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LB Gets Woke: A Bullet-Point Crack Fic

I told @luciemiddleford​ how I would really like there to be a rival for Chat Noir’s affections in upcoming seasons.  Not like another superhero or akuma, but a normal civilian who notices how freaking awesome this cat is and makes Ladybug have to work for Chat’s affections.  Her reaction was something along the lines of “oh HELL yes” and she planted ideas in my brain, guys.  IDEAS.

I’m not a fanfic writer.  Brytte is, but she refused to turn her ideas into a fic.  Half of the blame for this goes to her.  Maybe 75%….no, no.  68.2%.

Seeing as how this glorious honor has been entrusted to me, you can guess where this is going.  Y’all should know my M O by now.

Chapter 1: The Not-So-Epic Beginning of an Average Relationship

  • Chat Noir and Ladybug Save the Day™
  • LB leaves and a civilian approaches Chat
  • Let’s call her…idk Marie-Suzanne 
  • because she’s French, you see ¬‿¬
  • she doesn’t want an autograph or anything
  • she just wants to make sure he’s ok and thank him for saving her sister
  • she has shoulder-length caramel colored hair with grey eyes that look like twin storm cl–
  • –what?  That’s been done…?
  • crap
  • ummmm….she looks like Jane Q. Public
  • that better?
  • …dammit I should’ve gone with that name…
  • ANYway, Chat is touched that some rando citizen cares about his well being
  • after blushing enough that it’s a miracle he’s still alive, they part ways…for now

The romance(?) continues after the cut…

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Feels Like A Dream, Chapter 12

[AO3 |]


Eren Jaeger leads a life everybody wants. He is a worldwide teen superstar, has millions of fans around the world and millions of dollars on his bank account.

Mikasa Ackerman, a cancer patient with a not-so-great life, doesn’t believe her eyes when she meets her idol at the local hospital.

Chapter preview:

A masterpiece.

That is the first thing Eren thinks of when he sees her naked. Mikasa’s breasts a small, yet full and so cute. She could brag with those abs, and this butt, at basically every social media site ever existing. And those legs…. He never knew legs could be this long, and thighs could be this thick.

Her body is a masterpiece. A masterpiece crafted by and for a goddess.

He loves her.

He really, really fucking loves her.

Mikasa is the strongest woman he has ever seen, both physically and mentally. She endured so much negativity in all her life, and only a few punches of her could send him to hospital. And he fucking loves her like that.

He realized too late he is lost in thoughts about her perfection. She grabs his arm, and he fails to free himself for how could anyone ever win against this strength.

His back is now against the wall, and her gorgeous eyes are not even an inch apart from him. 


Warning: explicit sexual content (but who doesn’t know that already :D)

There’s also a reference to chapter 4 somewhere, if you can find it without cheating you’ll get a cookie lol

Enjoy the chapter!!

Even More Trolls Headcanons

Branch is naturally an early bird, but after starting a relationship with Poppy he’s slowly come out of it. Once in a while though he will find himself awake before the sun has fully risen, fighting the urge to start the day.  Each time though he’ll feel a tired hug from behind and turn around to see Poppy, still half-asleep and her arms around his midsection.  She’d let out a little whine, nuzzle her face into his back and mumble something about ‘staying here for a bit’ before Branch would lace their fingers together and he’d go back to sleep.

When a Troll commits treason or murder, they aren’t put to death. Instead, they are scalped. Taking away their hair, the source of their magic, the thing that allows them to hide from predators and fight off threats, the thing that makes a Troll a Troll is a fate far worse than death.  If Creek had been captured and tried for treason, he would have been scalped and banished.

Traitors are referred to as 'gremlins’ after being convicted; Gremlin is an extremely derogatory word and its use is reserved for only the worst of the worst in Troll society.

Sometimes when Poppy is sad, Branch will come up behind her and plop his head on top of hers, poking his head through her hair and stay like that until she isn’t sad anymore.

Bridget has an older sibling she refers to as 'Bones.’  Their parents got sick and passed away when Bridget was four and Bones left her at the castle in hopes she’d have a better life.  Bridget feels like her sibling abandoned her and is extremely bitter about it; She doesn’t even remember if they were her brother or sister. When asked why her sibling is called 'Bones,’ Bridget explains that she remembers her sibling having a collection of animal skeletons and that she’d go out and find dead animals so she could study their bones.  (Cookie for anyone who get the reference ;) )

Branch has to wear reading glasses. Poppy thinks he looks adorable when he does.

After returning to the Tree, Karma devoted much of her time to figuring out how and why the consumption of Trolls made Bergens happy. After numerous tests and experimetns, she found out that Trolls contained high amounts of naturally-occurring amphetamines in their systems, which while harmless to the Trolls, is deadly to Bergens when consumed in excess.

The Bergens were only experiencing happiness as a side-effect of consuming Trolls and doing so in excess would have led to addiction and possibly death.

In short, the Bergens weren’t experiencing happiness when they ate Trolls. They were getting high.

Whenever Poppy gets sick, Branch dedicates every shred of free time he has to taking care of her. Half because he loves her, and half because of his crippling fear of being alone again.  The first time Poppy got the flu she was bedridden for two weeks.  Branch rarely left her side, only doing so to cook or use the bathroom.  He even set up a sleeping space on the floor next to her bed so he wouldn’t be far if something went wrong.

For a while, Branch had a picture of Creek on a dartboard in his bunker.

When asked why Poppy was so willing to help the Bergens feel happiness and forgive them for what they did to her people, Poppy will answer “Life is too short to spend with hate living in your heart.”

During balls and fancy parties at the Bergen castle, Brach will often wear a suit and Poppy will wear a knee-length black dress.  Some Trolls tease him but Branch thinks he looks 'classy as hell.’

Blood Is Thicker Than Water - EXO Wolf AU (1/?)

(A/N: Annyeong! It’s your friendly neighbourhood Kpop writer (cookies for anyone who got the reference)! So, I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now, and re-watching the drama versions of Wolf and Growl really inspired me. This AU is obviously based on EXO, but it will have guest appearances from other groups/members too! I hope this isn’t too disappointing, and feedback would be great seeing as I’m still a bit unsure on this! Tell me if you want part 2?)

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Truth and Tears

Characters: teen!Dean x teen!Reader

Words: 1834

Summary: the Reader finally gets the truth from her mother, and got more than she expected.

Part 9 in Emotions Series. Part 1 here, Part 8 here.

Here we go- the climax! There are still more parts, so don’t worry about this being the end. And there’s a small twist in here too. ;) Anyone who can tell me where the Hellboy reference is gets a (virtual) cookie! LEt me know what you think, messages just saying what you liked or what you’re excited for make my day! Enjoy everyone!

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