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Popin’ cookin bear pancake cooking demo!

Popin’ Cookin is a fun japanese food DIY kit! This one is for a pancake, but they have all kinds of ones for desserts/candy

Front and back:

It came with a bear mold, pancake mix, and strawberry sauce. I had to get ¼ cup of milk and a bit of avocado oil from my kitchen.

Pour the pancake mix and milk into bowl and mix! The powder becomes a golden color when saturated

Use a tooth brush to brush the mold with any type of oil to prevent it from sticking, and pour the mix into the mold.

Microwave for 50 seconds each

Repeat 3 times

Decorate with strawberry sauce!

Stack them up!


My pancakes actually fell on the floor right after I took this photo, so I had to gently wash them and redecorate them with the strawberry sauce!

I actually didn’t enjoy the taste, but I had a lot of fun making it so I want to try other popin cookin products! It taste creamy and sugary, very much like buttermilk pancakes. The texture is like a sponge cake, very soft and fluffy. It melted nicely in my mouth like a cloud.

The pancake mix is made of wheat flour, sugar, starch syrup, vegetable oil, caramel color, carotene, xanthan gum, and soy lecithin. 

The sauce is made of starch syrup, sugar, xanthan gum, strawberry juice, processed starch, citric acid, flavor, and sucralose. 

I got this kit for around $2 at Marukai (Japanese supermarket).


So this is a great vegan fried chikn recipe. 

(ignore my terrible nail polish I was working all day) 

you will need 

2 cups of vital wheat gluten flour

2 cups of water

4 tablespoons of active dry yeast

1 tablespoon of salt

spices you can use exactly what you used to use on chicken or fried chicken recipes just don’t over season it. 

I used garlic powder,onion powder,nutritional yeast,paprika, cayenne pepper,celery salt,nutmeg, basil and maybe a few others I always just kinda go with how I’m feeling. 

What your gonna need to do is mix your dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl and spice to your personal liking, mix the yeast in dry with the rest of the ingredients. Add your water and mix with your hands because this dough gets tough quick. 

Leave in bowl let it sit for 30 min.

In another large pot boil water with vegetable bouillon cubes. Then get a separate pan with your choice of frying oil heating up. 

now your dough is done and you’ll need to cut small piece’s of dough with scissors or a knife. Stretch the pieces out thin and drop them into the water to boil for 3 minutes. 

Then once your pieces are done boiling drop them into a flour mixture/ breading of your choice. Now for this use regular flour with some spices to coat the outside thoroughly. 

Drop the flour covered pieces in hot oil and fry until brown now I like more kick with these so I add chili oil to the frying oil. 

This is for a large batch I kind of got carried away as you can see but still this is a great recipe when your craving comfort foods.

Then you are ready to indulge in deliciousness!