This started out as some notes I made for a fanfic ages ago but the fic never actually got written and I don’t know when or if it ever will be written so here are…

The Legends’ cooking skills from worst to best

Martin: horrible cook

  • After spending his life eating take out and relying on his wife, Martin never really learned to cook. His few attempts on the Waverider were complete disasters and resulted in multiple cases of gastronomical upset among the team. He has since been banned from cooking unless under someone’s direct supervision.

Sara: bad cook

  • Sara has never had much time for cooking and the few times she has tried she’s been annoyed to find that, unlike most things, it doesn’t come naturally to her. Her cooking tends to be bland as well as either undercooked or overcooked, but it’s an improvement over Martin’s simply because it can be choked down if necessary and it has been necessary because no one is brave enough to tell her just how bad her cooking is.

Ray: okay cook

  • Ray is an alright cook but only knows how to cook a few things so he has the tendency to cook the same thing over and over again. People groan whenever it’s his turn to cook dinner because no matter how good it is they really don’t want to have his lasagna for the tenth week in a row. Ray is also easily distracted so his food does occasionally end up burnt.

Amaya: okay cook

  • Amaya is a decent cook as long as she has a recipe to follow. Without one, she tends to get a bit lost and make a mess of things. She never deviates from the recipe and never experiments.

Nate: okay cook

  • Nate is an okay cook but not as good as he thinks he is. Unlike Amaya, he loves to experiment but his experiments, more often than not, end up as disasters.

Snart: good cook

  • After spending his childhood cooking for himself and his sister, Leonard is a pretty good cook. Everything he knows he taught himself through reading recipe books and watching various cooking programs. His specialty is making surprisingly delicious meals from whatever scraps happen to be leftover in the fridge.

Rip: good cook

  • Though he doesn’t often cook much anymore, Rip used to cook for Miranda and Jonas and was quite good. His specialty is baking, originally just biscuits/cookies and small pastries but more recently expanding out into cakes. He was taught how to cook by his adopted mother. She thought it would help keep him out of trouble. It didn’t.

Kendra: good cook

  • With lifetimes of cooking experience at her disposal, Kendra can make amazing meals but she does occasionally produce odd dishes with unique ingredient which were only popular centuries ago and which very few of the Legends are ever brave enough to try.

Jax: very good cook

  • After spending a lot of time cooking with, and later for, his mother, Jax is a very good cook and knows more recipes than any other member of the team. Everyone is always happy when it’s his turn to cook and help themselves to seconds and thirds.

Mick: exceptional cook

  • No one knows how or why but Mick can cook as well as any five star chef. The only problems are: one, Mick only cooks when he’s in the mood which is rare and no amount of cajoling will convince him to make something for you if he’s not, and two, whenever Mick cooks, he has the tendency to set the kitchen on fire. Considering very little in the Waverider’s galley is actually flammable, how he does this will always remain a mystery to Rip.