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derek/cookies with stiles watching

He watched intently as Derek turned the plate of cookies, perusing them for which one he wanted. It wasn’t normally such a precise event, but these were special cookies. These were cookies still warm from the oven, made from scratch by Stiles from a recipe he had found while they were cleaning out the ruins of the Hale manor.

These the sort of cookies his mother had made them when they were just pups.

Stiles had dumped dozens - dozens and dozens and dozens - of attempts in private, having stashed the recipe before Derek knew he’d found it. He had sworn Scott to secrecy, even from Isaac, and they had taken heaping plates of cookies to a bake sale at the elementary school. They’d both had to shower thoroughly so Derek wouldn’t notice the scent.

Finally, Stiles was satisfied that he had the recipe right. The cookies held together nicely, were a little fluffy, the chocolate just the right amount of melted. He had figured out how to sprinkle the sugar crystals evenly over the tops the moment they came out of the oven. They looked like the picture that was paper clipped behind the recipe, the one with little kid Derek holding the plate and beaming.

Finally, Derek smiled and selected one of the cookies. It was a bit lumpier than the others, probably the worst shaped cookie on the entire plate. He held it up for Stiles to see, and then shoved the whole thing into his mouth.

“Oh my god,” Stiles laughed. He raised both eyebrows in question, and Derek nodded.

“You got it,” he said around a mouthful of cookie.

Stiles snorted, picking one of the prettiest cookies on the plate and taking a bite. It was delicious. He tipped his head, motioning to the plate with one hand. “You picked the worst one.”

Before he answered, Derek swallowed the cookie. When he smiled, it was a little sad. “Yeah. My mom was terrible at baking.”

“But-” Stiles stood up a little straighter, pulling the old photo from his pocket. “They looked so nice here.”

Again, Derek smiled, plucking the photo from Stiles’ loose grasp and taking a closer look. “I made those.”

(Some hurt/comfort [I TRIED AT LEAST] for Cookie, because she’s an angel okay yep iM SORRY I TRIED MY BEST)


Lips against his shoulder.

Stiles wakes up with a start, sweaty and scared and wide eyed, fingers gripping at sheets. There’s panic in his gaze, palms clammy against fabric. 

Warm, gentle hands wrap around his own trembling ones, and Stiles can feel the lips against his shoulder, now, can focus on them more fully. It’s grounding, the warm way the air almost vibrates in the quiet, whispered space from Derek’s mouth to Stiles’ pale skin, shivery and nearly solid.

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Here we go! Dude this took me forever to write ((side glances comic con and group chats and overall procrastination and sterek/hobrien feels)). I think I’m not cut out for dancing prompts BUT I DID MY BEST I’LL GO HIDE NOW BYE FRIEND


Derek’s not sure why he lets a bunch of teenagers drag him around, but never has he felt such a desperate need to get drunk.

It was Scott’s birthday and the teen had gathered everyone and thrown a party in a small club. And it was all for them - someone who Scott’s mom knew owned the place or something. There was booze and there was loud clubbing music. The werewolves couldn’t get drunk but the humans seemed to be enjoying all the alcohol. 

Everything was going smoothly so far and, despite not being one for clubbing, Derek was kind of enjoying himself, sitting on a stool at the bar, beer in hand. Until, of course …

“What? I know how to dance! Just – I’ll show you, watch me!” apparently Isaac and Stiles were having an argument over who was the best dancer. This will be fun, Derek thought looking in their direction, expecting to laugh at the expense of either of them.

Wrong. It was like torture. No fun.

 Derek couldn’t say why, or when he started feeling that way, but the way Stiles was moving his hips was affecting him. Stiles, he was a terrible dancer; everyone thought he looked ridiculous, even Derek knew he looked ridiculous.

But, even so, the way he rolled those hips around was doing a number on Derek. And the man could feel all the arousal oozing out of him – thankfully everyone was too distracted to notice – so, with a swift movement, Derek hopped off the stool and walked over to the small balcony next to the bar. The night air would cool him down.

Of course that wouldn’t happen though: a few minutes later he felt Stiles walking towards him. When he turned around to see the teenager, he caught Isaac smiling and giving Derek a little nod, before disappearing inside the club again. Fucking Isaac.

Stiles dragged out a very drunk hey, while walking towards him and settling himself against the balcony, next to Derek.

Whaaa-” Derek’s eyebrow raise effectively stopped Stiles from finishing whatever he was going to say. Instead, Stiles shifted and rested his elbows against the balcony, smiling a stupid wide grin that was setting off every alarm in his head.

