cooking with geno

Consider that it’s canon that Saitama and Genos live together in a small one room apartment. That they go shopping together, eat together, go to the bath house together, brush their teeth together.

Consider that Genos cooks, cleans, does the dishes and laundry not because he’s asked to, but because he wants to help Saitama. That he buys all his merch, wears a shirt with his face on it and has a photo of Saitama as his phone’s background. That he makes food with Saitama’s face on it, which they bring to a HA picnic as a smiling Genos pours them drinks.

Consider that Fubuki recognizes Genos not because he’s the one blond cyborg hero, but because he starts going on about his “sensei”. That he tells Don Pacino that he’d do anything for Saitama. That he tells Saitama, to his face, that he is the most amazing person he’s ever met, that he will always follow him no matter what others think of him. That when Saitama tells him how he feels lonely, Genos cries and asks him to wait until he can stand by his side.

Consider the lyrics of the ED, which includes lines like “when I close my eyes, you’re all I think about, “feeling the need to see you, feeling like crying, feeling romantic” and “the one I love is so strong they make me worry”. That a magazine pointed out that it takes a lot to not imagine that these are Genos’ thoughts. That the singer and Genos’ VA have expressed similar opinions.

Consider that the VAs on both sides of the pond joke about how much of a couple they are. That there’s a clip of them making hand puppet versions of them kiss. That they filled the OPM festival with double meanings, like making it sound like Genos was asking Saitama to go out with him. That magazines have described Genos as ignoring his fangirls because he’s “only attracted to Saitama’s power” or that he’s “infatuated” with him”. That the English VAs have tweeted that “Genos loves his master”, that maybe next time they will go on an actual date. That Saitama’s VA signed a fan’s print with “I ship it too”.

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Saitama and Genos and cooking!! Maybe Saitama gets back to the apartment after a really bad day or something and he's just met with gorgeous waifu Genos deep into his cooking in the kitchen and the sight of him just makes Saitama go ❤❤❤. Or just saigenos cooking haha


Sooo… It’s a Hell’s Kitchen AU!

The actual comic starts below:

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im sad tonight but how about Evgeni Malkin, the most stoic and wordless player on the Pens (”No more questions; I’m not know English”), announces his engagement to PR manager Sidney Crosby in a YouTube video titled, “Cooking with Geno!!” And in that video, Geno is the most lively person, cracking jokes and smiling and pulling his fiancé close to nuzzle him. 

“I’m not so great cook,” Geno admits, holding Sidney from behind and propping his chin on Sidney’s shoulder as Sidney sauté the potatoes. “But Sidney not so good, either.”

“Hey,” Sidney says teasingly. “I made you eggs this morning.”

“Anyone can make egg,” Geno says. “Baby make egg.”

“Not true,” Sidney argues back. “Your eggs had shells in it when you brought me breakfast in bed.”

“No, I’m–wait, really?” Geno wrinkles his nose.

“Yeah. I just didn’t want to tell you because you looked so proud.”

“Oh. Hm. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Sidney teases, turning his head for a full kiss. “I want better eggs next time.”

The entire video is very sweet–Geno dipping Sidney in an impromptu dance in the kitchen, Geno dropping an egg and whispering, “Oh, God no, egg run away,”  Sidney giggling his heart out as Geno blows raspberries into Sidney’s nape. In fact they don’t even explicitly say they’re getting married. The viewers only figure it out when they notice that Sidney and Geno are both wearing matching, gleaming rings on their left hand.

The hockey interviews all try to ask Geno about Sidney–”Evgeni, is Sidney your boyfriend? Is he your fiance? Husband?” And all Geno says, smiling, is, “Sorry. No more questions. I’m not good English.”

Help! Nicholas Sparks AU

Inspired by this post  I wrote all this and then reread the post and realized it’s nothing like what OP thought this book would be about, sorry! 

