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Oral Show(Hoseok Smut)

So basically I continued the Taegi smut I did because it was fitting. And I was going to do more, but I don’t have enough oral one shots so why not. Enjoy!

“You’re all horrible. All of you are terrible just terrible.” You complained walking around your house. Your seven friends looked at you, as if you had just lost your mind with how you talked to them.

“Someone is a cranky pest.” Yoongi muttered, not standing to look at you or Hoseok knowing what he did now.

“Someone’s a big ass baby. Sugar baby.” You snapped back at him. Hoseok chuckled reaching out a hand to stroke at your skin, to the others it seemed like soft affection nothing else, you knew it was a warning.  You looked down at him, knowing better but still you shrugged away from his touch.

“Ever since you guys came to see her last week you’ve all bee moody.” Namjoon grumbled stealing a bag of chips from the top of your fridge plopping down on the table.

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” You muttered sticking your head in the air, placing a pot on the stove so that you could cook for the group of boys that came over. Seokjin and Taehyung were playing games in the front room, leaving Jungkook and Jimin on their phones in your kitchen watching something. Namjoon, Hoseok and Suga were by you why you were cooking indulging in conversation well more or less Hoseok and Namjoon were watching you and Yoongi bicker.

“You never do.” He said dramatically. You glared at Yoongi slamming down the pot.

“Listen here you little piece of ungrateful-“

“UNGRATEFUL?! UNGRATEFUL?!” Yoongi yelled back at you causing others to stare at you. Seokjin and Taehyung pausing the game. Taehyung sighed moving to come into the kitchen as he watched you and Yoongi. So, what if you said that you loved Hoseok head more than theirs? It didn’t mean that you hated theirs. You did say that they were both good so that made him feel a bit happy of everything that was done. He was proud of himself, but Yoongi felt like it was a blow and he couldn’t understand what Hoseok did so great that he didn’t do. His ego was a little hurt, he knew he had skills but what could Hoseok possibly do that was better than him?

“Just wave it off.” Hoseok mumbled looking at you.

Of course, you didn’t listen to Hoseok’s warnings or even let them bother you too much. You just kept bickering with Yoongi and soon it was pulling the rest of the members in who tried to calm the both of you down so that there was some kind of peace between you both. Eventually your bad mood transferred onto the other members and the kitchen became chaotic. Hoseok just watched the scene unfold in front of him. How everyone seemed to be on edge with each other. He crossed his arms across his chest, his leg shaking slightly as he eyed you. Eventually you were throwing the pan down with their cooked food, walking off towards your room. Namjoon ruffled his reddened locks looking around the table.

“What did you do to her?” He asked Yoongi, he rolled his head as Yoongi squinted his eyes becoming defensive.

“I didn’t do anything.” He said softly, rolling his eyes. Hoseok looked around taking the scene in before he stood up slowly straightening out his clothes.

“Where are you going?” Seokjin asked softly as Hoseok gave a soft smirk.

“I’m going to go calm her down. You all want it to be peaceful, right? Just let me handle it.” Hoseok grinned cheekily as he walked down the hallway towards your room. Yoongi wasn’t as dense as Hoseok wanted him to be, his eyebrow lifted as Hoseok strolled towards your room. When the others settled back down into their different hobbies he elbowed Taehyung nodding towards your room. Taehyung looked around for Hoseok before he shook his head smirking he followed Yoongi’s lead towards your room.

“That was quite the performance.” Hoseok said softly leaning against your door frame. He watched you fold up your clothes and start to put your clothes into your dresser.

“Go away Hoseok.” You sighed softly, shutting your drawers.

“Are you telling me. To go away?” Hoseok asked with a scoff walking towards you who were caught off guard, you wanted to take it back but you didn’t. Looking up at him, your eyes traveled over his handsome face, his strong jaw structure and tan skin. Hoseok backed you up into the wall slamming his hands by either side of your head making you jump slightly.

“I’ve let you have your fun.” He admitted, his eyes searching your face. “I told you to wave it off and you didn’t.”

“Yeah but- “You tried to cut in but Hoseok just gave you a look, and you knew from that look that you would be better off just listening to him. Your lower regions were starting to throb, it was incredible what he did to you.

“I told you to wave it off. Let’s not forget that you let both Yoongi and Taehyung taste you. I thought I made it clear you were to ask me first if you let other people play with you? And you know better than to act like that when you are feeling needy y/n” Hoseok asked softly, pressing against you, your legs slide open instinctively and he chuckled.

“Okay but we aren’t dating.. So I didn’t think it would be such a crime to let them do what you do.” You whispered softly.

“You want them all to fuck you then?” Hoseok looked taken back sliding from his position to peer down at you. “You want all of them to do what I do? Climb on my face and fuck it. You want them to push you down in the mattress face down and fuck you from behind. You want all of them to take turns fucking you in the late hours while their roommate is fast asleep? Or what maybe you want Taehyung to let you ride his dick while Jimin is sleep? Do what I did and force you to look at Namjoon’s sleeping face that’s in our direction hoping that we get caught. That’s what you want? To be our little slut?” Hoseok asked you, he was teasing and testing you trying to provoke you and it was working. Of course, he was truly jealous he had been the one that got you, only he should be able to keep treating your body like that and not share.

“N-no. I even told them you were my favorite Hoseok don’t be like that.” You moved to grab at the hems of his shirt kissing on his jaw slightly. Hoseok was stoic, not moving as you kissed on him. Willing himself to not just pin you down and take you. “Please daddy. Don’t be mad at princess. You know I love riding your face the most.” You peppered kisses along his jaw and around his lips. Biting on his bottom one you sucked lightly watching as he eyed you.

