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Have you done one where Harry proposes? If you have can you like it please?

The sun is setting low over the Pacific Ocean as you clean the dishes from dinner, Coldplay’s music pulsing in the background.  Harry reaches around from behind you to put the last of the dishes into the soapy water where your hands are covered in suds.  He lowers the dishes into the water, allowing his hands to tangle briefly with yours before sliding his wet hands up your forearms. Pressing a small kiss just behind your ear, Harry whispers, “That dinner was amazing, my love.  You should marry me.”

Pausing with your back to him, you close your eyes, leaning back into him.  If only he were serious.  After dating for nearly 23 months and living together for the last four of those, you know that he is the love of your life.  He’s the one with whom you belong forever and ever.  If only he would ask for real, you would say yes.  

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James Cook is rarely ever serious. He laughs everything off, drinks too much and just doesn’t care. But that’s the thing; he does care. He cares too much, actually. He worries how people see him, he worries about his future, he worries about his friends leaving him, about everything leaving. He overthinks everything and is worried about everything but it’s gotten to the point where he has to put on this show; act as though he doesn’t care because that way, his true feelings are protected.

Boyfriend Jaehyun

this was requested by @why-cody , hope you like it !! ~

  • shit this is going to get too serious because we can all agree that jung jaehyun is boyfriend material af
  • im so happy you requested this
  • and im even happier that i’m writing this
  • okay let’s start

  • you’d probably be working at a cafe or something like that ,

  • and he’d be a regular there that never failed to catch your attention
  • because he’s the definition of perfection honestly ?
  • everytime he comes he’d smile at you
  • you guys chatted a few times before on a few occasions
  • he probably hit you up a few times before with smooth af pick up lines
  • but back then you weren’t too into him so you brushed it off as a joke
  • you missed so many chances girl why
  • “ Has anyone told you what’s wrong today ? ”
  • “ No .. why ? ”
  • “ Good , because there’s nothing wrong ”
  • and you laughed it off and thanked him but didn’t think that much
  • until one day he did it again ,
  • “ Would you like to fill up a survey for me ? It’d be really quick ”
  • and you’d agree because you wanted to help him
  • and when he passed you his phone ,
  • you’d blush like mad and smile crazily ,
  • because he handed you his phone with the ‘New Contact’ screen open
  • that night he messaged you and the both of you chatted for hours
  • and eyebags could be seen on each of your faces
  • and both of you would laugh it off when you saw each other at the cafe
  • and you’d probably get ticked off by your manager because instead of taking orders you were talking with jaehyun
  • he’d wink at you and shoo you back to work while he sat at his usual seat , staring at you
  • one day he’d go to the cafe just 30mins before it closes ,
  • just to wait for you to end work so he could take you out
  • “ Jae i thought you weren’t coming today , why’re you so late ? ”
  • “ I’m waiting for you to end work , i have somewhere to take you ”
  • “ Oh shit give me like fifteen minutes more i still have things to finish up ”
  • “ It’s okay , take your time , i’ll wait for you ”
  • and then he brings you to the restaurant you told him you wanted to try out very badly just two weeks ago
  • he even reserved a private table for the both of you ,
  • ordered the dishes you liked ,
  • and treated you like a queen
  • you’d get suspicious and ask him ,
  • “ Jae why are you doing all these ”
  • “ For this special day .. ”
  • “ … special day ? …. ”
  • “ Yes Y/N , i’ve had feelings for you since a long time ago .. Are you willing to be together with me ? ”
  • you’d stare at him without saying anything because you’re too shocked and couldnt comprehend anything he said
  • but after awhile you’d smile and nod your head
  • and he’d smile like a child , his dimple showing
  • then the waiter serves you a cake and you’re like ????
  • how long did jaehyun take to prepare all of this ??
  • okay this guy would show you off anywhere ,everywhere
  • he probably went home that night to call all the other members to tell them about the relationship
  • and soon enough the whole neighbourhood knows the both of you are together
  • because he’s always holding your hands when you’re out together ,
  • his arms around your shoulders or waist
  • and if you were standing alone doing something he wouldn’t be afraid to backhug you and place his head on yours
  • he LOVES skinship so much i cant even
  • probably lots of teasing and jokes ,
  • mainly because he loves seeing you flustered and laughing ,
  • and it puts a smile on his face too
  • “ there’s a bee behind you babe don’t turn around ”
  • and you’d literally freeze in your seat with your eyes widened
  • and he couldn’t help but burst out laughing - “ you’re so cute baby , i cant even- ”
  • when you smacked him back he’d continue laughing , trying to catch his breath
  • and you’d just sigh and end up laughing with him too
  • he loves complimenting you though
  • you could be brushing your teeth in the morning with your messy hair and face,
  • and he’d still hug you and call you pretty
  • when he’s jealous , he gets really really protective
  • he’d probably have a really straight face and he’ll keep you behind his back like you’re his child
  • and when the both of you are finally alone again he’d kiss your forehead because he’s glad nothing happened to you
  • when you’re sad he comforts you and takes care of you no matter how wrecked you were ,
  • he might sing you songs and make some silly jokes for you
  • lots of kisses and hugs !1!1!
  • they’d would cheer you up so much because he just has that positive vibe ??
  • but when he’s sad he gets really quiet , unlike his usual self
  • he’d talk to you about it and ask for advice ,
  • because he needed your words and encouragement the most
  • people are legit jealous of the both of you because y'all are like the perfect couple
  • cause like couple fights hardly ever happened - like not even once ??
  • how is that possible y'all
  • he fetches you to and from work everyday without fail
  • and as a supportive boyfriend ,
  • he orders multiples times a day to help boost the cafe’s business
  • like he’s so sweet why
  • he loves hugging you to sleep ,
  • and waking you up with kisses
  • and have i mentioned you’d be blessed because he’d cook for you everyday ?
  • and you’d be so fascinated by his skills
  • when you tried to help , he’d make you do the basic things
  • like cutting and peeling the ingredients
  • because no one disturbs chef jaehyun when he’s cooking , he gets all serious
  • he’ll shower you with love and affection 24/7
  • he’s the sweetest and most caring boyfriend you’d can find basically
  • i’ll stop here before i switch lanes to Jaehyun
  • gotta stay loyal to mark
last text I sent to my mother:

