Buffalo Chicken Bites! 

I thought this would be a easy, tasty treat to make. All you need is: 

1 chicken breast or 2 or 3 chicken tenders (I used 4 so I would have leftovers) 

1 cup of Buffalo Sauce 

1 roll of crescents (I used the GreatValue brand) 

First step: 

I baked the chicken at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes until they were most of the way done. I cooked the chicken in alumni foil with buffalo sauce and garlic seasoning. 

After the chicken was done I shredded it and mixed it with cheese. Next time, I think I would have mixed the chicken with cream cheese instead, to give it some more flavor. 

Second step: 

I unrolled the crescents and added the chicken/cheese to the top and rolled them to make little balls of dough and chicken. 

Third step: 

I cooked them for 12 minutes at 450 until they were golden brown! 

I ate dipped mine in ranch sauce, which was delicious! Overall, pretty easy AND tasty! 

My roommate and I, both low budget vegan college students, have just started a vegan blog. We’ll be posting our grocery tip and secrets, our own recipes, adaptations of non-vegan recipes, and of course trying out and blogging the recipes we find online. Please check it out, comment, and share with your friends.

phone’s dying, but yes schem!

What I do is put the egg in the water before it’s boiled so the temperature change doesn’t break the eggs. Then I boil for like 5-6 minutes and leave the egg in the water as it cools for another couple minutes, then run under cold water, peel, and eat.


Wanted to start a blog to keep track of my kitchen adventures. I’ll be posting recipes that are easy and efficient. You see, I have this Porkyhog that I have to feed lunch and dinner to every day, and because eating out is so hard on the piggybank, we are attempting to cook more often. 

Hence. I am in the kitchen. Experience: just recently learned to fry an egg. For reals. 

Over and out! 

Buffalo Chicken Pasta! 

I got the recipe via It looked so good I had to try it! 

I tweaked the original recipe a little bit, all you need is: 

1 pound of pasta (the recipe calls for penne but I used some spaghetti noodles i had) 

1 1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 1/2 teaspoon of pepper 

1 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder 

1 pound of chicken (I used 3 chicken tenders) 

2 tablespoons of oil 

2 cups of hot sauce 

1 cup Mayo (Next time I might try greek yogurt instead) 

1/2 cup of ranch 

3/4 cup of milk 

1 cup of cheese (any type! Pick your favorite) 

First, I mixed oil and hot sauce in a pan, then add the chicken. I added the pepper, salt and garlic powder to the chicken. panned fried those for about 10 mins, checking on them a few times. 

Second, I added the mayo, ranch, milk, and a little bit of hot sauce and mixed them in a bowl. I mixed it until it was as smooth as I could get it. 

Third, once the chicken was done I shredded it. I then cooked the sauce in the same pan for about a minute, just to heat it up. 

Final step, combine the chicken, sauce, pasta, and ENJOY! 

Empanada gallega

Galician traditional tuna pie “Empanada Gallega”

La receta en mi blog/recipe on

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