“Do you want daddy’s tongue now you needy princess?” He asked after some time pulling back so that he could grab your hand and tug you towards the bed as you nodded. Hoseok cupped your cheeks leaning down to press his lips against yours in a sweet kiss taking you slowly. His hands cupping your breast rubbing you through your bra before his hands trailed lower down your sides and around your back to grab at your plump ass cheeks. Hoseok pulled you to him, your hands pressed against his biceps as the kiss turned into anything but sweet, his mouth molding against yours, his tongue sliding inside of your mouth to suck on your pink muscle. One of his hands moved between your legs from behind, his fingers pressing against your pussy through your jeans. Your back arched, a soft moan leaving your lips and he sucked it up enjoying how your body crumpled to his touches. Hoseok pulled back looking down at you with hooded eyes.

“You know you should stop playing around and taste her for us.” Yoongi said barging through the open door. Your whole body froze up, letting out a curse you tried to move from Hoseok. He didn’t care too much, his ears tinted red, but he kept you in place rubbing harder against your clit as he watched them.

“Why?” Hoseok asked letting his fingers slow down their ministrations. “You needy Yoongi?” He teased earning a whine from you as you struggled in his hold, battling between rutting your hips against his hand and pulling back.

“Well she says you have the best tongue. I want to see why. You can’t be greedy and keep her to yourself Hoseok unless you are going to date her.” Yoongi reasoned Taehyung didn’t say much but he nodded in agreement siding with Yoongi. Hoseok looked at them for a long time, a multitude of mixed emotions battling him before he nodded.

“While I usually would argue with this. It was a bit rude for y/n to say such things as you made her cum twice. I do think that I should punish her in some sort but since I can’t do that with a house full of guys this will have to do.” Hoseok let his fingers stop moving the wet spot between your legs was embarrassing. Hoseok backed up sitting on your bed beckoning the other two inside of the room. Yoongi leaned against the wall while Taehyung slid to the floor. Yoongi reached out his hand to shut the door but Hoseok shook his head. “Keep it open, if they hear her then it’s her fault and she gets to explain to everyone what we have been doing to her.” Hoseok smirked at you, and you could feel anger boiling.

“I’m not-“

“You’re not?” Hoseok asked cutting you off. He looked at you, waiting for you to finish what you were saying. “Be careful y/n.” He warned. The last time you ever told Hoseok no against his wishes, he went months without touching you, causing you to beg him to forgive you and to touch you again.

Sighing you gripped at your jeans undoing the button on them, stepping out of them and your panties you threw them to the side almost acting like a bratty child. Hoseok was amused but he wasn’t the only one, his eyes glued to your body, watching as you walked towards him. Yoongi couldn’t help but marvel at your beauty, your plump ass cheeks, looking down below just imagining how you tasted. He felt his cock twitching and one look at Taehyung confirmed that he was thinking the same thing.

Hoseok laid backwards on the bed, pulling you on to his body, and pushing you up until you were straddling his neck. Hoseok breathed softly against your lips, his tongue coming out to slightly lick against your pussy lips. Your breath hitched as you watched him from below, your body was burning but you were so turned on you didn’t give a damn if Yoongi and Tae watched. They could join and you would still be fine with it. Hoseok let his tongue wiggle lightly against your clit teasing you as he tapped the tip of his tongue against your swollen bud. He hummed softly, using two fingers to open you up, letting his tongue slide up and down your pink slit, sucking on it licking on your insides. Your head rolled backwards, you bit on your bottom lip trying to not moan out loud for the sake of everyone in the room. Hoseok let his tongue move to press against your entrance playfully sliding only the tip of his tongue in and out teasing you.

Yoongi watching this didn’t understand how something so simple could make you love it. But after watching how Hoseok teased you as if he was going to push it in, he realized that was what you wanted. To be teased and push to the point of neediness. Your hands gripped harshly onto Hoseok’s silk locks. Your hips were still but your rigid body showed that you were becoming needy, on the brink of cumming just by him giving a few thrusts and suck to your clit. Taehyung sat there watching with his mouth open, hands pressing against his member that was trying to get hard from seeing you almost sob in a whisper and beg Hoseok to taste you.

Hoseok slide his tongue in slowly, moving his hands to rest on your hips. Hoseok pushed you down flush against his face causing a sharp gasp to leave your lips. He picked up his pace quickly slurping and sucking on your insides, fast and relentless tongue flicking motions that caused him to press against your g-spot. He went from teasing you to showing no mercy, moving your hips against his face as he ate you out. You pulled tighter onto his locks, rolling your hips and pressing his head even closer into your pussy. Hoseok moaned softly nuzzling his face against your pussy the juices sliding out onto his chin and down his neck but he didn’t care. Not once did he stop, his head staying attached to your pussy. One of his arms moved back, pressing against your clit, tapping it and pinching on the pink nub. He felt you tense up around his tongue, he could see how your stomach tightened up how your face was contorting in pleasure with your lust blown eyes. He loved it all, your rigid thighs tightening around his head. The sounds of your wet pussy being sucked echoed through the room.

