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broadway song summarys Newsies

overture- hold onto your newsie caps, this is gonna be one wild ride.

santa fe (prologue)- might as well get the tissues now.

carrying the banner- *THE JUMP*

the bottom line- here comes the big, bad wolf.

that’s rich- saasssssss.

i never planned on you- katherine just being salty and sarcastic.

the world will know- unioned we stand.

watch what happens- write it good…

seize the day- papes, papes everywhere. danced on, thrown at the audience, thrown at each other, everywhere.

santa fe- somebody help this kid, he’s literally obsessed with santa fe.

king of new york- race says some things nobody can understand, then starts a party despite the fact that jack and crutchie are nowhere to be found.

letter from the refuge- oh, your heart? let me crush it for you.

watch what happens (reprise)- poOR GUUYYS HEAAD IS SPINning.

the bottom line (reprise)- “it’s a compromise we can all live with.”

brooklyn’s here- never fear, brooklyn is here… and we forgot our sleeves.

something to believe in- cue the super sappy, we love each other kiss scene.

once and for all- *THE MOMENT*

finale- no no no it can’t be over already. again again again.

Favorite Yu-gi-oh! Quotes (anime dub)

Grandpa: “You do know what a trap card is, don’t you?”
Joey: “yeah, uh…kinda…uh…I have no idea.”

Tea: I’ve given this friendship speech a thousand times already. Hasn’t it sunk in yet?

Joey: Now why does all these weird stuff always happen to us? (Yugi silent) You hava gotta to admit, it’s true.

Yugi: “Let’s just sit here, put our heads together and think.”
Tristan: “Just remember one of those heads is Joey’s so that’s like subtracting one mind.”
Joey: “Ha ha. Very funny Tristan.”

Tristan: “Don’t worry, we still have my Great Outdoor survival Guide!”
Joey: “G'head, Tristan, eat all the pages ya like.”

Mai: “I’m no cartoon expert, but exploding volcano biceps? That’s bad, right?”

Yugi: “Wow, there’s chips …”
Joey: “Dibs on the chips.”
Yugi: “Candy bars …”
Joey: “Dibs on the candy bars.”
Yugi: “Fruit …”
Yugi: “Soda.”
Joey: “Dibs on the soda.”

Yugi: “Uhh … Joey … I don’t think you should be cooking the candy bars …”
Joey: “Back off! I know what I’m doing!”

Yami Bakura: “Present day humans are so fun to terrorize, don’t you think?”
Tristan: “No I don’t, but then again I am a present day human. What the heck are you?”

Yami Marik: “Let’s check the damage, and cause some more.”

Yami Marik: “I will not be destroyed!” (guess what happens 10 seconds later)

Joey: Whoever designed this game has a thing for walking into bright light. Tristan: Well you got to admit, it is quite dramatic.

Rex: “Does the grim reaper know you’ve raided his wardrobe?”

Rex: “Note to self, seatbelts were invented for a reason.”

Rex: That card is useless to you!(Joey reveals Hermos) (Shaken) That, on the other hand, might help you…

Weevil: “Name the last time one of my ideas didn’t work!”
Rex: “Every time! Just once I’d like to get my revenge without looking like a dork!”

Tristan: (about Duke’s driving) “Maybe we’re safer on foot.”
Joey: “Give me a piggyback, and you got a deal.”

Tristan: “Are you sure that’s Atlantis?”
Joey: “Hmm, big ancient city looking thing rising out of the ocean? Yeah, looks about right.”

Kaiba: “Don’t you have someone else to annoy?”
Joey: “No, not at the moment.”

Joey: “I’m sure there’s some other folk trying to take over the world back home!”
Tristan: “You know, the scary thing is he’s probably right.” 

Joey: Are we goin’ or what?
Kaiba: What do you think, genius?
Joey: I’m detectin’ some sarcasm, rich boy.
Kaiba: Really?

Joey: [panting while carrying Rex] Why…are we…carrying this guy…that we don’t even like…all over civilization?
Tristan: Because we’re the good guys.

Joey: So Yugi, about that Underdog card… you said it reminds you of someone…
Yami: [surprised] I did? Yes, well…Um, [to Yugi] a little help here? [winks and
switches with a blushing Yugi]
Yugi: Huh?…Oh, that’s real mature, Pharaoh! [Still blushing and Sees Joey] Er…
Joey: [Playfully locks Yugi’s head in his arms] So, Yuge, everyone else seems to think that Underdog card reminds you of me.
Yugi: Well, um, let me put this in the best way possible, [^^ and fingers ><] the card reminded me of you because when the odds are against you, you always pulls through.
Tristan: I can see it on your business cards right now, Joey Wheeler, Executive Underdog.
Joey: [angered] Hey!!

Kaiba: Any duelist late for registration will be disqualified. Mokuba, make sure
Wheeler’s late.
Joey: Hey! I know an insult when I hear one! Look at me when I’m yelling at ya’!
Tristan: Don’t worry about it, Joey! This tournament was just a cheap way for Kaiba to promote Kaibaland!
Mokuba: [raises his fist] You know I’m standin’ right here, right?!