“What?” Derek managed to ask, trying to bite off the urge to kiss this boy right in front of him — with his stupid face, hips, hands, legs, lips, hair, hips, — goddamn it Derek, get a grip.

“Isaac said,” Oh boy, Derek didn’t like where this was going, “me dancing made you uncomfortable.” Derek sighed, and Stiles added “What do you have against fun, dude? Here—”

Stiles moved and took Derek’s hand, placing his free hand on the man’s hip. “What do you think you’re doing?” Derek was following Stiles’ lead, and god, Stiles really didn’t know how to dance. He hoped nobody would see it. Derek started leading – Stiles was too drunk to realize, anyway. “There isn’t even slow music playing, Stiles.” Stiles rested his head on Derek’s shoulder and chuckled.

“Yeah but I really wanted to get close to you, dance with you,—” Derek felt his ears burning up. He would’ve sworn two beers couldn’t make anyone drunk, but Stiles appeared to be very drunk indeed. And he couldn’t just. Even if—

“And I don’t want to hear any of that ‘you’re drunk’ crap,” Stiles started, mocking Derek’s voice, lifting his head from Derek’s shoulder and closing the distance between their faces, “because if I weren’t, then I wouldn’t have the nerve to do this.”

Stiles planted a soft kiss on Derek’s lips.

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Derek climbed onto...

the small kiddie ride in the mall, forever scowling at his boyfriend as he swung his far too large legs over the tiny horse and gripped the handles that disappeared beneath his hands. 

Stiles was grinning from ear to ear as he focused his camera phone on Derek’s form after he inserted the dollar. “You are absolutely adorable.”

Derek glared up at him, fitting back the urge to bare his teeth as the ride came to life and rocked beneath him, making him feel like the biggest prick in the world. This is why he shouldn’t be dating someone five years younger than himself. Stiles was the most mature of the pack in the best of times but for all the other times… he was the type of person to force his boyfriend onto a kid’s ride in a crowded mall.

Derek could hear every muttered comment clearly. Both the judgmental and amused ones and they both served to embarrass the hell out of him. And, of course, Stiles would have this footage for the rest of his life. All because Derek told Stiles that his new wolf hat with attached mittens was the most ridiculous thing in the world…  

Lesson learned, never insult Stiles’ fashion sense.

cookiesees replied to your post “are you still doing grudge muffins?”


There’ll be more werewolf game show! It’s what I write when I need to take a break from whatever else I’m working on. It’s my take-a-breather Tumblr fic. (Well, that and the one on a plane, but werewolf game show is in the home stretch now, so I’ll likely just knock that one out until it’s done and go back to the plane one after.)

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ahhhhh that’s lovely ;; I read a fic in which Stiles endearingly calls Derek “puppy” [in soft, quiet moments like that] and it was so sweet oh gosh I wish I could remember the name of that fic orz

I wrote one like that, a very long time ago. I was reflexively trying to recover from one of the season 2 episodes where everything was horrible and I just needed all of it to stop and be okay. I doubt it’s the same one, but it’s here. sathreal replied to your post:

i like to use Derbear, surlywolf, sexy beast, and grumpywolf

Yes, yes :D Good! Grouchypants would be good too. cookiesees replied to your post

fluffy, pumpkin, cookiemonster, der-bear, snugglebuns, puppy (LIKE BABY BUT FOR WOLVES), cuddlebucket

OH MY GOD YOU ARE KILLING ME LAUGHING RN. CUDDLEBUCKET ARE YOU KIDDING ME XD I love you, these were great! Oh my god where is the fic where Stiles spends a week trying every single name he can think of to embarrass or get a rise out of Derek and Derek pretends to hate every one of them but secretly he loves them all because Stiles is taking the time to care about him enough to invent all these names…

I did it, I posted a thing to ao3. Remember this? Yeah.

Since You’ve Been Gone.

Summary: When Stiles takes a look at Scott’s slow healing wound, he begins to understand a thing or two.

This is based of the lovely alphavenger's AU gifset
I started posting it as a drabble on tumblr, but then edited and re-wrote what I’ve done with the precious help of Cookie (I feel like I should get your statue built or something, seriously). I also want to thank Emoussie for her beta testing at an early round. 
I’m not exactly 100% happy with the final version, but I challenged myself to post it to ao3, so here we are!

Conversations with Ked
  • Cookie:What kind of car crash kills a werewolf anyway, puh-leeze
  • Kedreeva:one that wraps the car around a post or tree (don't remember which) and crushes the driver completely
  • Cookie:NOPE
Conversations with Ked
  • Cookie:the worst part about moving to a different part of the country is not recognizing any of the food labels at the grocery store
  • Kedreeva:I think there are probably worse things