I stumbled upon this charming cooking video today (178K+ views! Wow!). More than any other cuisine in the Avatar universe, the Southern Water Tribe seaweed noodles are something I always feel a desire to eat in real life when I see those scenes, probably summoned by memories of tasty noodle dishes I have eaten in my travels to South Korea. So it was a real treat to discover that this cute mother/son team from the online cooking show Feast of Fiction had the same idea and made it a reality. As for me, make mine vegan, but yes, a fish- and sea vegetable-based dish is appropriately “Water Tribe.”

Cooking is an art, so I think this counts as fanart!

Cutthroat Kitchen drinking game

Take a drink every time:

  • a contestant admits to not knowing what a dish is or how to make it
  • a contestant forgets a main ingredient in the pantry
  • the auction jumps more than $1,000 between bids
  • Alton Brown laughs maniacally (or does something else particularly malicious)
  • a sabotage ends up working to a contestant’s advantage
  • or, a contestant talks about not caring about a sabotage, and then they get it
  • someone buys a sabotage and later on it ends up biting them in the ass (eg they swap stations with the person who got the sabotage)
  • a contestant gets excited and cocky about having to make a dish that comes from their heritage (eg a Mexican chef gets to make huevos rancheros)
    • and then when they inevitably lose the round (seriously like 90% of the time they go home on their own heritage’s dish!)
  • “deconstructed”
  • or the contestant refers to their dish with a descriptive word that it’s clearly not

Finish your drink (but then pour yourself another) whenever:

  • contestant demographics: three men, one woman
  • a contestant spends more than half their money in the first round
  • bidding passes $10,000
  • you don’t like the person who wins the episode

Jourdan Dunn’s cooking show!!!

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