Remove Fat from Soups and Stews 

Using a gravy separator to defat liquids is effective, but, admittedly, it’s sometimes a pain. And forget about using one to defat a chunky stew. That’s why we recommend this alternative method: Place a large lettuce leaf on the surface of the liquid in the pot; it will absorb excess fat, and then you can remove and discard it. Here are more tips for soups and stews.

Clever Way to Slice Onions

To make easy work of slicing or mincing onions, trim the top of the onion and halve it pole to pole. Then carefully peel the outer layers from each half down to—but not all the way off—the root end. Then, when you have diced or sliced most of the onion, hold on to the outer layers to stabilize the root end as you finish cutting. Here are more tips and tricks.