cooking and drinking wine

Hi there! My name is Chantelle and I’m a vegetarian from the great city of Atlanta.

Cooking, playing instruments, gardening, singing, taking pics of my friends, drinking wine, and going to thrift stores is really all that I do.

I’m looking for lovely queer friends and potential couples who’d want to go on fab double dates with me and my lass.

Tumblr: @chantellephone
Snapchat: infanthands (bonus point if you get the reference)
Insta: ceepeekay

Feel free to follow me and message me! I love meeting new people 😊

Gløgg (warm mulled wine)

Happy winter Solstice (2 days ago) to my southern hemisphere followers! Since some of you are complaining about the cold (try living in Skyrim guys!), I dedicate today’s recipe to you.
Now Evette San in Solitude is very, very secretive about her spiced wine recipe. I promised when I left the Thieves Guild that I’d put my life of crime behind me, so as tempting as it was to break into her home and steal the recipe…I did not. Instead, I spent a few days at The Winking Skeever making a mess of their kitchen to bring you my own take on San’s Spiced Wine, and they still serve it there. If getting to Solitude is too long a journey for you, you can recreate this from the comfort of your own homes. I hope you enjoy!

You will need:
1 bottle Alto wine or other red wine of choice
2 sticks cinnamon
1 vanilla bean pod, sliced open
½ tbsp whole cloves
1 tsp whole dried peppercorns
1 piece star anise
1 tsp nutmeg
1 ¼ cup honey
1 tsp allspice
Chopped walnuts or almonds (optional)

In a large pot, bring the wine to a simmer. Add the honey and stir thoroughly until it’s mixed through.

Add all the spices. Bring the wine to a boil and cover with a lid. Boil for 5 minutes, then remove the lid and reduce down to a simmer for another 10 minutes.

Remove from the heat and strain. Ladle into large mugs. Garnish with nuts if you want and enjoy!


❝ you may leave school, but school never leaves you. ❞ 
❝ things don’t change. we change. ❞
❝ do you know who i am? ❞
❝ i’m gonna tell her that i love her. ❞
❝ you have some jalapeno sauce here , next to this jar of eyeballs. ❞
❝ talk to me , i’m fluent in genius. ❞
❝ and this is why i cook alone. ❞
❝ so when do we get to drink the wine? ❞
❝ don’t answer a question with a question! ❞
❝ you’re see beauty in everything and everyone no matter where you go. ❞
❝ you’re on speaker , so behave. ❞
❝ or what? you’ll spank me? ❞
❝ you know i love you , right? ❞
❝ i know what it’s like to be afraid of your own mind. ❞
❝ i’ve got a glock levelled at your croch. ❞
❝ i need to know that i can be human. ❞
❝ you’re afraid you’ve let people down? ❞
❝ that’s the sweetest and saddest thing i’ve ever heard. ❞
❝ i think deep down , we’re all capable of unspeakable things. ❞
❝ there are things we don’t want to happen but have to accept. ❞
❝ we save one life , we save the world. ❞
❝ can you imagine my mom in a mule? ❞
❝ everybody wants to go to heaven , but nobody wants to die. ❞
❝ right now , what’s my worst quality? ❞
❝ just keep it clean and don’t call me honey. ❞
❝ sexy accent , badge and gun. just your type. ❞
❝ if you want to be mad at someone , be mad at me. ❞
❝ people need to know that they’re important. ❞
❝ what , did you join a boyband? ❞
❝ hey , wanna read? i always read when i’m anxious. ❞
❝ i didn’t know you were a bad flyer. ❞
❝ sit down and shut up. ❞
❝ i like knocking. ❞
❝ you know what? i’m done being nice. ❞
❝ do not make me hurt you. ❞
❝ now i have that memory burned in my mind for the rest of my life. ❞
❝ hey , what’s with you? you need a hug or something? ❞
❝ no , i understand. i just don’t care. ❞

got7 at a cookout

jackson: everyone’s favorite cousin
- goes for ‘a store run’ with Mark (a coverup for smoking weed probably at the park)
- can’t cook to save his life
- “TURN UP!”
- had about three beers already
- outside playing freeze tag like he’s a kid himself
- is the first one in line when it’s time to eat
- brings his own radio
- dresses in athletic gear
- tells everyone the food is not organic and is unhealthy but still eats anyway

jinyoung: someone’s dad
- volunteers to say the prayer
- takes twenty minutes to say the prayer but is mainly throwing shade at everyone there (yugyeom)
- “pastors eat first.”
- has a belt over his shoulder for his kids who try to act up
- helped cook the food
- most likely scolding yugyeom and bambam
- drinks wine while monitoring the kids outside
- still gets called Junior even though he’s almost 30
- “My name is Jinyoung, thank you.”

jaebum: the strange cousin
- literally just there to eat
- you can find him in the back room on his phone or walking down the street
- is angry because he couldn’t bring his cats
- everyone is scared to talk to him
- made most of the food (especially the fried chicken)
- argues over who ate the last chicken wing
- gets lectured by his auntie on why he should be nicer
- sneaks plates of food and hides them in his car
- requests R&B music

bambam: the weird nephew
- dresses in nothing but designers
- challenges everyone to a dance off
- plays rap music
- dabbing instead of praying
- gets abused by Jinyoung
- almost gets caught sipping beer
- always screaming
- forces his mom to dance with him
- literally eating everything though he’s so skinny
- gets beat up by his other cousins

youngjae: the kind uncle
- screams “hello” to everyone that walks through the door
- probably in the back BBQ'ing
- tells his nieces and nephews to behave themselves
- throws away all the cucumbers
- is the last one to eat since he wants everyone else to go first
- participates in the 6 year old activities
- eats the popsicles
- loves being surrounded by family

mark: the playboy
- brings about seven different girls to the family cookout
- wears yeezy gear as the elders complain about how he’s wasting his money
- leaves every 20 minutes to get high
- weed smell is on his clothes
- eyes are always red
- takes his plate with him
- “you wanna play basketball?”
- hoops later on outside
- walks the street at 10pm with his other friends and cousins
- still a quiet squish

yugyeom: the dancing nephew
- gets dressed by his mom
- is forced to show off his dance moves to the family
- “I don’t wanna dance mom!”
- is scared to eat
- waits until everyone got their plate only to realize it’s scraps of food left
- taller than almost everyone
- still will get slapped by Jinyoung no matter how tall he gets
- in the back room being a goof with his other cousins
- plays 2K17 (basket ball game)
- gets sad when it’s time to go home after a while

anonymous asked:

I hope this isn't too much to ask😶 Could I request a smut where your boyfriend Jimin and his bff Hobi have had a stressful day at work so he brings J-Hope home for dinner and asks you to help "relieve" both of their stress?😉 Once again I'm sorry if it's too much😅


Your body was light, laying against the couch as you watched the TV flick different images. Yawning gently, you wrinkled your nose feeling the buzz of your phone against your bare stomach. Laying in your panties and bra was common while your boyfriend was away. You groaned lifting the screen up to see that your boyfriend had messaged you. His name popping up with little heart emoji’s and other decorations around it. Laughing to yourself, your hands were quick to work in opening the document.

