cooking for children

do you think leia felt everyone on alderaan die but because she didn’t know she was force sensitive she thought it was all her own pain, do you think unknowingly force sensitive people all over the galaxy in the middle of sleeping or cooking dinner or kissing their children goodnight suddenly felt their hearts torn out and had no idea why






This is so, so important. The way adults react to a child’s passions and ambitions can often shape the way the child sees themselves. It’s crucial to encourage them wholeheartedly, especially if the child is prone to beat themselves up about the little things anyway.

Gordon Ramsey is a treasure

he comes off harsh to adults, but I respect people that respect children. I love this man.

he comes off harsh because those adults are in the culinary industry, they’re not supposed to mess up, they are trained, he understands that for these kids, this is very often a learning opportunity, so he is going to be much less harsh, and even sweet to them because its often that they dont know better when they mess up. 

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Beast!Adam x Reader

Note: Hi there! So um, this is my first imagine for this blog, but I’m no stranger to the art of x readering. I’ve been writing these for over a year now, I think. Anyway, Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie as a kid, and I’ve already seen the new one twice. It’s amazing. So, here we are.

You had stumbled upon the enchanted castle about a month ago. Maybe less. Maybe it had been longer than that. It was so hard to keep track of time here. And though the place was odd and enchanted and sometimes scary, you couldn’t deny the beauty concealed in the darkness.

“Miss, the master is ready for dinner.” Mrs. Potts, one of the castle’s many enchanted caretakers rolled into your room on her cart. She was accompanied by her son, Chip.

“Tell him I’ll be down in a few minutes.” Madame Garderobe was currently in the process of pulling your hair into an intricate braid. “We’re kind of…in the middle of something here.”

“There’s no rushing beauty~” the wardrobe sang. Every time she belted her soprano notes, you feared a window would shatter.

The cart rolled out of the door and down the hall. A few minutes later, you were finally ready, dressed in a gorgeous pink gown. You hurried down the halls, down the stairs to the dining room, where the Beast was waiting for you.

“Sorry I’m late,” you breathed, taking your seat at the end of the table opposite him. “Garderobe decided to try something new with my hair.”

You could have sworn you saw a soft smile on his fur-covered face.

“It looks nice.” He stated and then paused. “You look nice.”

“Well, thank you.” A blush crept onto your cheeks. The two of you began to eat.

“You know, you’ve never seemed homesick in the time you’ve been here.” He pointed out.

“There’s nothing to miss. Not where I’m from.” You shook your head. A certain sadness waited behind your gaze. He raised an eyebrow. “I was kind of…outcast. I suppose that’s the best way to put it.”


“They thought I was too headstrong. They didn’t like a woman that couldn’t be controlled.” You shook your head. “Because I wasn’t married, I didn’t have access to the things men did. They expected me to cook and clean and bear children, but that’s…not what I want to do with my life. I want to be a doctor. They don’t think I’m educated enough.”

“That doesn’t seem right.”

“It’s not.” You shook your head. “It wasn’t. So I left. And I found this place.”

“Well, if it means anything…” He took a somewhat nervous breath. “You’ll never be an outcast so long as you’re here. You’ll always be welcome here.” When he peered into your eyes, you could tell he meant it. Emotion swept over you in a deep, warm wave. Tears filled your eyes and you couldn’t stop them from trickling down your cheeks.

The Beast stood up to come over to you at the same time you did. You practically ran to him, and while he was expecting the sting of a slap or rejection, what he received was something much different. It was a hug.

His eyes widened as he realized what had happened. You were standing there, your arms around his wide frame with tears dripping from your eyes. He looked down at you for a few moments before gingerly embracing you. His touches were tentative, careful. The last thing he wanted was for you to recoil in disgust, in fear of the monstrous creature he had become. Admittedly, it had been a long time since anyone had showed him affection, even something as simple as an embrace.

“I’m sorry if I said something wrong-” he began to apologize, unsure of the cause of your sudden emotional breakdown.

“I wish the people back home were like you.” Your voice was quiet, broken. You gripped him tightly, continuing to sob in relief, or perhaps in realization that you had finally found somewhere that accepted you for who you truly were. “Thank you.”