  • Geno is down and out on his luck.
  • He shows up in Cole Harbour with the clothes on his back and a hockey bag slung over his shoulder.
  • Sid gives him a job and a place to stay.
  • Geno fixes the dock and Sid fixes him dinner.
  • Sid watches him out the kitchen window, his shirt wet with sweat and water and his arms and chest are strong from manual labor when he pulls it off and drops it onto the rocky lake shore so he’s more comfortable.
  • The tops of his shoulders and the bridge of his nose soak up the sun and burn a deep red.

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Saigenos Headcanons
  • Saitama was the one that had the courage to ask Genos out on a date. It wasn’t romantic at all. 
  • Genos likes being the little spoon
  • They have matching panda slippers
  • Saitama likes to call Genos “Sunshine”
  • Genos isn’t allowed to use the word “Sensei” when they’re having sex unless Saitama’s feeling particularly kinky
  • Genos finds it hard to leave the bed in the morning sometimes because Saitama usually ends up sprawled on top of him
  • Genos turns into an embarrassed school girl whenever PDA happens 
  • Saitama likes to run his fingers down Genos’ back when they’re lying next to each other
  • Sometimes Genos sings Saitama to sleep if he’s having a bad night
  • Mumen was the first one to notice that the two had feelings for each other
  • Saitama once walked through five cities just to buy a lobster so he could cook it for Genos. (Mumen gave him a ride back)
  • Genos is an incredible kisser

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Your mob "wife" Sidney minific was so good!!! 😭😭😭every single person in that scene had such a distinctive character and was so colorful! "Intern"!peter! Terrifying scar across his face smiling!mikhail! Oblivious teacher!sid!! Probably terrifying around his mob and sweet as a lamb and horrible at cooking!geno!! I,,, just love it! If you're still doing fic for it, can we have a scene for when mob geno and sid first met?? :)

(continuation to this )

“But the boss doesn’t celebrate Christmas,” Peter protests, even as Mikhail throws a vomit-green knitted sweater at him. Ugh. 

“Yeah, well, Sidney does, and he wants a potluck this year, so we’re gonna have to suck it up,” Mikhail says, then considers. “And for the love of God, please don’t make an embarrassment of yourself. We’re still on duty.”

“I never make an embarrassment of myself. Well, if not for this sweater,” Peter says, pulling on the shirt. There’s a dancing Christmas tree on it, with a sad smile and a cartoon dog peeing at its trunk. Peter feels like a clown. “And I’m not going to embarrass myself in front of Sidney.”

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The Oven Fic Ch.1

Heyyyy remember that whole thing about Genos the Toaster Oven

And I posted a wip about this but didn’t finish

Welllll here’s the rest of what I think will be Chapter 1 O:

(cut for length)

Saitama wakes up from his afternoon nap at the sound of the door opening. The front door makes a loud squeak and it always wakes him up, but Saitama doesn’t let Genos fix the door. He knows it’s Genos coming home when he hears that sound, and Saitama likes being awake to welcome him home.

“Genos,” he calls as he sits up from the futon. He leans over the pillow and stretches his neck to see. Sure enough, there’s Genos, taking his shoes off. The blond looks up at Saitama’s voice.


Genos drops his bag and runs up to Saitama. Then he drops down and kneels in front of him to meet his eye. Saitama stares into those beautiful eyes, black and gold and full of love, and he smiles.


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I did a sketch request on fb to stretch my hands a bit and got so many wonderful prompts! But only managed to draw two ahaha… here’s one ;0; 

Prompt 1:  “For once, Saitama is cooking something heavenly and Genos is in the background acting like an excited child because turns out it is his other favorite meal.” (on twitter) (he’s cooking sardines fried rice!)

R.I.P Saitama’s teeth … !

Bonus : 

Imagine Saitama and Genos cooking something, and it’s all fluff and sweetness because Genos keeps insisting he doesn’t mind making dinner by himself by Saitama just ducks under his arm and takes the wooden spoon into his hand. “Yeah but come on - “ he wags it in front of the cyborg with a small grin. “It’ll be easier if I worked the meat and you chop up the vegetables.”

