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Derek: *knocks* “Stiles, I’m at the door.”

Stiles stared in confusion.  He considered the fact that he might have some internal ear drum damage from the explosion last week.  He considered that his eyes might be deceiving him, if the shape on the other side of the opaque glass was anything to go by.

Upturned duck-hair? check.

Jacket (leather?) in the middle of a heat wave? check.

Almost visible stubble/scowl/eyebrows? check/check/check.

“Stiles, I’m at the door,” Derek said, obviously becoming impatient by Stiles’ hesitation.

“You’re at the door?” Stiles called back in disbelief.  


“Prove you’re not a pod person.”


“What’s the safe word?”

At this, his dad lowered his newspaper and gave Stiles a look, a look that said ‘you better not have a safeword with Derek Hale.’

“It’s a magic safeword, dad.”

“That doesn’t make it better,” his father said.  "Now answer the door.“

"Don’t answer the door!” Derek chided.  "I haven’t said the safeword yet.“

"Derek’s right,” his father, ever the Sheriff, agreed, looking grudgingly impressed.  "If your instincts think something is off, go with them.“

Seriously, Stiles’ life.

"What’s the safeword?” Stiles had actually been saving this occasion for maximum effect, and was a little disappointed that the only witness was his father.

Derek muttered something indecipherable.

“I couldn’t hear you!” Stiles hollered back.


Stiles barely refrained from snickering.  "Use it in a sentence.“

"I don’t need this.  I’ll just text Scott,” Derek decided through the door.

“No,” his dad decided.  "Until Stiles accepts the safeword, I’m going to view you as a possible hostile threat.“

Stiles’ dad was seriously the best.  He held up his fist for a bro moment, but his dad ignored him.

"I’ll retrieve my gun and the mountain ash.”

Seriously the best.

“The dancers were twerking it on the dance floor,” Derek finally said, distaste evident in the bite of his tone, like just saying the words were the worst thing that ever happened to him.

And this was Derek.

“Hmmm,” Stiles hummed.  "Weak, I’m going to need a demonstration.“

At this, Stiles swore he heard his dad snort.

"Stiles,” Derek said aggrieved, and Stiles could see the shadow of Derek crossing his arms over his chest and look towards the sky. “I’m on your front porch.”

“I can see through the front window,” Stiles told him, parting the curtains to find Derek scowling at him at the other side. Creepy.

“I suggest you do as my son says.” His dad clicked the safety off his gun.

Derek narrowed his eyes.  "I feel like something is amiss,“ he lied with the air of someone with a plan, and everyone knew how Derek’s plans went.  "Stiles, I’m going to need your safeword.”

“No,” Stiles said, the gravity of the situation suddenly hitting him.  "Not in front of my dad,“ he hissed.

"I didn’t know what my safeword meant when Stiles instituted it,” Derek said directly to the Sheriff.  "So Stiles demonstrated.“

"I really do hate you,” Stiles decided, covering his face with his hands. 

“Son, it’s within his right…”

“I’m going to need that safeword, Stiles,” they both spoke at once.

“JAILBAIT OK. Derek said my safeword was jailbait.”

“Get off my porch.”

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(Some hurt/comfort [I TRIED AT LEAST] for Cookie, because she’s an angel okay yep iM SORRY I TRIED MY BEST)


Lips against his shoulder.

Stiles wakes up with a start, sweaty and scared and wide eyed, fingers gripping at sheets. There’s panic in his gaze, palms clammy against fabric. 

Warm, gentle hands wrap around his own trembling ones, and Stiles can feel the lips against his shoulder, now, can focus on them more fully. It’s grounding, the warm way the air almost vibrates in the quiet, whispered space from Derek’s mouth to Stiles’ pale skin, shivery and nearly solid.

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There’ll be more werewolf game show! It’s what I write when I need to take a break from whatever else I’m working on. It’s my take-a-breather Tumblr fic. (Well, that and the one on a plane, but werewolf game show is in the home stretch now, so I’ll likely just knock that one out until it’s done and go back to the plane one after.)

Conversations with Ked
  • Cookie: the worst part about moving to a different part of the country is not recognizing any of the food labels at the grocery store
  • Kedreeva: I think there are probably worse things

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Nope, not just you.

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no yeah it was definitely messy

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i agree. if they’re not doing something bigger involving mind control and memories and false information or SOMETHING than the writing at this point has passed campy and just gotten fucking bad.

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nope, definitely with you on this

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Yeah, it was pretty shoddy. I think there are too many storylines going at once, too many main characters. They should have narrowed the focus a little, or kept the storylines more separate.

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I liked a lot of it, but I was not impressed with Boyd’s death, Jennifer’s screaming, etc.

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very messy. I think the root issue might be character sprawl? except the solution is not KILLING OFF CHARACTERS GDI JEFF





So, I’ve been meaning to do this forever, and the lovely cookiesees has been bothering me about it, so here is the first part of what shall become my Teen Wolf reclist.  I decided to start small, so here’s four fics that I genuinely love but don’t see rec’ed very often. 

