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  • Harry: My other plans consist mainly of coming to yours for dinner.
  • Dermot: Excellent. What do I have to cook?
  • Harry: I'll let your wife cook cause I've had your cooking before.
  • Dermot: That is so out of order cause you know I'm the daddy when it comes to that.
  • Harry: You look better in an apron.
How to be an Awesome Wife: Millennial Edition

Take care of the children. Staying home to raise your children is not for the faint of heart. It is a daily challenge, but very rewarding in the end. Your Husband is probably an amazing Father, but he will never have the same emotional connection that you do with your children. Mothers have a maternal instinct and a bond with their babies cannot be broken. Utilize parenting techniques that work for both of you. Your Husband should act as lead disciplinarian, with you acting at the lead nurturer. This instills structure and a hierarchy in your home; teaching your children to respect authority. This starts by submitting to your husband, in turn your children will have a model to emulate.

Cook and bake well. Being in charge of your family’s nutrition is of the upmost importance. Making mac and cheese from a box every night dosent count. Cooking shows, online tutorials/ courses and cookbooks are all great references. Prepping meals earlier in the day or the night before is also a big help when it comes to managing family time in the evenings.

Keep your home clean. The home should be a relaxing environment. A disorderly home causes stress and anxiety. Your Husband wants to come home to an orderly home. If you have very small children, your Husband should allow you some leeway here, as young children are professional lil’ mess-makers.

Put effort into your appearance. Look attractive for him, never “let yourself go.” Take time to do your hair and make-up. Online make-up tutorials are helpful. Wear tight fitting clothes; low cut shirts and yoga pants when in the house. If your Husband prefers that you dress more modestly while outside, then do so accordingly.

Never deny any type of sexual advances from your Husband. Additionally, your acceptance should be paired with enthusiasm. Your Husband should feel comfortable to act out any sexual ideas/fantasies that he may have. Once married, ANY kind of sexual act between a Husband and wife is deemed as an “act of love.” Dick sucking/oral sex should be offered daily and is also an act of submission in and of itself.

When you are out alone, never partake in anything that your Husband wouldn’t approve of. If you have to hide something, then you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Dont spend too much time on your phone or tablet when your Husband is home. Additionally, when your Husband speaks to you, look up at him and not down at your phone when replying.

Do not argue aggressively with him. Communicate openly and calmly about any issues that arise. Both partners deserve to be heard respectfully. Your opinion is important to your Husband as he doesn’t want a doormat. But as Man of the house, he should make the final decision.

Save money. Housewives are often seen as “kept women” who shop and spend frivolously. Alternatively, many housewives will tell you what a complete fallacy that is. Learning how to budget money properly, couponing and keeping a stockpile are all important aspects of running your home efficiently.


Fire Emblem Fates AU where everything is the same except instead of “Lost in Thoughts All Alone”, Azura sings the opening from One Punch Man.

New Beginnings (Teen Dad AU Jungkook) Pt2

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Request: Hey girl! Loved your Jungkook AU ‘New Beginnings’. Can you continue it? Any way you want😄

Part 1

“Just give me her” Ahjoong hissed at you “you aren’t allowed to have her” you tell her as you held Yoomi close. “She’s my child I have all the right to have her” she told you as she nearly grabbed Yoomi before she was yanked away. “Don’t touch my daughter” Jeongguk hissed as he made it to your house. “Kookie” she said excited as she reached for him. “I’m ready to be a family with you baby” she cooed as she went to touch him but he backed up. “You called my daughter, a good for nothing little bitch. You held her little arm so hard it bruised. You aren’t touching my daughter and you’re never going to be my girlfriend again” he spoke. “Anyways you’re only running here because you need someone to pay for your life” he finished as he took Yoomi from you. “You’re freaking pregnant again with someone else’s baby. I’m not raising that baby” he says as he smiled at his daughter. “Now leave, my…girlfriend and baby alone. Understand” he told as Ahjoong. “Is she the one making you say that? Did you knock her up?” she asked as he scoffed “I just don’t want to see you around my baby” he says pulling you close. “Leave before I call the cops” you tell her as she rolled her eyes “realize what you’re leaving Kookie” she says “a woman who’s gonna have 10 kids before she’s 30″ he joked as she stomped away from you guys.