At your words, the Beast’s jaw dropped. And it was in that moment that he realized, like a whisper in the back of his mind: you had to be the one.

How to make a functional school without mod (V2.0.)

A few months ago I’ve made an article about how to have a functional school without mod. I’ll do it again with more indications and tips from my gameplay experience. While you’re reading this, keep in mind the game has an usual limitation of 20 sims per community lot for performance purpose. If you want more students in your school, you’ll need mods. As a cc-free player, I don’t use these so I’ll just show you my way.

First of all, you’ll need to create groups of pupils with an age restriction (>> for kids only). The best option is to create up to 4 groups with 6 kids in each. I encourage you to pick group leaders from different households. If you don’t, you decrease your chance to have groups showing up while you’re playing… Except if all the leaders are in the household you want to play with. But when kids turn into teens, the leadership goes most likely to a younger relative (siblings, cousins…), so please don’t forget that.

The reason why you better chose leaders from different households is because the game system works on rotation : not the same households are “active” during your game. Also, do not put all the siblings in the same group if you’re not controling it. There’s high chance none of them show up to make room for others. So if you have triplets, place them in 2 or 3 differents groups ! Same for twins or cousins who live at the same place :)

When you’ve chose the leaders, add 5 kids in their group. You must pick for them a favorite location : chose the school you’ve downloaded.

Now, time to assign them tasks. Pick wisely: you only have 5 options. Know that the order you put them is important ! First task is the one they’ll do automatically ; Second task is the one they’ll most likely do ; Third task is the one they’ll do during breaks ; Fourth task is the one they’ll do if there’s too much other sims somewhere ; Fifth task is what they’ll do if they do not have other choices. And last but not least, the group will behave the way the community lot is set up if they don’t have any options left.

For example, if in your school there’s no jungle gym and your first task is to play with playground equipements, the kids group will try to play with toys (if it’s your task number 2). If there’s no toys left, they’ll try to chose option 3, and then option 4 etc. The group system works like a staircases.

Because you’ve made 4 groups and there’s 4 aspirations for kids (now), chose tasks according to this. Make a “creativity” group, a “social” group, a “motor” group and a “mental” group. In my game, all the groups have something in common (task 2 : do their homework). And the other tasks are “custom” for each. This way, kids won’t go in the same room instantly but walk around and do different stuff.

Task suggestions :

  • Mental group : 1. Play with computer. 2. Do homework. 3….
  • Social group : 1. Be nice to… 2. Do homework. 3…
  • Creativity group : 1. Paint. 2. Do homework. 3….
  • Motor group : 1. Play with playground equipements. 2. Do homework….

Because my school is set as a library, all the groups can possibly chose to read and browse the web. The option 5 can be a task opposite to their trait, for example the creativity group can play basketball. There’s multiple way to do it so go with your flow !

You can also set up group for teachers (up to 3, max). Assign them the school as their favorite location and tasks. If you have City Living EP, chose “make speech” as an option. A few kids will actuall listen to them ;)

If you want to go extra, you can also make a cook group (up to 2, max), assigned them uniforms, the school as favorite location and task (cook / clean). Chose sims with low cooking skill so they can do basic reciepes and not gourmet meals. ;) Same for a janitor (you can make a group of only 1 sims !). 

With all that, everytime you load your game you’ve really high chances to meet pupils, teachers and cooks, janitor. Since I’ve create this system I always have people in my school and everything works smooth ! Keep in mind that random townies can still show up in your school (because it’s a library, you know…) but they’ll leave if more groups come, to make room for them. 

Notes :