From: Jibi

‘Baby, I’m coming home and bringing Hoseok with me.. We both had a hard day and he feels to worst so please let him stay! Whatever you cook is fine we will be there in a few hours so no bra and panties! Love you’

From: Bunny

‘You’re lucky I fucking love you. I’ll be waiting. Don’t be too long.’

Sighing softly, you rolled off the couch after a ten-minute self-debate treading into the kitchen. Looking around with your hands on your hips you looked at things that wouldn’t take too long to cook because they would be home. Settling for steamed dumplings, shrimp fried rice and beef tips it only took a couple of minutes for the kitchen to be smelling like heaven. While the food cooked, you found yourself roaming down the hallway and to your shared room with Jimin. You didn’t want to seem overly dressed but enough to make yourself look nice. Hoseok and Jimin had been friends for a while and you had to admit sometimes you did cheek out the taller male whenever he came home with Jimin and it made you giddy to know he would be close to you again tonight. Feet scampering across the floor your outfit attire was something simple, red matching lace (because you wanted to relieve Jimin some after Hoseok left) and on top of that you placed on pink cute thigh highs with kittens on them, a long button down dress shirt of Jimin’s that was black. Styling your hair up into a messy bun your face was done lightly. Soft trace of your favorite shade of lipstick against your lips. Once you were done you checked the time and ran back down stairs to finish cooking, sliding across the floor in your socked feet.

In what seemed like hours later you managed to prepare three plates of food pressing them down on the kitchen table. A bottle of beer for the two men and you opted for a bottle of wine, drinking some occasionally while you cooked. You made sure to clean up the dirty dishes and straighten up the house a bit, spraying some air freshener to make the house a bit better. The door was pushed open and you heard the soft murmurings of voices followed by strings of laughter that made your heart tug in the slightest way. You walked from the kitchen with your hands behind your back. Hoseok wasn’t facing you but from the side he looked so fucking good. Light brown hair combed back, a pair of black slacks on his thighs and a button down white shirt. His red tie draping around his neck made you lick your lips slightly at the sight before your gaze was turned to your handsome boyfriend Jimin. You loved his style, simple tight dark skinny jeans and a button down gray shirt with the first three buttons as well as his tie undone. His blonde hair was combed back in the same style of Hoseok’s but he also just looked so damn good. Jimin turned towards you after pulling off his shoes, his eyes looked at you once over and the simple flick of his tongue against his lower lip let you know that you were in for a surprise.

“Jagi. I missed you.” He purred walking your way. The way he addressed you, with so much want had you wanting to push Hoseok out of the house so that you could just ride your boyfriends dick until you were both satisfied.

“I missed you too baby.” You cooed softly letting your arms drape around his neck as he gripped at the sides of your hips pulling you closer to him. You could feel his barely hard erection letting a smirk dance on your lips you leaned forward biting on his bottom lip.

“Be good bunny. Or daddy will punish you.” He made a fake pout before he slapped your ass with one hand. “Besides we have a guest over tonight, don’t we?” He asked pulling back from you. Hoseok was just standing there watching, his hands buried into the confines of his slacks he wasn’t worried about a thing.

“Hello Hoseok! It’s nice to see you again!” You said in a rather flustered tongue, his name sliding off your tongue as you danced to him, having to hop up on tiptoes to place your arms around his neck in a hug.

“Hello princess.” He greeted simply, his strong arms wrapping around to lock against your lower back. He picked you up, one of his hands pressing down against the lowest deep of your back. It caused you to feel your cheeks heat up more from his touch but shaking it off as just friendly you went with it. “And please just call me Hobi. No reason to be so formal.” He smiled setting you down patting your head. It made you want to pout and rip open Jimin’s shirt to yell “I’m the adult here!” but you didn’t do it. You kept it inside. “What did you cook, it smells good.” Hoseok continued like nothing was wrong.

“Yeah baby is the food ready I’m really hungry.” Jimin frowned hugging you from behind. You suddenly felt the space was too small and you wanted to get away. Nodding your head up at a smiling Hobi you waddled around with Jimin towards the kitchen showing them the food.

“Damn she’s cooked and it’s set out. You have a keeper.” Hoseok chuckled walking towards the table.

Directing him and Jimin to sit in front of you, you sat in front of Jimin as you all started to eat. It was much quieter than you had expected. Because usually they had everything to talk about. At first you didn’t really pay attention to it, your eyes were focused on the dumpling that was plopped in your mouth with delicious juices from the meat and vegetables seeping out onto your tongue. It wasn’t until you felt a foot press against yours that you were looking up from your meal. Jimin was watching you but Hoseok was not doing too much of anything. Fork gently pushing against his food, his eyebrows were drawn together and his face stoic as if he was searching or debating about something in his mind. Jimin made a face to you and getting his understanding you cleared your throat a bit looking at Hoseok once more.

“Is everything tasting ok Hobi?” You asked giving him a gentle smile. He paused looking up at you seeming to pull himself from his trance. Nodding his head, he plopped a dumpling into his mouth chewing on it.

“Mmmmm so good! Really good Y/N.” He started to shove food into his mouth eating to keep himself distracted and being half satisfied you went back to eating your own food as well. The kitchen filled with nothing but the forks hitting the plates or sips of things. The wine had you a bit buzzed and all you could think about was straddling Jimin so that wasn’t a help in your current state. Once you were all done you gathered the plates moving them to the sink to wash them up and finish cleaning off the counter. Jimin and Hoseok had talked about minor things but it wasn’t anything too great or interesting. You dried off the dishes, moving everything back and pouring yourself another glass of wine you made your way back to the table sitting down. Looking around at both you and Hoseok, Jimin opened his mouth pressing his hands down against the table.

“So.. I’ve been thinking.” He started out softly, his fingers dancing against the brown marbled surface his ears were turning red as he cleared his throat.

“Well?” You asked crossing your legs under the table sipping from your wine.

“Have sex with Hoseok.” Jimin said in a rush looking up at you. Hoseok lifted his eyebrows and your hand froze your drink inches from your lips as you stare at your boyfriend. Your fucking unpredictable boyfriend.

“Excuse me?” You started.

“Y-yeah this is silly Jimin she is your girlfriend stop it.” Hoseok said in a flustered state. Your eyebrow rose as you looked at him. The cool and confident Hoseok was nervous? Please.

