cooking beats

the three kinds of people you see on cooking shows
  • host: your challenge today is pancakes
  • contestant 1: i've been cooking pancakes every day since i was five years old. i wrote my master's thesis on pancakes. i just got back from a pancake conference in belgium
  • contestant 2: i've never really made pancakes before, but i know how to make waffles, so i think i can figure something out
  • contestant 3: i've literally never seen a pancake. pray for me
Who the Hell is Dick Grayson: Part 4

Prompt: Being Tony Stark’s daughter and dating Dick Grayson

Words: 843

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

    You can feel his disapproval. It’s radiating off of him. It reminds you of that time Damian and Tim had messed up an operation over a petty argument. It had put both the family and civilians in danger. In the end, he hadn’t talked to his brothers for nearly a week, and Jason had bragged about being the favorite brother for a good month.

    “They’re reckless.”

    Your eyes flicker up to your fiancé. “I knew you’d say that.”

    He leans down and kisses the top of your head. “You would. Some days you know me better than I know myself.”

    You chuckle, “I think anyone who knows you would have realized that.”

    “They’re not a team.”


    “How long have they been… working… together?”

    You wince, “Years.”

    He nods, “In the past two hours they’ve destroyed a marketplace, caused hundred of thousands of dollars in damage, completely ignored each other, and finally lost their target.”

    You flip the computer off, once you have confirmation that the Avengers are on their way home. You follow him from the control room and into the kitchen. You watch him take down a box of cereal before intervening. You take the box and put it back. “No cereal. Real meals only.”

    He gives you a smile, and slides onto a bar stool, “I’ve missed your cooking.”

    “We both know that you are a perfectly adequate cook. You just lack motivation.”

    “And time.”

    You shrug, “You got me there. Still, you’re an Alfred trained cook. You can beat me with your eyes closed.”

    He winks at you, “Maybe I’ll cook you dinner this week.”

    You lean over the counter and kiss him, “That sounds amazing.”

    Chicken Parmesan and potatoes doesn’t take long. While not all that healthy, it’s hot and tasty. You’re both half way through dinner when they walk in. They’re battered and bruised, and you can tell there’s been a disagreement.

    Out of the corner of your eye, you watch Dick study them. You’re fairly certain the only ones who notice are Nat and Clint. You step away from your food and pull and ice bag out of the freezer. Without a word, you walk up to your father and press it against his eye.

    He reads the judgment in your eyes, “I’m okay. Really.”

    You don’t even turn around, you simply say, “Dick?”

    “Black eye, cracked collarbone, rolled ankle, and a possible hair line fracture in his arm, if the video footage is anything to go by.”

    You glare at your dad. He leans around you and glares at your fiancé, “Thanks for that, snitch.”

    Dick just raises an eyebrow, and says, “Nice comeback… for a six year old.”

    The snickers coming from the rest of the team draw your attention, and you glare at them. They quiet down quickly, and with a mumble, you say, “I’m going to go call the doctor.”

    You pull out your cell phone, and keep an eye on your fiancé and your father’s team. From the way Nat’s smiling, you know she’s about to drop some type of information, “So, the Boy Wonder has a bit of bite.”

    Dick’s eyes swivel towards her slowly, “And how do you know about that?”

    She smirks, “I stole your file.”

    Dick nods for a second before saying, “Funny, ‘cause I did the same with yours. Including that bit of information you didn’t leak.”

    They stare at each other for a moment, before Nat stands. “You up for a spar then?” You answer before he can, “No fighting on a full stomach, or right after an op. First thing in the morning will come soon enough.”

    Dick smiles, and Nat scowls. You stay up just long enough to finish eating, and to make sure your father isn’t dangerously injured. You crawl into bed without another thought. Morning comes much too early. You wake up to an empty bed. Dick’s side of the bed is cold, and a bit of dread settles in your belly.

    You grab your robe and make your way down the hall, at a sprint. You hit the button for the elevator, and when it opens, Banner is there. “I was just coming to get you.”

    You grimace, “How bad is it?”

    “He was fine with one on one. Then they ganged up on him.”

    “Two on one?”

    Banner winces, “Three on one with your dad filming it.”


    “Thor joined in with Clint and Nat.”