You took one look at Yoongi and Taehyung, remembering that day they both ate you out, the look in their eyes and how good their tongues felt as well. Your body was on fire, pussy tingling from your spot being pressed against so much. Looking back down at Hoseok you tried to ask him without saying anything, seeing a harsh jerk of his head up and down your hands pressed against your headboard. Hoseok let your hips go moving his tongue curling it in all the right places as you rode his face completely taking over him and he submitted to you. Not pushing you to move faster or slower then you wanted. And that’s what truly got you off with Hoseok, he aimed to please you and let you be in control just like he was. In no time, you were circling your hips on his face moving as fast as you could until your cum was sliding out onto his lips and tongue. He was greedy in cleaning up your cum, sucking harder on you as if he was trying to get you to become dry. Hoseok let you ride out your orgasm on his wet face until you were satisfied and pulling away with your own wants. You slid down to kiss his lips licking everything off. Sitting up after a bit of time you stare at all of them, Hoseok smirking as he planted a kiss on your lips.

“Are you going to tell them the truth?” He asked ruffling your hair and you shook your head jutting out your lips. “Well then I will.” Hoseok looked at Yoongi and Taehyung smirking. “While she does love my head, she told me what happened between you two before you even told me. She only said she loved mine better than yours because she didn’t know how to tell you it was a tie. But she loved things you did at different times. Yoongi she loves that you are rough with her. Taehyung, she loves that you tease her like I do. But if you never let her get in charge she will never let you be a favorite and I learned that the hard way.” Hoseok sighed playfully causing you to slap his arms.

“Well any day you want to ride my face like that just come find me princess I’ll let you play with my dick while you’re at it.” Yoongi smirked at your tinting cheeks. Taehyung on the other hand got up and waddled into your bathroom shutting the door. The rustling of his pants made you even more flustered. You found yourself getting up but Hoseok pulled you back down growling.

“You’re still in trouble. Don’t even think about it.”

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Name: Benjamin
Age: 23
Country: U.S. 

Well, I’m just an arrogant fool who likes unusual conversations. I have a lot of different interests, including history, sculpture, calligraphy, cooking, wine, poetry, philosophy, etymology, and unique sports and games. 

Preferences: 18+ preferred, but if you have something interesting to say feel free.

Baby On The Way

Prompt ~ #97 “You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?”

Extra ~ Jason Todd x Reader

Perhaps you and Jason should have been more careful that night. You and Jason weren’t planning for it, but you both were happy nonetheless. The question soon popped out of no where.

Who’s going to tell Bruce?

This wouldn’t have been hard if Bruce hadn’t seen you like his daughter. When he found out you were dating Jason he almost killed him. Now imagine what he would do to him if he found out you were pregnant and Jason was the father. You also weren’t sure how the boys would react, Dick would be happy for certain. But Jason, Damian, and Tim’s reactions were unpredictable. Alfred would be delighted no doubt, he was always nagging for Bruce to have children but sadly only ended up with Damian to his sorry extent, then he moved on to pestering the boys to have a child and it seemed that his wish had been granted.

You were scared out of your wits and so was Jason, it had seemed luck was not on your side when you were invited on Friday to have dinner at the manor.  You did not have enough time to mentally prepare yourself for the moment, this explains why you were currently hyperventilating on the drive there.

“Hey don’t worry, the worst that could happen is that he’ll kill me.” Jason reached over and held your hand rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand trying to comfort you.

“Worry? You were the one who was sweating buckets when I brought up the question.” You retaliated as the car drove by the open gates.

“He probably will obliterate you on the spot.” Jason pulled the keys out of the ignition, unlocking the doors.

“Now that’s what worries me a bit.” He opened the car door for you, linking his arms with yours, you both made your way to the front door. He raised his left hand and knocked on the wooden door.

The door swung open revealing Alfred, “Master Jason and Miss (Y/N) how delightful that you were able to join us for dinner.” You both walked in, a smile making it’s way on your face.

“It’s great to see you Alfred.” You pulled away from Jason and hugged Alfred.

“It has been some time hasn’t it?” He smiled as he closed the door behind you and walked you both to the dinning room.

The dinning room was set up beautifully, every one sitting in there designated seats, two of them empty awaiting for you and Jason. You quickly greeted your father with a hug, Bruce chuckled at how hard you squeezed him.

“A family dinner was due hm?” He chuckled as you both pulled away.

“I’m guessing it was Dick’s idea?” You laughed as Dick walked up to you and hugged you.

“Of course it was my idea.” Dick sat down on his seat once more, while you greeted and hugged Damian and Tim. Jason greeted them with words along, ‘I thought i had seen the last of you’ and some minor bickering with Damian. The dinner was delicious, since Alfred cooked it himself. The conversation flowed easily with some banter in between. It felt good to be reunited with your family it had been some time, you all had busy schedules it was really sensational that you were able to meet up with them. But you knew it couldn’t last forever, for you had news to tell and the opportunity could not be passed.

“Guys me and Jason have some news.” You gained there attention, tentative eyes on you. You felt Jason’s hand slip into yours under the table giving your hand a small squeeze.

“What you didn’t get her pregnant did you?” Tim joked, only to be met with silence from the both of you.

“Oh God you really-”

“You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?” Bruce cut off Tim abruptly.

“Well i was thinking man that was some-” You covered Jason’s hand with your mouth, and mouthed the word ‘run’ to him. He quickly stood up from his chair and got up running away from Bruce.

“Were not done here young lady!” Bruce pointed an accusing finger at you and ran off after Jason.

“This is amazing!” Dick got up and hugged you once again, this time tighter as he jumped up and down in excitement.