“It makes perfect sense!” Jimin urged raising his hands. “Hear me out please?” He asked you both. Swallowing a large gulp of your wine you gave a curt nod crossing your legs because you hoped for it. You felt part bad for wanting it but Jimin was your boyfriend and if he was offering it. You would take this chance. “Hoseok. I know you’ve had a long day at work. You’ve barely spoken. I know managing accounts and working on projects has had you worked up. Usually you go to the club or find random flings and buy them drinks and take them home. Then when they wake up the next morning they leave or get clingy. Well Y/N is my girlfriend. And a friend to you. At least this way you’d be saving money and doing it with someone you trust. And bunny.. You’ve talked about wanting to try something different. Why not do it tonight?” Jimin asked letting his brown orbs pierce through you. You blinked, and then you did it again before your eyes roamed over to Hoseok’s dark brown orbs that bare into you waiting for you to answer. “So?” Jimin asked hopeful after what seemed like a pause of silence.

“If.. She is willing to. I won’t say no.” Hoseok said softly licking over his plump bottom lips. “I have worked up energy I want worked out of me.” He murmured towards you and for whatever reason you took that as a sign that he wanted to be dominated and that was no problem. Jimin looked at you, eyes dancing with excitement and even if you hadn’t found Hoseok all that stunning just one look at Jimi’s face had you ready to do anything he asked you.

“I’ll do anything for you. And to help out my friend.” You gave a lazy smirk swallowing down another glass of wine setting it down so you wouldn’t be drunk.

“Fuck yes!” Jimin called out standing up from the table and like a kid he dashed towards the room. Sighing softly you stood up cleaning out the wine glass before you were walking to Hoseok holding your hand out for him. Hoseok smirked taking your hand he allowed you to pull him from the table as you led him towards your shared room. Your hips swayed from side to side and he walked close to you, his body heat rolling off himself and onto your body. You moved to spread open the door of the bedroom only to see Jimin already stripping down to his boxers biting on his lips as he watched you. Hoseok turned around to shut the door. You guided him towards the bed, your hands moving up to push him down on the bed on his ass he watched you biting on his bottom lip.

“What are my orders daddy?” You addressed Jimin like this because you both switched. One week you were the dom and the next week he was. Well today you were in his week and you wanted to obey every desire he had.

“Bunny. Strip for your daddies. Tonight, Hoseok is also your daddy and you will give him whatever he wants.” Jimin watched you and you gave a nod of your head stepping back. Slowly unbuttoning the shirt on your body, you swayed your hips side to side, until it was falling and all that was left on you were your red matching sets. Your hand moved up to pull at your bra but Hoseok had other plans.

“Wait.” He called out stopping you. “Come sit on my lap. Let’s not rush princess.” Hoseok beckoned you with his hand and you made your way towards him straddling him with one leg on either side of him, your arms draped around his neck. You were smirking a bit at him, full eager running through you.

“You’re cute.” Hoseok commended letting his hand undo your ponytail “Now strip.” He growled threading his fingers through your hair roughly pulling your head back.

It made you whimper but you obeyed him. While your hands were moving to grab at the bra clasps behind your back, he pushed your leg between his making you straddle his thigh halting your movements. “Ride it.” Hoseok cooed cupping your cheeks before he lightly slapped your cheek making you moan in pleasure. Not wanting to disobey him, your hips were automatically moving to push down against his thick thighs, the slacks causing a friction that was soft against your lace panties. “Open your mouth.” Hoseok demanded next. He was more dominate than you had originally thought he was. It made you feel like it was going to be one hell of a fucking but you were ready for it. Opening your mouth, you were greeted with his thick thumb pressing down against your tongue. You closed your mouth to suck on his thumb rolling your hips down harder against his thighs. Jimin had moved to get off the bed coming around behind your body, his hands moved up to pull at your bra undoing the clasps of it letting it fall off your breast. Hoseok was quick to cup your breast flexing his thigh when he could. You felt yourself getting closer to a release but before you could do so, Jimin was gripping at your hips forcing you to stop.

“Who said you could cum yet?” Jimin asked ghosting his breath against your ear. He licked the shell of your earlobe slowly before he pushed you onto the bed beside Hoseok on your stomach with your ass up in the air. He rubbed at your plump skin before striking it with a loud slap watching your ass cheeks jiggle. Hoseok smirked standing up beside you. Watching you with dark hooded eyes he started to strip himself until he was stark naked, his long thick shaft standing proud and oozing with precum against the lower part of his stomach. Hoseok walked towards the other side of the bed, laying on his back until he was beside your head.

“I want your mouth on mine while my mouth is on yours.” He said simply looking down at his own heated flesh. Your eyes darted forth as another cry of Jimin’s name left your lips from him slapping your ass harshly. Nodding your head, you smirked watching as Jimin pulled down your matching panties now leaving you bare. Your body crawling onto Hoseok’s you gripped at his shaft stroking it softly. All too soon you felt him wasting no time burying his tongue deep inside of your tight pussy. Crying out loud in pleasure your back arched from the wet tongue slipping inside of you. Your hand focused on moving to jerk up and down his shaft licking your tongue across the tip of his shaft slowly. Letting your tongue flick and dig into his slit moaning in pleasure. Your mouth started to slide lower onto his cock until you were taking it all in wrapping your lips around him to give him a harsh suck. You continued to let your mouth work onto his shaft trying to take the girth down your mouth mewling at every lick and every tongue flick against your walls had your body crippling and wanting to just break down on top of him. You felt hands on your ass cheeks spreading them wide. The next tongue pressing against your little tight rim made you yelp around Hoseok’s shaft making you choke. Your hands starting to grip at Hoseok’s thighs to steady yourself rolling your hips back. You wanted to feel more, the two-tongues grazing against your walls had you made you feel so much closer to your orgasm. You were continuing to roll and thrust your hips back. Whimpering your eyes were watering from the pleasure that you were feeling in your system and the tongues slurping at your walls. Hoseok moved his hands to grip around your hips locking you right on top of his body. Hoseok continued to slide his tongue up and down your wet walls curling it against your spot he vibrated it, Jimin on the other hand moaning against your asshole as he stretched it out with his tongue. You weren’t going to last much longer. And it took only a few more thrusts of both of your tongues to have your body locking up from the pleasure you felt. Your orgasm crashing down onto your body.

Continuing to swallow around Hoseok, you felt him lick up your cum, continuing to suck on him you felt the tongue slide from your holes leaving you empty. You were going to pull back until Hoseok was lifting making your body slide forward and his cock to slide out of your mouth. Whimpering you were about to get up, but Hoseok pressed his hand onto your lower back, looking up at the figure in front of you Jimin was shaking his head eyes dark and hooded. He leaned down to grip your chin biting roughly on your bottom lip. “Who told you to cum?” He demanded and when you didn’t answer him Hoseok gave a harsh slap to your left ass cheeks before Jimin spoke again. “Bunny. I asked you a question. Don’t make me ask again.” He growled tightening his grip on your chin.

