Hedgehog care and adoption

Hi everyone! So I’ve gotten tons of questions about caring and adopting a hedgehog! I’ll answer a few things in this here text post just so you guys know what caring for one is like.

1. Daily maintenance includes: cleaning the water bowl (water bottles are not recommended as the hedgehog’s tongue may be caught in it), giving them food, and cleaning the cage (poop alert: they poop so much)

2. They need their nails trimmed every other week or so, every hedgehog is different, some hedgehog nails grow faster than other hedgehogs and you can tell when they need their manicure!

3. Baths! Yes, Cookie loves her baths, but if you bathe them too much, their skin will dry out and you’ll have an uncomfortable hedgehog! Every other week or weekly will be fine! Use a gentle baby Aveeno body wash so you know your hedgehog is clean and it’s skin isn’t dry!

4. Cage equipment: this is the most expensive part about getting a hedgehog, however, it’s just a one time ordeal. So what you need is a large cage with a FLAT surface! Don’t use one with a wire surface as their little legs are very delicate and will break if you use a wired bottom. They also need a heat source that will heat the cage around 72-80 degrees! Any colder and they’ll try to hibernate. Hedgehogs in the wild tend to not hibernate, so it’s bad if it does! You will also need a running wheel, an igloo, and ceramic food and water bowls!

5. Bedding: I personally just use puppy training pads as they’re convenient and absorbent. Do not ever use wood chips or any type of wood bedding because it will irritate your hedgehog! Fleece liners (fleece sheets cut to the size of your cage) are highly recommended as well!

6. Food: so here’s the deal, don’t use the store bought hedgehog food. Many of these foods contain ingredients that will make your hedgehog choke, or are poisonous to your hedgehog. I use cat food. One with 30-35% protein and 15% or less fat content! Treats include meal worms, crickets, grasshoppers, and lots of other foods that you can find online.

7. Guys, please do research if you’re planning on adopting a hedgehog! They’re new pets and lots of stores don’t know very much about them. Be sure they’re legal in your state and that you have the time to take care of them!