cooking advice with lauren

Huh, chewing gum is a weird one, and probably not as effective as other methods. But most tips are actually helpful because they either minimise the amount of sulfur gas getting to your eyes, or minimise the amount released in the first place. MOST USEFUL TIPS:

  1. Refrigerate the onions, because it slows down the chemical processes. Don’t freeze them because honestly how’re you going to cut them if they’re rock hard
  2. Use a sharp knife so you do minimal damage to cell walls–a dull knife crushes more of the cells
  3. Move onions away from you as soon as they’re cut
  4. Cut the onions underwater, because water will dissolve sulfur compounds 
  5. Light a candle near your cutting board–the heat will draw the gas away
  6. Leave the root end on until the very end instead of cutting it off first, because the sulfur compounds are concentrated there
  7. Wear safety goggles. Cooking is serious business.