so i felt so horrid today and low-key freaked out and defiantly had something wrong with me that i actually had enough courage to go to the gynecologist despite the fact the only one they could get me in to see was a guy.

it was terrible. 

he didnt want to listen to me he walked in asked me a few basic questions then started telling me about birth control to stop/chill out my cycle and the cramps and i was like sitting there completely out of it listening to him and i finally got a word in to say i cant take oc and he was like what and i pointed at the paper in front of him that had my medications list on it and said “i take this because i get migraines” and he completely dismissed me “only migraines that have true auras are affected” and i managed to say “i was diagnosed its in my file” meaning i went out of my way to go to a doctor that was in the same system as everything else I’m doing and this motherfucker didnt even look at my file. which i know he has access to.

also when i asked about stopping some seriously heavy bleeding (tmi) and finding out whats actually wrong he got kinda pissed at me. and blew me off and sent me on my way. and i was so fucking out of it that when i couldnt find the people to check out/make a new appointment with (a female doctor holy shit) i fucking burst into tears on a nurse who asked me if i was ok and almost fucking fainted. 

which like. the fact i actually went to the doctor means I’m not ok. and i got to the pharmacy to pick up my stuff and this asshole prescribed me something that i know wont work for pain and something i also know is noted in my file for not working. the pharmacist who was helping me told me i should get my hormone levels checked and gave me some other advice and i was like you’ve been more helpful in 2 minutes then the hour and half i spent in the doctors office today. and she said “sweetheart you need to get a lady doctor stat” 

anonymous asked:

US school sounds horrifying?? in my country we get to pick if we want morning classes (from 8:30 to 12:30) or afternoon classes (from 13 to 17) and then we had PE from like, 18 to 19?? you only have two or three classes a day, and plenty of time for extra stuff like clubs or studying other languages (tho usually public school doesnt offer these and you have to go take classes elsewhere) also lunch is not a school thing and the homework is like, if you put one hour daily you're set?? (1/2)

(2/2) after high school you dont really need to have done anything but get good grades to get into higuer education?? or go through applying?? pretty much if you finished high school you’re set. Public college is also notoriously cheap (we get people from other countries bc of this too) like, im paying the equivalent of 64 dollars a month, and private places get to like, 400 dollars a month tops, which is why each time i encounter USA Student Stories im in horror and awe of how you guys manage

homegirl/boy/person/homie when i read that first part i literally got up out of my bed turned on the light and had to go walk for a second. if i had woken up one day and the us school system had magically changed into that i think i would have had a nervous breakdown then and there and then when that finished wept in utter relief for a week. actually. thats exactly what would have happened.

this… accidentally got posted prematurely so ill fix it later with the rest of what i was going to say.