“I-I was just too horny not to daddy. I couldn’t help myself, bunny is so sorry.” You tried to apologize but Jimin wasn’t having that. “Let her on her knees Hobi.” He told the male behind you who gladly obliged moving to place you on your knees. You watched Jimin pull down his boxers to reveal his reddened tip. Your mouth watered, you wanted it so much. Moving to plant your knees into the bed once Hoseok moved you. Jimin walked towards you about to place your hands onto his shaft until he shook his head no. Hoseok moved to grip your hands behind your back becoming your human handcuffs. Jimin gripped at the back of your hair opening your mouth up to roughly push his cock down your throat. He groaned not letting you adjust, he started to face fuck you harshly slapping his balls against your chin. He was enjoying how you choked, how quick the spit was dripping down your chin and onto your neck.

“Come on slut. Keep up for daddy.” Jimin growled reaching a hand down to slap at your cheek and pull his cock all the way out. Only to shove it back into your mouth and down your throat. You could feel your pussy getting wetter with each thrust just wanting to feel more of him. He was making you weak. Eyes hooded and cheeks flushed you tried to keep up but it was so easy for you to choke onto his shaft and gag. Jimin leaned down slapping your cheek repeatedly. When he was satisfied that it was red he moved to pinch your nose shutting off your air he buried himself to the base of his cock down your throat shutting off your air. Watching as you choked and your body react to not having any air he waited until your eyes fluttered before he moved back letting your nose go and let his cock slip out of your mouth. He groaned as his cock jumped looking back at Hoseok he nodded his head. “She is all yours to destroy. Just make sure I can at least fuck her mouth again if I can’t get the rest of the holes.” Jimin teased moving back from the bed.

Hoseok nodded his head, moving behind you a bit. Not letting your arms go he slammed into your pussy in one go. Your back arched and he was quick to slam into your heat repeatedly. Groaning against your ear he let his body press against yours. He filled you up to the brim, the size of his girth almost not fitting all the way inside of you. He was thicker than Jimin and he was a tad bit longer but not quick it just was causing your mind to race and heartbeat to quicken. He slapped his hips against yours, not sliding out all the time keeping his shaft buried deep inside of your walls you felt as if you were a doll being lifted and dropped onto his cock. He was smirking one hand moving to grip at your ass cheek harshly helping you slide down onto him. Jimin watched in front of you both, the way you cried out for his friend usually would make him jealous but tonight it made him undeniably hard because you looked so good getting ruined. Your breast flopping up and down and stomach tightening from every thrust. How the juices of your shaft, Hoseok’s cock glistening from your wetness. Your pussy tightened around Hoseok more and he continued to switch angles landing against your g-spot. Once he found it and you cried out for more Hoseok was quick to lean against your ear.

“You want more hmm? More of daddies thick cock pressing deep into this tight cunt huh.. Bunny?” He asked but the way he said your name it was enough to have you screaming and begging to cum. Your head rolling back to lay against his chest you let him slam upwards and bring you down. “I don’t think I should let you cum. You weren’t a good girl.” He growled pushing you forward, planting a hand into your lower back to keep you face forward. His hand moved up your spine slowly ghosting his fingertips over your skin he grabbed at your hair shoving your head into the sheets, slamming his hips forward he cursed lowly letting all his pleasure and want drive out of him onto your little body begging for release under him. He felt his own cock twitch with release, he wanted to make you cum but to beg for it. “Tell daddy what you want. Tell daddy Hobi how to make you feel good. Are you sorry? Sorry for being a dirty little slut and cumming without permission?” Hoseok asked pulling your hair back with his hand. He watched you pouting with a cute face though you couldn’t see it.

“I’m sorry! I’m very sorry daddy! I didn’t mean to cum! But please please fuck please let me cum I can’t hang on much longer.” You were filled with whimpers and apologizes not knowing if any of it made sense you just wanted to cum bad and the release was building up. Hoseok smirked growling out your nickname again he nodded his head.

“Cum for daddy. Cum for me baby girl.” He licked up your back sucking on your skin to give hickeys. His hips moving deep and fast into you his thrusts were powerful, causing you to release your cum onto his shaft tightening up. You shut your eyes and lips parted you were continuing to convulse around him. He watched you give him everything you had, his own hips were giving erratic thrusts and he found himself spilling his own cum inside of you after a few more thrusts. He slowed down a bit to let you both ride out your orgasm before he was letting your arms go and pulling out. Turning your head towards him, he kissed your lips gently letting his fingers massage your hips.

Jimin was walking up to you, turning you around to lay on your back watching you. He smirked at how fucked up you were. He leaned down to press your legs down against the sheets, letting his tongue lap up against your folds and clean the cum out of your pussy. He was making sure to clean you all up and take away some of the soreness. He pulled back to lay behind you on the bed lifting one of your legs up to hook his arm under your bent knee. He pressed his tip against your entrance and ever so slowly he slipped inside of your walls. Jimin was one to usually destroy you but because you had taken such a pounding from his friend he would drag it out. He kissed along your left shoulder blade until he was biting down onto your shoulder blade. He started to pull out of you before he slammed back into your heat. He continued to slam up into you at a slow harsh pace. His hips moving against your he rolled his hips grinding against you. He watched your breath hitch, how your hands gripped at the sheets as he moved into you. He watched Hoseok, who was gripping his shaft quickly jerking himself off at the scene unfolding in front of him.

Your hands moved to clench at the sheets, your hips rolling back to take him more his name continued to move inside of you. He felt so good and you couldn’t help but let his name leave your lips repeatedly. Licking your lips as you watched Hoseok you felt wanted and needed in this moment and there was nothing better than that. Your walls squeezing and wrapping onto Jimin’s shaft you let yourself be fucked into against the mattress. Your head thrown back and lips parted your eyebrows knitted together. You continued to roll your hips back and Jimin picked up the pace starting to slam himself into you groaning more as he felt himself getting closer. He moved to press you against the mattress starting to slam into you instantly landing against your spot. Your cries of pleasure erupted from your lips and soon you felt Jimin’s hand rubbing against your clit trying to help bring you closer to an orgasm. Looking up at him you wanted to beg for permission but before you could say anything he gave a curt nod of his head okaying you to cum for him. Your hips pressed back harshly against his as he pounded you into the mattress letting you meet your end.