“I find this great news, I will teach your newborn everything i know.” Damian proclaimed with a devious grin.

“There is no way we are letting demon spawn corrupt a baby that isn’t even born yet!” Tim retaliated quickly.

“I’m so proud of you Miss (Y/N) we are finally going to have a baby in this household.” Alfred popped up, probably eavesdropping on the conversation.

“Am I the only one worried about Bruce and Jason right now?”


Because @artsyfalafel and I had a conversation, and this came out of it. 

“-and the daguino was COMPLETELY overcooked!” the old man at the table next to them spat, his saliva literally landing on the alien servers face. “I DEMAND a refund!”

The server nodded hastily, eyes wide, and rushed off to the kitchen area, leaving the man to grumble to his wife about using the restroom.

Lance popped up from his seat with a bright smile on his face, dropping his napkin next to Keith and clapping his hands together. “Be right back, guys. Gotta use the little paladin’s room.”

“Just go to the bathroom, Lance,” Shiro muttered, not even looking up from his menu.

Lance shot the table a set of finger guns and darted out of sight, towards the back of the restaurant that Coran had told the paladins about. “Anyone else think that old guy was being totally unreasonable?” Keith grumbled, glancing at the table next to them and wrinkling his nose.

Pidge grinned and glanced down at her menu, eyes sparkling mischievously. “Oh yeah. Total asshat.”

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I’m honestly so shook from the latest clip. Everything was perfect. The fact that Yousef was watching Sana. How he probably came into the kitchen after watching Sana’s mom leave so he can try and talk to her. He passing her. The purity of the their conversation. Cooking, jobs, kids, future, etc. The breaking of gender stereotypes. Then of course Elias calling him out for flirting and then Yousef leaving without the dirnk he supposedly came into the kitchen for. 

Venus in Gemini: Two Princes

If you want to know what it’s like to be loved by a gemini venus, listen to the song “two princes” by the spin doctors. The energy and lyrics of the song capture the venus in gemini vibe perfectly- sweet, playful, but potentially devoted and deep in love.

If you want to call me baby
Just go ahead, now
And if you like to tell me maybe
Just go ahead, now
And if you wanna buy me flowers
Just go ahead, now
And if you like to talk for hours
Just go ahead, now

Gemini venus is pretty shameless when it comes to love. They keep their heart on their lips and will say anything to get you. At the same time, they can be completely sincere. It is an irresistible, potentially lethal combination.

I mean, would you be able to turn down the guy singing “two princes”?

Nope. Don’t lie. 

But here’s the catch: venus in gemini has a reputation for dishonesty and infidelity. 

Like venus in scorpio, if gemini venus doesn’t feel like you’re The One, they will lie and cheat without any qualms. Unlike venus in scorpio, they probably won’t care too much if you cheat on them too. They are the type to get in a relationship just to avoid boredom. The minute you start to bore them, it’s over, whether you realize it or not. They won’t dump you, though. It’s not because they’re scared (though, as a mutable sign, they like to avoid confrontation) but because you don’t even rate the effort. 

Yeah, gemini venus is the most likely to pull the fuckboy move of getting you to dump them. They’ll start by ignoring you and brushing you off. If that doesn’t cut it, they’ll blatantly flirt with other people in front of you. If that doesn’t work, they’ll let you catch them cheating. Make no mistake- if you catch a gemini cheating, it’s because they wanted you to. 

Regardless, chances are, you’ll be the one to break up with them, which leaves them free of blame and able to start another relationship right away.

Gemini is the sign of duality, and in love, it embodies one of two archetypes: the trickster, or the lovers. 

(Historically, the symbol of Gemini was not twins, but a pair of lovers.)

If you’re not The One, Gemini will play you and not give a single fuck. They can’t feel sorry even if they wanted to.

If you are The One, Gemini will approach the relationship with all the innocence, sincerity, and devotion of a young lover. They will say anything to get and keep you. 

In this context, Gemini venus combines the fire, passion, and single-mindedness of Aries with the depth and commitment of Scorpio. Gemini will shower you with gifts and put you on a pedestal like Leo and make long-term plans like a Capricorn. 

(Each sign carries the energies of the signs that form sextiles and inconjunctions to it. Every sign is unique, but its traits can be created by combining other signs- just like green it its own color, but can be created by mixing red and blue. If you have planets in capricorn, leo, scorpio, and (not or) aries, you may relate strongly to Gemini, even if you have no placements in that sign. Long tangent, but important info!)

As an air sign, Geminis like to be a little unconventional in love. Notice in “two princes” the singer says “if you want to buy me flowers, just go ahead now.” Traditionally, in a hetero courtship, the man buys the woman flowers. Venus in Gemini likes to switch roles and switch back every now and then.

Venus in gemini men may like it if you buy them scarves, flowers, and other “feminine” gifts. He may like to surprise you by cooking and cleaning. Conversely, venus in gemini women may take on traditionally “masculine” tasks like fixing the shower, etc, for her man. Even in same-sex relationships, the venus in gemini person will change roles and perform a variety of tasks for their partner, and expect the same from they. It’s all about variety. This placement also makes it likely for someone to be bisexual and down for anything, especially a threesome. 

Gemini venus men tend to be in touch with their feminine side, and the woman may be comfortable with masculine roles. This is a great placement for the type of self-confidence that allows a person to change into anything, and still retain their sense of self. 

Personally, I used to side-eye venus in gemini a lot, because of their reputation for deception and ruthless actions in love. I listened to that spin doctors song on repeat, couldn’t shake the feeling that it represented venus in gemini perfectly, and had a huge epiphany.