Yugi: "Is that a Blue Eyes arena?”
Joey: “We’re not dealing with normal people here.”
Duke: “No, we’re not.”

Ziegfried:(summons 3 goddesses) “Now it’s one underdog against three divas.”
Joey: “You mean four divas.”

::Slifer the sky dragon emerges from the palace, following Pharaoh Atem and Bakura::
Bombasa: “And that is a big, red dragon!”
Joey: “This sort of thing used to surprise me, but now … not so much.”

Yugi: (running for his poor dear life)
Tristan and Joey: (in unison) “Yugi!?”
Yugi: (runs past them) “TALK LATER! RUN NOW!”
Joey: “What’s with him?” (He and Tristan turn around to see a gang of mummies running towards them)
Tristan and Joey: “ZOINKS!” (Both run away)

Pegasus: “What did I do to inspire such hatred?”
Kaiba: “It’s a long list, and I don’t have a lot of time.”

Pegasus: Anubis is gone. No one could return from a defeat so thoroughly devastating as that!! Well … no one but Kaiba that is … I’m sorry, did I say that out loud? 

Kaiba: When are you geeks gonna stop giving that lame friendship speech?
Tristan: I’d say… when you stop pretending everything’s a magic trick.

Tristan: (After the tomb collapsed) So this is the end? Feels weird.
Joey: Yeah.
Seto: What were you geeks expecting?
Joey: Fireworks, sappy music, something… At least make up one of your wrap-up speeches, Yug.
Yugi: Well, sometimes the end of one adventure is the beginning of another.
Joey: Ahh, much better.

  • Crutchie: I don't want the other fellas to see I ain't been walkin' so good.
  • also Crutchie: tie my shoe jack, carry me race, pull me in your wagon albert.
  • psychic: (reads my mind)
  • psychic: wtf

“Thanks again for letting me stay here,” you thank Crutchie from where you sit on your bunk, which is right next to his. Although, the two nights you’ve stayed here, Crutchie’s never slept on the bed. He’s slept on the roof with his friend, and the Newsies’s leader, Jack.

His eyes sparkle, and your friend flashes you his trademark wide grin. “Anytime, (y/n). After all you did for me in da Refuge, it’s da least I could do to help ya out.”

You smile at him once more before laying down for the night, pulling one of the Lodging House’s raggedy blankets up to your chin. Crutchie was nice enough to bring you to the Lodging House last week, and Jack gave you your own, small room in the Lodging House. After the refuge was shut down two weeks ago, you were left roaming the streets, begging for food. Until you were reunited with Crutchie.

While the two of you were in that Hellhole together, you stole food for him when he was sick and couldn’t get out of this bunk. He always begged you do not to, but you couldn’t see him or the other kids suffer more than they had to. Especially when you knew he’d do the same for you.

Anyway, Crutchie found you a couple of days ago on a street corner, sleeping with nothing but a newspaper to block most of the wind. His friends Jack and Specs carried you back to the lodging house, where you’ve been recovering for the past three days. Now, because you’re only a good night’s sleep from healthy, while the rowdy newsboys, you, and Katherine were eating dinner at Jacobi’s, Crutchie and Jack deemed it time for you to start selling. The boys had all cheered and began arguing over who would sell with the first “Girlsie” as they affectionately named you.

Jack would be gone with Katherine tomorrow and would not be able to help you, and Crutchie didn’t think it was best for you to sell with him, so Jackie assigned his third in command (a boy called Race) to show you the ropes the next day. Race’s mischievous eyes had met your (e/c) ones, and he grinned at you while the other boys groaned. You had smiled back.

And now you’re lying awake in your bunk, unable to sleep because you can’t get that damned boy’s face out of your mind.

“You hungry?” Race asks you. “It’s almost time for lunch.”

You had woken up with the bell this morning with the rest of the boys, and gotten fifty papers from Weasel before heading off into the bustling city of New York to sell with Race. “Yeah, I could eat,” you reply, and he grins.

“Great, I’s starvin’. I usually meet Romeo and Specs at the bakery around now, and we all chip in for some bread. Sound good?”

You nod and look away from him as you walk. “I hope I have enough to help you guys get some bread.” You look down at your dirt-covered boots. “I didn’t sell too many papes.”

Race glances over at your sad face and bumps your shoulder with his lightly as you walk, making you giggle shyly. “Ah, it’s just because you’s a goil. Them rich bastards already tink they’s too good to buy from us guys, let alone you. Katherine calls it…” He trails off, looking up at the sky as he thinks for the right word. You giggle at the way his lip curls and his eyebrows furrow together, but look away quickly. You can’t think of him that way.

“Ah!” Race exclaims, snapping you out of your thoughts. “They’s sexist. Dat’s the word Plums told me when she had a bad day at da Woild. ”

You stay silent, and he stops walking, turning you around to face him. “But I isn’t sexist,” Race announces. “And those rich folks is stupid. You’s twice as good as any a ‘dem, let alone us Newsies.”

Laughing, you shrug his arm off gently. His eyes flicker with disappointment, but you don’t notice. “Thanks, Race. Now come on, we don’t want to–”

“Ha! Ya got yourself a girl now, do ya?” A voice from behind you jeers.