  • A kid can be in multiple groups (ex. motor + creativity). You won’t get any negative effects. His/her chance to actually show up is only higher than others kids.
  • If the cook team don’t show up and you still want your sims to eat for a possible lunch break : click on the hoven’s kitchen and call for a caterer. He or she will usually make up to 3 or 4 differents group meals. Put each plates on different lunch tables and call to meal. All the groups should pick a plate, sit and chat to each others. The only “bad” effect with the caterer option, is that they’ll most likely make gourmet meals…
  • You can chose an option to make cooks shout at children faces. Go to social >> Be mean to… >> Chose a group or a life state.
  • To increase your chance of groups interacting, make the option 4 “be nice to / be funny to / be mean to… >> this group”
  • Adult can automatically teach kids some skill (piano, violin, painting, basketball etc.) if they see kids use these objects. For this, your adult need to be level 10. If your teachers have 10 at one skill, they’ll most likeky try to teach to a kid something…
  • If you want them to be in a private school, assigned them a uniform. Please, note that the sims need to be in their everyday wear to turn into their uniform clothes. They can “lose” their uniform if they turn into their sport wears (for example, if they use the basketball hoop). If so, go talk to them and chose the interaction : “show me your… >> everyday outfits” Then the sims will get his uniform back.
  • To go further… You have the possibility to make smaller group for extra activities like drawing, basketball etc. and assigned them uniforms, lock the doors and only them will go there.
  • If you want to avoid townies break in during class, put all the computers somewhere else. Same for the bookshelves !


highlights of the dmc livestream ft. ben, josh and Casey. 4.12.17

-josh losing jenga
-ben hiding from the camera
-josh climbing in a dog cage and ben locking him in
-demarius being envious of a dogs flexibility
-ben getting stuck in the window
-josh breaking the window
-casey yelling at josh to leave the window alone
-ben burping then snapping his fingers and leaving the room
-demarius complaining about running out of wine
-ben kicking josh’s ass while he’s climbing in the window
-demarius zooming in on bens ass
-josh and ben fighting like an old couple
-ben singing “I rub my nipples and start boning with delight” x2
-casey yelling at ben and josh to shut up
-nick masson showing up in the comments
-ben directing josh’s performance
-caseys interview with ben
-they lost a cat
-josh and ben serenading demarius

Les Amis as children's book writers/publishers.
  • They all meet when they're initially struggling to get their books published, and so all of them pool their savings (and a significant donation from from Combeferre's mothers) into self publishing.
  • Eventually their books prove to be popular enough for them to have a proper little printing company of their own- it's not huge but they all love it anyway.
  • Enjolras writes those illustrated social justice books to teach children about human rights, and writes simplified biographies of famous figures in various political movements. He also puts similar messages into more traditional stories to try and make sure that parents prejudices are or passed on to children as easily.
  • Courfeyrac tends to write joke books full of terrible puns, but he's also loves pop up books. He's published the least of any of the amis, but he has also read every single book any of the others have written.
  • Combeferre writes those 101 fact books about basically every subject that interests himself. He's written dozens of books on science and space, they're his favorites.
  • Joly writes books of fun home science experiments to get kids interested in chemistry. He tests them all out at home, and on the weekends him, Bossuet and Chetta will all make a complete mess of their house with baking soda volcanos (and have a heap of fun doing it).
  • Gav is his official tester, he gets the first copy of every new book as soon as Joly has it and he won't put anything in the book with his seal of approval.
  • Combeferre and Joly are also working on a collection of books about the human body. So far they've written three.
  • Jehan writes poetry books, which have notes and encouragement for kids to try and write their own. They've also done books of those fun shape poems, again with helpful hints about writing and forming your own, and with blank shapes left at the back for kids to fill in their own.
  • Bahorel does traditional moral stories with a modern twist. He wants his books to teach children to be kinder to one another, and to other people. Him and Enjolras have been working together on trying to write books about racism without being too overt.
  • Cosette writes books about hobby crafts and other fun activities for children. She began publishing with ABC because she was being pressured to publish her books as those 'crafts for girls' things and she didn't believe in gendering them so heavily. She helps Musichetta with her children's cook books too. Typically she writes the baking sections because she can include recipes that baker!Valjean did with her when she was a child.
  • Eponine writes those versions of fairytales which are messed up or told from the villains point of view or whatever. She could never get them published because they were kind of dark.
  • Marius does traditional fairy tales illustrated really well (with princess who tend to look increasingly like Cosette) and is the only one of ABC and friends to ever have something published by a major publisher.
  • Grantaire and Feuilly are both illustrators. They both have very different styles- Feuilly typically illustrates Enjolras' books since his style is more traditional, where Grantaire's more cartoonish style fits better with Bahorel and Joly's styles.
  • Feuilly has also co written a book with Cosette about origami.
  • Grantaire could always see how much joy his friends got from creating stories and decided to try it himself. He finds inspiration in the people that he loves, rewriting traditional fairytales with them as characters.
  • It actually started with him writing "The democratically elected leader and the frog" as a joke, but people actually love them? And eventually everyone has their own.
  • Montparnasse doesn't talk to R for a week after the publication of "The (Gender Fluid) Beauty and the Beast" because of the rather unflattering caricature of him.
  • His most popular three are still his presentation of the ABC and friends in Robin Hood, his reimagining of the little mermaid (wherein rather than melting into sea foam princess Chetta marries the prince and his husband) and his lesbian version of Rapunzel (featuring eposette).
GOT7 On Cutthroat Kitchen