Full ficrec list is here, but only these fics are on it so far, so.

The Ties that Bind by calrissian18

Word Count: 6,981Pairing(s): Boyd/Stiles, Derek/Stiles

General Tags: Asexuality (sort of), Threesome (sort of), Explicit, Angst

Best Line: Boyd sees the whole picture, the spiderwebbing cracks that hide in the warp of the paint.  He’s young in age only and he understands consequence.   That’s why he’s the only one of the pack – either through design or hubris – to sit with the idea of being a werewolf before becoming one.  In the end, he chooses a pack, a family, because he doesn’t have one.

I cannot even begin to tell you how good this fic is.  It’s from Boyd’s POV, and there are hardly words to describe it besides beautiful.  It’s complex, it’s angsty, it’s hopeful, and it’s just overwhelmingly amazing in every possible way.  It is a story worth reading.

giving up this whole lie, this whole me by Loz

Word Count: 11,216

Pairing(s): Derek/Jennifer, Derek/Stiles

General Tags: S3 Canon, Angst, Character Study, Slow Build

Best Line: She fucks like she talks — enthusiastic, clever, and a little disoriented.

A fix-it fic  and character study for Derek during the second half of S3A that is desperately needed.   It’s stark, straightforward prose that captures a broken man maybe, possibly, beginning to heal.  Also, Boyd’s alive and Jennifer’s not the Darach, so there’s that.

Reconfigure by polytropic

Word Count: 5,356

Pairing(s): Allison/Scott, Scott/Stiles, Allison/Scott/Stiles (kind of)

General tags: Angst, Fluff, Threesome

Best Line: “Oh come on! If I can’t talk about how hot he is with you and maybe imagine you guys making out what’s the point of even knowing you like him?”

Allison realizes that Stiles is into Scott and that she and possibly Scott might be into that.  Basically, Allison is better than everyone, Scott is both competent and puppy-like, and Stiles is a loyal person who is anxious and adorable. 

Still by coppersin

Word Count: 13,896

Pairing(s): Derek/Stiles

General Tags: Angst, Mindfuck, Suspense

Best Line: “Gravity redefines itself and his stomach lurches and he isn’t standing, he realizes, he’s lying down now and he’s still so heavy.”

I have a HUGE weakness for mindfuck fic, and this is mindfuck fic at its finest.  There’s Derek, angsting and alone (or, not so much, maybe) with the literal threat of encroaching darkness.  Add a straightforward, honest narrative style, a creepy mystery, and a lot of dry wit, and it’s a heartwrenching and gorgeous fic.  I recommend reading while cradling a mug of slightly-sweetened tea in your bed at one in the morning for the full experience.  

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dude you’ve never gotten anon hate? /I/ have gotten anon hate and I don’t even do anything!

It’s weird right? Like I honestly do not know how I’ve avoided it for so long. Maybe tumblr just eats up all the anon hate because I know I’ve had to offend some people before I’m a very blunt person about my opinions most of the time 

cookiesees  asked:


  • What they smell like: like salt and pine, a little bit like gun oil when he hangs out with his dad/at the station for long periods of time; like Irish Spring bar soap, which he uses because it’s what his dad always gets; when he’s been up late or all night, like coffee (‘feelings’ wise, he smells like energy and anxiety and sometimes horniness)
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): he basically sleeps wherever he passes out, whenever that may be, sprawled out with his mouth open
  • What music they enjoy: he’s got the same general tastes as scott, but with a bit more of a classic rock flair because of his dad, and more of an appreciation for classic folk rock because of his mom. and he has no shame about anything he listens to, up to and including knowing all the words to every one direction song on the radio
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: not too long, but i think when he first started spiking his hair he would spend a long time trying to get it /just/ right
  • Their favorite thing to collect: he’s not really much of a collector, but like…he definitely keeps mementos? little things that were his mom’s, or stuff from his dad from when he was little. a couple of things from scott. stuff like that.
  • Left or right-handed: i know dylan is right-handed but if i had my choice stiles would totally be left-handed
  • Religion (if any): i’ve never thought about stiles and religion but i feel like if he did have faith it would have been severely shaken by the death of his mother. kind of a 'why would a loving god do something like this? there must be no loving god’ kind of thing. but i’ve also seen a few fics were they were jewish? which i like in theory but i don’t know much about the jewish religion so idk
  • Favorite sport: even though he’s on the team lacrosse isn’t really his fave, it’s more the status that comes with being on the team/playing first line. he’s not a huge fan of running around in general, tbh, but once he gets on a field/in a game he gets into it
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): he likes doing those roadside attractions and little kitschy shops, but he also likes to do the big attractions and act as touristy as possible. like if they went to the statue of liberty, he would be the guy to buy the crown/hat thing and wear it the entire rest of the time they were there
  • Favorite kind of weather: he likes it when it’s grey and a little drizzly.
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: squid. they’re just–creepy, okay? (and i know that’s my thing but i think stiles would totally share that with me okay)
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: he’s always been pretty good at the shooting games, but skee ball has always been his favorite