“okay so do we exchange hostages or were these people too rude to be treated so nicely”

Got7′s Reaction to you pretending that you can’t speak Korean when they say something mean

Thanks! I’m glad you like the reaction and I hope you keep liking them :)


*You knew he was about to say something mean so right after he said it you pretend that you didn’t understand what he just said.*

Y/N: *in English* “I swear he best not say it again or he’s going to die today…”

*You tried saying it as fast as you could so he wouldn’t understand, which somewhat worked. But he could still tell that you were mad so he gave you a back hug. (you’re Mark).*

BamBam: *in Korean* “So now you’re pretending you don’t know Korean?” *mocks you by trying to say what you said in English.*

*You’re literally just Mark.*


*He started to laugh after he said that you didn’t looked good with what you had on. So you pretend that you didn’t understand what he just said.*

Y/N: *in English* “I look nice in this.. Right? Yeah, I think it’s fine.*

Yugyeom: *in Korean* “No, it actually doesn’t. I personally like the one you had on earlier.” *laughs*

*You look at him with the maddest face ever and while he still laughing you push him out of the bathroom which he probably fell lol.* (you’re JB)


*You two were just making fun of each other all day, which was pretty funny and fun, until he decided to take it to the next level. He decided to make fun of the way you spoke Korean. At first it didn't bother you but the he kept doing it and it annoyed you and made you get angry. He saw that you started to get angry and stopped doing it.*

Youngjae: “Yah! Don’t get angry! we’ve been doing this all day… we’re just joking around.”

*You were angry at him so you completely ignored what he just said and pretend you didn’t understand.*

Y/N: *in English* “You want to keep making fun of me go ahead.. Now I’m only going to speak English and you’re not going to understand a word I say. Just watch.”