A.N. I love this show and if you haven’t seen it’s literally that show you scream at the tv. Even though it’s just suppose to be 4 contestants on each episode imagines it’s seven for this one lol

T.W. Cuss words 


  • Literally only doing this because he wants the money
  • And to prove that he’s a better cook out of the other chiefs
  • His plan is to save his money unless one of the other dumbasses gives him a sabotage
  • Will definitely give the death glare to someone who grabs the ingredients he needs before he can get it.
  • Wants to literally throw a frying pan at Jackson because he won’t stop complaining about how this dish isn’t organic enough and people just want to ruin him
  • Makes it to the final round but doesn’t win because his last one was such a letdown compared to his other dishes
  • Only reason was because Youngjae made him make a cake with no flour and eggs. 


  • Amateur chef that loves to cook but never has done it professionally but thinks he has potential so he could win this
  • So he’ll just want to have fun over anything 
  • He says he doesnt want to win but he’s lying
  • Forgot to grab one of the main ingredients so plans to buy the sabotage to ruin everyone else’s chances.
  • Will spend about $2,000-$5,000 for a sabotage
  • But if he’s given one, he’ll rock that shit.
  • Get eliminated the second round cause it wasn’t bad but it lacked a little bit more seasoning plus his plating looked terrible


  • The one that everyone loves so much in the beginning but people will start to give the “are you serious?” look to him
  • His the struggling back story about his life before he discovered the organic lifestyle
  • Will spend 20 minutes talking about that “struggling back story” but the show producers decide to cut it out cause it was not as important compared to the show itself
  • Screams while running to grab the ingredients 
  • Panics when people starts spending their money so he screams numbers out loud 
  • Starts yelling in all the languages he knows, just because the timer is freaking him out. He got eliminated after the first round.
  • “I can’t do this but I’m still gonna do it.” That’s his motto from the show or well the only round he was on.


  • “Hi, my name is Park Jinyoung and I’m a full time mother of six and I  love to cook for my children all the time, even though I want to murder them.”
  • He literally can’t cook fancy shit like everyone else but can make good home cook meals
  • He excels in desserts though, cause sweets is what makes his kids shut up.
  • Doesn’t care about the sabotages like he’s a mother of six!? Like nothing is bad compared to them especially if he’s cooking against them
  • Like if Bambam wins the sabotage, Jinyoung will give him the death glare and wont get that sabotage.
  • But will throw a fit that Yugyeom spend $3,000 for Jinyoung to wear a dinosaur costume for the second round 
    • a reason why he got eliminated was because he almost caught on fire, who knew full body costumes could catch on fire so easily.
  • Get’s mad at that and pays to take away Yugyeom’s knifes 


  • Aw this poor chief is the newbie to the whole scene and everyone loves him but wants to ruin him
  • Makes a scared face when he’s grabbing food products
  • He suddenly forgets how to make mac n cheese and starts panicking
  • Either way he got a sabotage and had to cook with fake processed food but he made it work and wanted to give the middle fingers to all them assholes
  • Wins the judge over his gorgeous smile even though he’s about to ruin all these bitches
  • Spends a total of $12,000 in this round and just giggles when he gives everyone their “surprises” for the second round. 
  • JB had to cook in a tiny kitchen, Mark had to cook with science instruments, Jinyoung and Yugyeom can’t cook until 10 minutes has passed
  • He wins the whole thing and just does this sweet evil laugh 


  • The hipster chief that isn’t even a chief, he just has a instagram dedicated to food so in his mind he’s a chief
  • Legit doesn’t know what the fuck is going on
  • He just wants the money
  • Like he knew he wasn’t going to win but he wanted to know what it’s like to hold $25,000 in one hand.
  • Doesn’t cook everything properly and even if he did the saltbae thing, it wasn’t enough seasoning
  • Safe to say his ass is eliminated after the first round
  • “This was fun, can’t wait to make a video of this and post it on youtube. Maybe I’ll get a shit ton of views. Watch out for your bbooooiii Double B. Ha! good night.”


