cooking for one is sometimes my very favorite

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What are the skeletons' favorite colors & snacks? They're super cute and I think this is Very Crucial Information!

They like red and blue a lot, which is why I’ve used these colours in their house often.

As for snacks, I try to give them healthy meals most of the times, like small portions of things I have cooked for myself. But sometimes, as a treat, they’re allowed to have one of my vegetable crisps each.

Greasy, but delicious. They really like those.

Okay, so there are several reasons why I totally ship Salazar and Helga. The first being that even though Salazar is mostly loyal to ideas (ie blood purity, and the idea of a magical school), it shows he is very loyal to at least something. Helga of course represents loyalty and fair play.

To be honest, when I look at them, half of me sees the classic ‘bad boy x good girl’ ship that everyone seems to be into. The other half of me sees the possible self-loathing and doubt that Salazar would have experienced because Helga represents everything that he is against, but he can’t hate her. He wouldn’t have made a school with her if he hated her. Seeing as Helga also runs the kitchens and cooking, it makes sense that she would help with potions classes, meaning she would work alongside dear old Slythy.

From the very little we know about them, Salazar was said to have left Hogwarts due to his conflicting views. The inner shipper who reads into everything wonders why he would leave just because of a disagreement. Part of me wants to believe that his hidden love (or even just desire) for Helga Hufflepuff may have also driven him mad, especially since they differed in every aspect, even their process for picking students. She accepted everyone while he handpicked his pupils.

I see them as sort of a yin and yang, push and pull. She is always kind and warm, he is cold and more prone to shutting himself off. I think they would balance each other in the way that he needs someone willing to break through his tough scales to get to understand him better, while Helga would need someone to remind her that she is important, because I have a feeling that as someone brought to Hogwarts for her amazing 'cooking charms’ would have sometimes doubted her skills as a witch.

I know we never learn about the founders very much (and I would kill for a mini-series about them) but from the very little that we’ve learned, and seen, I just can imagine them having a sordid and tragic tale of romance that didn’t end well.

Not to mention the fact that my favorite types of couples are the types where one is bubbly and happy while the other is surly and quiet, only showing their true colors around their significant other.

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Hey Jess! Could U make a master post of all the things you think are necessary to pack for college? Thanks! I really trust your advice :)

Of course! Obviously this is somewhat tailored to my college experience/where I went, which was a school of ~4000 undergrads on a small town New Hampshire campus.


  • General rule-of-thumb: bring a lot LESS than you think you’ll need; there’s very limited storage in dorm rooms and you also just won’t need that many clothes. Trust me, once I got to college my sense of style plummeted; I dressed for comfort most days, and so did everyone else. Obviously bring things you feel cute in, but you aren’t going to need as extensive a wardrobe as you probably think
    • bring two general types of clothing: comfy day wear, and clothes you feel hot in for going out
    • if you are going home for break, pack for the season: so now pack for summer/fall, then bring that home and bring winter clothes, then bring that home and bring spring clothes etc.
    • in general you’re going to need some/all of these: shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets, leggings, tights, pajamas, activewear, underwear
  • One formal outfit (there are lots of formal events, and you want to be prepared for them! maybe have multiple options)
  • One interview/business-appropriate outfit (in case you land an interview etc.)
  • Weather-appropriate outerwear (err on the side of being too-warm; last winter we had a week where it was -15F; you do NOT want to be unprepared for that)
  • Weather-appropriate shoes (have a pair of rain boots, have a pair of snow boots if it’s going to snow where you live, etc.)
  • Underwear and Socks (and a LOT of them. top tip: you can basically avoid laundry until you run out of underwear/socks, so if you have a lot of pairs, you can do laundry a lot less often. doing laundry is terrible. it’s 3 hours of being unproductive in your dorm room waiting for it to be done. top tip 2: show up RIGHT when your laundry finishes or some asshole will take your stuff out, including your socks and underwear, and put it somewhere extremely unhygienic.) 
  • Generally what I gravitate to the most: leggings/sweatpants, sweaters, flannel, boots, my beloved night gowns

Bed/Room Decor/Storage

  • sheets, blankets, mattress pad etc. for a long twin bed; the setup I have is a mattress pad + fitted sheet + blanket + blanket cover
  • pillow(s) + pillow cases - bring a pillow to actually use and some decorative pillows because they’re cute, fun, and cuddly
  • extra seating - it’s nice to have a beanbag chair so when friends come to your room they have somewhere to sit
  • desk lamp, desk organizer, etc. (although to be honest I rarely used the desk in my room)
  • candles or air-fresheners (it’s nice to have a good-smelling room, especially something to cover up the scent of ramen-at-midnight)
  • clothes hangers + extra storage (like extra boxes/plastic dresser-drawer things, command hooks, etc.)
  • any decoration you want (the first week of college is filled with weird look-at-how-cute-my-room-is posturing; I personally didn’t do that much decorating because I’m kind of a minimalist, but do what you want!)