*Obviously you spoke so fast that he didn’t understand so he just threw out whatever English he could think of at that moment that would make you stop being mad, which it low key did.. (because the way he says it is just hilarious)*


*You two were waiting for the rest of the guys to come so while you waited you started to listen to music and sing (in Korean) since you were bored. JB just sat there next to you and laughed.*

JB: *in Korean* “You shouldn’t sing in Korean… It doesn’t suit you.. Go back to singing in English.” *laughs*

*You try to ignore what he said and pretend you didn’t understand but you got so angry about what he just said that you just had to respond.*

Y/N: *in English* “Fine JB! If you don’t want me singing Korean I won’t. I’m not even going to speak it anymore.”

*He has no idea what you just said but he could tell you got mad so he looks at you straight in the eyes and laughs.*

JB: “Jagiyaaaa…. Joke.”


*He knew you’d get mad but he said it anyway because he just wanted to mess with you.*

Junior: *in Korean* “Yah! Why is your dinner today tasting horrible? Don’t you know how to cook?” *laughs*

Y/N: *in English* “What is Korean? Like I have no idea what you just said.. Did you say something bad about my cooking? Because like… Are you going to cook instead?” *serious face*

*He knew you just asked him a question but he didn’t really understand what you said so he just (gif).*

Y/N: “That’s what I thought..”


*You were still learning Korean but you could speak it pretty well since now that’s the only language you hear but you still made some mistakes here and there. Mark thought it would be funny to make fun of you when you made a mistake so when he heard you make one, he took that chance.*

Mark: *in Korean* “Jagi, why don’t you stop speaking Korean… You just keep making mistakes. Just talk in English, it’s so much better for you.”

Y/N: *in English with anger in your voice (you’re literally Jackson right now)* “Sorry, I don’t speak Korean and don’t understand what was really said so can you like translate.”

Mark: *laughs* “Yes!”

*You just stand there looking at him while he laughed but then he came up to you and gave you an ‘I’m Sorry’ hug with a kiss which made your anger go away.*


*Right after he said it, he knew you were going to get mad so he quickly hugged you while he laughed.*

Y/N: *pretending not to know what he just said* “Why are you hugging me? Stop.. Get away.” (you said that in English of course lol)

*He then would start to say sorry and to not get mad at him, that he was only joking.*

If you guys have any requests, please don’t be afraid to send them in :)

Okay I know I pretty recently (read: yesterday) reblogged a post that mentions this, but I just rewatched The Wedding Job and I just gotta repeat:

Eliot loves cooking.
Eliot unironically enjoys cooking.
Eliot is really passionate about cooking.
Cooking is Serious Business for Eliot.

And it’s not played as a joke.
The manliest guy in the series has a hobby many people interpret as feminine and it’s not played as a joke.

The only things that are played as a joke are his violent reaction to the bride’s mother insulting his cooking skills and how he takes his cooking more seriously than finding the money (and the thing with the whisk).
Hell, in the ending scene, he’s just cooked for the team and it’s not even commented on.

This stupid series is giving me all kinds of feels and I can’t stop thinking about it, okay?!

frisk likes healthy food while chara has a sweet tooth

(undertale spoilers)

finally, a post that’s actually relevant to my url. in this case, there’s actual canon evidence to suggest that frisk really isn’t interested in things like chocolate and instant noodles.

instant noodles

  • taking the noodles

in alphys’ lab, instant noodles can be found in the fridge. if the choice is made to leave the noodles, it is noted that frisk is deciding to “stay healthy”.

  • eating the noodles: neutral

because the noodles are always cooked in battle outside of serious mode, it stands to reason that frisk is the one who insists on cooking them. even so, it’s noted that the noodles are ultimately “not great” – this could mean that they were either made badly because frisk is a child or that the noodles just don’t suit frisk’s taste.

the noodles heal only 4 hp. 