  • Literally that snooty chief that thinks he’s going to win
  • Mid way through the first round he starts to lose his cool because why are the other chiefs good!? Like wtf!??
  • He makes his plating looks fancy as fuck like it would deserve to be on Bambam’s instagram feed
  • He literally screams and wants to throw a fork at Bambam for taking a picture of his food and not focusing on the challenge.
  • To piss JB and Jinyoung out he takes out all of the ingredients they would need for the challenge but will slip some of them into Youngjae’s basket. 
  • When Jinyoung took away his knifes he was planning on murdering him backstage.
  • Makes a mad confused wtf face when he didn’t go to the third round like his plate was a million times prettier compared to Youngjae’s and JB’s.
A Hundred Lesser Faces

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Hi :) not exactly a prompt, but more of a musing. What do you think would happen if Claire went to Lallybroch first, instead of Edinburgh/printshop? Thanks for your great fics, girls!

Welp, musing it might have been, but here we now are! Thank you for an inspiring prompt!! -Mod Bonnie 


November, 1766

“Hello, again.”

A breeze carried my words overtop the horse’s head, bearing them toward the neat stone walls just visible in the distance; and having said it, I felt something—yes—relief shudder down my spine. Despite the years, despite everything…it did still feel like my home. Divinely-sent or mere desperation, I took the reassurance with all my heart, and kicked my mount hard toward Lallybroch; toward home. 

It had been a last-minute decision, to come here, instead of to Edinburgh. In fact, I’d been fully through the stones and in Inverness boarding the carriage that would deliver me south! Then something clicked into place and before I even stopped to question myself, I was exchanging the coach fare for a horse and saddle, wondering why Lallybroch hadn’t been my plan from the start. 

Well, no—I knew exactly why. Because the idea of going anywhere but directly into Jamie’s arms had seemed ludicrous. 

He was ALIVE. And so close—I was *so close* to having him again, it was like a physical pain in my chestthe longing—the wanting….

But *think*, Beauchamp, I’d counseled myself in those vital seconds on the mounting block: a visit to Lallybroch will yield me *actual* information as to the whereabouts of those arms; a far cry more reliable than your hunch from a two-hundred year old artifact! I mean, *good Lord*, consider all the variables, here! Perhaps he’s moved to new premises across town! What if he’s abandoned his nom de plume for another and there is no longer an A. Malcolm printing in Edinburgh? What if he’s been so successful in his business, he’s moved to London to join a larger firm? Hell, what if he’s decided to make his fortune as a fur trader in Canada, for heaven’s sake?? 

Yes, the closer I got to Lallybroch, the more confident I was in the wisdom of my sudden volte-face. Even overlooking the more remote possibilities that may have taken him out of Scotland, a quick chat with Jenny and Ian could easily save me days or even weeks of roaming around Edinburgh asking after red-headed printers; and as an unarmed woman traveling alone and with limited funds, this was more than prudent, no matter how you looked at it. 

AND…. well

I mean, surely, even if he did still occupy the shop in Carfax Close, he would visit home occasionally….

….and there was always the chance that even NOW, he might be…he COULD be…

Don’t get ahead of yourself, Beauchamp. One leap at a time.

I dismounted and led the horse on foot for the final approach up the road toward the house, as much for my own pounding heart as for the beast’s sake.  Dear God…almost exactly the same as I left it twenty years ago. 

The trees overhanging the dooryard; the sounds of cooking and chatting and children playing from inside the house; even the customary pack of dogs that heralded my arrival through the archway, howling and barking as befitted their time-honored station…Yes, it was home. My home. 

