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Hey, tumblr mom! Since everyone is asking you about food can I ask your opinion on frying pans? We need to replace ours and my husband is really into the idea of buying cast iron frying pan. It seems like to much work for me, tough. I've always used either stainless steel or teflon ones. What do you think? Is it worthy? And if you had to choose between teflon or stainless steel which would you buy?

Oh, and I was going to mention it in the other ask I sent but forgot. I have IBS and one thing that really helps me is chilean boldo infusion. Idk how easy it to find it where you live (the fresh leaves work best), but it’s something a lot of south-americans use to treat hepatic and gastrointestinal issues. (Fun fact: the nurse at my high school used to have a bottle of concentrated cold boldo infusion in the fridge to give to students who were hangover)

Thank you for that last little bit, it’s something I will bring up with my allergist/many doctors as a quick google tells me it could also help my gallstone/bile production issues. So thank you :)

And ooooh god not teflon, anything but teflon, firstly because I don’t like how they cook/retain heat, and secondly because of some of the health concerns that comes with what happens when teflon starts to break down and you start eating it/breathing it in. Y’all can call me a mad hippy over that if you want but when your immune system is as fragile as mine you’ll avoid anything at all that might harm it.

Both stainless steel and cast iron have their merits. 

Cast Iron

You are right in that the cast iron takes a little more work to upkeep—initially. After it’s been seasoned a few times and you don’t do things like soak it in water or scrub it with lemon juice, it’s going to become practically indestructible. There’s a reason you can still buy cast iron skillets in antique stores that just need a little bit of salt and oil to get them back in working order. If you maintain it right, your cast iron will likely outlive you by quite a few decades. I wipe mine clean after every use using waterand  a non acidic soap, dry it on a high heat, and then season lightly with some oil after each use. Once it starts to smoke, that’s you, you’re done seasoning. You only really have to do the salt and oil scrub if it loses the coating or if something gets burned onto it, or if you have rust spots, which happen form not being properly sealed. 

I will say, cast iron is hard to get used to working with at first, because of how differently you have to manage the way it conducts heat. Cast iron is great at retaining heat, which is what makes it great for searing meat and yes, even baking in, but you need to get it hot first, which can require about ten minutes of prep over a hot stove trying to ensure even heat coverage. (I throw mine in the oven for 20 mins)

That might seem like a lot of work, but given how well it retains the heat after that, it actually cooks things better. With stainless steel the output of heat is enough to sear the outside of something, but to cook say, a chicken in it (yes you can cook a whole chicken in a skillet) you’d need to keep it on the heat for longer for the heat to reach the middle, resulting in chewy over tough food. With cast iron, the heat output from it is so much better that it’s already starting to cook the rest of the bird while you’re searing it, resulting in less cook time, and hopefully a more juicy meat—as well as making the outside very nice and crispy. Cast iron is great for making things crispy.

That and you know, you can fight the Fae folk with it if the need arises.

Stainless Steel

There’s a common misconception that you can just throw things into a stainless steel pan and it’ll be fine. But the truth is if you want to maintain your stainless steel in good working condition, you will want to make sure it’s evenly oiled before any food touches it (Ask ETD about the time he made popcorn and ruined my pot because there wasn’t enough oil around the SIDES of the pot so the heat just obliterated everything and I had to buffer the pot to get it back to working condition, he felt so bad lol) and make sure that it is adequately preheated. Otherwise your food is just going to burn and stick to the base and it’s going to be a mother fucker to get it off. I’ve seen far too many people burn away the caramelization going on in their stainless steel pans because they don’t know how to heat/preheat with it. (note if your caramelization does get stuck, loosen it up with some water or better yet some stock, get that flavor back in your food yo!) Other than that, yea, once you get used to how stainless steel works and retains heat, it is lower energy when it comes to maintenance vs cast iron. Just don’t use cold salt water in them, or you risk pitting the pans. (As I have previously talked about)

Because you have mentioned you have IBS, I will stress the importance of trying to buy as high quality stainless steel as you can, as not all stainless steel is made equal. 