    You run your fingers through your hair, step in and hit the down button. The doors open straight into the gym. You walk in, to find two assassins, a trained acrobat, and a demi-god all lying on the floor.

    You go and squat next to your fiancé, “A little tired, are we?”

    He grins up at you, and in between gasps for air says, “They’re good. Not Bruce good, but still.”

    Nat glares at him, “One day I want to meet the Bat and fight him.”

    You grin down at your boyfriend, “If that happens, I’m selling tickets to the League.” He just laughs.

Three’s Company

A/N: I wasn’t gonna post this yet but then all this talk of threesomes…

Rating: M

It was nice of Luke to invite you both over, especially since you and Spencer had only just revealed to the team that you’d been secretly dating. At first, he was jokingly protective of Reid but when you’d admitted that secret dating had been made harder by the fact that neither of you could cook, he jumped to beat Rossi to the offer. Then suddenly, you were sitting at a small table eating the most amazing home cooked meal since your mom’s with your boyfriend and one of your best friends. Admittedly, the German Shepherd sitting watching was a little off-putting, but she was the sweetest you’d ever met.

“So, how was the food?” asked Luke before tipping his wine glass toward his lips.

“Mmmm…” started Spencer as he swallowed down the final bite. “That was amazing. How come you never mentioned that you cook?”

“Well, after the house party I figured it was David’s thing, so I let him have it. But there was no way I was letting you guys get away without trying my food.”

“Ugh, I’d forgotten about that party,” said Spencer, grimacing at the memory.

“Why?” you asked, having clearly not been with the team at the time. “What happened at Rossi’s party?”

“You hadn’t told her?” chuckled Luke as he turned to Spencer.

“Told me what?” you questioned, looking at an increasingly embarrassed Spencer.

“I… well… You see…” stuttered Spencer, trying to think of how to word it. “We’d all had a lot to drink… some of us more than other, and… Luke thought it’d be funny to play spin the bottle.”

“Oh no,” you chuckled.

“Rossi opted straight out, and so did JJ but…” Spencer hovered on a detail.


“It landed on me and Luke, and I might have gotten a little carried away,” Spencer answered quickly. Your wide eyes and broad, open-mouth smile showed your shock and amusement.

“A little carried away?” asked Luke. “Reid, you were on my lap before I could say I was game. And you brought your A-game.”

“That’s hot,” you exclaimed with a dirty smirk. “Why are you only now telling me this?”

“Because he can’t remember it… he’s just seen the video,” explained Luke.

“There was a video!?”

“Emphasis on was,” interjected Spencer. “I asked if they would kindly delete it and they did.”

“Well, I wanna see it for myself,” you commanded, voice full of confidence.

“Excuse me?” asked Luke while Spencer nearly spat his wine across the table. “I er… I mean, you guys…”

“What? It’s a turn on,” you added, sitting back in your seat with a look of utter deviance.

“I’m game,” said Luke unexpectedly.

“What? Why?” asked Reid, looking across the table, perplexed. Luke was grinning too now and Spencer seemed o be the only person against it.

“You heard the lady,” answered Luke. “It’s a turn-on, and that’s the mood she wants to be in. So it’s our duty.”

Spencer looked at you then back at Luke, trying to work out what had just happened; but for some reason, he wasn’t ruling it out. It was almost like things started happening while Reid was still processing it, trying to decide. But suddenly he was on his feet and Luke was right there in front of him with you sat right there watching with anticipation.

You looked on, feeling a small rush of adrenaline as you watched their lips move toward each other; your hand sliding down to grip lightly at your own thigh. The moment their lips met, it was like a switch had been flipped. Suddenly, hands began searching bodies before your eyes and the two men became entwined in each other.

Luke’s strong frame seemed to command Spencer’s, which made you think that he might be more into it than he’d originally let on. Either way, you couldn’t pull your eyes away from it, watching as their hips pressed together, their bodies yearning for one another. It wasn’t till your breathing laboured slightly that you even realised that you’d begun to touch yourself.

That was it, you wanted in. Pushing back your chair, you got to your feet, moving around the table toward the heavily distracted Luke and Spencer. When your hand pulled Spencer away, Luke looked confused, almost disappointed; but he didn’t complain. Your lips locked onto your boyfriend’s, drawing him into you as he had been drawn into Luke. The only difference being the hand that lingered away from Spencer, moving instead over to Luke’s waist before stroking across to the bulge in his jeans.