Now, I think this is one of the best venus placements for finding true love because, like scorpio, it allows for soul-level depth, like capricorn, it prevents you from settling for less than what you deserve, like aries, it allows you to pursue your lover fearlessly, and like leo, it endows you with great confidence and generosity. 

I know venus is exalted in pisces, and I understand why, but I feel like venus in gemini should be tied for that position. After all, what better sign for venus to be in, than the sign that is literally symbolized by a pair of lovers?

anonymous asked:

Number 11? Maybe with Touko from Natsume? Pretty please with a cherry on top!

11. You look terrible. I mean, you look beautiful as ever, but also super sick.’

Touko presses a hand to the side of her face and laughs. It’s hard to feel self-conscious when Takashi is pink-faced and stammering an apology that’s hard to make out, that sounds something like “can’t believe I said ‘terrible’”. 

“I am feeling a bit under the weather today,” she admits. “I would lay down, but I need to start preparing dinner if I want it to be ready for Shigeru when he gets home.”

Takashi blinks at her, and then his eyes stray past her face to a point behind her shoulder – the kitchen counter, where the groceries are laid out. Hardly a moment goes by before his amber eyes gleam and his shoulders square, and he says, “I’ll make dinner. Really,” he adds, before Touko can so much as open her mouth, “I used to make dinner at one of the other places I lived. I can do it. I want to.”

Her heart is simply too big to fit comfortably in her chest, Touko decides, folding her hands together firmly against the ache that sits behind her breastbone. Takashi is so stubborn and so willing, and so eager to be helpful. She smiles at him, ignoring the silly prickling at the corners of her eyes.

“Thank you, Takashi. That would be wonderful,” she manages, and watches something radiant bloom in her child’s face. 

(And an hour or so later, she’ll wake from a light nap and follow the sounds of cooking and conversation down the hall into the doorway of the kitchen. Shigeru’s briefcase and overcoat are draped over one of the kitchen chairs and her husband is standing next to Takashi at the counter, sleeves rolled up and tie thrown over his shoulder.

“This is her favorite recipe,” Shigeru is saying. “I’m not sure our attempt will taste anything close, but it’s worth a try, right?”

“Right,” Takashi says brightly. He’s flecked with egg batter and tiny pieces of diced scallions, and pushes bangs out of his eyes with the back of his wrist. “I think she’ll like it no matter what.”

Oh, I will, she thinks, unable to bring herself to interrupt the two of them, a hand pressed against the happy ache in her heart. I absolutely will.)


A week had passed since the two of you had started having dinner together. It seemed more tolerable to be around Hobi. He was considerate, he always took care of cleaning up after you cooked, and the conversation was always something new and interesting; it was like having the perfect roommate. But as you scanned the predetermined questions that the interview would ask, you got a knot in your stomach. Although you two had formed a cordial and relaxed relationship, you weren’t anywhere near a married couple. You two barely touched each other, other than the occasion hand touch when passing food to one another.

How are we going to make it seem like we are married? You asked yourself as you wandered around the empty apartment. Hobi had texted that he would be late practicing at the studio and with the amount of privacy surrounding your marriage, the media was constantly in a frenzy outside, which meant you were trapped in the large apartment. You heard a knock on the door that automatically put you in a panic. Looking through the peep hole, you recognized the face. It was Jin and Namjoon from BTS, which was unexpected and rather alarming to you. You opened the door and began asking questions.

Did something happen? Is Hobi alright? Jin put his hands up and shook his head.

Oh, he’s fine, we just wanted to keep you company while he was out. Jin’s calm voice made you relax as you welcomed them in. Putting a kettle on the stovetop, you began to grab mugs for tea and pulled some cookies out of the cupboard.

Sorry for the mess, I just finished cooking some dinner. Usually Hobi cleans. You remarked and Namjoon raised an eyebrow.

The two of you have quite a system. Interesting. He said, but you looked at him confused. Of course the two of you had a system, but why would that be so interesting? As if he could read your mind, Namjoon continued to explain. I just didn’t think two people who were forced into a marriage would be so comfortable.

Oh, well I see him as more of a roommate. You felt comfortable opening up to the two bandmates because of how much Hobi spoke of them. You almost felt like they were your friends as well. Jin looked at you with a bit of sadness in his eyes. You recognized him from the wedding. You could remember it clearly.

Right before you father had come in to fetch you, Jin had walked into the bridal room.

Oh, I’m sorry, this is for the bride and the father. You told him as you tried to wipe the tears from your eyes. Jin grabbed the handkerchief from his pocket.

I know, but seeing as we will be practically family in a couple hours, I thought I could talk to you. My name is Kim Seokjin, I’m the eldest member of BTS and the best looking if I may say so myself. You stood there as he spoke without cracking the slightest smile, which formed an uncomfortable silence to form in the room. Jin cleared his throat. Anyway, I thought I would talk to you, see how you were feeling.

How do you think I’m feeling? You snapped at him without intention. Jin gave a small nod.

I’m sure it’s not fun, but I want you to know that Hobi is a great guy. If you were going to be forced into marriage with anyone, be happy it’s with him. He tried to make a case, but you felt the tears well up. Anytime someone brought up the act of forcing this marriage upon you, you felt a strain in your chest.

He could be a fucking saint. This isn’t how it’s supposed to work. You spat as you turned back around. Jin reached out and gave your shoulder a squeeze.

