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So recently i started reading this manga Dungeon Meshi. I fucking love it.

So there’s this group of adventures exploring a dungeon RPG style, you know like go into the dungeon defeat the evil sorcerer kinda stuff. They get pretty deep in it and they run into a dragon.

They could totally take it down except there was one problem…they ran out of food and were way too hungry to take it on. So…

They got their asses handed to them. Their mage is casting their “get the hell out of there” spell but the main characters sister get eaten by the dragon. When he realizes what happen he wants to go back down on a rescue mission, if they can get there before the dragon finishes digesting her they can fix her up good as new.  BUT there are problems, the biggest one is

they broke yo. They dropped most of their loot when they were dying. They got no money to buy supplies, no money to replace the members that left, and not a lot of time to fix that problem. So our three brave adventurers decide to go in on their own with nothing but what they managed to have equipped. But how do they solve the food problem?

YEP! THE MC TELLS THEM THEY ARE GONNA EAT MONSTERS! But none of them have actually cooked or eaten monsters before. So the MC is about to cook a giant scorpion when this dude shows up

Meet Senshi, he has spent a decade in the mid part of the dungeon cooking and eating monsters. He gets interested when he finally meets some people who also want to eat monsters and decides to show them how to cook.

He knows his shit. So in case you haven’t figured it out…

This is a cooking manga.


…I just love the idea about it. It was a one shot that became a series. Give it a read if you want.

How far do you guys go with World Building?

So, recently one of my players asked me about how different races would be reacted to on the current continent they’re on in my world. After doing that exercise I started thinking about other little ways to make my world seem more alive. I was cooking at the time and it gave me the idea to have special foods. This idea led back to the black dragon the group just killed. Black dragons are all about acid so I would think the meat would have a sour taste. I thought about what type of cuisine utilizes sour tastes and thought of India (at least I think it’s India, if anyone knows for sure please let me know!) and until I research something else to use the meat with I decided that a Black Dragon curry would be the best type of dish to make. Spicy with a sour kick at the end. Serve it over rice. Naan on the side. Give it a mechanical benefit of giving Acid resistance for two hours or something like that.

…and now I want some curry.

This time on Dungeons, Dragons, and Dives, we cooked up some offerings from Simon’s Snakey Snacks, a food stand serving only the best in monstrous cuisine. For Simon’s full story, check out episode 4.

Let’s get cooking!


~ 1 pack of Beer Brats. I use store brand. I use store brand everything. Just get that out of the way.
~ 8-10 mini peppers.  I used orange, yellow, and red! Just like a salamander!
~ Spaghetti Squash
~ Olive oil
~ cumin, salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, basil, rosemary, sage


Naga Entrails

Thread those brats back and forth on skewers, and slather them in delicious steak sauce. Grill on medium heat until the outsides crisp and char a bit. 

Salamander Frills

Cut the tops of mini-peppers. Rub the insides with a mixture of salt, ground black pepper, ground red pepper, cumin, and garlic. Skewer and grill on low heat until they soften and char. 

Medusa Sheddings

Cut in half a spaghetti squash, scoop out the guts, and drizzle with olive oil. Salt and pepper those bitches. Back for 50 minutes @ 400 degrees Farenheit. 

Pull out the squash with a fork, shredding it, and toss with basil, oregano, rosemary, sage, and garlic. generous amounts of all, to really give that green color with the flakes to emulate old snake skin! :)

With all of that spiciness, you’ll need something sweet to complement it! This electric drink packs just enough punch.

Behir’s Blood


  • Squirt (or similar grapejuice soda)
  • pineapple juice
  • cranberry juice
  • lemon juice
  • Vodka or coconut rum (optional)


Put some ice in a glass. Fill your glass about a third of the way with Squirt and a second third of the way with pineapple juice. Add a splash of lemon juice (two if you prefer your drinks more sour), and a splash of cranberry juice for just a little pinkish orange color. Add a shot of your preferred liquor if it suits your fancy. Bottoms up!

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A yuan ti guards the forbidden city (Jim Roslof, AD&D module I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City, TSR, 1981)  David “Zeb” Cook introduced the yuan ti, aboleth, and yellow musk creeper in this adventure adapted from the Origins 1980 tournament module.


The main problem with Planescape is its vast strangeness. There’s a lot to explain and not enough space to fit it all in. The initial box set makes a heroic effort but it was never going to be anything more than an appetizer. In fact, the whole set of Planescape accessories and sourcebooks feels like it is just scratching the surface.

The Factol’s Manifesto (1995) is a much-needed deep dive into the factions that reside at the heart of the campaign setting. Here, finally, is everything you need to know, and then some – colorful maps of their headquarters, their chains of command, their leaders, their philosophies, their goals, their nefarious plots. The book brilliantly embellishes Zeb Cook’s original broad strokes into a vivid painting of politics and ideology.

The book is entirely illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi and you can see his art improving already. His palettes are a bit more varied, his compositions a bit more energetic, his anatomy a bit more dimensional. His trick of using dabs of pure white pigment to act as highlights, causing the illustrations to pop off the page, is used here with surgical precision to great effect. Of the Planescape books I own featuring DiTerlizzi’s art, this was long my favorite (no longer, but we’ll come to that).

The downside of Planescape fleshing itself out is that all the many thrilling potential possibilities start settling down into boring old facts. The Factol’s Manifesto very much lays the groundwork for the Faction War adventure, which essentially wraps up the Planescape campaign setting. Re-reading the books with fresh eyes, war was an inevitable conclusion for Sigil – I am not sure it was wise for TSR to chart the course of that war with a canon-changing module. Better to present all the variables and let the DMs sort out the particulars for themselves.