When the idea crossed your mind, you had to go for it, dragging Spencer down as if you were going to let him have you on the floor in front of Luke but you stopped at your knees. Pulling away from Spencer you looked into his eyes with want and lust but it was Luke that you pulled forward.

Spencer looked confused, trying to work out what you were doing as you tugged Luke forward by his jeans. Taking Spencer’s hand in yours, you guided it to the button of Luke’s jeans. All thought and logic had gone out of the window and instinct ruled as Spencer complied, undoing the button of Luke’s jeans without a word.

You both shared a similar grin as Luke’s semi-excited length finally escaped his pants, hanging in the air between you and Spencer. Fingers ran down its length, taking in each detail of its feel and teasing the throbbing heartbeat to bring it to full attention.

Pursing your lips, you delicately kissed the side of Luke’s enlarged end closest to you, winking to Spencer as you did. He didn’t need much explaining as he joined in on the other side a few kisses later. Luke was showing his full potential very quickly, your hands cupping and caressing as both of you worked up and down each side of him; but it wasn’t till you took Luke into your mouth between two wet lips that he let out the first sign that he was enjoying it. Spencer moved down, letting his tongue cup and caress as your hands had been doing, his hands stroking down Luke’s inner thigh.

You couldn’t help yourself, the pure eroticism of the situation made your hands journey back down so that you could pull up your skirt and pleasure yourself in time with your head movements. A quick glance showed you that Spencer had also let his free hand travel south, releasing his pants to expose himself. Spencer looked back at you, a connection of glances seemingly able to convey what words in that moment never would have.

Reid shifted away, standing so that he could pull his pants completely down before he moved around behind Luke; whose head had rolled back and whose hands were now both in your hair. A hand on each ankle told Luke to move his feet apart so that Spencer could move into position.

Spencer was now sat on the floor between Luke’s feet, naked from the waist down and fully erect with a perfectly sculpted ass right in front of him. You moved forward on your knees so you could straddle Spencer while still using your mouth to pleasure Luke.

After a little shuffling, you could feel Spencer pressed against your hot, wet pleasure and all you wanted was for both of the BAU agents to penetrate you. Sitting slowly, you accepted Spencer’s entire length at once, holding onto Luke’s hips for stability but letting your guard down for a moment.

Luke rolled his hips into your mouth, the head of his cock momentarily hitting the back of your throat. The combination of the oral violation and Spencer beginning to slowly thrust into you from below caused an almighty wave of pleasure through your body.

Meanwhile, Spencer had also taken hold of Luke’s hips, using his thumbs to part his cheeks and let him in. As soon as Spencer’s tongue flicked at Luke’s ass, he let out a deep groan, arching his back and letting Spencer eat deeper.

The arching of his back had made your job harder, but it had let you let go with one hand. Leaning a little, you were able to start to bounce on Spencer, feeling every inch of his girth push deeper inside.

The longer the whole arrangement went on, the more it became harder to maintain. Luke’s legs were shaking as his pleasure began to build. Moving your head and your hips with this much alcohol in your system was difficult but the shuddering ecstasy that you could feel heading toward you would be worth it. Spencer felt it too, like an animal need to fuck you while plunging his tongue deeper into Luke.

Eventually, you had to take Luke out of your mouth and use your had while you caught your breath. Whimpering and panting, you worked him hard and fast in your grip as Spencer pounded into you yet again.

“Fuck… don’t stop…” was all you could get out between growing moans but before the wave of pleasure could crash through you and force you to cry out, Luke pushed himself forward, slipping his tip back between your lips so that he could work himself till his pleasure could spill into your mouth.

The cry, therefore, was muffled by your attempt to swallow hard. As Luke stepped away, your entire body shuddered and you sat forward onto Spencer, gripping the remainder of his clothes to keep him inside you. You felt it before the groan was able to leave Spencer’s lips, an explosion of hot fluid deep inside you that seemed to grind all of Spencer’s movements to a halt.

The buzz of ecstasy was still pounding around your body with each heartbeat as you lifted yourself from Spencer’s lap. Sitting in the middle of the floor of Luke’s apartment, you tried to recover your breath as you looked up to see Luke standing and doing the same.