And so it’s all fluff and games, they’re smiling around each other, Saitama cracking jokes and smacking Genos’ behind with a wet rag from the dishes and Genos would occasionally distract him by wrapping his arm around his waist and pressing a sudden kiss on his forehead and the radio’s on so there’s light music playing throughout the kitchen; it’s all good and they’re genuinely enjoying each others company and having fun, Genos suddenly thinking about how nice it is to cook together.

At least until the dish comes back out.

They stare at the burnt abomination that was the effect of them distracting each other instead of actually cooking. Saitama picks one up and bites into it, only for a sickening crunch to come out. He spits it back out and wipes his mouth grimacing. “Tastes like charcoal.”

They stare at it a moment longer. Saitama turns and scratches the back of his neck, a small trace of guilt etching over his brow. “Uh, sorry, Genos. I was just trying to… help out a bit.”

Genos sees him wilt and impulsively reaches for one of the black pieces. “No, Sensei,” he insists. “This tastes very…” he takes a bite and shudders. “Delicious.”

Saitama’s brow twitches. “No it’s not. Spit that out already, I can see you hate it.”

“No, no, it’s very,” his eye twitches as another audible crunch comes out. “Very edible. As expected of Sensei.”

“You’re tearing up.”

“That’s just excess fluid. It tastes amazing. We should cook together more often.”

“Genos, I’m not buying it!”

Delicate Techniques
  • Saitama and Genos are at an S-Class meeting about nothing of importance. Just before the meeting starts, Saitama is handed a small glass bottle of soda.
  • Saitama: Hey Genos, do you mind?
  • Genos: Of course not, Sensei. *opens the bottle*
  • Saitama: Thanks, man!
  • Tatsumaki: *watching the scene with a face like she's just passed by a dumpster* How dare you ask an S-Class to open your sodas like they're your personal assistant! Why are you even here if you can't open a little bottle?
  • Genos is halfway out of his seat before Saitama places a gentle hand on his disciple's shoulder. Genos goes back down in his seat but only reluctantly.
  • Saitama: I'd break it if I tried to open it.
  • Tatsumaki: Yeah, with all your stupid weakling techniques!
  • Saitama: *shrugs and sips his soda anyways*
  • ***************
  • A few days later, Saitama and Genos are hanging around Metal Bat after they've stopped by a convenience store for small treats. Saitama pulls out a twin popsicle.
  • Saitama: Hey Genos, break those for me.
  • Genos: Of course, Sensei.
  • Metal bat stands by simply watching the display with something like confusion.
  • Metal Bat: What, ya can't break'em yerself?
  • Saitama: They always come out uneven when I try.
  • Metal Bat: *gives Saitama the side-eye* Sure, pal.
  • ***************
  • The next day, Drive Knight is stopping by the apartment to deliver some news concerning Metal Knight. He's called into the apartment and is led into the kitchen where Saitama is cooking and Genos is slowly and calmly opening all the new jars for the recipe they're trying.
  • Drive Knight: That's a lot of jars. You're not giving him a hand?
  • Saitama: *shrugs* I can't do it like he does.
  • Genos: It is my greatest pleasure that I can perform a necessary task for Sensei.
  • Drive Knight: If you say so.
  • ***************
  • The next after, another S-Class meeting occurs. However, Genos and Saitama are not there.
  • Tatsumaki: That B-Class is wasting Demon Cyborg's time! He needs to be taken care of!
  • Metal Bat: He don' seem that bad. Jus' got lil' weak hands s'all.
  • Drive Knight: I'm in agreement. Caped Baldy is just a little weak in the body.
  • Metal Bat: A lil' trainin' an' he'll be all set.
  • Tatsumaki: Whatever.
  • Across town, at that very moment, Saitama sneezed as he took down the self-proclaimed "Lord of the Underworld" with a quick swat of his hand.
  • Genos: Are you feeling ill, Sensei?
  • Saitama: No, just got the feeling that someone was talking about me is all.