Just give him a chance and know that all of us are on your side. Especially me. Jin smiled reassuringly and walked out of the bridal room. You looked at the handkerchief in your hand. Stained with black mascara marks and damp with tears, Jin had shown a small bit of kindness on an otherwise gloomy day.

You snapped out of your memory and looked at Jin.

I washed your handkerchief. You began but Jin shook his head.

Think of it as a small wedding gift and a simple act of kindness. You needed it more than I ever will. You smiled at him and nodded as if to say thank you. Namjoon looked between the two of you and made a small gesture with his hand, but Jin quickly rebuked. No, nothing happened between us. I simply talked to her before the wedding. I didn’t want her to be completely afraid of Hobi. Even though she kind of knew him … Jin trailed off and Namjoon stopped him.

That’s what we wanted to talk to you about. Namjoon stated quickly.

What was what you wanted to talk to me about? You questioned.

About Hobi knowing you before the wedding. Namjoon clarified as you looked at him quizzically.

Yea, our families knew each other, that’s why we were arranged. They felt it was best that there was at least an acquaintance factor. You quoted the words of your father, the same ones he had told you when you had asked him why you had to do this.

Do you think you were the only woman that was in the mix? Namjoon asked bluntly, which resulted in Jin swiftly smacking his arm. Namjoon looked at the elder in a bit of anger, but then reworded his question as a simple statement. You weren’t the only girl that Hobi got to pick from.

You sat there, stunned and dazed at the statement. The door opened and Hobi walked in.

Hello? Hobi said questioningly as he saw the two bandmates sitting in front of you. The kettle began whistling on the stovetop and Jin got up to turn it off. Namjoon looked at you and did not raise his eyes to Hobi.

You could have picked another girl? You asked Hobi. Hobi looked at Namjoon with panic on his face. The simple look reassured you of the answer. You got up from your spot and walked over to Hobi. Without the least bit of hesitation, you slapped him across the face. You could have married someone else. You didn’t have to put me in this situation. You knew me, why the fuck would you make me go through this? You interrogated your husband as he cradled his cheek. You lifted your hand again, but Hobi grabbed your arm. You saw anger in his eyes. Something you had never seen in his gaze ever before. He breathed in and the gave a long exhale.

You don’t think I thought about the other women?! You don’t think I thought about the consequences. I was told that I was to marry someone. I thought you had agreed. For fuck’s sake, had I known you were forced into this, then I would have picked someone else. But what the fuck does slapping me fix?! We are still married. We can’t fucking change that. Hobi spat and swore as you stood there. The anger that was inside you had dissipated into sadness. He was right. You couldn’t do anything. You were stuck. You felt a massive weight fall onto your chest, tightness resided and you heart beat faster. You could feel your breathing hitch and your vision become blurry. The gravity of the situation caused you to go into a complete breakdown. You felt trapped and alone. You felt completely helpless. You felt yourself falling to the ground. You could hear Hobi scream your name, you heard Namjoon call 911, and you could hear Jin running to you.

You let yourself fall into the black abyss of your panic. Falling farther and farther into your own mind, you let yourself have a complete breakdown. The faint murmur of beeping machines, sirens, and doctors’ voices, but you didn’t try to wake up, you just let yourself stay in a comatose state.

Hobi sat in the hospital room, day in and day out. He didn’t shower, he didn’t change his clothes, he just sat there. Sleeping in the uncomfortable recliner chair, he felt as though this was his fault. The doctors called it a severe panic attack, but when they tried to ask him what led up to it, he brushed off the question. He sat there and watched you lay in a hospital bed.

Jesus, I’ve caused you so much pain. I’m so sorry. He mumbled and stroked the top of your hand. Touching the diamond ring that glittered on your finger, he thought about taking it off. If the two of you just took off the rings, it would all be better. If this never happened you would be completely comfortable. But what if you were with another guy? And for the first time, Hobi seemed to realize that he wanted to be with you. Looking at you, he wondered one simple thing. Would you ever fall in love with me?

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“you’re the only delivery person who gets to my house in any semblance of the word fast which is why i keep requesting you but you don’t believe me and tease me constantly about it” au this has Freezerburn written all over it. :)

Alright! You’ll see some similar stuff from your fic to me. (Kinda intentional kinda not) I had a lot of fun with this one, and I hope you’ll get just as much enjoyment out of it!

Weiss Schnee was a punctual person. Years of living within the Schnee Manor had ingrained a need to be timely, and even so much as a thought of being late was enough to earn, at minimum, a threatening glare from her father. “Time is Money” is something that she heard daily, and for the Schnee patriarch himself, this was doubly true. It appeared to Weiss –if his tirades were anything to go by– that every second of time wasted was millions of dollars down the drain. She’d learned quickly from his reprimands and scoldings to adopt the habit of timeliness or suffer the consequences.

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ice-bringer  asked:


Moll you had me at problematic children sldkjfghlsdfkjdsjkl. This is a mess. Love you <3 [AO3]

“Why does anyone have to be naked?” Gildarts complained as he reached for his second glass of wine that afternoon. “We just wanted to have a normal family dinner.”

“Who’s naked?” scoffed Gray, fully naked and lounging back in his chair.

Natsu not-so-subtly nudged him and pointedly looked down to an area thankfully hidden from the rest of the group by the dining table. Swearing under his breath, Gray held up his hands in defeat and graciously dropped a napkin into his lap instead of making a move to retrieve any of his clothes from the living room where he had lost them earlier.