Surgical stainless steel is the safest as it is non porous, while a lot of the cheap stainless steel you can pick up (I’m thinking of places like Walmart and Target) can break down and leech into food during the cooking process. Stainless steel is an alloy made from a mix of metals including iron, chromium (is what keeps it from corroding) and nickel to name but a few components, and given nickel is a high allergy metal you don’t want that going into the foods of people who may be sensitive/allergic. (I had a friend find this out the hard way that that is what was going on with her)

The way I was taught to test the quality of the pan is by holding a magnet up to it. If it sticks? It’s typically going to be higher in nickel than you want it to be and could cause a possible health risk for people with nickel allergies. Nickel is also a carcinogenic and considered worse than aluminium which everyone and their dog is now trying to get away from because of the metal being linked to cancers and altzheimers, so, just something to keep in mind seen as how you already have a compromised gut <3 

(Also to those of you reading this now who are about to go check your pans: if it sticks? It’s not a cause for panic. Although if you have a known nickel allergy and you keep getting sick and you have no idea why…you may want to consider replacing your pans.)

There is also a third option available to you, which is ceramic pans. Which honestly have become my favorite frying pans to cook with. Due to their low metal content they will not work on induction stove tops, but if you’re using electric or gas you’re good to go.


They still don’t have the slippy non stick you get from teflon pans where flipping a pancake is akin to wielding a projectile weapon, but given how ceramic heats up and retains heat, they are pretty non stick and it makes them ideal for cooking with a lot of things. You also generally shouldn’t use metal utensils on them, because you can damage the glaze, but plastic, wood and silicone are fine.

They’re sort of like the easier to maintain version of cast iron in that regard and use less oil to cook with. (I personally would never fry eggs on stainless steel, meat and veg sure, but eggs need a surface that is more forgiving and ceramic was a god damn revolution to me. I speak from over a decade’s worth of experience of making breakfasts in restaurants and cafes) They are also great for throwing in the oven, and using as shallow casserole dishes, provided you make sure they are listed as oven safe. (Mine is good up to 350′f)

Due to the materials  they are made with, they are also pretty damn sturdy and hard to break, and you also can’t damage them by soaking them in water, which is also nice. You should not however cook on anything higher than a medium-high heat on them, whacking your heat up as far as you can with a ceramic pan is going to cause issues (it will cause issues with a lot of pans tbh, but you can generally get away with it for boiling water, just not in a ceramic pot), like breaking down the glaze quicker and ruining the non stick. You also should not take it from a hot stove and throw it in the sink right after cleaning. You really shouldn’t do that with any cooking utensil, but especially do not do it with ceramic as you might crack or even explode it. And no one wants that. 

Again, like stainless steel, not all ceramic pans are made equal and some will be made from cheap material/coated with an extra non stick layer to compensate for this, and they will break down faster/ruin your food, so keep that in mind if you do decide you want to look into them. Between the three, ceramic is in my experience the best, most easily maintained non stick without the health risks of teflon. It’ll also cost less in the long run, because you wont have to replace the pan as often as you would a teflon one.

I currently have the Green Pan Lima frying pans, which tbh I found a lot cheaper in an outlet mall than Amazon currently has it listed for, and I think Target might be selling them right now too for cheaper. It’s an excellent pan and I can get really crispy results with it due to how well it holds heat. I’ve also used it to bake with.

I have also used the Cuisinart ceramic range, which you can use metal on, but I sort of found the heat retention to be not as good as Green Pan Lima.

And then there’s also the Green Life range which tends to be cheaper and rather cute, even if it doesn’t feel quite as sturdy in my hands. (They currently have both the large and small pan on sale on Amazon for $30, which is pretty good)  I’ve got my eye on their ceramic bake ware sets though. I’m intrigued to see how they’d work out compared to my metal tins.

Anyway, I hope some of that was helpful for you, in weighing your options. Ultimately it’s about personal preference. I love all my pans, cast iron, stainless steel and ceramic, but it really depends on how much maintenance you are willing to put in, and how much you are willing to spend.