“What do you think, lads?” I laughed softly, holding out my knuckles for the slobbering, leaping home guard to sniff. “Do I pass muster?” 

Apparently I did, for they all began vying for my attention. I obliged happily, scratching behind ears with my free hand and murmuring dog-lover-nonsense to each of them in turn, wondering if goodwill and trust could be passed down canine generations.

“A good morning to ye, Mistress!” 

I turned to see a stableboy of about ten hurrying across the dooryard toward me. A stranger, to my eyes, but with a warm, friendly manner, he bobbed a quick bow. 

“Good morning!” I replied with a grateful smile as I relinquished the horse. “And what’s your name, lad?”

At my words, he jumped and uttered a gaelic curse, his reaction so violent that he dropped the reins and caused the horse to rear. It wasn’t until I’d reclaimed the beast—nearly getting my teeth knocked in— and turned panting back to the boy, to his pale and frightened face, that I realized what had been his curse: sassenach. Said not in affection, the way Jamie had from the beginning, and Jenny and others had picked up from time to time in jest: but in fear and disgust. The vehemence of it felt like a blow to my gut, and for the first time, I felt afraid, ludicrous as it was to be bowed before a young boy. Before, I’d been only suspicious to Highlanders. Now, after Culloden, after the Clearances—I was, objectively, the enemy

The boy, to his credit, recovered with a good show of politeness, retrieving the reins and offering a murmured apology. He did *not*, though, offer his name.  “Are ye expected at the house this morn, Mistress?” (Do you have a reason for being here, or are you an English informant fixing to burn the place down?) 

“I’m an old friend of the family,” I said, with a concerted confidence and ease that I hoped would reassure him, “but, no, I’m not expected.” 

In fact, I could say with absolute confidence that I would be the least expected person ever to darken Lallybroch’s door. 

“Oh, aye,” the boy said. Polite. Wary. “If you’ll just follow me, Mistress, I’ll put awa’ the horse and then show ye inside until someone will be in to receive ye.” 

Someone. Someone. 

My heart thumped and my hope screamed piercingly in my ears:

Jamie. Jamie. JAMIE. 

My hands were shaking. I had to swallow and moisten my mouth to get the words out as I followed behind the boy toward the hitching post. “I beg your pardon, but does the…?” Nothing to lose, at this point, I suppose. “Is the laird in residence?”

“Mr. Jamie?” the boy asked over his shoulder, clearly surprised by the inquiry. “Aye, ‘course.”  

He was here. 

I nearly fainted where I stood. 

Thank God!! Thank GOD I trusted my gut and came here instead of going to Edinburgh. 

Jamie was near. My Jamie could be HERE at any moment! 

God, what will—

“But he’s no’ to home just at present,” the boy added hastily. “Went up to Broch Morda for the day.”

“Oh! Oh, that’s—that’s quite alright.” In fact, it was a relief. I would have time to think, to plan; to prepare myself. 

Dear God, Jamie! 

“Shall I send a message after him to let him know you’ve business wi’ him, Mistress?”

It should be alone, when we met to give him time to react in private — Lord, would he faint? Scream? Regardless, I did not want to be responsible for giving Jamie a premature cardiac arrest. 

 “That’s very kind, lad, but no, I’ll wai—”

“It’s Jamie Murray, he means.”

I whirled, my heart crushed with realization before I even finished the turn. Of *course* Jamie Fraser was no longer the laird; I’d known that; I KNEW that.

But even the ache of my desperation for Jamie vanished for that moment as I took in the sight of the woman standing in the open kitchen doorway. Older, weathered, just like me–but the same. My eyes filled with tears of joy and love and relief and I gave a little sob as I made to run to her, to embrace her. 

But I was halted by a cold voice I didn’t recognize. “He’s no’ here.” 

I stared as a dead person stares, looking but without conscious thought. It was a stranger speaking, a hostile stranger showing not a scrap of surprise or pleasure at my appearance. And her eyes—God, those blue eyes so very like his—staring me down— so bone-chillingly cold —

No, not just distant…..


Jesus, I wanted to whimper, Don’t you recognize me, sister? It’s ME…

But she did recognize me; and she did not like what she saw. 

I braced my shoulders. Met her eye. And tried not to let my wounds show. 