Another downside: this book seems to be the start of the book cover designed to look like a mystical tome trend. It is tolerable here but, come Third Edition, it turns hideous.

  • Ocarina of Time: you can do a couple of these dungeons out of order, I mean if you want.
  • Skyward Sword: And if you look to your left you'll see your next stop!
  • A Link Between Worlds: Hey! You can do these dungeons however you like, just make sure you're ready!
  • Breath of the Wild: Just don't even go the damn dungeons! Cook for two hours! Raid bokoblin camps! Date a bird! The world is yours!
Late Night Thoughts

What do you suppose healing and restoration potions in D&D taste like? And do they provide any kind of caloric or nutritional sustenance? Does a potion lose it’s healing or restoration effect when heated? And if not would it be possible to cook with them? Infusing dishes with healing and/or restorative properties.

MY Manga pick of the week: Dungeon Meshi/Delicious in Dungeon

hey a manga pick of the week if you’re interested.

what’s it’s about you ask?
let me put it like this.

say you’re a traveling party in an rpg dungeon and a host of bad shit happens.

Lose a battle with a big red dragon because you and your party were hungry as fuck?

no problem.

sister get eaten by that same red dragon and now you’re on a time crunch to save your sister from being digested in that dragon’s belly and two of your toughest party members quit?

no problem.

in your hubris you realize a good meal before battles while dungeon crawling and boss rushing sets the difference between surviving or dying but you’re too broke and poor to afford to get meat, bread, and wine provisions at a general store or a meal at a local tavern?



eat the fucking monsters in the dungeon and learn AMAZING recipes while doing so!






the level of theory and detail that went into these RPG dungeon monster recipes is remarkable.

i love every minute of it.



Ever since I learned that githyanki swords cut silver chords, I wanted to know more about the astral plane. Thing is, no D&D supplement ever seemed to really know any more than I did. That changed when Monte Cook’s (no relation to Zeb) A Guide to the Astral Plane fell into my hands.

Cook is a pivotal figure in RPGs and I am not sure his approach to things really fits in my wheelhouse. That said, this is a masterpiece of imagination, charting the corners of a difficult-to-comprehend corner of the multiverse simply, concisely and with more adventure hooks than a tackle box.

The astral plane is less a plane itself than it is the space between planes. It’s a silvery void cluttered with the ductwork that connects the planes. Think of it as the hollow space inside your walls, except infinite and containing whales, dead gods and berbalangs. It was great fun to run a couple adventures here recently; despite buckling some swash against a githyanki warship, I think a brief encounter with an astral whale was the most memorable moment for the players.

This book contains my favorite DiTerlizzi art. He’s more refined here, tighter, with much more control over his watercolors and his choice of color palettes. Another artist named Adam Rex accompanies him. The two complement each other well (unlike, say, Brom and Baxa in the Dark Sun books). Love those astral dragons.

Did you get enough of the planes this week? We’re off to some D&D adjacent territory next week…

The LOVETT System

Lie about his wife being dead

Open his tonsorial parlor above your pie shop

Vie for his attention over his revenge fantasies

Engage in a murder/cannibalism ring with him

Take a loveable street waif to your cooking dungeon and lock him up so that he doesn’t get in the way of your love

Terminate your partnership by being thrown into the oven

“I love food! My friends can keep their dungeons and near-death adventures and leave me out of it. I’m much happier wandering the woods looking for what new flavors I can try putting together. Mushroom days are some of the best days, especially when combined with a handful of goodberries. Cookie agrees, though he much prefers his namesake. Which he tries to steal from my bag whenever he thinks I’m not looking! Cookie, you’re going to get fat!” - Pai the Gnome

by Tami Wicinas

clone five headcanons masterpost! (warnings for past abuse)

-looks like Katherine Waterson a la Bucky Barnes… with a military buzzcut.

-bar code tattoo & model number on the back of her neck; she’s the fourth of Series Five.

-triggers: disapproval from authority figures, gunshots, anyone breaking things in anger. She’ll *bolt.*

-also probably some horrendous medical & psychiatric abuse in that backstory.

-aphasic; she understands spoken language perfectly, but can’t do words well. The words she *does* know are:

-sporble, an abbreviation for sports bra, first said while pointing to her bag on a supply run

-nnnnNO, shrieked in Maxine’s face after her first medical exam found Maxine with a bloody nose and Five trying to scale the fence in only her boxer shorts

-YES! Shouted up at the comms tower after A Voice In The Dark, when Sam shouted “Runner Five, is that you?” She was visibly surprised and elated at the fact that a word had come out of her mouth, but hasn’t yet been able to repeat the experiment.

-update: HEY, shouted back at Sara by way of greeting.  

-best friends: Sam, because she trusts him, and Molly, the little girl rescued in an early Season One mission. They’re at around the same level of mouth noises, and can spend hours very intently going “blaaaah” at each other.

-has a huge crush on Sara and goes on a ton of supply runs to try and impress her.

-mistrusts Janine, and freezes up whenever they have to interact in person

-is only able to endure medical checkups with the aid of (pick two) Sam/Sara/a backup supply of horse tranquilizers.

-she’s not the fastest but she can just? Keep? Going? Forever?

-loves: dogs (she doesn’t know what they are but she will sprint for them) flowers, cooking, dungeons and dragons

-min-maxes like fuck. Will offer to take your supply run shift so she can unintentionally stop by a gaming store. Comes home with all the books

-she’s playing a warforged who was crafted by an evil wizard and mayyyy be using that to work through some stuff

-deals about 40 damage per turn in combat, though!