“Daddy! Daddy! Jimin oh shit!” You continued to cry out as another orgasm swept through your body, biting on the sheets you groaned feeling that orgasm sweep over you before you were just laying against the bed. Thinking it was over as Jimin was about to cum erratically moving his hips. Hoseok gripped at your hair lifting your face he opened your lips to spill his warm load into your mouth watching as you swallowed all of him. Jimin watching the scene leaned his head down to press against your shoulder blades cumming inside of you. His hips slowly slowed down as he rode out both of your orgasms once again. His arms buckling as he finished his orgasm. He moved to lay down beside of you after he pulled out. Jimin pulled you close to him kissing your face.

“I am glad that you decided to do this for me and us. “He said playing in your hair. “I love you bunny.” He smiled softly.

“I love you more Bunny.” Hoseok teased wrapping his arms around you from behind yawning. “If Jimin isn’t careful I’ll steal you. A beauty who can cook, clean and fuck like that? She’s a keeper.” He moaned rubbing his hands against your lower stomach.

“Over my dead body.” Jimin pouted looking at Hoseok.

“You saw how she screamed she would cum good for me always.” Hoseok retorted starting a playful banter.

“Well we will let her decide.” Jimin nodded bringing you closer to his body protectively and a whine slipped from your lips as you decided you just wanted to go to sleep but with a light smirk on your lips you nodded.

“Later. We will see.”

Imagine you and Loki cooking dinner together. While waiting and in between preparations, you are drinking wine and playing a game with the appetisers(grapes, bits of cheese, etc.) with each other by tossing food into each other’s mouths to see who can catch the most. Much laughter and tender smiles entail.


Here I am in Mozambique, at the End

Today is my last day in Africa. If you consider Madagascar as part of Africa, which it technically is despite its geographical isolation, I have been in Africa for about two and a half years. Tomorrow I hop continents and fly to Thailand!

I’m at the end of a road here. As a kid I always dreamed of spending time in Africa because I was certain there was more to the 54-countried continent than the media showed. My assumptions were beyond correct. Africa is a luscious and thriving part of the world. There is SO much more to it than the sad ball of skewed crap we see represented in the western world. That skewed crap doesn’t even come close and it’s a damn shame.

I have never felt at risk. I have been surrounded by colors and culture and warmth and love and hospitality. I have also been engrossed in my own internal conflict. Africa doesn’t need my help. It doesn’t need anything from me or the west except for respect and an open mind. For that statement I am using the blanket term of “Africa” even though I have only been to 7 of the 54 countries.

Respect and an open mind, that’s it.

Of course Africa isn’t lacking of country specific political and racial issues… but where in the world doesn’t have these problems? Especially as an American in the Trump Era… I can’t say ANYTHING about other places having political issues.

Here I am in Mozambique, at the end. This isn’t the end, though. Mozambique will always be here and nothing will change when I leave.

I have only spent a few days in Mozambique because I have gotten tired. I’ve been traveling quickly these past two months, since I left Madagascar, and it’s caught up to me.

After roaming through Namibia-Zimbabwe-Zambia-Botswana, I took a long break in Pretoria, South Africa with one of my good friends from Afrikaburn.

It was a surreal experience. I slowed down, and sat down on one of the most comfortable couches I had experienced in 2 years and it was hard to remove myself. My South African friend was living her normal life, as a recent graduate of university she was surrounded by social activities and work. It was a lifestyle I hadn’t touched in years and it gave me culture shock. I was in it, but I wasn’t IN it. It was only temporary.

In South Africa I caught a cold. I was supposed to go to Swaziland, then head to Mozambique in time for my flight. I had time for it all but it would be quick. Moving pretty much every day, like I had in the other countries. I have trouble staying put when I am in Travel-Mode.

My friend’s mom was shocked. “You should take a break. You look exhausted. Skip Swaziland! Come stay with me! Use wifi! Relax!” She was the sweetest.

I wasn’t going to. I knew I had to keep going. But then I started to have stomach pains reminiscent to the flu. My body wanted a break.

So I caved. I spent 5 days sleeping, cooking vegetables, drinking wine, cuddly with a cute dog, and watching BBC Earth and war movies with my friend’s mom as I prepared to head to Mozambique.

Here, at the end, I present to you the most African experience one could have. It is a journey of uncertainty, complications, complete kindness of strangers, and everything magically working out after all:

Getting a visa for Mozambique was a nightmare! To get a visa at the consulate ahead of time I needed “proof of accommodation.” To get “proof of accommodation,” I had to contact a place to stay in Mozambique and have them fill out paperwork for me. Most cheap places I found didn’t have emails. The one I did find, Fatima’s Backpackers in Maputo, required “proof of transport.” Since I was originally planning to take local, unpredictable transport from Swaziland to Maputo, I couldn’t acquire “proof of transport.” (You book things like that in person, on the spot).

When my plans changed, I still was hesitant to book transport because buses that counted as “proof” refused to take someone who didn’t have a visa ahead of time. BUT I didn’t want to book transport until I had a visa in my hand and knew when I could leave!

It was a cycle of crap. A cycle a cycle a cycle.

After a few days of suppressing the issue and relaxing, then thinking about it with no real solution, I finally decided to book transportation for a night bus from Pretoria to Maputo for the upcoming Monday. I was hoping over the weekend I could get my “proof of accommodation” then go to the Consulate and hope they could process my visa in one day.

After many harassing emails to Fatimas (their server was down apparently), I got my “proof of accommodation” Sunday evening!

Monday morning I went straight to the consulate. The woman there was much kinder than the first time I’d gone. She said I could pick up my visa between 2:30 and 3:30 pm, but I had to deposit 750 Rands, approximately $50 to the consulate’s account at a First National Bank.

I called an uber ride from the consulate and told the driver I needed to go to the mall near where I was staying. I asked if there was an FNB bank there. He said no. He also told me I would need my passport to make a deposit…which I’d left with the Consulate. Since I have a second passport, I decided to have him take me straight home and I’d leave early to pick up the visa, stopping at the bank on the way.

I shouldn’t have listened to him.

Around 1 I made my way to an FNB in the neighborhood.

Their system was down, but “maybe I could deposit in an ATM” they said!

The ATM ate my money and processed nothing.

Time was ticking away.

A teller went to get someone to get my money back from the ATM. During this time, the line at the bank expanded to 30 angry people. Most things weren’t working and I was on the verge of a panic attack. I was so close!!

I’d used the last of my cash for the deposit so I’d need to withdraw more for my uber ride, but the line was out the door. So while I waited for the teller to return with my eaten money, I tried to change my Uber settings to use a credit card so I could race across town the second the deposit went through.

But Uber wouldn’t take either of my credit cards. It was confused with the zip code versus the country I was in. Nothing I tried would take.

My throat was getting tight. I was SO close to getting this damn headache of a visa!