“Hello, Jenny.” 

anonymous asked:

Would you have any tips on how to write a girl in the early 1800s, i.e. what she would wear, what the streets would be like, what she's expected to do for others etc?

Hey there, love! Before I begin, I just want to say historical accuracy is a thing that lots of people struggle with and find themselves lost at where to start at as the internet contains a boatload of information! Now, seeing as you never specified where the setting is in your writing, I’m going to give you a general statement for each category.

Also, a quick note before hand, if your book is fantasy or along the same lines of that genre, don’t feel limited to the history you just find online! Add your own stuff about the history. For example, if your story is about Vampires (and if they are widely known to exist), include national holidays for them or something like that. You can include things that don’t exist and alter things that do, just don’t be insensitive about it.

Now that is out of the way, let us begin!



Starting with children, most still typically wore what we would call ‘hand-me-downs’ now or things cut and hemmed from adults old clothing if it didn’t fit. Infants and young children usually didn’t have clothes with a distinct sex intended about them or in other words, they’d be ‘unisex’. This typically consisted of some type of gown, robe, or tunic. As the children got older, however, their clothing got more in tune with their gender.

Boys ( from 4-6) would either wear skirted outfits which were simpler than girls and lacked more color and trim. They also held more masculine details such as being accompanied by a dress of some sorts. Boys (from 7-14+) wore ankle-length trousers that were buttoned to a short jacket worn over a shirt with a wide collar edged in ruffles. For girls, they were typically always seen wearing dresses regardless of their age. The only difference is that as they grew older, their dress became more lengthier and complex. Please note that depending on status (whether they were a peasant or noble, etc), the quality of these items would differ. Peasants would receive the bare minimum and nobility were given the finer things. Most children were barefoot during the warmer months and wore loafers otherwise. Girls also had flats and heels.

Now onto men, they usually wore breeches (a pair of pants/trousers that stopped at the knee or sometimes at the ankle) or pantaloons (a more casual version of breeches). They also typically wore coats with tails, shirts that featured cuffs, sometimes with ruffles down the front and wide collars. They also usually wore hessian or wellington boots and a cravat (a cloth worn around the neck), a top hat and a wig (as powdered wigs were in fashion back then though nobility and highly respected positions such as doctors, military, lawyers, etc usually only worn these and not peasants).

For women, they always had to wear stockings and their undergarments were usually a pair of drawers (that peaked out in younger girls) and a chemise. As women were not supposed to show much skin back then, they wore a kerchief (similar to a cravat) though it could be taken off during formal occasions. They also wore corsets which was to support their body and perfect their posture. Peasants usually wore a cap and gown and they always had to have their hair up in a bun, usually. During colder weather, they would often wear a shawl over their gown and around their shoulders. Nobility usually wore petticoats under their much finer gown. Many women, regardless of status, had an everyday dress and a dress meant for church.

What It’d Be Like

Until the beginning of the 1840’s, most homes were made out of logs. During the 1840’s, bricks were made available though most peasants continued to use logs whilst the nobility and royals used bricks and stone. Most homes were not large and included a room for the family to live in and then another for the family business (doctors, lawyers, and others always made sure to have a separate room to do their work in). Streets were not paved and there were no cars. Usually, there were cobblestone or dirt streets and horse-drawn carriages were used.

There isn’t much information on this though many worked on farms and such whilst the woman ran the houses (cleaning, cooking, etc) and the children did their chores or went to school (typically only boys did though few noble women did as well). Nobles typically had servants do their housework and nannies to care for young children and private tutors for their children.

Women were expected to cook, clean, and take care of other household chores (unless they were slaves who worked in the field). Men typically worked from sunrise to sunset and weather often didn’t affect their jobs. Young girls often kept with their mother to learn how to do such chores whilst boys went to work from varying ages.

There were some activities though such as painting, pottery, sewing, etc for women and hunting, gambling, going to bars/pubs, etc.

I hope this helped some! I’m unsure of the accuracy of some as, like most, I rely on the internet for my research and am in no way a historian. However, if you have any additional questions about this on a specific area/culture of the world, feel free to send in another question, lovely! Good luck and happy writing!

- Mod Lilly

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