You were forced to sit down in Jeongguk’s apartment, it wasn’t fancy but he was working hard and doing well so it meant a lot more to him than anything else. “Why am I here?” you asked him as he smiled “I’m going to make you something special” he says as he sits Yoomi into your lap. “Why?” you asked him, you shivered lightly as Jeongguk was right behind you “because you’re an amazing babysitter and a good friend” he coos into your ear before placing a kiss onto your cheek. “The one guy at my work is an amazing cook so he gave me a lesson because he cooks for his wife all the time” he told you as he began pulling things out of his fridge “how much did all of this cost?” you asked as he made a sound and waved it off. 

Yoomi made a sound as she tried to stand up on your lap “daddy” she yells as she bounced on your lap “MiMi daddy is busy” he hums as she whines. She loved her father a lot and that was very clear to you as she always wanted to be hanging off of him. Jeongguk stepped out of the kitchen wearing an apron holding a cute little girly bottle “apple juicy for my little boo” he cooed as he bent down to her level puckering his lips and she leaned in giving him a ‘kiss’ covering him in slobber before passing her the bottle. Moments like these melted your heart deeply “makes you want to have my babies doesn’t it?” he jokes to you, you let out an airy chuckle as he smiles “food should be done soon” he told you as you nodded. 


Jeongguk sat a simple meal of shrimp fried rice in front of you and you grin at it “looks nice” you tell him as he gave you a toothy smile “thanks” he says as he heads back into the kitchen grabbing another plate along with a little bowl of plain rice for Yoomi. Yoomi instantly stuck her arms out for Jeongguk and he took her from you “so you start your senior year in a week right?” he asks making small talk “yeah” you say rubbing your hands along your pants “I can still watch Yoomi if you want me too” you tell him “I can afford daycare now, my boss knows my situation and pays me a bit more” he says as you frown. “Do you not want me to?” you ask him awkwardly “it’s not that Y/N. You’re still a teenager, you need to be a teen” he says “you didn’t get to be a teen” you mumble. He scoffs “I had sex and knocked a girl up, that’s what I did as a teen” he told you “then why do you want me to be a teen so bad?” you hissed “because no one will sleep with you” he shot back as a look of hurt crossed your face. “Y/N” he says as he saw the pained look on your face, you pushed your plate away as you got up. “You’re a jerk Jeongguk, no wonder you ended up a teen parent” you threw at him as you put on your shoes. 

Jeongguk put Yoomi down on the ground as he got up “excuse me?” he asked you getting up in your face “you were nothing more than a fuckboy, you and your whole group-” “your brother was in that group-” “that’s how I can verify it” you threw at him quietly so Yoomi didn’t hear. “You took advantage of my feelings for you for the past two months so you wouldn’t have to pay for someone to watch your daughter. But guess what? Starting tomorrow you’ll have to” you tell him as you walked out of the apartment leaving him there in shock. His palm slammed into his head before he pulled his hair, he couldn’t do or say the right things to you or to anyone it seemed. He sunk to the floor burying his face into his legs and soon he felt little hands on his legs as he glanced up seeing his daughter there with what seemed to have concern written on it. “Don’t worry baby girl, well get through this” he told her as he picked her up, he knew he had to move forwards even if you weren’t there. 


“What do you say? A date after school” Kwisik, a boy who hit on just about any girl asked you. “No” you said simply shutting your locker “aw why not bab-” “leave me alone alright, you’re just trying to get in my pants” you tell him. He scoffed leaving you there alone as you sighed heading to class. 

You went through your day normally, you hadn’t talked to Jeongguk in two weeks. Even with calls and texts you wanted nothing to do with him but at the same time you did. You were worried about Yoomi and if someone was taking care of her or he had to do something special for her. You wanted to visit her, you felt motherly towards her. Walking out of the school you were tapped on the shoulder “some guy with a kid is looking for you” an underclassman girl told you as you looked towards the gate of the school where you could see Jeongguk there with Yoomi, you walked towards him confused as he could see that people were sending him glances and whispering. Of course people remembered him, he was the only guy in the school to get a girl pregnant in years. 

