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… the fact that everyone makes a dish a little differently, that what comes out of our kitchens bears our own stamp, is precisely the essence of real home cooking. Not adhering to professional standards in the kitchen doesn’t show our limitations, but is indicative of our liberation and individuality.
—  Nigella Lawson (Nigella Kitchen : Recipes from the Heart of the Home, 2010)

God damn that looks good

Nigella Lawson and John Diamond in 1998, three years before he died. This woman has had her mum die from cancer at a young age, followed shortly by her sister also dying from cancer, to then her husband getting throat cancer and slowly dying. They had two young children when he passed. Then she got into a relationship which ended with him abusing her and having all the details of her life sprawled out on worldwide newspapers. After all this in all her interviews and TV shows she still seems really nice and down to earth, she is a fucking trooper. I love this woman. #womancrushwednesday


#whoifollow on Instagram, by @nigellalawson

In this edition of #whoifollow, British food writer Nigella Lawson shares some of her favorite accounts on Instagram.

“I am an evangelical sharer of the things that make me happy — be they food, flowers, or other images that give me joy. In many ways, it’s of a piece with the pleasure I get in feeding people. All my follows are fueled by my greed, but I follow people not just because they feature food, but because their posts make me actually feel that I’m eating what they eat, or that I need to eat what they’re eating! They’re like food diaries, and I can hear the voice behind the pictures.

“As a Londoner, I find @clerkenwellboyec1 essential, as he takes me to restaurants I might not otherwise go to, and he always seems to know about places even before they open properly. It’s great for getting an early pointer. But I don’t just use his posts as a restaurant guide, I also just love to eat vicariously through him.

“I’m a food writer, a home cook and very much not a chef, but I love food, everything about it — thinking about it, reading about it, writing about it and, of course, cooking and eating it. At the moment, I am deep in the middle of my new book, and so a majority of my posts are inspired by that - the food I’m cooking for it, or the bits and pieces I’ve got around me to furnish it.”

More of Nigella’s favorite accounts below:

  • “@thedelicious posts food that I drool over daily. I find her pictures beautiful as well, and I’m often inspired to come up with recipes just from looking at a post.”
  • “I have developed something of an obsession for @birdsblack. Since following them, I’ve bought their book, cooked their pies and have become passionate about passing on the pie love.”
  • “One of my followers tipped me off about @dennistheprescott, a Canadian food blogger who posts food that makes my tummy rumble. I cannot see one of his pictures without wanting to eat whatever’s in it.”
  • @urbancottageblog posts not just food, but pictures that are so beautiful, they fill me with happiness. I love that there are other people who get pleasure from a picture of wooden spoons!

anonymous asked:

Hi! It sounds kinda stupid but I'm having a really hard time describing how someone cooks. Like I really want to incorporate like the aroma of beautiful food and a homey vibe as well as the actual cooking... if that makes sense. Do you have any tips? Thank you!

There are several books on writing about cooking, that you could use for reference. 

From an experiential point of view, you could try:

Watch some cooking shows and describe what they do. Be detailed, and choose shows set in a home, not a competition show or one that takes place in an obviously staged kitchen. Listen to how the hosts talk about the food as well. People who I think are good at describing food and explaining cooking include: Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Jacques Pepin, Giada de Laurentiis, and Anthony Bourdain.

Cook for yourself. Make mental notes of the smells and feelings while cooking. Or ask someone to cook for you and watch them closely through the process. Or both. The nice thing about describing something like this is everyone has to eat, so setting up the real scenario shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Hope this helps!

- O