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Serendipity: Chapter Two

Jungkook x Reader (Wolf AU)

Two: Trip to Town

Author: Lee

Word Count: 2,047

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven

It was still a mystery to me exactly where the guy I had saved from the woods had ended up. He was gone before daybreak, leaving no evidence that he was ever here to begin with. He didn’t leave with anything, crossing out the option that he was a thief.

Now, a week after the incident, I stood outside shoveling the snow away from my shed. Mother nature wasn’t very kind during the month of  February and decided to snow almost every day of the week.  The only way to travel to town, in my circumstances, was by snowmobile. Currently, however, it was buried under almost three feet of snow, proving it to be difficult to do my weekly grocery store shopping.

As I struggled to uncover my only means of transportation, I noticed a figure make it’s way across the snowy road. It took me a few seconds to realize who the person was, but when I did I didn’t bother hiding my astonishment.

“What the hell are you - aren’t you injured?!” I dropped my shovel and started towards him, picking up speed as I went.

He gave me a nervous smile before shaking his head. He was walking fine, even though he had been shot in the abdomen seven days ago. Even if he had rested every single day of the week - which he hadn’t, because he had to of gotten to his residence somehow - he would still be in pain.

“I’m fine now,” He stated, meeting my eyes before breaking the contact almost immediately. “I wanted to come thank you for… saving my life, I guess.” He finished, much more awkward than the night I had brought him in.

I decided against digging deeper and asking him about his wound again, only to reply to his last statement.

“You’re welcome.” I gave him a small smile before looking back up to him. “I never got your name, by the way.”

“Oh, it’s Jungkook. What’s yours?” He inquired, forcing me to stifle a laugh.

This seemed like kids in school meeting for the first time ever after they were put into a group and forced to do a project together.

“I’m Y/n.” I answered, the pink of my cheeks deepening as I grew colder standing around.  “Did you want to come in?” I decided to ask , looking up to meet the boy’s gaze.

“Sure,” He answered, almost puppy-like. “If you don’t mind.”

Shaking my head, I turned towards the house, stepping gingerly onto the icy wooden porch that lead into the cabin. After Jungkook almost fell, I helped guide him into the house safely before closing the door and retreating from the cold.

“Where do you live?” I spoke as I removed the heavy jacket and scarf I had been wearing for protection of the chilly weather. “I mean, there’s no way you walked all the way here from town.”

He raised an eyebrow and shook his head, removing his own jacket - the same black one from a week ago.

“I don’t live in town. I’m actually only a few acres away.” He informed, politely asking where he could put his coat before I directed him to the hanger.

“I didn’t know there were any other houses this far out. I’ve never even seen it.” I voiced, looking to him with confusion. “I’ve been hunting all around this place for the past year. Now you’re telling me there’s a house somewhere nearby?”

“Well, the house is in a concave area - you might of missed it.” He said, watching as I put tea on for the two of us. “I mean, it’s probably further than you would like. I don’t know why you’d head all the way out there to hunt anyway, the deer don’t like being so far from the river.”

With the help of him, I narrowed the location of his house to either the south or west - opposite of where the river was.

“I wouldn’t know that, I’ve only been here a year and I only started hunting a few months back. I had to get my license for this area.” I informed, watching how he would react to my words.

His expression didn’t change, but he nodded. It didn’t take a genius to tell that he was nervous with the conversation. I decided to drop it and change the subject.

“So, why did you leave before I could get your wound properly treated?” I fixed up two cups of tea as I asked, turning back to watch his expression grow more anxious.

Seems as if returning to the past was a mistake.

“I didn’t want to burden you.” He spoke quickly, avoiding eye contact. “You already helped me more than you needed to. Once you fell asleep I decided to leave.”

After almost fifteen minutes we had finished our tea and grew tired of our mindless chatter.

“I should get back to shoveling,” I started, preparing myself to venture back out into the snowy abyss. “Thanks for stopping by.”

“I could help,” Jungkook stood up abruptly, shocking me into a small silence. “I mean, if you want me to.”

He lifted his hand up to scratch the back of his head, seemingly surprised by his sudden actions as well.

“Only if you want to,” I replied, preparing to go back out into the snowy wonderland. “I’ll take you to town for helping out, how’s that sound?”

He nodded, a shy smile slipping onto his face.

Once we made it back outside and retrieved another shovel from the shed, Jungkook and I began working on getting the snowmobile out of the snow. It wasn’t long until we started talking again although, to my surprise, he started the conversation with something out of the ordinary.

“Why don’t you move away?” He asked, glancing at me before averting his eyes back to his work. “You said the wolves were bothering you - so why do you stay?”

“I like the nature - and wolves don’t talk or blast music at odd hours of the morning.” I answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

He chuckled, seemingly finding my comment funny.

“They’re scaring you, aren’t they? Wouldn’t you rather have a nosy neighbor than a dangerous one?” He inquired, momentarily stopping what he was doing to look at me.

I raised an eyebrow, wondering why the hell this kid was so stuck on the subject.

“Look, I’m not going to shoot them if that’s what you’re worried about. They haven’t turned up in a while, actually.”  I informed, stopping what I was doing as well. “Why do you care so much?”

“I was just… curious.” He spoke, tearing his eyes away from me.

I didn’t mean to upset him.

“Sorry I yelled.” I apologized, watching him shake his head.

“You’re fine.”

“Did you want it? I’ll buy it for you.”