Luke looked from you to Spencer, who looked just as flustered and worn out; and all three of you looked a little pleased with yourselves. There was a long moment of the three of you just looking back and forth at each other, panting and regaining what composure you could while being half naked in this company.

Spencer snorted and began to laugh, causing you and Luke to look at him for a moment before joining in. None of you knew just what had happened or how it came about, but one thing was certain. It happened.

New Music: Playboi Carti & Lil Uzi Vert Perform Their Best Fusion Dance On “Woke Up Like This”.

After spending a significant period of time without any updates on new projects or official singles, Playboi Carti is moving swiftly in the build-up to his anticipated debut project. Following last month’s news concerning Playboi Carti’s forthcoming mixtape, the cult favorite connected with another one of the SoundCloud scene’s heroes for the Lil Uzi Vert collaboration “Lookin.” Delivering a double dose of heat, Carti reconnects with Lil Uzi Vert for another collaboration, “Woke Up Like This.” The latest drop from the pair of young, rising rappers features a beat by Queens artist Pi’erre Bourne, who previously cooked up beats for artists such as 21 Savage and Young Nudy.

Stream here


Artists’ Books Shelf

Richard Flavin’s untitled accordion book illustrates the process of Japanese papermaking from start to finish.

The seven panels represent growing and harvesting the fiber, scraping the fiber, cooking the fiber, beating the fiber, sheet forming at the vat, pressing the sheets, and drying the sheets.


xN7433.4.F589 U5 1983

Flavin, Richard. [Untitled Accordion-fold Book with 7 Illustrations on Papermaking]. Japan: Richard Flavin, 1983.

In Your Head - Part 12

Jughead Jones x Reader


Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 4,912

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback, sexual abuse and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

Jughead’s POV

She was just twirling in front of me. “Cemetery Gates” by The Smiths was playing and she was lightly singing to the music, dancing to the beat while cooking. I was in awe of this woman. How could she not know how beautiful and enchanting she was?

The kitchen started to smell of garlic and chicken, and the aroma filled my nostrils. And while we were down here because my stomach couldn’t stop growling for food, I can’t help think of some future like this with her.

She was practically gliding across the kitchen, knowing everything she needed without looking at a timer or a recipe book for that matter. She was relaxed in her surroundings, something I had only seen from her face a handful of times - as it was usually when she was just around me.

The smile wouldn’t lift from my face as my eyes followed her. Her in all of her gleeful dancing.

The music stopped as the phone that had been playing was now signaling that someone was calling. She lightly looked at me while pressing a finger to her lips, signaling for me to remain silent. I nodded.

Her whole demeanour changed. Her body tensed up and gave a small breath before answering the phone.

“Hey”. “Yep”. “How is it so far?” “Just making something to eat”. “Alright”. “Yep, I will”. “Bye”.

She tapped the screen to hangup. Her body slightly relaxed again as she went back to her playlist. Now choosing The Thermals.

She looked up to my eyes. My face still in awe of every slight movement of hers.

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The Art of Eternal Youth.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 20 - “I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet willies.”  Filled for @novemberhush

Thank You for the prompt, it’s a little crazy, but I hope you like it nonetheless.

“Mike,” Harvey murmured, giving him a gentle squeeze of the shoulder.

Mike was lying face down on their couch, snoring loudly and reeking of alcohol.  He’d gone out last night for Harold’s bucks party (Yes, Harvey had joked aloud, who on earth would marry Harold?).

Just after 9 am, Harvey had received a very exciting text message.  He’d spent half an hour making as much noise as possible, banging the kitchen cupboards, and blasting the ‘Rocky’ soundtrack through the television but Mike still hadn’t moved, and if anything he just snored louder.

“Mike,” he insisted, picking up his arm and dropping it, so it thudded against the leather.

“Go away,” Mike grumbled into the leather, “s'too early.”

Right, Harvey thought to himself, he couldn’t wait to share this news, so Mike needed to join him in the land of the living immediately, he could sleep later.  Sticking his index finger into his mouth and working as much saliva on it as possible, he grinned down at his sleeping husband mischievously.  It was Mike’s pet peeve, and he knew this would get him up.