As for the rest of you, you now know more about cookware than you likely want to, but who knows, it might be useful for you one day :)

Bnha dorm head canons

So with posting the rooms and whatnot, I finally noticed the kitchen next to the lounge. And I really wish showed a bit more how meals go in the manga but-

- Everyone labels their food. There’s often fights about missing food

- Mineta guards all his food by putting balls on them. Which gets really annoying because the others can’t get them off their own stuff if they happen to touch

- Someone keeps eating Bakugou’s cereal and he throws a fit every time. It’s become a running joke for the class to make sure he never finds out who it is (it’s Kaminari)

- Yaoyorozu and Todoroki tried making dinner together once, but they had no clue what they were doing and caught several things on fire. Todoroki panicked and froze half the kitchen

- While Sato normally bakes in his room, he sometimes bakes something in the kitchen for everyone to share

- Ashido once took half of the cake without anyone noticing until it was too late

- Bakugou is banned from the kitchen when someone else is cooking because he gets frustrated if they’re doing something wrong and tries to take over

- Midoriya, Uraraka, Tokoyami, Kirishima, and Jirou are the people that are for some reason in the kitchen at 3 AM for a snack

- Iida hates the kitchen because it’s always so unorganized and “For the love of god, CLEAN UP AFTER YOU MAKE SOMETHING!”

- Uraraka tried making pasta once at 4 AM, but she spilled all the noodles on the ground

-Todoroki walked into the kitchen and was very confused because she was just laying on the floor with a defeated look on her face, surrounded by noodles

- Shoji is the best for breakfast foods. Sure it’s just simple things like eggs and toast, but he does it so well

- They made popcorn for a movie night, but not the bagged kind. The dump kernels into a machine let the popcorn pop out into a bowl kind

- Problem is: Kirishima poured in WAY to many kernels so the class had to fill all the bowls they had with popcorn. And still a good portion ended up on the floor

- Tsuyu is one of the few besides Bakugou who can cook well. But since she has younger siblings, her cooking is more geared towards kids (Micky Mouse pancakes, sandwiches cut into triangles, ect.)

- since they’re free to eat whenever on weekends, it’s common for friend groups to meet up at the same time to eat, everyone has some sort of unofficial schedule

- Somehow Tsuyu and Bakugou ended up in a cooking compitetion (she really didn’t want to be, but everyone was so pumped for it). Sero filmed the whole thing while Ashido and Kirishima played the announcers, holding up cooking utensils as mics

- “Bakugou is getting fired up!!! Is the pressure getting to him?!” “But man, look at Tsu go! She’s hardly breaking a sweat!”

- They kept going around from student to student, asking who they were rooting for “So who’s your pick to be the NEXT Class 1-A chef champion?!”

- Tsu wins and Bakugou doesn’t leave his room for the entire weekend

So like, imagine an AU where Trevelyan, Lavellan, Adaar and Cadash never actually made it to the Conclave. They all got spectacularly waylaid – by each other – on the way there and ended up forming a clump of grumpy, teeth-gritted comradeship to survive the rather hostile road there because idk about you, but a Dalish elf, a Tal-Vashoth Qunari, a Carta dwarf and the 39th son of the 40th cousin twice removed from the royal family of the Free Marches would make the most fantastic, oddball adventuring party ever.

And it’s just like…yeah, I literally dreamed this last night so here, have some potential dialogue lines.


Adaar, very clearly a virgin: Oh yeah, I’ve had sex. I’ve had all the sex.
Cadash: Pffft. The only thing you’ve been bangin’ are the pots and pans–
Lavellan: Keep your dick away from our cooking utensils or so help me.


Trevelyan: Nobody here appreciates fine dining like I do.
Cadash: Yeah well, shit’s an acquired taste, as you would know.


Cadash: Just a quick question. Where did you get your admirable sense of humor from? The spite is just…riveting.
Lavellan: It is homegrown on a history of slaughter and slavery from the shem. I’m glad you liked it.
Trevelyan: Of course the dwarf would.
Lavellan: The dwarf has good tastes.


Adaar: How did your thought process go from ‘oh god what a huge demon on fire’ to ‘I’m going to whack it with my sword and hope that it dies’?
Trevelyan: Look, mate. My enemies were on fire once and they died when I whacked them hard enough too.
Cadash: It’s too bad he’s a human. He would’ve made the perfect kind of Carta.
Lavellan: Yes, the odor is identical to yours.
Adaar: You marked him?
Cadash: I rubbed my dwarfy little hands all over him while he slept, yup.
Lavellan: Creators, cleanse me from the evils my ears have borne audience to.