  • eating the noodles: serious mode

“serious mode” is the unofficial name given to times in the game when item names in battle change so that they don’t look like jokes (ie. buttspie becomes pie). serious mode only occurs during the dreemurr battles and in the genocide route. as chara has physical control of frisk’s body to some degree in the genocide route, it makes sense that serious mode is somewhat of an insight into chara’s feelings.

one of the most interesting changes in serious mode involves the noodles – instead of being cooked, they’re eaten dry. in fact, “they’re better dry”, apparently. maybe chara is the kind of person who enjoys eating dry noodles as snacks instead of getting something decent to eat. occasionally, by random chance, the noodles can be eaten dry outside of serious mode.

the noodles heal 90 hp in serious mode. perhaps how much something heals depends on how good it tastes.


the undyne hangout only occurs in a pacifist route, although monsters can still be killed afterwards. the pacifist route seems to show frisk’s highest level of control, and pacifist-exclusive events tend to show off their real feelings. as a result, when the soda is referred to as “sickly yellow liquid” or when undyne says frisk doesn’t look too happy about it, it’s likely frisk’s reaction rather than chara’s. it seems that frisk thinks soda is “gross”.

chocolate bar

  • new home

the genocide route’s new home shares a lot of chara’s feelings. it seems chara is especially passionate about the lack of chocolate in asgore’s fridge – other routes tell us that the fridge actually contains “unopened containers of snails”.

  • home

in toriel’s kitchen, there’s a chocolate bar in the fridge. despite this, there is no attempt made to take it – not even in the genocide route or the soulless pacifist route! there are two logical conclusions: either chara was just trying really hard to conceal their control over frisk until the soulless pacifist end, or frisk’s hatred of unhealthy food is so great that even chara can’t force them to take the chocolate. personally, i like to think it’s the latter.

here are the conclusions based on all of this:

  • frisk prefers to “stay healthy”
  • they are not an instant noodle fan
  • frisk prefers to cook instant noodles while chara prefers them dry
  • frisk thinks soda is “gross” 
  • chara’s feelings about soda are unknown, unless you decide that “sickly yellow liquid” is chara’s opinion and not frisk’s (it’s up for debate)
  • chara presumably likes chocolate, which is why toriel keeps some in her fridge
  • everyone loves pie, probably
V App Five Star Chefs

Character: Moonbyul (Mamamoo)
Word count: 930
Summary: Greasy Moonbyul shows off her girlfriend on a V App before the others show up to tease her | #fluff

Originally posted by moobyulie

“You’re doing it wrong!”

Moonbyul stutters in indignation, dropping the knife she held with a huff. “How am I? You keep saying that! But what am I doing wrong?” Her frustrated gaze goes back and forth between the vegetables she was chopping and you. “Do you think that I’m a child? I’ve cooked for myself before, I know how to chop a carrot!”

“That’s not it.” Your voice turns tender, as you gently push Moonbyul aside and take the knife, showing her how to properly chop up vegetables. “See, this is what I meant. Your fingers were too close, you could have cut yourself, so you need to hold the carrot like this,” you demonstrate, “and the knife like this.”

Her stance relaxes and Moonbyul is suddenly grinning, draping her arms around you and back hugging you. “Whoa, do you see this, guys?” She’s talking directly to the camera, looking smug. “My girlfriend looks out for me so much. I’m really lucky, right?”

You roll your eyes at the bag of grease you call a girlfriend. “Ah, stop being gross and chop up that onion. Properly chop it, I mean.”

“See?” Another smug grin at the camera. “She cares for me so much.”

The V App had started off as a fun idea, conjured up during late night cuddles with Moonbyul. Your friend had gotten you a lesson at a cooking class as a gag birthday present, that allowed you to bring someone along. Of course, that ‘someone’ ended up being your girlfriend. And now you two feel like chefs, experts at the culinary arts. After watching Irene and Seulgi’s smoothie V App, you both teased them that you could do a better job. Jokingly, they challenged you two and you told Moonbyul that you should prove yourselves to them.

Moonbyul, however, took the idea very seriously.

And a week later, you found yourself in front of a camera, not knowing if you should focus more on your image to the viewers or focus more on actually making something decent. Moonbyul was not thinking like this. It seemed as if she could only focus on flirting and being greasy.

“What’s our next step, Chef?”

You roll your eyes playfully at Moonbyul’s question. “Well, we should let the meat cook for another ten minutes or so, then add these in,” you tap the bowl holding all the chopped vegetables, “so that they’ll be a little crunchy when the meat is ready to take out. But anyone that wants softer veg can put them in now.”