The teller returned with my money and brought me to an ATM to try again. The manager of the bank asked the group in line if I could go first since I was in the middle of a hassle and a very angry man yelled “Hell No!”

So I got in line as my stress level mounted.

Eventually the deposit went through and I was on my way out the door towards the other side of town to get my visa!

I tried to call an Uber but it didn’t work.

“Verify your credit card” It said.

“Use Cash as Payment” I pressed.

“Verify your credit card” it insisted.

It would not let me order a car.

Time was passing and I was stuck. Panic revved up inside me. No! I’d made it this far. I was going to Mozambique that night! I was going to get my damn visa!

I screamed at my phone each time Uber refused. I needed an alternative. I asked people nearby where I could find a cab.

No one knew.

A girl saw me in my fit and came over as I slumped in the shade next to a different bank to try and think. She offered to find me a cab with a different app.

A well-dressed man came up to us and said “Hi girls, I work for the Ghanaian Embassy and I was robbed here last week. You need to put your phones away.”

The kind girl said “Embassy? Is that near the Mozambique Consulate? This girl has an emergency and needs to get to the Mozambique consulate by 3:30.”

The man replied, “I think I know where that is. My driver will take her.”

I looked up in disbelief.

He guided me to his car and told his driver where to go and to collect him at the bank in a hour.


I got in.

The driver was excited to see me. He was from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After asking me what I was doing, he promptly asked if I would marry him. I told him I was already engaged.

He then asked how I felt about Donald Trump. I told him he was a terrible con man causing a plethora of trouble. The driver said “No honey, I do not believe you. He is not that bad. You are being narrow-minded, you must forgive him!”

I told him he didn’t understand. Trump was cutting every program I believed was progressive blah blah blah all of my thoughts…

Driver: “No, God doesn’t want you to hate Donald Trump. You must forgive him.”

I huffed and said never mind.

Then the driver asked “you do believe in God?”

I told him I was not religious.

This greatly offended the driver.

“Oh no dear! You see how you needed a ride to the Consulate!? You were desperate, but God brought me to you! You must appreciate what God does for you.”

I told him I greatly appreciated the circumstance and his God for helping me. This answer wasn’t enough. We spent the rest of the ride arguing about how he believed my life was nothing until I found God and I told him my life was full and wonderful in its own way even though it was different from his.

I was SO CLOSE to getting that visa! So. Close.

Finally we arrived at the consulate. I told him I didn’t have a phone number he could call when he asked, but I told him to thank his employer profusely for letting me use the car. He told me to thank God instead. I shut the door.

I collected my visa in the office right in the nick of time and I almost cried. Since Uber wasn’t working for me anymore, the woman called a cab for me.

That night I said good-bye to the pet dog and my cushy, relaxing life in Pretoria and hopped on a night bus where I promptly passed out.

By 4 am we’d reached the border but had to wait until it opened at 6 am to cross. It was the most hectic border I’d seen yet. Lines of minibuses packed to the brim with goods, people meandering, goats sifting through trash. There was a heavy mist blanketing the eerie yellow lights of the cars in line.

Finally I crossed the border’s mess. I probably could have gotten my visa AT the border because so much was going on and the bus would have never known, but oh well. I had it in advance and hopped on over to Mozambique with ease.

I’d made it to my last African country as the sun slowly rose in the heavy fog.

In Mozambique I have been tired. It’s the end of Africa for me and my body knows. I took a chappa from the hostel in the capital to a beach town up north called Tofo at 5am the next day. I spent two days relaxing in Tofo.

I didn’t do much. One night I skinny dipped with some Estonian guys I’d met as the full moon lit the surprisingly warm water. It was euphoric thrashing in the waves.

Tofo is a great place for scuba diving but I’m getting certified in a few weeks in Malaysia and I also have a new tattoo so I didn’t want to spend too much time in the water.

Mozambique looks like Madagascar. The palm trees, fields of corn (instead of rice), grass huts, stands selling tomatoes, women in colorful fabric carrying goods on their heads. There was a Peace Corps Youth Empowerment Camp taking place at the place where I was staying. It felt like home. But it wasn’t. It was a parallel universe to Madagascar. It all looked the same, but I was an alien. I don’t speak a word of Portuguese.

After two relaxing days in Tofo, I returned to Maputo and here I am, mentally preparing for the end of my time in Africa and my next adventure in Asia.

Whew. It’s been a long road. Almost 4 years abroad. I think this new phase will be reinvigorating! A change of scenery and huge cultural jump will be fun.

Thank you for all of the love, Africa, especially Madagascar. I wouldn’t be the women I am today without all of these crazy experiences.

Ideal Dates with Their S/Os

2p america- raves, nightclubs, and bars. then ending the night with hardcore sex

2p canada- carnival before watching the stars

2p england- window shopping, ice cream, and volunteering at the animal shelter (and low key wanting them all)

2p france- cuddles by the fire while drinking wine and watching tv, maybe cooking dinner together

2p china- pranking the shit out of everyone, and you will probably be kicked out of a few stores

2p russia- cooking together, cleaning/jamming to music, shoveling (which will end up in a snowball fight)

2p belarus- little tea party, shopping, movies, and ends it at a family owned restaurant

2p ukraine (my wifu)- raves, and clubs and ends it with take out at home and watching comedy tv

2p italy- shopping for fancy dresses, before surprising you with a fancy restaurant where you get to try out your fancy dress


2p spain- gardening, cooking and drinking

2p germany- bar then video games

2p prussia- video games, then cooking and watching rom coms

2p austria- sex

2p japan- meditating, and gardening

2p norway- night out at a carnival and then a nice restaurant

2p iceland- cooking (aka burning) dinner, and then ordering pizza before walking most of the night looking at the stars

2p denmark- mister home body, staying in his room, playing video games, and trolling people on the internet

2p sweden- walking dogs, and hanging out at the shooting range

2p finland- low key showing you off, while simultaneously glaring daggers at anyone who looks at you, you choose, he just likes showing off his adorable/hot s/o 

2p greece- jogging then frisbee then tickle fighting/wrestling 

  • will literally forget everything and anything
  • speaks Chinese all the time when he comes in because hes tired and not thinking
  • and you’re like ????? I don’t speak Chinese
  • and he’s shook because he didn’t even realise he’d slipped into it

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Busy is as busy does

Got home early (6ish) and found a house of tired girls who had played tennis, cleaned the house, done laundry, and then unwound at the pool.

I left them  - to take a quick 15 minute swim - piled on top of eachother watching a movie. After that I drove to the grocers for wine and frozen pizza, cooked the pizza, poured drinks, cleaned the kitchen, ate dinner, walked the dog, cleaned up the dishes, and then put the girls to bed. 