Cadash: Is it true Templars would sell an arm and a leg for a mouthful of lyrium?
Lavellan: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that’s rude.
Trevelyan: It certainly is! And it’s more accurate that they would sell their mothers, anyway.
Adaar: Andraste burning on the stakes wasn’t enough to clean you of your sins, I see.


Lavellan: You have no discomfort, traveling alongside a Dalish mage?
Trevelyan: Nope. I was born uncomfortable, anyway.


Cadash: Hey, we can lure [the bandits] down this tunnel.
Adaar: So all of us except for you can get stuck down there?
Cadash: Oh ye of little faith!
Trevelyan: Even if the Maker descended right now, haloed in everlasting lights with Andraste by His side and tell me to trust you, I wouldn’t do it.

Cooking with Pennywise (Headcanon)

Anon Request: Cooking headcanon?

  • Your kitchen will look like a bomb hit it everytime
  • Penny loves to make cupcakes or any kind of cake really
  • He will eat half the icing before it’s finished
  • When it is done, he starts a food fight by smashing something into your face
  • He loves sprinkles
  • “Humans have so many kinds of food.. Why?” *confused look*
  • Drooling into the food
  • Having to tell him not to drool into the food
  • The disgusted face he makes when he starts chewing on all the different vegetables
  • “These are horrible.”
  • Throws vegetables
  • When ever you try to cook steak, he will steal atleast one and eat it raw
  • Raw steak has become his new obsession
  • He ain’t no Gordon Ramsey (..But he’s got the same attitude.)
  • You screaming when you see him reach into the hot oven barehanded
  • He has that maniacal giggle when you freak out over something
  • “Could a human.. Fit in the oven?”
  • You telling him that he is not putting a human in your oven
  • Him taking a interest in the eggs
  • Him breaking the eggs on purpose
  • “Oh, these are fun!”
  • Him actually taking cooking seriously every once in a while
  • The only thing he can really “make” is cereal though
  • Him curiously looking at the red ring that is the hot stove eye
  • You become concerned when you hear sizzling, only to see he’s stuck his hand to it
  • You screaming again
  • He gives you a confused look for screaming
  • He likes to try to cook for you
  • You watch in amusement as he runs around the kitchen trying to prepare everything
  • Angry growls
  • “What’s the point of these cups with the numbers!”
  • Throwing half the cooking utensils around the room
  • He gets side tracked when he finds a box of popcorn in the cabinet
  • His eyes being glued to the microwave as he puts a bag in
  • More drool
  • “Pop, pop, pop!”
  • By the end, he usually has more food on him than he has actually cooked
  • He settles on fixing cereal as usual
Ok ya know that blessed image of Yurio serving pirozhki to Lillia and Yakov??

What if that’s not the only thing he knows how to make?? What if the time he’s not busy skating (or being super emo) is spent in the kitchen ? 

Imagine Victor calling him with an SOS saying “Yurio I’ve had nothing but katsudon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for weeks. Now don’t get me wrong I love it and I love Yuuri but the next skating season is about to beg–”

“I’m on my way.” 

Yurio slams open their door to their apartment less than 10 minutes later to with a kit of knives and assorted cooking utensils shouting “STEP ASIDE PORK CUTLET BOWL" 

He’s been in the kitchen for over 2 hours now doing GOD KNOWS what, clattering around with the occasional swear 

"Yurioooo we’re hungry" 
"You cannot rush perfection old man" 
"I’m pretty sure my stomach has begun digesting itself" 

He then calls them to the table, which is covered with a silk runner, a beautifully decorated candelabra, and cloth napkins folded in the shapes of swans (Yurio brought all of this along)

 "Alright folks tonight we have a nice al dente pasta, so that it has a bit of a firmness when you bite into it. Now that’s covered with an exquisitely seasoned crushed tomato topping and orbs of pulverized beef. And for garnish we have some fresh picked basil. Enjoy“ 
"Yurio, darling.. I’m pretty sure this is just spaghetti and meatballs" 

Yurio begins fuming, screaming absolute nonsense about "not knowing art” and “ungrateful washed up pricks” as he shoves his things back into his bag (plates of spaghetti and all). He storms out with both his middle fingers extended towards the couple before slamming the door behind him