“Why are you here?” you asked quietly “I was worried about you” he spoke “Yoomi can say mama now” he says as you stood there “we were looking at pictures of everyone and she saw you and called you mama” he explained. “I’m sorry but I knew I couldn’t just let it pass. Your her mother even if you’re not” he says. “Jeongguk..” you whispered as he cupped your face with his free hand “I was harsh but you should be able to enjoy being free” he says “I’m happy watching her, I enjoy it” you told him calmly “I’d sleep with you” he says as you looked confused “I told you no one would sleep with you but I know many guys would but you’re smart enough not to do what I did” he told you embarrassed that he was saying all of this in front of your school. You grabbed his hand off of your cheek and pulled him down the sidewalk.


You two sat down in a small coffee shop down the block before Jeongguk got up and grabbed a high chair “I’m sorry” he says again as he sat Yoomi down in the seat “I care-” “you have to order something” the person behind the counter told you guys as he sighed and headed to the counter ordering things for you guys before he came back. “I care about you okay, I realize that after the past two months as you took care of my baby girl. I want you to have a real life as a teenager and not have to watch a child-” you cut him off by placing a kiss onto his lips. He instantly kissed back before you pulled back “I hate being a teenager” you whisper to him as the sound of slapping filled your ears as Yoomi was demanding attention from you guys “sorry baby” he coos as your order was called “I’ll be back” he says as you you nod glancing over at Yoomi. 

“Mama” she spoke reaching out for you as your heart raced at the cuteness, you slid from your spot going over to her picking her up from her seat smiling. “Hello baby girl” you whisper as she instantly cuddled into you “sorry I left you” you whispered as you placed a kiss onto her head before petting her hair “daddy got you a sweet little treat” he called as she instantly pulled away from you looking at the sugary treat excited. He sat down beside you and smiled giving you a up of iced coffee and began pulling pieces of the bun off and handed it to Yoomi who happily took it and put it into her mouth.

I didn’t become a great cook/baker overnight… I spent the first two years that my husband (then boyfriend) and I lived together studying cookbooks, recipes, watching tutorials and Food Network every chance I got. I became so good that I began baking for parties and catering events, all from my own kitchen!

All of this drive came from the central theme of wanting to do my best to please my man ❤️

Everything in Middle Earth is Declining

1st age hero: Beren - loses hand, reclaims Silmaril, marries beautiful elf, comes back to life

3rd age hero: Frodo - loses finger, destroys ring, lives alone, manages not to die

5th age hero: Dan - stubs toe, manages to properly cook dinner for his wife, dies after paying off mortgage on nice home in southern Rohan


“Gentlemen Don’t Kiss and Tell” - [Keanu Reeves/Tom Hiddleston - One Shot].

Based on: Imagine: When your first husband, Keanu, gets in touch all of a sudden, you start emailing each other often, just being friendly. After the two of you got divorced, he never married again, you never even heard about him being in a serious relationship. On his birthday, you decide to show up at his place just so he won’t spend it alone. When you come home to your current husband, Tom, he’s waiting for you with your laptop and all the emails on the screen that he found while using it. Knowing that you’re talking to your ex, enrages him and makes him assume that every time you’re out, you’re with him having the time of your life, and Tom’s so upset he even calls himself a fool for loving you.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: I’ve decided to address Keanu by his middle name, ‘Charles’, in this story. I don’t know, i was just more comfortable with it. Also there’s 1 POV change, and a few visuals.


It started with a package and a wrong address.

My old address actually.

Work was a mess. I would’ve lost my head if it wasn’t attached. Everyone rushed around, the phones wouldn’t stop ringing, and the stacks of paper on my desk were starting to resemble skyscrapers. So with a bit of sleep-deprivation and trying to function on one too many espressos on top of it all, I was more than likely to make a mistake.

It was a little after seven in the morning when, with yet another caffeinated drink in hand and taking sips of it, I went through my emails. But a sudden notification of something new in my inbox caught my attention.

I set my mug on the desk and stared at the computer when I read the sender’s address. I might’ve clicked on it a bit faster than I’d like to admit.

I covered my face with my right hand.

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