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Voltron: Legendary Defender season 1 episode 4: "Some Assembly Required"
  • Lance: We can train tomorrow!
  • Allura: NEVER put off until tomorrow what can be done today!
  • Lance: Well, I was gonna eat this pizza tomorrow, so, if that's the case-
  • Allura: *kicks pizza across room* NO PIZZA FOR YOU!
Truth and Tears

Characters: teen!Dean x teen!Reader

Words: 1834

Summary: the Reader finally gets the truth from her mother, and got more than she expected.

Part 9 in Emotions Series. Part 1 here, Part 8 here.

Here we go- the climax! There are still more parts, so don’t worry about this being the end. And there’s a small twist in here too. ;) Anyone who can tell me where the Hellboy reference is gets a (virtual) cookie! LEt me know what you think, messages just saying what you liked or what you’re excited for make my day! Enjoy everyone!

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My Son’s Boyfriend Can’t Be This Cute: A Solangelo Fanfic

lol if anyone gets the really terrible reference in the title you get a cookie.

I haven’t written in Apollo’s POV before, and this story takes in a very unspecified time, but who doesn’t want a fanfic of Apollo fangirling over Solangelo because I know I wanted it and you do too.


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            “What is it that you like about that kid so much anyways? I haven’t figured it out yet and I pride myself on my general prowess when it comes to love,” I asked him absently. Will looked up from his charts, something twinkling there in his blue eyes.

              “You mean Nico?” Will asked, clicking his tongue. “I like how cute he is.”

              “Cute,” I couldn’t help but repeat. I mean, I pride myself on staying relevant. But I’m pretty sure cute wasn’t the new slang for ornery, dark, brooding children of the underworld with a penchant for monster slaying and sulking.

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