School Supplies/Electronics

  • laptop + charger - in college, your laptop will be your best friend. go with something lightweight with great battery life
  • phone + charger - because you’ll probably want that, right?
  • headphones
  • whatever system works for you - folders or binders, loose-leaf paper or  notebooks etc. although in college you’ll probably be doing more stuff digitally and less stuff physically
  • stapler - I swear to god every stapler on my college campus went missing sometime in October and we never found them, and some hardo professors take points off if your work isn’t stapled
  • pencils and blue/black pens - the pen is for working in lab notebooks and signing documents; always have one on you just in case.
  • textbooks - these will be painfully expensive. try to buy secondhand online or from friends, or you can find most for rent on amazon.
  • backpack/bag - don’t think backpacks are uncool in college; scoliosis isn’t fun at any point in your life


  • Shower:
    • a shower caddy, flip flops, and a bath robe or multiple towels (there’s always an awkward juggle getting from the shower to the bathroom, where you can’t exactly lounge naked because anyone could come in at any time; for me, I would just bring two towels, one for my hair and one for my body, and hang them over the top of the shower and then bundle myself up before getting out)
    • shampoo and conditioner
    • body wash/soap + loofa if you use one
    • your skincare, whatever that may be (for me personally, this consists of: face wash, toner, moisturizer, body cream, and some face masks because they’re fun for a spa night with friends)
  • sunscreen
  • Toothpaste + toothbrush + floss + mouthwash if you use it
  • If you have a vagina: 
    • tampons and pads (I personally like having both, but obviously take what you need.)


  • detergent and dryer sheets (although personally something all-in-one like Tide Pods is much easier)
  • laundry basket (if you live on a high floor of your building get a hard laundry basket. I originally had one of those soft folding ones and the handles ripped off on my 4-story journey down to the laundry room. Yup.)
  • if you have boobs, bring one of those little zipup pod things that protect your bras/underwear in the wash


  • bring whatever you use, although if you have extensive regimens try to pack on the light side
  • some things you’ll probably want: dry shampoo (things get a little sketchy during midterms/finals; you won’t have time to shower, let alone wash your hair, and you won’t be alone - but it’s okay because dry shampoo exists for a reason), concealer (because stress pimples are real), clear nail polish (if you get a rip in your tights/leggings, this stuff can seal it off and keep it from tearing more)


  • If you’re a stronger person than me, you can probably make it to the dining hall before class. But I prefer eating something quickly in my room while I’m getting ready - usually a granola bar, sometimes yoghurt - and taking coffee or tea to go; I brought and extensive collection of tea to college which was lovely to have for nights in and when I was homesick. This approach also saves you swipes/money in your meal plan.
  • If you eat ethnic food, bring some with you - it was one of the very first things I missed; I packed mom cooking, ramen, some of my favorite (Chinese) snacks, etc.
  • Have healthy(ish) sweet and salty options to satisfy those midnight drunken cravings in a way you won’t regret the next day
  • Gum (just generally nice to have) or mints


  • Food-related: 
    • mini fridge (optional but nice to have), kettle/coffee-maker (if you drink coffee/tea), tupperware (if you have great stealth, take extra food from the dining hall - you’re paying for it!), utensils, mugs/bowls, travel mug, water bottle
  • Temperature regulation: heated blanket/mattress pad/space heater (if you go to school somewhere really effing cold like I do, this will just generally be lovely and cosy), fan (unless you are blessed and have AC in which case fuck you)
  • a bike + lock if your campus is big enough that this might be something you want
  • some things you’ll probably be glad you have; flashlight, sewing kit, scissors, cleaning supplies, a phone case with built-in cardholder (seriously so useful since all you’ll really need to carry is your ID)

I probably missed something glaringly obvious, didn’t I. Well, I hope this helped!