Watched So You Think You Can Dance with Mrs. RRR (love that show), and then went out for a quick two mile run. 20:21 even splits. Walked the dog again.

And now to bed. More moving around tomorrow:)

“Hung up.” Spencer Reid

You started your internship at the BAU two weeks ago and you absolutely love it. The members of the team are all really nice, successful people who have excepted you as one of their own. JJ and Emily often bring you coffee when you are swamped with paperwork and Garcia always brings snacks and cookies to munch on. The four of you have really bonded a lot and you just love to hang out with them.

Sometimes, Morgan will join you. He is really nice to you and the other girls, though he seems to constantly be flirting with the women that surround him. It doesn’t bother you. In fact, you kind of  like it when he compliments your figure or the way your outfit makes your eyes look beautiful. You always blush and flirt back. But that is all it is, flirting. Derek Morgan is just a friend.

You have not had the time to get to know the team leader very well in any capacity farther than strictly professional, but you think that you have noticed him quietly smiling at your joke lately. He was warming up to you. You  knew that underneath that stolid, emotionless exterior, lay a soft, gentle, happy man. It would just take time to wear away at his walls. He would open up eventually.

Agent David Rossi and you bonded almost as much as you had bonded with the girls. He took you under his wing a little bit on your first day, showing you the ropes and introducing you to the members of the team. At the end of your first case, he invited you to his place for a drink to celebrate along with anybody else on the team that would like to join him. The four girls and Rossi had a blast that night, cooking and drinking expensive wine. Rossi was as close to a father figure as somebody could be after knowing a person only two weeks.

And then there was Dr. Spencer Reid. He was still a bit of a mystery to you. You found his golden curls, and dazzling hazel eyes to be mesmerizing on a number of occasions. He always grew quiet around you. The girls assured you that it was just because he was shy around unfamiliar people but, after two weeks, you should familiar enough for him to at least be able to speak more than three sentences to you at a time. You were beginning to become irritated by his strange behavior toward you. You decided to just accept the fact that he is shy around you and move on with your life.

There were some days that you felt as if you were a trained monkey, running back and forth with files throughout the several offices and desks belonging to BAU members. Today was one of those days. You had to rush from Garcia’s office in her own little neglected corridor, all the way up the set of stairs and along the walkway to Rossi’s office and then Hotch’s office and repeat. Or it was in some different order. Nonetheless, you were constantly scurrying around with files and you were exhausted. You would expect the most tiring days to the be the ones where you were out in the field all day, but no, you fully believed that these days were the most exhausting.

By the end of the day, almost all of the files you had to deliver were distributed where they belonged. There were only a few things left to do and then you were home free. Hotch, JJ, and Reid were gathered in the round table room, collectively discussing a case that the team had closed a number of weeks before. You  had a file that Hotch needed to sign off on. You scurried up the steps to the walkway and over the threshold into the dark room with the large, round table in the center.

You walked directly up to your boss and silently handed him the file. He quickly read through it, nodding as his eyes flitted across the page, taking in the information and its accuracy. JJ continued to talk as the man read the file. You payed no attention to what JJ was saying or the other people in the room. Hotch signed his name on the implied line and handed the file back to you with a nod of thanks. You took the papers and turned to leave the room, you looked down at the file. You looked down at the file and examined it vaguely, acknowledging your boss’s single signature. He was supposed to sign his name twice, once at the top and once at the bottom. But you were not paying attention and your pen fell from your grasp, you juggled it in the air for a moment before it tumbled to the ground. You bent over and grabbed the pen back into your hold.

As you rose, you spun around to return to Hotch. When you turned back the way you had just come from, your eyes were met with the odd sight of Spencer with a blank expression on his face. He was staring at the exact same spot where you stood. He was staring at you?

You looked toward your friend, JJ, and you could see her smirking to herself. She knew that you recognized that the genius was in an odd state. She sent you a mischievous wink, being the ever-omniscient JJ that she is. You looked back at Reid, the blank, dazed expression still on his face. You looked at him, confused and curious, as you walked back to Hotch and indicated the line that he missed. Hotch signed it wordlessly and when you took it back you could swear that he had a smirk identical to the blonde woman sitting next to him.

By now, JJ had finished speaking and the three in the room were reading their files. You noticed that Reid’s eyes were barely moving across the page, a stark contrast to his usual fast moving back and forth. Eventually, your  curiosity and near irritation with his extremely odd behavior boiled over, pushing past any inhibitions you contained.

“Spencer, what the hell is going on with you right now? You were fine literally two minutes ago and now it is like you saw a ghost.” you said to him

His head shot in your direction, those beautiful hazel eyes focusing on you, wide, surprised, and anxious. JJ stifled a giggle and Hotch had his hand covering his mouth, concealing a smile. Now you were getting angry. Spencer was silent and the others obviously knew what was going on but were not letting you in on what it was. On a normal day, you would no be this frustrated, you would just brush off the awkward incident, finish up your work, and then be on your way home. But not today. Today you were exhausted and overworked. You had put up with Spencer and his strange behavior for long enough. You turned to your friend, JJ, a fierce determination set in your eyes. She seemed to be surprised by the uncharacteristic act of aggression fueled by the immense fatigue you now felt.

Her smile dropped and she pressed her palms into the air in surrender at the expression that you threw at her. She gestured toward the doctor. You whipped back toward him. He looked at JJ and Hotch, pleading them to help him out of his uncomfortable situation. Finally he just sighed and said, “JJ, explain. I will be in the break room. I do not want to be here for this.” Before  you could respond, he rushed out of the room and was out of sight before you could reject. JJ frowned at the door where the man had exited in disdain, disappointed that he had left her with the task that all three had been eluding.

Hotch rose from where he sat and said, “I am going to leave you two to it then. When you finish up here, feel free to go home.” He left just as Spencer and JJ frowned at him, too.

That left just you and JJ in the room alone together. “So what in the world is going on, JJ?” you asked, confused, irritated, and tired. You just wanted to go home. You crossed your arms in front of your chest like an indignant child. She chuckled at you, suddenly relaxed now that the two of you were alone.

“You really are blind, sweetie.” She said with a chuckle. You glared at her. “Y/n, Spence is SO hung up on you. You know that, right?”

“Wait. What?” your eyebrow furrowed in confusion. That can’t be right.

“Spencer is totally hung up on you, sweetie. Just now, he was checking you out. Everybody on the team has caught him checking you out at least once except for you.”

You blushed as the new development sunk in. That can’t be right? Spencer Reid is hung up on you? Nah, not likely. You glanced at JJ, your disbelief apparent upon your expression. She chuckled again and she got up. She patted your back as she walked past you and then she left you alone in the room to let her words brew in your mind.

You looked out the window of the small room that loomed over the bullpen and you found Spencer sitting at his desk, anxiously picking at his fingernails. He did like you, didn’t he? Wow. Well, anyway, there is only one way to find out.

