cooking with the sophisticates

How do we celebrate 2000 followers? A ROAST DINNER

ENTP: Mashed potatoes. Bursting with garlic and herbs. A little messy but full of flavour.

INTP: Yorkshire puddings. Don’t need any fancy herbs. All the flavour they need is already there. Basic ingredients, somehow delicious outcome. Only a select few may know the secrets of the Yorkshire pud.

ENTJ: Roasted veggies. They will always find their way onto your plate. They are not optional. You will be shunned should you refuse them.

INTJ: The starter. Soup. Simple and sophisticated. Sets the scene.

ENFJ: Roast potatoes. Cooked to golden perfection in the meat juices. Everyone is getting them on their plate. Everyone. You have no choice. You love them.

INFJ: The gravy. Warm and comforting. Goes with everything. The dinner would be dry and dull without it.

ENFP: The pudding- Chocolate fondant. Soft and squishy and impossible to eat tidily. Cannot be controlled and will go everywhere. But damn it it’s delicious.

INFP: The flowers in the middle of the table. Not really relevant to the meal itself but just sits in its own little world. Brightens the room.

ESTJ: The chicken. The core piece of the meal. What keeps the dinner together.

ISTJ: Bread sauce. Not to everyone’s taste and some may find it bland, but classic and traditional and no dinner would be complete without it. Every table should have bread sauce whether they appreciate it or not.

ESFJ: Napkins. Probably floral or some other pattern. One under the plate to catch the spills and a spare in a ring for your convenience. An necessary amount of love and care went into these.

ISFJ: Rosemary potatoes. A cute addition to the dinner that adds a refreshing flavour.

ESFP: Chipolatas. You’re all sausages now. Everyone loves sausages. Except those who find them morally repulsive.

ISFP: The stuffing. The finishing touch.

ESTP: The carving knife.

ISTP: The cutlery. The whole dinner is reliant on this under appreciated element.