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How to be an Awesome Wife: Millennial Edition

Take care of the children. Staying home to raise your children is not for the faint of heart. It is a daily challenge, but very rewarding in the end. Your Husband is probably an amazing Father, but he will never have the same emotional connection that you do with your children. Mothers have a maternal instinct and a bond with their babies cannot be broken. Utilize parenting techniques that work for both of you. Your Husband should act as lead disciplinarian, with you acting at the lead nurturer. This instills structure and a hierarchy in your home; teaching your children to respect authority. This starts by submitting to your husband, in turn your children will have a model to emulate.

Cook and bake well. Being in charge of your family’s nutrition is of the upmost importance. Making mac and cheese from a box every night dosent count. Cooking shows, online tutorials/ courses and cookbooks are all great references. Prepping meals earlier in the day or the night before is also a big help when it comes to managing family time in the evenings.

Keep your home clean. The home should be a relaxing environment. A disorderly home causes stress and anxiety. Your Husband wants to come home to an orderly home. If you have very small children, your Husband should allow you some leeway here, as young children are professional lil’ mess-makers.

Put effort into your appearance. Look attractive for him, never “let yourself go.” Take time to do your hair and make-up. Online make-up tutorials are helpful. Wear tight fitting clothes; low cut shirts and yoga pants when in the house. If your Husband prefers that you dress more modestly while outside, then do so accordingly.

Never deny any type of sexual advances from your Husband. Additionally, your acceptance should be paired with enthusiasm. Your Husband should feel comfortable to act out any sexual ideas/fantasies that he may have. Once married, ANY kind of sexual act between a Husband and wife is deemed as an “act of love.” Dick sucking/oral sex should be offered daily and is also an act of submission in and of itself.

When you are out alone, never partake in anything that your Husband wouldn’t approve of. If you have to hide something, then you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Dont spend too much time on your phone or tablet when your Husband is home. Additionally, when your Husband speaks to you, look up at him and not down at your phone when replying.

Do not argue aggressively with him. Communicate openly and calmly about any issues that arise. Both partners deserve to be heard respectfully. Your opinion is important to your Husband as he doesn’t want a doormat. But as Man of the house, he should make the final decision.

Save money. Housewives are often seen as “kept women” who shop and spend frivolously. Alternatively, many housewives will tell you what a complete fallacy that is. Learning how to budget money properly, couponing and keeping a stockpile are all important aspects of running your home efficiently.


Concept: I spend thanksgiving with my wife cooking in the kitchen together laughing. The kids can bring whoever they want, whoever they love and feel accepted. We can all discuss politics by being open-minded and tolerant. Every single person feels welcome at the table.

  • Harry: My other plans consist mainly of coming to yours for dinner.
  • Dermot: Excellent. What do I have to cook?
  • Harry: I'll let your wife cook cause I've had your cooking before.
  • Dermot: That is so out of order cause you know I'm the daddy when it comes to that.
  • Harry: You look better in an apron.

a family can be tacky goth twins and their respective boyfriends, the most powerful woman in the world, a dog loving power house, a boy detective, two crunchy grandpas and their kids, a lizard and a lizard’s wife, a cook turned magic head master and her mayor wife, and a violinist

Challenging your Husband's decisions.

All couples disagree and have arguments. I usually defer to my Husband’s final word, but in the rare times when I find myself becoming frustrated and wanting to challenge him, I take a look around at all the things I have because of him. Children, happiness, laughter, a home, money, food, my car, my clothes, the freedom to do whatever I want during the day, pretty much my whole life as I know it.

This reminds me that he is the reason why I live the life that I do and taking care of our family is my whole world. Challenging his authority does nothing positive for our marriage. After I quietly think about it in that way, I usually feel silly for even being upset in the first place. ❣️

Arranged Marriage Sentence Starters
  • “So…this is your place?”
  • “This is your room.”
  • “I’m not sleeping with you?”
  • “I’m not sleeping with you!”
  • “Well…I…uhh…I figured you wouldn’t want to sleep in the same bed just yet.”
  • “Do I have to change my name?”
  • “You don’t have to change your name.”
  • “I like your mom.”
  • “So your mom’s a real bitch.”
  • “I like your dad.”
  • “So your dad’s a real dick.”
  • “You live here alone?”
  • “Who else lives with you?”
  • “I’m a little nervous.”
  • “You don’t have to be nervous.”
  • “Do you know how to cook?”
  • “I’m your wife.”
  • “I’m your husband.”
  • “You live like a pig.”
  • “Uh…not you.”
  • “I’m glad it’s you.”
  • “You’re paying for the wedding.”
  • “I’m paying for the wedding.”
  • “My parents are paying for the wedding.”
  • “Your parents are paying for the wedding.”
  • “I like you.”
  • “I don’t like you.”
  • “I love you.”
  • “I’ll take the couch, you can have the bed.”