Gifts for different witches
  • Garden witch: plants, seeds, cute pots and decorations
  • Sea witch: beautiful shells, abalone jewelry, mini bottled aquariums
  • Hedge witch: a trip to a beautiful cemetery, meaningful antique items
  • Kitchen witch: culinary herbs, hand carved cooking utensils, a cute book to write all their recipes in
  • Techno witch: a flash drive full of images of different colored candles, herbs, crystals, etc.
  • Green witch: cruelty-free bones, pretty stones found in a river, pressed flowers
  • Eclectic witch: reading material on different sects of witchcraft, generic starter kit full of candles, crystals, herbs, tools
  • Storm witch: rain boots, umbrella, rain stick, tornado in a bottle, thunder drum
  • Let's add to this list!

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Top 10 moments of Victor crying joy and happiness for Yuuri! Pleeease :3

Top 10 Moments of Victor Crying Joy and Happiness for Yuuri

10) When they adopt a new puppy together

9) The first time Yuuri texts him a cute good morning message once they eventually part after the GPF in chapter 14 and he remembers that they are actually a couple now

8) When Yuuri’s parents buy them a matching set of cooking and eating utensils for their first anniversary and after years of mainly eating alone it hits home that he has Yuuri now and he’ll never have to again because they can cook and eat together for the rest of their lives 

7) During and after the YOI routine

6) When Yuuri agrees to move in together

5) The morning after they move in together when he wakes up with Yuuri by his side and realizes that Yuuri will never have to leave again

4) Their first time sleeping together after becoming official

3) The Wedding

2) The wedding again

1) THE WEDDING (he cries a lot at the wedding ok)

A Long List of Ninjago Headcanons For the Heart and Soul

- Can’t stop dabbing
- Always warm or hot
- Hair is naturally spiked
- Swears all the time
- Terrified of Christmas elves and gingerbread men (kinda cannon)
- Hates getting in water because it messes up his hair (why he can’t swim)
- Like he always held Nya as a little kid and played with her 25/8
- Smells like a mix of cinnamon and a fireplace
- When he gets angry steam comes up from his head
- Sucks at giving advice
- Kids hate him
- Best subject is history
- He’s obsessed with Hamilton and recites every line at some point or another
- Is actually sweet af
- Doesn’t know when to stop. Ever.

- Picks up pennies on the streets during every mission
- Actually owns a fidget spinner
- Gets yelled at every time he pulls it out
- Smells like paint
- His room is always a f***king mess
- The shortest of everyone (except Nya)
- It makes him so angry
- Has the loudest, most obnoxious laugh
- And once he starts, he can’t stop.
- Lives for cuddles
- Has to cuddle someone or something to go to sleep
- Is literally allergic to everything
- Like in elementary school he was the kid that ruined special treats for everyone because he had so many allergies (poor bean)
- Is the one that gets sick all the time
- Best subject is math (especially algebra)
- Loooves kids and wants a few when he gets older

- Has a name for every cooking utensil in the kitchen and treats them like people
- Tries to treat them all equally
- Is literally a pianist
- Can basically play any piece without looking
- Smells like metal (wonder why) and laundry detergent
- Wins laser tag every time the ninja go play it
- Always uses ‘Delicate Flower’ for his name
- ‘Cause he loves dem flowers
- Heck, the bean loves everything
- Will sometimes randomly beep
- Things get a little turnt on the bounty
- Always comforts everyone when they need it
- Best subject is everything
- Is often nicknamed Tin man, Robocop, and Iron Man

- Is actually the best dancer on the face of the planet
- Does soft shoe around the bounty
- Also great at singing but is too self conscious to do it for anyone
- Knows and can recite parts of every broadway musical
- As a kid his father put him on a major diet for dancing and never let him have sweets (thus why he is so obsessed with cake and food period)
- Loves the taste of cough drops
- Smells like leather and french vanilla
- Everyone loved him in school
- Best subject is english (aye)
- Can’t stand fidget spinners (aye) and tries to get rid of Jay’s every time he sees it
- Everyone’s jealous of that perfect body of his
- Wants a partner that will truly understand and respect him
- The go-to for advice
- Has swearing contests with Kai

