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could you do a boyfriend!jin? I hope it's okay, thank you<33

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  • who the heck looks that good eating im mad 
  • dealing with his constant dad jokes OMG 
  • dating jin means you’re the third parent of bts
  • starring in his  eat jin videos!!! 
  • feeding each other aw lol 
  • imagine him giving you a piggyback ride????? im weak 
  • him being kinda wary of holding hands at first 
  • “my hands aren’t pretty though” 
  • “yes they are, now hold my hand you big doofus” 
  • you get to wake up???? and see his beautiful bare face???? first thing???? im jealous 
  • no matter what condition your skin is in it gets better after you two start dating because he shares his tricks 
  • your cooking also gets better duh 
  • LISTEN cuddling but like he lays on his stomach shirtless and you lay on his back and kiss his shoulders
  • yes. 
  • “are you coming to the music shows?” 
  • “all of them” 
  • fucking in the kitchen ;))))) 
  • “food isn’t the only thing i’m going to eat in here” 
  • i need a bible 
  • attending fancy events with him 
  • like bts is there to perform but you’re there to present awards so you both look all snazzy and hot 
  • OK SO LIKE y;all wanna rearrange the area and ur kinda struggling (maybe idk ur body build but ya) and he’s standing there moving something big with one hand
  • ya don’t forget he works out 
  • him singing to you so you’ll fall asleep faster 
  • or just to calm you down if you’re hyper and he’s tired
  • if he’s feelin like poop you cook his favorite food and he’s like “babe…… i love you so much what the fuck” 
  • he’s already happy u cooked for him but then he tastes it and he’s like “BABE” 
  • makes that noise u know the ONE 
  • and he’s not completely cured but he’s so happy you cooked for him because that means you really paid attention when he was teaching you and it makes him emotional 
  • later that night you two have a talk about why he felt crappy 
  • and it probably brings you closer if that makes any sense what-so-ever 
  • going out with him and joon & one of you takes a #kimdaily pic of joonie 
  • and then in return he takes a cute ass lame ass pic of y’all kissing and posts it on twitter 
  • “look at these nerds aren’t they cute” 
  • going to eat afterward and u offer to pay
  • when u get the check u regret it bc fuuck…… jin eats so much and joon eats a lot too 
  • ok but imagine this 
  • if u have smaller shoulders than jin and wear his shirt its like falling off and stuff and jin sees and hes like “fuck come here” 
  • but if u have wider shoulders then the shirt fits better and he’s still like “fuck come here” because HE LOVES u
  • and you’re wearing his shirt n you look super hot and he’s like o lordy im a lucky dood
  • cusses but then tells you to watch your mouth when you cuss lol what a buttface 
  • GOSH yall would be so cute bts would adore you both 

Dog Treats!!

These are HIGH value treats. And very easy to make at home with nothing but an oven. You could also use a dehydrator if you have one.

First off, you need ground beef, ground turkey, a chub of ground organ meat, or similar. You can use whole meats, but they require a bit more additional work to get them to the small size you see here. I used Wolf Run, which is an organ and tripe blend from Texas Tripe. A 2 lb chub.

Next, defrost the whole thing, and cook it up in a pan. Cook it until all of the liquid is gone, and you’re left with just the meat pieces. A few more minutes sitting in the hot pan and stirred around can’t hurt at all.

After that, place in a pan. Spread out as much as you can. That way they aren’t on top of each other and making the dehydration process harder.

Put in an oven at the lowest setting you have. For mine, it’s 150 degrees. For one I had in the past it was 200 degrees. And another it was 120 degrees. Don’t worry too much about it. Just know it needs to go in at a very low heat, and not like you’re baking at 400 degrees.

Allow to dehydrate for a few hours. I left mine in for about 3 hours. You could leave it in for 4 or 5. Depends on how you want them.

Afterwards, pull them out and let it continue to dry overnight or for a similar amount of time.

And then… use! You can get a large amount of small high value training treats with only one ingredient for fairly cheap (depending on what you use)!

Using this method with liver, chicken hearts, ground tripe, and now this ground organ blend, I have never had even picky cats turn their nose up at it.

Love it! And so does Arya!

This Rice Cooking Trick Cuts Calories In Half (And It Involves Coconut Oil!)

One cup of medium grain white rice has roughy 246 calories; this new cooking method will cut that number to as little as 147 calories per cup.

The method works by changing the rice’s digestible starch to indigestible starch, which prevents much of the rice from being metabolized into glucose and absorbed into the bloodstream during digestion. “After your body converts carbohydrates into glucose,” James explains, “any leftover fuel gets converted into a polysaccharide carbohydrate called glycogen. Your liver and muscles store glycogen for energy and quickly turn it back into glucose as needed. The issue is that the excess glucose that doesn’t get converted to glycogen ends up turning into fat, which can lead to excessive weight or obesity.”

To make the lower-calorie rice, add a teaspoon of coconut oil to boiling water. Stir in half a cup of rice and simmer for 20 to 40 minutes, or until rice is fully cooked. Stick it in the fridge for 12 hours, and voila — rice with 10 times the resistant starch and up to 60 percent fewer calories than normal.

“The cooling is essential because amylose, the soluble part of the starch, leaves the granules during gelatinization [which happens naturally as rice cools],” James says. “Cooling for 12 hours will lead to formation of hydrogen bonds between the amylose molecules outside the rice grains, which also turns it into a resistant starch.” The process is final — reheating the rice won’t reverse any of the changes.

Those who worry that adding calorie-dense coconut oil to rice would make the food more fattening shouldn’t worry; the shift in starch type cancels out more calories than the coconut oil adds in.

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Zap here, trying to be funny as well as being informative. 

Everytime I ask someone if they know about this trick, the answer is always the same : they don’t. So I figured I’d make myself useful and spread this out, so here it is : A guide to eggs. 

Now you guys have a way to know if your eggs are still good to eat, even after the expiration date ! Bon appétit !