cooking design


how about some dragon stew???

hey technically that’s not cannibalism, that guy’s human shut up

meanwhile those two are cuttin the veggies


A lot of people have been aking to see more taz swap Brian. So here you go. Regarding the comic, I feel like Brian would not be as tough as Lucretia. He would not be as good at hiding feelings of guilt and loss. He needs to get it out once in a while.

(The monologe is the first picture was submited by anon!)


Injustice 2 || Scarecrow VS Sub-Zero

Scarecrow: Such a frightful family history.
Sub-Zero: I do not speak of Bi-Han.
Scarecrow: Touched a nerve there.

Scarecrow: Couldn’t save him, could you?
Sub-Zero: That was your last mistake.
Scarecrow: Your brother is now a lost nightmare.