He stuck the wet finger in Mike’s ear and wiggled it around.  It took about two seconds for Mike to respond by grabbing the pillow from under his head, rising and giving Harvey a good whack with it, “That’s disgusting Harvey, what are you five?” Harvey was cackling, one arm shielding his face and the other covering his man parts in case of a subsequent strike but instead was taken off guard when Mike rugby tackled him onto the mirroring couch.

“I woke you up bec-”

“I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet willies.” Mike scolded, now astride Harvey with his hands on his hips, “Payback’s a bitch,” he explained running his hands over Harvey’s sleep soft tee-shirt lovingly. He grinned as he stopped at his oblique’s and starting a feather light tickle with his fingers.  Harvey bucked and wiggled and tried to slap Mike’s hands away but from his position, Mike was too strong.

“STOP!” He tried to sound authoritative, but it spluttered out amidst a jolt of laughter as Mike started to scrape his stubble under his chin, yet another ticklish spot.

Everyone saw it, not just the PSL crew.  Opposing counsels, judges, and politicians.  Since he and Mike had started dating, Harvey had felt and acted ten years younger, his eyes sparkled, and he was up for any adventure.  

Unfortunately for Harvey, he had given away all his ticklish spots very early in the relationship, and thanks to an eidetic memory, Mike knew where every last one resided if he ever decided to torture him like he was now.

Harvey sucked his finger into his mouth once again and wiggled his eyebrows at Mike.

“Don’t you dare,” Mike threatened.

“Oh, I dare,” Harvey replied, making quite a show of twirling his tongue around his finger.  Mike usually would have enjoyed how sexual it looked, but not now that he knew what Harvey was going to do.  

As swiftly as he could, Mike tried to spring up off Harvey, but Harvey caught him by the thigh, and they both went crashing to the floor, Harvey’s phone slipping from his pocket and skidding toward the kitchen.

Mike saw his opportunity when Harvey’s eyes followed the phone, commando rolling out of arms reach, and sprinting for the master bedroom.

“Chicken Shit,” Harvey yelled out after him, picking up the phone and watching as the sliding doors closed, only to see Mike pop his head in-between the doors, wink at him and call him a pussy back.

As the doors closed he heard Mike yell ‘And my aim is better than your cooking’, then after a beat he added the ‘Sweetheart’ sardonically, knowing Harvey hated the pet name.  There was a thundering of feet outside the door.

“Well, now I’m going to give you the wettest willie you’ve ever had!” Harvey professed absurdly to the closed door.

Mike snorted from his position of ‘using the bed as a barrier for when Harvey charged’, “Promises, promises.”

No, I think I’ll definitely want to do that with you after you hear the news, Harvey thought to himself as he carefully slid open the door revealing Mike with a playful grin on his face, ready to run on the far side of the bed.  Harvey didn’t tread on his expensive furniture, EVER, today being the exception.

He ran around the custom-made bed, and as predicted, Mike tried to scuttle across the bed, in an effort to evade him.  Harvey pounced, jumping onto the bed and tackled Mike from behind.  He dragged him back toward him, Mike clawing at the bed edge as Harvey playfully exposed and sank his teeth into the curve of his ass, eliciting a soft whine.  The sound wound out of Mike’s lungs; it was half pleasure and half pain.  He stilled, relaxing for a moment as Harvey ran his hand gently over the bitten flesh.  Then quicker than the Flash himself, he managed to wiggle away and bolt for the kitchen, Harvey three steps behind him.

“Stop chasing me!” Mike laughed, putting the kitchen counter between them.

Without skipping a beat, Harvey replied, “I can’t stop, it’s my job.”  

They did one lap of the kitchen before Harvey latched onto his arm and flattened him against the fridge, their bodies aligned from thigh to chest, as he kissed him deeply.

“I love you,” Harvey mumbled into the kiss.  Mike groaned, the dizzying combination of Harvey’s words, and the taste of the coffee he so desperately needed making him glad that Harvey was holding him in place.

Harvey pulled away, Mike’s bottom lip still glistening from his last taste.  He took his time just staring at him in wonderment before he spoke again.

“Truce?” He asked, smiling at the perfection that was Mike.

Mike had a goofy grin on his face, “Yeah, you’re forgiven.”

