cooking is therapy

Pallas is an asteroid that talks about our talents, problem solving skills, focus, and intuition. Today I’ll cover the basic talents. 

Aries Pallas- Associated with talents in athletics, competitions, gambling, coming up with ideas, possible inventor, and general risk taking.  Associated with being talented in edgy fashion or art, acupuncture, and homeopathy.  Wants a solution fast, has a hard time focusing their energy towards their talents and skills.

Taurus Pallas- Talented in art especially aesthetics, massage therapy, cooking, landscaping, building, music, and gardening. Needs a lot of time and space to focus their energy and planning towards goals and talents.

Gemini Pallas- Talented at recognizing patterns, is good with language, communication, storytelling, puzzles, debates, and multitasking. Can be scattered with their focus, easily bored, and can lack in intuition.

Cancer Pallas- Gifted in emotional understanding and intuition. Talented in the arts, teaching, cooking, and hosting. Their focus is on emotions, family, and protection.

Leo Pallas- Talented in arts of all kind, general creativity, drama, entertainment, art therapy, play therapy, dance, solar energy, and heat. Focused on problem solving and grabbing attention via charisma and drama.

Virgo Pallas- Gifted in noticing the tiny details, editing, organizing, communication, possibly writing, note taking and solving logical or mathematical problems.Talented in pottery, gardening, or knitting. Intuitive towards helping others. Is a very focused and strategic Pallas Sign.

Libra Pallas- Talented at seeing patterns, strategies, and the details of social situations. Is a great host, artistically inclined especially aesthetically, and is diplomatic. Focuses their energy towards the social world.

Scorpio Pallas- Talented in investigating, psychology, arts, healing, sex, sex therapy, risk taking, and has crazy intuition. Has focused intuition and problem solving skills. Has a knack for uncovering the truth. Loves mysteries and challenges.

Sagittarius Pallas- Talented at seeing the big picture, visionary thoughts, mental healing, experimentation, teaching, and exploring. Can have a spiritual or fiery intuition, problem solving is scattered, can create meaningful art.

Capricorn Pallas- Talented in organizing, planning, law, history, architecture, sculpture, massage therapy, chiropractic practice, and drafting. Has a focused and practical mind but lacks intuition.

Aquarius Pallas-  Talented with technology, strange or cutting edge ideas/art, and any skills or talents deemed uncommon. Has visionary intuition and unusual ways of problems solving.

Pisces Pallas-  Talented in the arts, healing, compassion, solving problems without getting violent or angry, and possible psychic gifts. Can lack focus sometimes.

Signs And Pallas

Pallas is an asteroid that talks about our talents, problem solving skills, focus, and intuition. Today I’ll cover the basic talents.

Aries Pallas- Associated with talents in athletics, competitions, gambling, coming up with ideas, possible inventor, and general risk taking.  Associated with being talented in edgy fashion or art, acupuncture, and homeopathy.  Wants a solution fast, has a hard time focusing their energy towards their talents and skills.

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What The Voltron Crew Spends Their Money On-
  • Pidge: Games and science equipment kits
  • Hunk: Food and cook books
  • Shiro: Eyeliner and therapy sessions
  • Lance: Skin products and pick up line books
  • Keith: Knives and katanas
  • Allura: Intricate mice homes and very put together outfits
  • Coran: Joke books and human technology
Perfect World - Chapter Sixteen

And here it is, people, the FINAL CHAPTER!  I don’t have an epilogue planned currently, but there are definitely thoughts on paper that could turn into something, if I feel the urge.  Thank you for sticking with it (even through that three-month hiatus!) and I hope you have enjoyed!

Summary: You have been hunting with Sam, Dean, and Cas for a while, but once you turn 30 you’re torn between loving Dean, wanting out of the hunting business, or just continuing on through life with the boys.  Something unexpected happens that turns your entire world upside down.  How will the Winchesters and Cas handle it, and will anything ever feel the same again?

Perfect World Masterlist - Previous Chapter

warnings: awkward Dean, fluff

word count: ~1300

It was mid-day when Sam and Dean got back to the bunker.  You and Cas heard the door open and close from where you were cooking in the kitchen, but you didn’t go out to meet them.  Castiel knew that you were still getting back to normal, and he was going to be there for you every step of the way.