“Ah, good advice from our Chef. Is everyone writing this down - wait!” Moonbyul pulls open a drawer, sighs when she can’t find what she wants, then pulls open more until exclaiming, “Ah, here it is!” She takes out a yellow note pad, then a pen. “So what were your words of wisdom, again? When do we put the veg in?”

You sigh, pretending to find her super annoying. But if anything, she’s making your heart melt. And she knows this.

Just then, the door slams open, startling the camera man who shakily whirled the camera in that direction. Three bodies barreled in, one leaping on Moonbyul’s back.

“Wheein, what the - !” Moonbyul splutters, dropping the pen and swaying under the force of the sudden body on her. “Why are you guys here?”

“Aww, are we disturbing your gross flirting session?” Hwasa teases.

“Yah, you two do know that it was all on camera, right?” Solar asks, pointing to the camera man who looked confused, not sure if he was still meant to record the food preparation or the five loud girls.

“Camera man, camera man!” Moonbyul shouts, trying to throw Wheein off of her back, “Please, remind them that this is a serious cooking show, led by five star Chef Y/N - ” cue your eye roll, “ - this is no joking matter. We’re not here to play around.”

“No, you’re here to flirt!”

Wheein finally hopped off of her friend’s back, instead deciding to pick up the note pad Moonbyul had been scribbling on. “Wait, guys, guys!” she announced, fighting off Moonbyul who realised what was about to happen. “Guys, look at this!”

Hwasa snatches it up, reading Moonbyul’s messy handwriting before doubling over. “Wow, really?”

Curiously, you and Solar peek at the note pad too.

“Oh my gosh!” Solar shouts, cringing hard. “Look, viewers, look at how greasy our member is!” She holds the paper up for the camera man to focus on, the scribbles clearly reading 'Moonbyul x Y/N 4EVA’ with random hearts drawn around those words.

“AAAAH SO CHEESY!” Hwasa is grimacing, shoving Moonbyul with her elbow. “Why are you so greasy?”

There’s a blush on Moonbyul’s cheeks, shy about being caught. “The only reason I wrote that is because we’re five star Chef’s, we don’t need to write down recipes like common folk!”

“Then why did you write this?” you ask curiously, taking the note pad from Solar to read over it again, checking to see if you had actually read it right. You had. And that thought filled you up with joy, made your heart feel warm and heavy. She was cheesy, there’s no denying that, but in such an endearing way.

“I wrote that so I could prove to the viewers that you’re mine, so no one watching this is allowed fall in love with you, since you already love me and I love you four - no - five-eva!”

This time, even the cameraman groaned.

“She’s even greasier than a McDonald’s burger,” Hwasa announced, grimacing.

olliedinsmore  asked:

Hey! I hope you don't mind me coming to you for advice! Ive been handsewing plushies for almost a year id say and I was thinking about looking into buying a sewing machine, is it a worthwhile switch to make? is it easier? how hard would it be tp transfer? (so sorry about throwing this on you!!)

It’s not easier to use a sewing machine. But it’s not hard, either. Kind of like it’s easier to use a microwave than a stove, but chances are you’d rather have a stove if you want to do any serious cooking. It is absolutely worth getting a machine to save time and your hands will thank you later down the line for not giving them a repetitive stress injury. Sewing machine sewing also tends to produce a sturdier, more professional looking product, but this will greatly depend on how good your hand stitching is.

I’d recommend speaking to your local sewing machine dealer. Not going to a box store and just picking one up. Most are more than willing to walk you through the basics and let you try the machines. And many offer classes you can sign up for if you want to learn and learn better with someone teaching you in person. Mine even offered free one on one classes with the purchase of a sewing machine to help you get used to your new machine.


No, Temari… That’s not how you “romantically” feed your boyfriend…

Having this URL has taught me many hints but primarily that there’s a very real, active and serious cooking show fandom on Tumblr that would run over both my cats for this URL

Short Bruce Wayne Imagine

Everyone thinks you’re the best cook, Alfred disagrees.…

(non-serious short imagine)

The culinary creations withheld in the kitchen were always eaten in one sitting, as the flavours were so divine, the cooking to exquisite.