“Really?” Jungkook beamed, the bag of candy in his hands crinkling with his movement.

“Yeah, we can say it’s for helping me out today.”

I smiled back at him, watching his childlike behavior with amusement. He was older than me by a few months, yet acted like he was younger than me by a few years.

“Are you planning on making soup with everything you’re buying?” He suddenly asked, following me around the store.

“Yeah, did you want to stay for dinner?” I asked, feeling slightly more generous today than I usually was.

“You don’t mind?” He wondered, looking to me for assurance.

I shook my head.


“Then you’re helping me cook, too.”  I voiced, chuckling at his reaction.

He shrugged his shoulders and got distracted by even more things on the shelves. It was almost like he’s never been in a store before - or he wasn’t allowed to buy anything, at the very least. He was an adult, so it was a little weird that he was acting like a five year old, but I decided to brush the subject off.

“Do you work in town?” I decided to ask as we stood in a small line .

“I don’t have a job,” He replied, meeting my eyes. “My brothers work around here, though.”

He suddenly became more hesitant to speak, as if I reminded him of something unpleasant.

“I didn’t know you had brothers,” I stated. “Are you the youngest?”

“Yeah, I am. How did you know?” He tilted his head cutely, forcing me to turn my head away from him before a tint of pink decided to slide onto my face.

“Lucky guess.”

“Do you have any siblings?”

“No,” I answered simply, placing the food on the counter. “I’m an only child.”

There was nothing but silence left between us as the cashier checked out my items. Maybe Jungkook’s brothers never let him buy what he wanted - or maybe their relationship wasn’t the best. It would explain why he was allowed to wander around and visit me.

“Did you ever figure out who shot you?” I asked as I set out the ingredients for the meal Jungkook and I were going to cook.

“Ugh… no. No idea.” Jungkook awkwardly stated, walking up beside me. “So what’s first?”

He changed the subject.

“Here,” I pulled out the soup pot, handing it to him. “Fill this with water so we can boil it and wash your hands- I’ll peel the vegetables.”

He did as I said, even turning on the burner to the appropriate temperature.

“Cool, thank you. Now could you tear the chicken into small chunks?”

We both worked in a comfortable silence until Jungkook spoke up.

“I don’t think I’ve ever made soup before.” He commented, forcing me to chuckle.

“With a woman in a cabin stranded in the middle of nowhere?” I joked,  turning to see him flush slightly.

“In silence,” He corrected, continuing to rip at the chicken. “Jin - my brother - always corrects me or kicks me out of the kitchen.”

“Are you that bad at cooking?” I kept the conversation going, appreciating the fact that he was opening up to me a little.

“No, he’s just a perfectionist.”

“Well I’m not going to kick you out unless you drop that chicken on the floor, okay?” I reassured him, watching a smile slip onto his face as we stood side-by-side  in front of the counter.

I bumped into him purposely with my hip, giggling as I did so, trying to get him to drop what I told him not to.

“Hey!” He shouted, laughing as well.

He did it back - although noticeably more gentle than myself. A piece of chopped carrot hit the floor.

“Jungkook!” I yelled, a smile plastered onto my features. “Pick it up!”

“But I have a job to do,” He stuck his tongue out at me. “You pick it up.”

I sighed, picking up the carrot and mischievously throwing it at him, only for it to collide with the side of his face. He jumped, watching the orange  vegetable hit the ground again.

“Why did you throw it at me?!” He shouted and quickly wiped his face off, only to step on the carrot, getting his sock all dirty. “Y/n!”

“I’ll give you one of my socks,” I laughed out, cleaning up the orange mess on the kitchen floor. “I’ll wash it for you.”

After a half and hour more of Jungkook complaining about his missing sock and finishing up on preparing the ingredients, the soup was finally cooking. We resorted to throwing candy at each other in the living room, not finding anything else to do.

“You’re horrible at this,” He commented just after the piece of candy hit my nose. “You haven’t caught one.”

“It’s because you have bad aim,” I teased, throwing one to him. “I’m just sitting here.”

He mocked me by making a stupid face and laughing, making me laugh as well.

Everything stopped, however, once the distinct sound of a wolf howling could be heard. Jungkook paused, glancing at me as if looking for a reaction.

“They’re back.” I voiced, standing up, stopping once my arm was grabbed.

Jungkook shook his head, noticing I was going to make my way to the window. He slowly pulled me back on the couch, sitting me next to him.

“You’re safe,” He spoke, voice deeper than usual. “I’m here.”

anonymous asked:

Have you written anything that was like having a flirty relationship with calum but you weren't dating him until you were standing in the kitchen with him and asked him if you were after Ashton had cornered you about it?

“What’s for dinner?” You asked Calum, creeping up behind him in the kitchen.

He threw an arm around your shoulder. “Just got to finish up my balsamic reduction for the chicken, and then we’ll be ready to eat.”

Balsamic reduction,” you repeated teasingly. “Look at you, throwing around cooking terms.”

He turned to you, a lazy smile on his lips. “Yeah, you like that?”

You blushed, and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Cal, can I ask you something?” He nodded, not really paying attention to you, focusing back in on his cooking. “Are we a couple?” He turned to you in confusion, his eyebrows knit together. “I mean, Ashton asked me the other day, and I-”

“Wait,” he interrupted you, “were we not a couple before?” You looked down at the ground in embarrassment, your words dying on your lips as you grinned. He took your face in your hands, and kissed you chastely, laughing a bit. “Well fuck, why have I been cooking for you this whole time?”