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Did you know that the hit single ‘Riders on the Storm’ by The Doors was partially inspired by a spree killer?

Billy Cook killed six people - three of which were children - over a twenty-two day period in 1950. After being given a lift Cook would pull out a gun and force his victims to drive the highways aimlessly for hours before shooting them and stealing their car. He seemed to target families on vacation. Cook was caught after a police officer literally walked in on a kidnapping and snatched his pistol from his hands.

“There’s a killer on the road
His brain is squirming like a toad
Take him on holiday
Watch your children play
If you give this man a ride sweet family will die”

- The Doors, 'Riders on the Storm’


In 1993, Billy Cook met his death in the gas chamber of San Quentin Prison in California, aged just 23. Cook had left 6 people dead over the course of a 22 day rampage between Missouri and California, during late December 1951 and January 1952. Cook was known for having the words “H-A-R-D L-U-C-K” tattooed across the fingers of his left hand, as well as a deformity on his right eyelid which gained him the nickname “Cockeyed Cook.”

Upon his arrest, Cook was quoted as saying, “I hate everybody’s guts, and everybody hates mine.”

thirty days of skam fic: day fourteen
aka isak and even go food shopping after moving in together

beginning. accusation. restless. leaves. rainbow. flame. formal. under. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. cans. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. tent. mad. thousand. paper. winter. luxury. letters. promise. simple. future.


“Is that – Even, are you seriously putting mung beans in the cart right now?”

“Mung beans are nice! I put them in that vegetable soup thing I make.”

“We have a list, though.” As if to prove his point, Isak leans over the handles of their shopping cart and waves the piece of paper in Even’s face. It’s only the torn-off side of an old essay that Even had scribbled on, but holding it does make him feel rather grown up.  “What’s the point of making a list if at all you’re just gonna keep putting random shit in the cart as we walk around.”

“You’re only saying that cus it’s something healthy. Don’t think I didn’t notice those two bags of tortilla chips going in.”

Isak just rolls his eyes. “Even.”

He actually thinks he deserves some credit here. Yes, he’d sneakily added some store-brand Doritos, but back when Isak lived at the Kollektiv, his shopping list pretty much solely consisted of those, instant noodles, frozen pizza, and some oranges so he didn’t end up getting scurvy. He is totally moving up in the world.

“Ugh, fine, no mung beans!” Even finally gives in, big lips pouting as he puts the beans back on the shelf.

“Thank you. Get regular beans instead. And, um – fuck, what does this word say? Why the hell did you have to make a list on paper instead of just on your phone, you have the worst handwriting.“

“My handwriting’s great.” Even pauses to come over and lean on Isak’s shoulder, squinting down at the list. “Uh, yeah, I can’t read that either. It probably wasn’t important.”

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onesweetbeautifulsong  asked:

altar and candle!

Altar: Are you messy or organized?

Messy. Messy. Messy. I have a rule for myself to not let any of my messes sit for longer than 24 hours and I’m pretty good about it! But I leave yarn all over the place and lots of notebooks scattered on random tables and surfaces! Pens end up on the floor and kicked under dressers, I have a tendency to set up random clusters of candles, and there’s always a pot or pan from my latest cooking spree “soaking” on the stove!

I am just organized enough to find my uniform and know my work schedule. Just barely.

Candle: List at least three of your biggest passions.

@azaeleatheazurewolfalso asked this so I’ll answer it here!

Writing! I’ve gotten in the habit of writing 2-3 hours a day! Not all of it makes it off this computer, but I love the process of putting words down and making stories!

Family! I’m very obsessed with my family! I’m a triplet (I think I’ve mentioned before) and my step-siblings are twins the same age as me! We grew up together and, as a result, share a lot of common experiences. We’re very close and I brag about them a lot!

Cooking/baking! I seldom have time for serious baking these days, but I love making cookies and new confectionaries! Both my roommate and I cook all different cuisines. I made greek food (lemon chicken/lemon potatoes/etc) and she made thai stir fry with lettuce wraps!

Singing/performing! Am I good at it? Nah! But I love it and I’m not embarrassed to go to karaoke or be hyper dramatic in public!