You owned the kitchen.

You were the master of the Kitchen.

You were a God in the kitchen.

Every vegetable or ingredient you touched, turned into a delectable dish that would call hungry mouths for miles.

You could turn anything into a masterpiece; a potato, into a Mona Lisa.

When you cut into the onions, the onions didn’t make you cry.

You made the onions cry.

The funny thing was, you didn’t even try. Maybe it was just talent of the touch, or possibly a culinary calling, but your food made even Bruce fall to his knees.

After a long night out, the boys would flock into the manor, the smell of warm soup, or roast vegetables with fresh crispy bread controlling their senses. Even with the same energy as a sloth, they would run to the table, ready to eat.

You would all sit down, passing each other dishes to share and glasses to fill, whilst talking about the night and possible future missions. But in the corner of the kitchen, Alfred would watch.

His eyes eyeing the food. He spotted a piece of spare toast on the counter in front of him.

He could toast it better he thought.

But as you looked up, you spotted the jealous man, and you swiftly invited him to sit and eat, a look of confliction on his wrinkled face. Alfred would sit, the boys would keep talking, and passing food to one another, too refill their plates.

You would assemble a plate of food for him, a plate fitting of every dish you made that night. He picked up his spoon and filled it with soup. You watched, as he slowly blew on the soup, taking his sweet, sweet time to finally eat.

The boys were almost done, the dishes almost completely empty of every scrap.

He sipped.

As his lips touched the liquid, his taste buds fell into a blackhole of flavour, each savoy tastebud dancing on salt and warmth, a constellation of flavour.

“Good?” You would ask. Alfred would look to you, conflicting denial on his face. He would clear his throat, and get his spoon ready for more,

“I suppose it’s okay, Mrs. Wayne.”

“Could do with a little more salt.” He would mutter, “And maybe stock.” You would smile, looking back at the boys who were fighting over the last piece of bread,

“Then i guess next time you’ll have to help me,” Alfred would quickly smile, a laugh escaping his lips,

“You could do with the extra help.” He would remark, causing you to gasp a little, you smirked,

“Are you calling me a hopeless cook Alfred?”

“I am saying no such words Mrs. Wayne.” Alfred continued to sip his soup.

“Step carefully Alfred,” You would joke, “If you’re not cautious you might find a toe nail in your food someday.”

Bruce would watch you two. Eyes darting back and forth, moving with every sarcastic comment you two made. He would tap Jason on his shoulder, stopping the bickering between him and Damian.

All the boys would look at Bruce, Bruce’s eyes watching his wife.

“I think if we value our lives, we’d best go somewhere else.” The boys looked to were Bruce’s eyes were traced. They watched as you and Alfred bickerd over food, and who was the better cook.

“The toe nail would indeed possibly make it better than this soup if you ask me.” Alfred said, causing Tim to spit out his soup in shock as he watched the old butler say words he would never dare to say.

“Let’s go.” Jason said quickly.

And as swiftly as the the wind, they were gone, leaving you and Alfred behind at the table. You stopped and looked around to find your surroundings empty. You smiled at Alfred,

“That was easy,” You whisper, “There’s a slice of cake in the fridge i saved for when no one is here, want to share with me before the kids steal it?” 

Alfred would smile, placing the napkin on his lap to the table,

“It would be my pleasure.”

–Okay, so not the most serious imagine i’ve written, but this was just a little fun inspired by a lovely friend.

–Feel free to send me requests or scenarios! But be warned i may or may not write each and everyone as i do have a lot, but it’s nice to get different and fresh inspiration from you guys!

–Have a lovely day! x

Pairing: sugakookie

Words: 6106

Rating: general

Tags: fluff, blind dates

Summary:“man I rlly want a short fic about like jungkook/suga getting rlly sick of their friends setting them up on blind dates so they say their ideal type is something v intricate and random and the friends just like OHO I KNOW JUST THE PERSON and its suga/jungkook and when they meet person 1 is just like holy shit he is my type”

basically this one conversation we had

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