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hello!! im sorry if this is already asked but sick!yamaguchi and tsukki being a helpful boyfriend(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) hope you are having a great day!~(˘▾˘~)

- Tsukki is a worrier and he never double texts but like if Yamaguchi’s sick he’ll text him like twenty times after practice to check and see if he’s okay
- Tsukki’s mom makes the best soup and he always makes sure to bring a thermos over
- He also has a ton of book/movie/show recs in case Yamaguchi gets bored and doesn’t want to sleep (they’re all dumb tho because of course they are)
- And he’ll come over sometimes and they’ll watch TV together and it’s always cooking shows and it’s chill but also not chill at all
- But if Yamaguchi texts him during the school day he’ll text back but it’ll just be a really short response and “get to sleep”

~ Mod Han

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Fell vs Hell, sounds like some sort of cooking show for some reason. ANYWAY, How are you feeling today? Did something make you smile today?


And yeah im doing pretty alright. I haven’t been productive but my gf just sent me a picture of me covered in pepe and im dying. 

TV Show Idea

It’s your usual Cutthroat Kitchen tournament-style episodic cook-off…with a catch: the contestants - pretentious, self-important chefs from around the country - are judged not by top-of-the-line famous cooks, but by normal people. 

And not just normal people, but normal people with everyday limitations that the chefs must adhere to. Each episode is a new competition that challenges the chefs with a new limitation or change based on various people’s food realities. 

Here are some possible episodes: 

  • Create a dessert (pastry/cake in one episode, ice cream-type dessert in another) for Diabetic people 
  • Make a traditionally spicy dish for people with Sensory Processing Disorder 
  • Cook for a kids’ birthday party, bearing in mind that children have very simple tastes and will be put off by “gourmet” ingredients 
  • Again with SPD, make a meal that normally has too many mixed textures for the judges to comfortably eat 
  • Catering for elderly judges who both cannot chew/crunch very well (and are sick of soup/oatmeal) 
  • Catering for elderly judges with a combo of “can’t taste unless the flavors are very strong” and “aging body can’t handle too many spices” 
  • “We surveyed 100 low-income families to see what their most common ingredients/spices/brands are and you may ONLY use those. Now make Thanksgiving dinner.” 
  • Traditionally cheese- or milk-heavy recipes for people who are lactose intolerant 
  • “We surveyed 100 college students and– look, just make really good ramen out of these $0.99 noodles from CVS and some cheap spices.” 
  • Various religious restrictions 

Each of these will be judged by people who are really in the given situation. The low-income competition is judged by people who have those budget limitations every Thanksgiving. Their judges for the SPD episode are all Autistic (or have other SPD-inclusive disorders). The kids probably aren’t actually having a birthday party but they ARE all actually young children giving their honest opinion of what the contestants cook. 

Most chefs, when faced with making, say, a non-spicy hollandaise sauce will panic and say “the dish is ruined!” because all they did was make the sauce minus cayenne. Those chefs would soon be eliminated, leaving only adaptable, accepting contestants who know how to work inside the box to improve a given dish. Add, not just take away. Chefs who are ready to take classic meals in a new direction are the ones who win. 

The ultimate moral of this show is that given dishes can be made many ways, not just the traditional ways. 

Audiences in the mentioned demographics will both love seeing themselves represented on TV and learn new recipes invented under pressure/on the fly that they can copy at home. 

Feel free to add episode ideas to this!! I’m sure I missed a lot of people. 


I stumbled upon this charming cooking video today (178K+ views! Wow!). More than any other cuisine in the Avatar universe, the Southern Water Tribe seaweed noodles are something I always feel a desire to eat in real life when I see those scenes, probably summoned by memories of tasty noodle dishes I have eaten in my travels to South Korea. So it was a real treat to discover that this cute mother/son team from the online cooking show Feast of Fiction had the same idea and made it a reality. As for me, make mine vegan, but yes, a fish- and sea vegetable-based dish is appropriately “Water Tribe.”

External image

Cooking is an art, so I think this counts as fanart!

Cutthroat Kitchen drinking game

Take a drink every time:

  • a contestant admits to not knowing what a dish is or how to make it
  • a contestant forgets a main ingredient in the pantry
  • the auction jumps more than $1,000 between bids
  • Alton Brown laughs maniacally (or does something else particularly malicious)
  • a sabotage ends up working to a contestant’s advantage
  • or, a contestant talks about not caring about a sabotage, and then they get it
  • someone buys a sabotage and later on it ends up biting them in the ass (eg they swap stations with the person who got the sabotage)
  • a contestant gets excited and cocky about having to make a dish that comes from their heritage (eg a Mexican chef gets to make huevos rancheros)
    • and then when they inevitably lose the round (seriously like 90% of the time they go home on their own heritage’s dish!)
  • “deconstructed”
  • or the contestant refers to their dish with a descriptive word that it’s clearly not

Finish your drink (but then pour yourself another) whenever:

  • contestant demographics: three men, one woman
  • a contestant spends more than half their money in the first round
  • bidding passes $10,000
  • you don’t like the person who wins the episode

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