The boys took their bags to their respective rooms, doing whatever it was that they needed to do now that they were home.  You and Cas continued preparing your extravagant dinner – you had decided to try cooking as a sort of therapy and were happy to say that it was working.

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August 19 - On the Edge

Prompt: We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

Cooking is my anchor.

As a child, then as a teenager, I didn’t really care too much for food; the most creative food-related memory I have is being in the kitchen with my mother, and making a “soup.” I had water, potatoes, carrots, and every single seasoning in the spice rack, in a little saucepan. Brought that to a boil, turned it off, and put it in a bowl. I called it “potato soup.”

When I got to college, things changed.

I was very unhappy with my school’s cafeteria service, and regardless of how often myself and many other students complained about it, it never changed. I realized I wouldn’t be able to eat out as often as I did because, well, that cost money that I had less and less of.

I realized I’d have to take matters into my own hands.

I started seeing cooking as a way to eat while avoiding crappy cafeteria food. It worked for me. At first, I made simple things. Oatmeal, sandwiches, smoothies. Then, I evolved. I made curries, crepes, and baked potato fries.

Cooking had expanded from a form of literal self-care to something I did to chill out, to recenter my thoughts, to escape things happening around me for a while — lest I lose my mind. There is something so very grounding in the rhythmic chop-chop-chop of vegetables. Something cleansing about the steam that hits your face when you lift the lid off a big pot of curry. Something cathartic about having realized that all a dish was missing was a splash of lime juice, or a teaspoon of sugar, or a sprinkle of crushed red pepper.

There are nights when I come home, feeling exhausted as ever, and head straight for the kitchen. I’ll admit that there are many other reasons that pull me to the kitchen; for example, maybe it’s a good day and there’s electricity. Maybe all the ingredients for a particular recipe are available to me. Maybe I’m just hungry.

The main reason why these conditions apply, however, is because I’m seeking some kind of stress relief.

It’s an all-encompassing activity. I can’t be distracted, while I’m cooking. I can’t have one foot in an argument, and one foot in a cake batter. First of all, I’d never put my foot in a batter, but second — and most importantly, cooking is too important to me for me to split myself in half. I’ll get back to this or that problem when something is in the oven or when it’s cooling or when it’s rising.

I don’t even need a consumption occasion to cook. I don’t have to be hungry, and neither does anyone with me in the room, that day. I am a self-proclaimed stress-baker, because ain’t no shame in the muffin game. It’s all in good faith and for a good reason, though, so I’m not too worried about it becoming a vice.

We out here, turning stress into soup and problems into pancakes.

The only thing you have to offer another human being, ever, is your own state of being. You can cop out only just so long, saying, ‘I’ve got all this nice stuff, I know all this and I can do all this.’ But everything you do, whether you’re cooking food or doing therapy or being a student or being a lover … you are only doing your own BEING … you’re only manifesting how evolved a consciousness you are. That’s what you’re doing with another human being. That’s the only dance there is!
—  Ram Dass

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Soothing Food Preparation Rituals with Psychologist @nouralmejadi

To see more photos from Nour, follow @nouralmejadi on Instagram.

As a psychologist, 23-year-old Nour Al Mejadi’s (@nouralmejadi) work focuses mainly on comforting others. But when she needs her own respite, Nour turns to cooking — lots of cooking.

“I love food,” says Nour, who lives in Kuwait. “My mother is very supportive, but she complains that I am always using the kitchen. So now we’re building another small kitchen just for me.”

But Nour isn’t just interested in her final products — documenting the preparation is equally important. “I don’t make food just to take a picture, but I never make food and not take a picture of it,” she says. Nour’s attentive nature comes out during each stage of cooking. Combining ingredients from the East and West, she creates distinctive dishes with a simple presentation and style. The process is a soothing ritual for Nour and it has had bonus social benefits. “I’m really shy,” she says. “When I started my new job I baked cupcakes and passed them around so that people would talk to me. I never make food just for myself — I make it for others. It’s helping me break out of my shell and meet new people.”

