate Event (w/ PChiddy and kids)

(March 4 ) — Co hosted Morning Show

—Breakfast Television interview

(March 4) — CP24 Interview with Stephanie

(March 8) —Hockey Game (Leafs) w/ fellow Olympians

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Mixed Up

Well as normal I am mixed up again.Between some….problems with my older sister and my own worries about barns are all in my head so yeah I have enough on my plate.My current barn Woodwind South is okay but not the best place for me really with a bad impression from start with no good ones really but they have until May but I doubt I’ll stay.The barn I want to switch to Kaiser Stud seems pretty cool.Some of their riders go to the Royal Winter Fair to compete and they seem like a good plaace that balances in fun and seems friendly but I’ll go up and see for myself,most likely around late April.I need luck on my side right now so crossed fingers :)