Flavors of Kensei

As requested by anon. :)

It is time to discuss my favorite flavors of Kensei! Just as we have done for others, many times.

1. Enraged Kensei

Kensei is an angry guy. He gets angry at Mashiro for being, well, Mashiro. And at Hisagi for being, well, Hisagi. And at Orihime for making jokes. And at Lisa for being more concerned with her magazines than the job. You know, your average tsundere guy.

Kensei: Excuse you, I am an EXEMPLARY tsundere guy!

Lisa: Don’t kill the blogger, please.

2. Negative reinforcement Kensei

Because Kensei believes that “Wow, you lost already? You totally suck” is the proper way to motivate one’s subordinate.

Hisagi: Only because he cares!!

Kensei:  Yeah. Great point, Hisagi.

Hisagi: Your sarcasm nourishes me?

3. Scary Kensei

Kensei can be a very scary guy. Not so much the yelling or the insults. That’s just your classic tsundere. But when he tells Hisagi, “You think I won’t kill you?” That was a little scary!

Kensei: What? Honesty is scary now?

4. Protective Kensei

But for all of that anger and scariness, Kensei protects the people he cares about. And random people too. He protected tiny Hisagi. And Mashiro when Wonderweiss attacked her. And adult Hisagi when he lost to Mask de Masculine.

(ghost) Yamamoto: My favorite Kensei!

Kensei: …did anybody else hear something?

5. Avenging Kensei

Also there was that time that Kensei “avenged” Mashiro after she was badly wounded by Wonderweiss. Probably he wouldn’t accept that characterization of his actions, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

Mashiro: Yup! Because Kensei barely knows what he’s doing most of the time!

Kensei: SHUT UP

6. Tattoo reveal Kensei

Much like espada like to suddenly reveal their espada number, so Kensei enjoys the occasional tattoo reveal. You know, like when he rescued tiny Hisagi and then stood there dramatically, letting his robe fall open.

Kensei: …don’t make it sound like I was letting my robe fall open on purpose.

Ulquiorra: There is no shame in dramatic clothing removal, my friend.


7. Pervert Kensei

He may deny it. But he did “fix” Mashiro’s robe while she was sleeping. And he reads Lisa’s magazines.

Lisa: And anybody who reads what I read is a pervert for sure.

Kensei: …you shouldn’t say that so calmly.

8. Hollow Kensei

Kensei is one of the few characters that we’ve seen as a full-on hollow. Most of the visored were unconscious for their full transformation, but not Kensei. He was hollow and attacking his friends.

Ichigo: I know that feel, dude.

Kensei: At least I don’t do it as often as you!

9. Cooking Kensei

He wears an apron. A frilly one. This is very important.

Kensei: …because i want to protect my shirt?

Lisa: For pervert reasons, Kensei.

10. Smiling Kensei

AKA, my all-time favorite Kensei moment. A smile that makes small children cry? When he thinks he’s being comforting? That is so adorable, for some reason!



Hisagi (whispering): Sometimes I still wake up whimpering after dreaming about that smile.


Kensei: Weakling.

Moving Forward -P4

[Here, have the longest chapter ever, Like, Jesus, over 6 pages.]

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     As the week passed, you became very fond of Steve, Sam and Bucky. The trio kept you laughing when they were around and had you smiling at their antics no matter how crazy they got. One day, while you were out tending to the potted plants on the porch, you looked up to see them on the roof. You watched for a minute and heard one of them mention that they were having a jumping contest. You had no idea what that meant when you heard them say it, but what they did was try and leap off of the building and see who landed the furthest away. You stared in disbelief at how reckless and childish they were being. Natasha had walked out onto the porch and, after being greeted by her teammates quite literally throwing themselves off the roof, she mumbled “idiots” and went back inside. I guess if they’ve been superheroes all this time, they never had the chance to be immature and have fun, you reasoned with yourself.

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Spicing up plain rice

Just add olive oil, salt and pepper on the top of cooked rice. It’s an easy and very cheap way to add some flavor!

It’s one of my favorite ways to eat leftover cold rice that easy and requires little time.

I also sometimes like to add olive oil to the rice while it’s cooking on the stove- I’m not sure how this would work with a rice cooker though!!