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hello! do you know on which fic they're coming back from a trip to Phil's parents' house and Dan says something like 'your home is perfect' or something and he got sad bc his parents' house wasn't and Phil is like 'home is where we're headed right now'? I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense... thanks!

fortune cookies - Dan goes with Phil to celebrate Father’s Day with the Lesters, and suddenly all his complicated feelings about his own parents come bubbling to the surface. (Basically 11k words of Dan being angsty and the Lesters being wonderful.)

- Tori

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You’re Part Of The Axis?!

America: “I’m The Hero so it’s whatever, dude!” *obnoxious laughter*

England: “BLOODY HELL, WHY?!”

France: “Oh? Then I’ll just have to persuade you to join the Allies~”

Russia: “Not if they are dead, da?”

China: “I knew fortune cookie this morning was full of bad luck!”

Shout out to the awesome anon who requested this, it was super fun to do! I love this anime so much. I was able to use all Hetalia gifs for this! It’s probably not gonna happen again. X’D Also yes, China’s quote is from the dubbed version of Paint It White, but the rest I made up. This is for how the Allies would react if their s/o was in the Axis. Thanks for requesting doll~!

-Mod Lily

in your wake

i love u
is written
on the back
of a
fortune cookie fortune you
on my mirror
months before you left

i’ve been staring at it for several minutes
and i’ve
put shaving cream
on my toothbrush twice as

cold water drips onto my foot from the

i had to handwash because
couldn’t find
one more

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about your post on what's the point of studying, like the wise yuzuru hanyu once said, "efforts will lie, but it will never be in vain." or was that from a fortune cookie idk ://

LWHDJAJDHD THATS HIS QUOTE ALRIGHT!!! and it’s SO accurate too bc despite him being so skilled n talented he still didn’t get the gold medal… yet it won’t bc in vain bc he improved so much n put out a great fight n got a season’s best!!! so imma fight too so i can be like him!!!!

A Guide To Pucci’s Weird Hair

So, it’s not uncommon to see people struggling with drawing Pucci’s hair, and that’s fine. It’s weird, both versions of it, and even I have trouble with it sometimes. A while back, as you might recall, I tried to draw up a handy guide for drawing Pucci’s hair, but it was shitty quality. So now, I’ve drawn up a much better one, and I hope it sheds some light for all you aspiring Pucci-drawing-people.

This package includes: the Original and Final versions of both hairstyles, from a variety of interesting angles, all for the low, low price of free! Enjoy!