- Never really ate too much as a kid
- Loves soft things, so he owns a lot of soft clothing
- Has trouble catching up in learning
- Understands other people well and therefore knows how to treat them
- Hates savory foods
- Has headaches ALL THE TIME :,(
- Smells like cotton candy
- Shy at first but warms up really quick
- Feet are always cold
- So he wears socks. All. The. Time.
- Has a lot of 'friends’ that are girls but is too naive to realize they are all just crushing on him
- Loves taking him some naps
- When he’s not napping he’s probably training

- Usually tries to stay away from the guys because they’re so obnoxious
- Can’t stand swearing
- So she shuns Kai all the time
- Is literally done with everyone’s crap 25/8 (girl same)
- Very friendly and open to everyone but has trouble truly opening up to people
- Is hesitant on cuddling but will if necessary
- Obsessed with lipstick
- Like owns every shade imaginable
- Best subject is foreign language
- Is easily triggered by rude people
- Like she will separate herself from everyone when she’s upset
- Never really cries because she thinks it makes her look weak
- But when she does she will cuddle with Jay (aww)

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français | food & drink ⋮ part 3

final part of the food & drink section. feel free to drop me a topic request!

【 actions 】

  • assaisonner | to season
  • avaler | to swallow
  • avoir le goût de | to taste like
  • battre/fouetter | to whip/beat/whisk
  • bouillir | to boil
  • couper | to cut
  • cuire à vapeur | to steam
  • cuisiner | to cook
  • découper | to carve
  • désosser | to debone
  • émietter | to crumble
  • épaissir | to thicken
  • éplucher | to peel
  • mariner | to marinate
  • mélanger | to mix
  • mettre la table | to set the table
  • mordre | to bite
  • râper | to grate
  • rôtir | to roast
  • sécher | to dry
  • tamiser | to sift
  • tartiner/étaler | to spread

【 descriptions 】

  • âcre | acrid
  • amer, amère | bitter
  • appétissant(e) | appetising
  • cru(e) | raw
  • croquant/croustillant(e) | crispy/crunchy
  • délicieux, délicieuse | delicious
  • doux, douce | soft, sweet, mild
  • graisseux, graisseuse | greasy
  • goûteux, goûteuse | tasty
  • moisi(e) | mouldy
  • pané | breaded
  • piquant(e) | spicy
  • rassis(e) | stale
  • sain(e) | healthy

【 tableware/cutlery 】

  • l’assiette (f) | plate
  • les baguettes (f) | chopsticks
  • le bol (m) | bowl
  • la cuillère (f) | spoon
  • le couteau (m) | knife
  • les couverts (m) | cutlery
  • le flacon (m) | cruet
  • la fourchette (f) | fork
  • la serviette (f) | napkin
  • la tasse (f) | cup
  • la vaisselle (f) | crockery
  • le verre (m) | glass (container for drinks)

【 cooking utensils 】

  • le bocal (m) | jar
  • la bouteille (f) | bottle
  • le fouet (m) | whisk
  • la louche (f) | ladle
  • la passoire (f) | colander
  • la planche à découper (f) | cutting board
  • la poêle (f) | skillet
  • le rouleau à pâtisserie (m) | rolling pin

【 extra 】

  • le tablier (m) | apron
  • végétalien(ne) | vegan
  • végétarien(ne) | vegetarian
Imagine Deadpool making you breakfast.

The smell of pancakes hitting your nose has you stirring from sleep. Your body felt sore and energized at the same time, peeking your eyes open a mop of brown hair meets your gaze Your fingers move to tug lightly at a few strands, stirring the man lying beside you.

“Wake up sleeping beauties!” Wade bursts into the bedroom, wearing his suit and a pink fluffy apron, spatula in hand.

“Go away Wade,” Peter groans beside you, pulling you by the waist toward him. His chin rests gently on your shoulder.

“Oh! Is the big bad Spidey tired from last night?” Wade teases, jumping onto the end of the bed. He starts jumping up and down, leaning down to smack your bottom with the cooking utensil.

“DAMMIT, WADE!” You shout, pulling the blanket over your head. Peter grips tightly at your waist, mumbling sleepily into your back.

“You two horn dogs act like we spent all night making sweet, sweet love,” Wade climbs off the bed, walking toward the door, “Oh wait, we did!”

Peter grins against your back as you peek from under the blanket.

Wade stood at the doorway, “Get your beautiful, delicious, tight asses outta bed, pancakes are ready!”