You took a deep breath and left the comfort of the dark room behind you and out into the vast territory that contained Spencer. You walked down the steps and went straight to him. He looked up at you, his face lined with anxiety and worry. You smirked at him.

“So,” you started “I hear you have been pretty hung up on me. Now, isn’t it funny that I have been pretty hung up on you too?” his expression did not change for a long moment, but then it broke into the most beautiful smile that you had ever seen.

Originally posted by toyboxboy

I want a close group of friends..we would go on spontaneous trips when we have vacation, hang out at each others houses in the weekend and cook, drink wine, smoke and just vibe to music, chill on rooftops to watch sunsets/sunrise, study together for exams, spontaneously go out to cafes and try cocktails, go to summer festivals, try new things together, try to take artsy photos of each other. But we’d genuinely care and love each other. Grow as individuals together.

this is all I want

Double Trouble (1p France and 2p France)

·Francis probably complains about Francois, like all the time. Especially since Francois is a messy person (he leaves his tooth paste uncapped, dirty clothes are tossed onto a chair, empty glasses everywhere, and cigarette burns in furniture.)

·Over all Francois doesn’t really mind Francis that much, as long as their s/o needs him he will stay.

·Going shopping with these two is super difficult. Like Francois drinks cheap wine a and usually eats microwave meals, whilst Francis is a fucking dive star cook and drinks only the best wine. There is no happy medium.

·Usually when they get mad/displeased with their s/o both try very hard to talk things out. Francois is more of a listener though, whilst Francis is the talker.

·Francis and Francois are both in desperate need of emotional support. They both would be completely depressed if they lost their s/o (Francois would be note likely to loose it though.)

·Both BTT and 2p BTT come OVER on a regular basis. They don’t fight but its really weird seeing one half of the room full of laughter and the other one full of smoke.

·^2p Prussia probably has an attachment to their s/o; they are a friend, he sees them all the time, and his good friend is in love with them.

·Both often come home late at night, Francis goes out with the guys and Francois
goes and drinks a whole bar.

·Francois loves to just lay with his s/o, they don’t need to be touching, just near each other.

·^Often ruined over the fact that Francis is a huge cuddler and steals the s/o away. He also snores and makes it hard for everyone to sleep.

·Dates are usually planned by Francis, but he considers every ones likes and dislikes. He usually sets up a date at a outdoor cafe.

·Both have matching hair ribbons, but Francois’s smells like smoke.

·Bubble baths are common, but for two different reasons. Francis loves bathing with his s/o to be romantic and grow a bond, Francois does it because he needs a bath and Francis used up all the damn water last time.


Lightened Up Broccoli Cheddar Soup

3 stalks leeks (white + tender green parts only),
2 Tbsp light butter,
½ cup diced onion,
1½ lb chopped broccoli,
3 cloves minced garlic,
¼ tsp black pepper,
¼ tsp salt,
3 cups reduced-sodium chicken broth,
1 cup water,
1 cup Fat-Free Evaporated Milk,
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese


Art School | Q&A with Minka Sicklinger (NYC) 

Born in The Netherlands, growing up in Australia, and currently living in New York City, artist and designer Minka Sicklinger’s artwork is filled with iconography, symbolism and cultural influences from her years of traveling and living abroad. We’re not only excited to feature her and some of her mystical drawings, but we’re also excited to have her design a custom skate deck to be raffled off at this year’s Babes Ride Out East Coast event. We got a chance to chat with Minka on various topics – from her travels and early experiences with cultures and art from other countries to how the most challenging part of art at times can be yourself. 

Photographs courtesy of the artists. 

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antcommander  asked:

OOH! ♥ For Fenny and Garrett?

Reacting to the other crying. Hope you like <3

He steps inside the doorway, drops the bag to the floor. He looks around the room, runs a hand through his hair. The window is fogged, dirty, barely anything more than ornamental. The floorboards creak underneath his weight as he walks to the bed. It sags beneath him when he sits, its age showing in a mere touch. Elbows on his knees, face in his hands. He hears the door shut, hears another set of bags dropping. Fenris leans his sword against the wall, makes his way towards the bed.

He kneels down before him, puts a hand on his arm. “Hawke,” he says, “What is it?”

“This isn’t – this isn’t what I wanted for you,” he mumbles. It was Sebastian who gave them the warning first. Whispers in the Chantry, rumors of an exalted march on Kirkwall. They had spent long nights by a burning candle discussing what exactly they could do. Aveline with dark circles under her eyes wondering how long she could keep pushing her guard to the brink. Varric wondering what the remaining Templars might do. They knew what Meredith was, what she had done – would they help defend Kirkwall or would they be the ones who break it from the inside out? Merrill worrying about distributing food in the alienage, the state of their already crumbling houses.

Too many of those nights, the same talk over and over again. Fenris had come to bed one night to find Hawke staring into the fire. Turning to him with haunted eyes. “I need to leave,” he had said. “The Chantry wants me.” Looking back at the fire, the embers churning and ashes falling. “You don’t have to come.” As if he would let him go alone. As if he would let him go without him.

“Garrett,” Fenris tugs at his arms, pulls them away from his face. Hawke lets them drop, doesn’t meet Fenris’s eyes. His are red-rimmed and wet, his mouth curling downwards with something like guilt.

“I never wanted you to have to run. Not again. I wanted –” Hawke shakes his head. Fenris knows. He wanted the days spent in the garden, hands and knees in the dirt. Side by side talking quietly, pulling weeds as Mr. Barks slept in the sun. The afternoons of shared baths, of reading aloud to Hawke while he cooked dinner. The evenings spent side by side while Fenris reads and drinks wine, with Hawke’s head in his lap. The nights spent in bed together, skin pressed against skin, warm breath and warmer words.

“I wanted to give you,” Hawke reaches out, brushes a hand against Fenris’s face, thumbs over cheekbones, “everything.” Fenris’s hand slips over his. Holding it still while he turns his face, presses a kiss to his palm.

“I already have you,” he tells him.



A warning to all who would continue down this road that leads to sandwich perfection…

Abandon hope. Kiss your friends and family goodbye. If you had a social life, give it a merciful death. This sandwich will devour your life, your soul, and everything that remotely resembles free time.  When all was said and done, this amazing, delicious, perfect sandwich took me four hours to make (not including grocery shopping time). It was not easy. It was not quick.

But by god it was delicious. 

In the end it was so enormous that I couldn’t close it and make it one sandwich and it ended up being two sandwich halves that everyone got a piece from each one, so that’s how I’ll be doing the recipe. Still brave enough to push on?

C'mon grab your friends, it’s Sandwich Time!

-MJ & K

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