You turn around quickly to see two similar looking, beefy men leering at you and Race. Your companion is quick to step between you and your offenders, and you frown in confusion. This is the most tense and threatened you’ve ever seen Race. “Beat it, Oscar,” he orders through clenched teeth.

The man who had spoken before–Oscar–glares at Race menacingly as the other man circles around the both of you, giving you an uneasy feeling. “She’s a pretty one too. Even if she is dressed in your disgusting clothes. You glare at him and he grins, stepping closer to you.

That action alone sets you on edge. You spent too much time in the Refuge to let a man look at you like that, especially when he’s that close. You kick him where it hurts, take Race’s arm and run. "That bitch!” you hear one of them scream behind you.

You turn the corner to go down a different street, but are pulled to a quick stop by Race’s hand catching yours. “No, this way!” He leads you down the street the opposite way you were planning on going, and the two of you slip into a narrow alleyway. One wall is lit with the light of the noon sun, and Race is quick to press you against the opposite one. The wall cloaked in shadows.

Your back hits the cool brick, and the two of you are blanketed in darkness. Just in time, too: The two men you were running from rush right past your hiding spot, both of them red in the face from anger.

Only when you know they’re gone do you notice how close Race is to you. His hands are on either side of your shoulders, caging you into the wall. The rest of his body can’t be more than a couple of inches away from you, and his face is turn toward the street, scanning for any more signs of danger.

He’s beautiful. The side of his face you can see has a bit of dirt smeared across his cheek, but in the best way. His hat sits atop his blonde curls loosely, but it’s brim casts another shadow over his eyes that the wall couldn’t offer, making his blue eyes stand out in a beautiful way. The young man’s lips are slightly parted, as he’s still catching his breath from your run, and he had stuck his cigar in his vest pocket.

You attempt to shake the blush out of your cheeks, and clear your throat. Race’s blue eyes turn to yours, and you look down at your feet briefly before meeting his gaze. “Who were those men?”

His eyes flicker over your face briefly before resting in your eyes, and his body doesn’t move an inch as he replies: “Oscar and Morris DeLancey. Even after the strike, they still give us problems.”

“DeLancey,” you mutter to yourself, not really paying attention to the conversation as you’re too busy looking at him. Neither of you have made an attempt to move. “I’ve heard that before. They’re the ones who hurt Crutchie.”

“Yeah…” He closes the small gap between the both of you, and his lips meet yours slowly; softly, yet passionate. He readjusts one arm to wrap around your waist and the other at the base of your neck. You tangle your hands in his hair, accidentally knocking his cap off of his head and onto the ground.

The two of you kiss for a good two minutes before he pulls away for air, setting his forehead against yours as you breath heavily together. His torso is pressed firmly against yours, and you revel at the feeling. You giggle nervously, and he laughs too. “We should probably get to lunch,” you suggest.

He grins lopsidedly and presses one more kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Yeah, probably.” You pick his cap up off of the ground and brush the dust away before placing it back on top of his blonde curls. He catches your hand in his before it falls back to your side, and interlocks your fingers. “Let’s go.”

Blushing, you let him lead you back out to the street. Along the way, he sticks his unlit cigar in his mouth, and after a couple minutes of walking, you reach the bakery and see Specs and Romeo waiting outside. Race drops your hand and winks at you before the both of you reach your friends.

“Where the hell have you two been?” Specs asks, looking over the both of you suspiciously. “And what happened to your hair?”

Eyes widening, your hands fly up to you (h/c) locks, and you feel the tangled mess it has become. It has to look like a birds nest! Race chuckles out loud as you attempt to smooth it down the best you can, and Romeo punched Specs lightly in the arm.

“Ah, c'mon, Specs! That how you treat a lady?” Romeo turns to you and winks. “You’s still as beautiful as eva, miss (y/n).” You smile down at him gratefully, even though you know his words are only meant as pointless flirting.

Race’s smirk disappears when he sees you smile at Romeo, and he hurriedly says: “We just had a little run in wit’ da DeLancey’s. No big deal.”


Happy Trails to Newsies! A show that inspired me like no other. Who would have ever thought a show about newsboys would be such a big part of my life? I certainly didn’t! I’m sad to see this show go, but I hope its memory and its message lives on. It will always hold a special place in my heart.


“What’s this? Ryder? Cooking? No way!” Joey’s sarcastic voice carried throughout the kitchen, Mels laugh following shortly after.

“I didn’t even know you knew what a spatula was!” Mel laughed, Joey soon joining in.

“A spatula?” Confusion was laced in Ryder’s voice as he finished cutting the potato - he had not much clue in what he was doing, to be completely honest.

“The thing there - in your left hand” Joe pointed out,exasperated.

“Oh that’s what that was! Ha who knew” was the answer they received. Not bothering to dignify that with a response, the pair switched the conversation to the actual meal and what it was that Ryder was cooking up.

“Ha sure, laugh and poke fun now but I know for a fact y/n will love these Chicken Nuggets - they’re their favourite”


<blockquote>some stills from the variety show rehearsal