The bedroom door slams shut behind the merc, the room fell silent.

“Your boyfriend is crazy,” Peter whispers.

Turning to face Peter, you flick away some hair from his eyes, “He’s your boyfriend too.”

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Please write those 24356643 meta posts on post Azzano Bucky!!!! I wanna get sad!!!

Let’s start with one!!! But when??? There’s so much to think about and see with post-azzano Bucky and it’s only because Sebastian is truly great. I’m gonna pick my favorite and start with The Bar Scene

are you sad yet? Because I am.

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français | my house

post covering rooms in a house and the items/furniture found in each part!

bathroom 】

  • la baignoire (f) | bathtub
  • la balance (f) | scales
  • le bigoudi (m) | hair curler
  • la brosse à cheveux (f) | hairbrush
  • le carrelage (m) | tiles
  • la crème à raser (f) | shaving cream
  • la douche (f) | shower
  • l’éponge (f) | sponge
  • le fil dentaire (m) | dental floss
  • le lavabo (m) | sink (in a bathroom)
  • la lime à ongles (f) | nail file
  • le lisseur (m) | hair straightener
  • le miroir (m) | mirror
  • le mouchoir en papier (m) | tissue
  • le peigne (m) | comb
  • le peignoir (m) | bathrobe
  • le porte-savon (m) | soap dish
  • les produits de toilette (m) | toiletries
  • le rasoir (m) | razor
  • le rideau de douche (m) | shower curtain
  • le robinet (m) | tap/faucet
  • le savon (m) | soap
  • le séchoir (m) | hairdryer
  • la serviette (de bain) (f) | towel
  • le tapis de bain (m) | bath mat
  • les toilettes (f) | toilet

bedroom 】

  • l’armoire (f) | wardrobe
  • la bougie (f) | candle
  • la chaise (f) | chair
  • la coiffeuse (f) | dressing table
  • la commode (f) | chest of drawers
  • la couverture (f) | blanket
  • le drap (m) | sheets
  • la guirlande électrique (f) | fairy lights
  • le jeté (m) | throw
  • le jouet en peluche (m) | stuffed toy
  • la lampe de chevet (f) | bedside lamp
  • le lit (m) | bed
  • le matelas (m) | mattress
  • la moquette (f) | carpet
  • la moustiquaire (f) | mosquito net
  • l’oreiller (m) | pillow
  • l’ottomane (f) | ottoman
  • le réveil (m) | alarm clock
  • le rideau (m) | curtain
  • la table de chevet (f) | bedside table

living room 】

  • le canapé (m) | couch
  • la cheminée (f) | fireplace 
  • le coussin (m) | cushion
  • le fauteuil (m) | armchair
  • le journal (m) | newspaper
  • la table basse (f) | coffee table
  • la télévision (f) | tv
  • la zapette (f) | remote control

kitchen 】

a/n | cutlery & cooking utensils are covered here x

  • la bouilloire (f) | kettle
  • la cafetière (f) | coffee maker
  • la cocotte-minute (f) | pressure cooker
  • le congélateur (m) | freezer
  • la corbeille à fruits (f) | fruit basket
  • le cuiseur de riz (m) | rice cooker
  • la cuisinière (f) | stove
  • l’évier (m) | sink (in a kitchen)
  • le four (m) | oven
  • le gril (m) | grill
  • le grille-pain (m) | toaster
  • l’îlot (de cuisine) (m) | kitchen island
  • le micro-ondes (m) | microwave
  • le mixer (m) | blender
  • le placard (m) | cupboard
  • le réfrigérateur (m) | fridge
  • le robot ménager (m) | food processor
  • la verrerie (f) | glassware

rooms 】

  • le bureau (m) | study
  • la chambre (f) | bedroom
  • la chambre d’amis (f) | guest room
  • le couloir (m) | hallway/corridor
  • la cuisine (f) | kitchen
  • l’escalier (m) | stairs
  • le garde-manger (m) | pantry
  • le grenier (m) | attic
  • la laverie (f) | laundry
  • le palier (m) | landing
  • la pièce (f) | room
  • la salle à manger (f) | dining room
  • la salle de bain (f) | bathroom
  • le salon (m) | living room
  • le sous-sol (m) | basement
  • la véranda (f) | sunroom

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