I bet you didn’t think that by “incredibly soon” I meant about a day later, huh? Truth be told I felt kinda bad about the previous chapter because it was mostly just a filler chapter to speed the plot along and show some time passing, but this one and the next couple chapters deliver some seriously flirty vibes and drama (at least in my opinion) and the words just kept coming so I decided to seize the opportunity and post this ASAP.

I also found this chapter rather cathartic to write because I am still incorporating a lot of myself and my experiences into Rae and the story overall, so I really hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! This chapter is at about 2,994 words, which is right on track with my goal of making each mini-fic 3,000 words or less!

Wanna get caught up on the updates leading up to this one? Look no further!

Feel free to let me know if you would like to be added/removed from the tagged list and I’ll be happy to oblige! As always: each and every one of you that read my writing, like, reply, reblog, etc. are amazing people and inspire me to keep writing! :)

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Carmilla and Laura Domestic Fluff: A Concept

Carmilla runs a paranormal detection service with LaFontaine which involves them riding around from place to place on her motorcycle (with LaF in the sidecar) figuring out how to rid neighbourhood houses of the paranormal for a nominal fee.

Laura usually gets home from work first and starts cooking dinner, depending on how stressed out she is about marking papers, she’ll procrastinate and cook more stuff.

On a good day Carmilla comes home to chicken fricassee.

On a bad day there’s two starters, a palette cleanser, steak with baked macaroni and cheese (which she will never complain about because it’s her fav), another palette cleanser, a pumpkin spice monkey bread, a cheese board along with a garlic plait knot that she randomly made and didn’t know which dish to pair it with.

“Laura we can’t afford to keep doing this…”

“Carm please don’t.”


“Don’t say it, please, don’t.”

*silently mouths* You have a problem, Laura.

The neighbours being in constant cognitive dissonance because they love Laura, she always brings them amazing leftovers from her crisis induced cooking spree and they never have to remind her which colour garbage bag to use on different days. But Carmilla? They fear and hate her in equal measure ever since she gave a blow-by-blow commentary on how historically accurate the community’s charity performance of Macbeth was.

Carmilla coming home from work covered in white thick goopy liquid because LaFontaine hit the cyclonic reactor on her 2 instead of her 3 before she could get out of the splash zone.

“Well, looks like we better get you a bath…”

“You think, Hollis? I look like Godzilla just blew his load all over me!”

Carmilla pouting in the bath whilst Laura helps get the goop out of her hair.

Laura making her a bubble beard for no other reason than her own amusement.

Carmilla rolling her eyes but leaving the bubble beard to remain.

Carmilla pretending to still be a badass, but every night when they watch tv in bed she gives Laura puppy eyes and tugs her sleeve until she comes and settles behind her.

Laura teasing Carmilla for being such a little puppy whilst she tucks her arms around her wife’s waist.

“I was death drawn under a fair maiden’s feet for over three centuries.”

“Total puppy.”

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‘BTS’ Jungkook caught half-naked in salad bowl reflection' 

A photo from May 2014 has caught fan attention again as netizen detectives spotted a half-naked Jungkook through the reflection of a salad bowl. 

The photo is a part of a food blog kept by BTS member Jin as he shares recipes and his latest concoctions for fans to see. While he was sharing his step by step cooking, he first introduced the necessary ingredients for his pork rice and how to prep them. 

However, what caught fan attention was the salad bowl to his side – upon closer inspection, fans saw the reflection of Jungkook as he helped document the cooking spree. 

The fact that he was half-naked surely got netizens chatting.


The four men known as the “Zebra Killers”.  Simon, Moore, Green, and Cooks were a group of men convicted in a string of racially motivated murders that took place in California in 1973-1974.  On March 12th, 2015 J.C.X. Simon was found dead in his San Quentin State Prison cell.  The other 3 “Zebra Killers” remain incarcerated in various prisons throughout California.

So I got out of class early this morning and thought it would be good to do a little grocery shopping. Well my little trip ended up to be me buying way too many ingredients for some treats and dishes on my cooking and baking Pinterest board. 

Long story short, I will have way more than I can eat by the time I am done. Would anyone want some fun stuff or have any special requests while I am on my cooking spree?