Harvey beamed, “Come sit down; I did wake you up for a reason!”

Mike followed him silently back to the couch they had wrestled on minutes earlier.  He watched Harvey remove his phone and set it on the messages screen.  When he handed it to Mike, their hands touched, and Harvey looked at him with such adoration and devotion that Mike simply couldn’t believe how lucky he was, he had the perfect husband, the job he’d always wanted.  Everything was perfect.  Harvey motioned toward the phone.

Picture message from Amanda:  So happy to finally tell you both that you are going to be dads!  The Doctor said everything looks good and is going perfectly.  So you have 30 weeks to wait! Xx

Mike stared, open mouthed at the tiny little blob on the screen.  He re-read the message, all the while his brain screaming 'I’m going to be a dad!’  'Harvey is going to be a dad!’  'I’m going to be part of a family of three!’ and with that thought, the tears threatened.  

This time, Harvey pushed Mike onto his back and straddled him.  Mike brought his hands up to Harvey’s face and cradled it, “I’m getting a family,” he whispered emotionally, “I can’t believe we get to have this,” he said, pulling Harvey’s face down to his, “I love you, Harvey.”

The End.

Authors Note:  Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the second last instalment (one more to go).  You can find the rest here - Millie’s Mini Marvey Musing’s


On this day in music history: March 24, 1962 - “Twistin’ The Night Away” by Sam Cooke hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 2 weeks, also peaking at #9 on the Hot 100 on the same date. Written by Sam Cooke, it is the third chart topping single for the R&B and pop vocal icon from Clarksdale, MS. Making the move from independent label Keen Records to major player RCA Records in 1960, Sam Cooke doesn’t miss a beat in the transition, scoring a big hit with the classic “Chain Gang” (#2 R&B and Pop). Though with the exception of “Cupid” (#20 R&B, #17 Pop), Cooke hits a slump in 1961, when five of his singles chart poorly or not at all. Looking for something to pull himself out his chart stagnation, the singer turns to the latest pop cultural phenomenon for inspiration. A sensation in the US and worldwide since Chubby Checker emerges on the scene with “The Twist”, Checker’s record achieves the unheard of feat of topping the Billboard Hot 100 in two separate runs on the charts in September 1960 and January 1962. Also in late 1961, New Jersey based band Joey Dee And The Starliters are quickly moving up the charts with “Peppermint Twist Pt. 1”, which replaces “The Twist” at number one after its second time at the top. Cooke writes “Twistin’ The Night Away”, and plays the finished song for his producers Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore. Hugo and Luigi agree with Cooke that it’s a hit, and quickly move to record it. “Twistin’” is recorded at RCA Studios in Hollywood, CA on December 18, 1961, with members of the famed Wrecking Crew studio collective including arranger Rene Hall (Marvin Gaye), Earl Palmer (drums), Tommy Tedesco, Clifton White (guitars), Red Callender (bass), Ed Beal (piano), Jackie Kelso, John Ewing, Jewell Grant (saxophones) and Stuart Williamson (trumpet). Released on January 9, 1962, the song quickly demonstrates that Sam Cooke is far from over. Entering the Hot 100 at #70 on February 3, 1962 and #20 on the R&B singles chart on February 17, 1962, the single rises up both charts quickly. “Twistin’ The Night Away” becomes one of Sam Cooke’s most popular and beloved songs, later being featured in films like “Animal House”, “Innerspace” and “The Green Hornet”. Rod Stewart records the song for his album “Never A Dull Moment” in 1973, re-recording it for the soundtrack of “Innerspace”, appearing along side Cooke’s original version in the film. Drag performer and actor Divine also records a Hi-NRG dance version “Twistin’” in 1985.

GOT7 Scenario Masterlist

[S] - Smut
[F] - Fluff
[A] - Angst
[D] - Decent

Jackson -

Mark -

Yugyeom -

BamBam -

Jinyoung -

JB -

Youngjae -


So, Can We Be More? - Jackson Wang [F]
Damn, I Love You - Choi Youngjae [F]
Best Friend Troubles - Jackson Wang [F] 
What’s The Problem?! P.t. 2 - Im Jaebum [F]
Do You? I Do - Kim Yugyeom [F]