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50 life lessons:
1. Happiness is a mood, not a destination
2. If you spend every day wishing and wondering you will only look back on your life and wish and wonder
3. That cookie won’t kill you
4. Neither will that shot of tequila
5. Everything in moderation
6. Exercise will always put you in a better mood
7. A hot shower or a long nap can cure anything
8. Spend days with the people you love
9. Tell people how you feel
10. Never give up on a dream
11. That guy/girl was not your soulmate , soulmates don’t leave you laying in your own tears alone
12. Once a cheater always a cheater
13. People do change
14. But sometimes they just become better liars
15. Jumping into a cold pool on a hot summer day is an amazing thing
16. Wear that bikini, wear that red lipstick, wear whatever the hell you want
17. So what if your thighs jiggle?
18. Never let someone else decide your life for you
19. Don’t have sex with someone you would not want to raise a kid with
20. Buying condoms is less embarrassing than buying a pregnancy test
21. You can always order yourself flowers and buy yourself chocolate
22. Jump off cliffs, go skydiving, make sure you at least feel that thrill once
23. Do not let winter cause you to be lazy and sad
24. Sometimes all you need is to clean and organize things to feel like it’s all back in place
25. Your GPA isn’t the most important thing in your life
26. It is important though, study, focus, but never put your education over your physical well being
27. Go to the doctor and dentist
28. Listen to your gut, it really knows what is best for you
29. Always talk to somebody on the phone while walking alone at night
30. Sometimes all you need to do is laugh at your mistakes and move on
31. Find your comfort food
32. Never be afraid to go home
33. If you are, find a new home
34. Life is not a puzzle, the pieces will never fit perfectly but isn’t that the point?
35. Never dull your enthusiasm
37. Educate yourself on current events, from more than one source
38. Wear sweatpants or dress up, your significant other shouldn’t care what you are wearing
39. Sometimes you just have to act like a child
40. Go to carnivals, go camping, have adventures
41. Go to as many festivals and concerts as possible
42. Learn how to cook simple meals
43. You won’t always have someone there, learn how to do things on your own
44. Treat animals with the respect they deserve
45. Believe in whatever religion you like or don’t, but do not shove your beliefs on others
46. Watch as many movies as you can
47. Music is the gateway to the souls
48. Summer nights with friends are always the best
49. True friends aren’t always true friends, if they talk gossip with you they will talk gossip about you
50. Always smile, always love, never judge, and never dull your passions

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The most simple food becomes a luxury when you’ve walked far. Hot beans, roasted bread and a steaming cup of tea. Soaked, then frozen gloves and forgotten matchsticks are some things I advice against though. 

Cauldron Tips & Tricks

My favorite witchly tool is hands-down the cauldron. There’s so much that can be done - elemental magick, honoring your deities, setting a hearthfire, the list goes on!

Choosing Your Cauldron: Cauldrons come in varying shapes and sizes, but are commonly made of cast-iron and have handles. There are cooking cauldrons, which operate like large soup kettles, small, portable, mini-cauldrons for indoor use, big older copper cauldrons, and modern day kettle cauldrons, safe for cooking while camping. The ideal Witch’s cauldron is cast iron, has handles, and has a lid, if only for practical reasons: The cast iron makes it safe for many heat and flame-based spells, the handles make it easy to carry when it’s hot, and the lid is used to stamp out fires before they get out of control.

Cauldron Upkeep

Rust - This is a very real danger when filling your cauldron with liquid. Remember to always rinse out and pat dry your cauldron.

Fires - Keep a lid and sand on hand to extinguish any magickal fires. If oils are used, water won’t work as well as an extinguisher.

Tradition - I like to keep a sprig of seasonal herbs, or something else decorative, in the cauldron while it’s on the altar, so it isn’t empty. You can put the lid on it, or leave it uncovered, as you wish.

Cauldron Work

This is just the tip of the iceberg - here are some of my favorite uses for a cauldron, whether on the altar or without!

  • Honoring the Elements: Fill your cauldron according to the season or day’s elemental hold. For water, you can fill your altar cauldron with spring or rainwater and float a candle and herbs/petals correspondent to the day. For fire, you can light candles to flicker in your cauldron (see below for a safe method). For earth, the cauldron can be filled with fresh dirt and decorated with an herb bundle. For air, incense can be burned in the cauldron, on a charcoal round, or as a cone.
  • Cauldron Candlefires: You can have a blaze in your cauldron without having a hearth fire! Line the bottom of your cauldron with any type of sand (often referred to as “cauldron sand”), deep enough to stick candles of your choice in. The sand will support them, and the wax will be easier to take out.
  • Incense: Cauldrons are fantastic vessels for incense. I use mine to hold my loose resin incense, burning on a charcoal round. The handles make it perfect for carrying around a sacred space to welcome visitors and the deities. Sand should be laid down in the cauldron, and stick incense can then be placed in it to burn, or a lit charcoal round, or a piece of cone incense.
  • Scrying: Cauldrons are wonderful crying vessels. An experienced scryer can fill a cauldron with water and gaze within, or you can wax scry by dashing warm candle wax into cold cauldron waters, then interpreting the symbols.
  • Offerings: You can use cauldrons as offering bowls for your altar, your deities, or for any other purpose.
  • Balefire: Cauldrons traditionally were used to hold balefires, sacred fires of nine woods. You can safely keep a small balefire in your cauldron by layering some sand, making a small hole, placing some kindling, then topping with your bale woods (which don’t need to be nine - you can light a non-bale, regular magickal fire with your regular woods).

The possibilities only expand when you have a food-safe cauldron for cooking. Go forth, Witches, and cast! :>

- Ash


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➳ I’m a coffee person and a tea person. But most of all an outdoor person who loves making these beverages out in the wild.