cooking crimson


You Make Him Blush

*Your POV*

Harry: “Mmm, this is so good, Haz” I hummed taking another bite of the dessert he had made for the party. He just smiled bashfully. “Wasn’t too hard” he said. “It is good, mate” Niall added shoving a forkful into his mouth. I nodded. "Seriously, babe, you’re such a good cook.“ A crimson color appeared on his face. "Awe, you’re blushing!” I squealed accidentally bringing everyone’s attention. “Sorry” I mumbled through a mouthful of food. He smiled bringing his thumb up to the side of my mouth wiping the cream I had gotten on there. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

Niall: He couldn’t help the fact that he was utterly adorable. Even when he was frustrated and upset because his favorite team just lost a big game, the expression he was making was anything but that. “You’re so cute when you’re angry” I giggled poking the side of his face. “Am not” he grumbled crossing his arms over his chest. His cheeks were flushing a deep red noticable on his pale skin. “I’m afraid you are, Horan” I chuckled leaning over to press my lips to his heated cheek. This just made him flush harder causing him to bury his head into my neck.

Liam: “You look so hot tonight” I smirked slowly undoing the button on his tight, white shirt he was wearing. “You are so drunk” he laughed steadying me on his lap so I wouldn’t fall over. “And you are so sexy” I slurred kissing along his jaw. “I swear Liam Payne you get better looking every day.” He was still quietly laughing to himself angering me to tease him further. “Every time I see you I just want to rip your clothes off.” The smile on his face quickly faded I could see the red tint appear on his face. I grinned satisfied with myself as I continued whispering in his ear.

Louis: It wasn’t often had quiet moments so I liked to savor the ones where we were just sitting on the couch next to each other watching Homeland. My thumbs were rubbing against his skin as I held his hand between both of mine. I leaned back against the couch turning my head just admiring the handsome man I call my boyfriend. “What?” he asked noticing my stare. I smiled. “I’m really happy with you, Lou. You make me feel so special.” I started chuckling when I saw the color in his cheeks change. “I think you're the one who make me feel special” he retorted before pulling me onto his lap.

Zayn: Everything was very quiet; not even the tv was on in the background. We were lying on our sides facing each other in bed while my fingers lightly traced over the many tattoos inked on his right arm. “I like you’re tattoos” I whispered feeling the chills raise on his skin under my touch. “They all add to your personality. I love them.” It was the fadest shade of light pink but I still noticed the color rising to his cheeks. “Mr. Malik, I believe you’re blushing” I mocked. “Babe” he whined pulling my face into his chest making me giggle.