Fried chicken

  • 3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts, hacked to chunks
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • Rice flour
  • Corn starch
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 tsp garlic power
  • 1 tsp onion power
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp temari soy sauce
  • MSG (I’m partial to the anjimoto brand)/Salt
  • Vegetable oil
  • Lard

1. Mix rice flour and corn starch together at a 2:1 ratio. Add your ground seasonings (besides salt/msg), set aside
2. Beat your egg and soy sauce together. If you’ve got some vodka or soda water lying around, adding a shot glass worth would also be a great idea.
3. Dip your chicken chunks in your egg wash, roll in your rice/corn starch mix.
4. Shake them off and roll in your starch mix again. You could go through the hassle of dipping them in your egg wash again if you’ve got some left but I don’t find that necessary.
5. Heat vegetable oil and two heaping tablespoons of lard in a cast iron skillet.
6. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.
7. Fry your chicken in batches, pieces should be done in about five minutes
8. Drain on rack and keep warm in oven until whole batch is done.
9. Salt them. Serve with brown rice or/and steamed veggies.


Potato And Leek Soup

I like to cook in one pot. So this recipe is perfect.

Mushrooms (brown were used today but any will do), leek, bacon (you dont have to but i like it), vegetable stock, potato, garlic and lemon pepper (but any pepper is fine) and if you dont use bacon you may need oil and salt.

Grab a large saucepan or pot. Chop your mushrooms and place them in the pot, the chop the leeks after giving them a quick wash. Discard most of the green leafy parts, but make sure to use some of it. Place the leeks in the pot.
Chop the bacon into pieces and place it in the pot. (this is optional, but if you dont use the bacon, you will need to add either a little butter or oil to the pot before placing stuff in, the bacon adds a natural fat to it, and a saltiness)
Add garlic (i used minced garlic from a jar, but fresh would be great too). Add the lemon pepper (or other pepper) and placd on the stove on a medium heat.
Stir regularly until the ingrediants all sweat off and reduce. The ingrediants will stick to the bottom and make a sticky brown mess. This is OKAY! this makes it taste good. And if you then remove this off the heat, it will sweat itself off and become part of the flavour!
While this is cooking I chopped my potatoes. When you reach this stage, place the potatoes into the pot. I had to use chicken stock today but veggie stock is best, so add this and then ad enough water to cover the potatoes.
Allow the mix to simmer or boil until the poato is cooked (test this with a fork, if it goes right through they are cooked). I add extra water and simmer for another 5 mins.
ither allow the mix to cool or place into a blender without the lid. If you place the lid on while its hot, the lid will pop off because of the pressure. Blend well.
Blenders dont like to be too full, if you over fill it, it WILL spill out the sides. So be sure to only half fill the blender. It can be blended in 2 lots (as I did) and then mixed together.

To clean the blender, place water inside and BLeND. It cleans the blender much more effectively than leaving it and trying to clean it later when everything has gone crusty.

Serve in bowls and with crusty bread.

Please note, I dont use measurements, its all about taste, so dont be afraid to taste it at every stage. I also dont add salt because generally the stock and bacon provide enough salt.
You can omit the bacon and make it vegetarian/vegan. You can also add cream if you feel the need.
This particular batch turned out quite brown because of the brown mushrooms, if you want it to be really white, omit the mushrooms.

I like to freeze it for another day so i dont add cream. This is best made the morning of the day you want to eat it, cos the flavour improves!

click the pictures to enlarge.
Friend Or Foe || Mitch and Darcy

They’d spend the first night back in their own house, falling asleep earlier than normal. They were only about to spend about two hours with the twins before starting to yawn every few minutes. Maisie didn’t protest going to bed early, luckily. She’d been tired as well. The twins, weren’t as happy. They’d both woken up at least once during the night, just wanting to be held. Darcy almost brought them into them into the room with Mitch and hir, but they'd finally fallen asleep around two am. 

The next morning, it was peaceful in the house. Sunlight shining through the windows as they woke up, and they just laid there for awhile, talking. It was something they hadn’t been able to do in five months, talk without some else being around, so it was nice. 

Then they made their way down into the kitchen to make breakfast. A few of the other patients had started cooking for therapy and they thought that was actually a good idea.

“So,” Darcy says. “Omelettes?"