at my work there is the barn cat minky and let me tell u barn cat minky is the baddest badass of them all and no one else at my work seems to know???

 things i have personally witnessed barn cat minky do:

  • pounce a horse
  • jump eight feet straight up to sit on a post
  • somehow get to a ledge 20 feet in the air
  • pounce a different horse
  • beats up my dog (like its kinda mean but no one has lived until they see a cat run and full on body slam a dog)
  • mouse hunt like a boss
  • rat hunt like a goddamn hero
  • once let a small child pile rocks on her for 20 minutes and just kept purring?
  • once let another small child pile dirt on her
  • talks
  • so much talking
  • so much that i tell small children to go ask barn cat minky how her day is
  • and 
  • she 
  • always 
  • meows
  • back
  • also one time i watched her literally try and kill a horse with her 8 lbs of barn catness and it was the most amazing thing i have ever witnessed any cat do

The most entertaining thing happening in my life is the ongoing saga of Ms Howard, dodger of bills and forger of numbers. So apparently last weekend ms Howard skipped out on her marriott bill and left my phone number for them to contact her. They have called me 6 times and left two voicemails so far. Each one increasingly desperate to reach the elusive Ms Howard. And just now I got a phone call looking for the seemingly vanished ms Howard to pay her past-due water bill to the county. They called twice.
I wonder if she’s the reason I get so many telemarketers