cookies for a good cause


A couple alt Six looks for Christmas (okay, only one is Christmas-y and that’s because i just gave him a Santa hat and did his coat in various wrapping paper designs i vaguely remembered). Fun fact about what kind of person I am; I’ve had both the cat print dress shirt (very shiny) and the leopard print santa hat (very cozy).

Also one of our neighbors gave us some cookies and I got all the molasses cookies cause my grandma doesn’t like them (they were good, but also oatmeal+cranberry+white choc chip cookies are fantastic).

Tbh when I get older I want my house to smell like honey, spices, fresh herbs and old wood. I want to decorate things in browns, golds, silvers and various shades of black, violet, blue and green and I want like seven windchimes and plants everywhere.

I wanna dress like a cute old witch from a storybook that all the neighbors wave and say hi to, and have cookies that are so good that I need to bake like 12 batches cause the neighbors come by for some.

I wanna be called ‘Grandma Bee’ by the people closest to me and just

Idk man

Leo: It’s gone pretty far at some point. Who can eat more cookies…which caused a good time at the bathroom.

Who can hug better.

It’s getting a little out of hand, until one day they messed with the wrong subject to compete about… who can have the teddy.

Then Kota found out…

And that’s when pretty much Kotaro stepped in for once and stopped their little fight. He’s serious about the teddy.

dont-stop-believin-in-klaine  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY!

1. I’m helpful. Scatterbrained and clumsy and bad at time management as I might be, I’m always ready and willing to help people out.

2. I bake pretty good cookies and cakes. (The decorating I leave to other people, ‘cause that’s not my forte.)

3. I’m kind.

4. I speak three languages :-)

5. I know how to make friendship bracelets with people’s names on them. Haven’t done that in ages, though.

This screenshot is golden! Right after Zay says no i won’t forgive her cause i lost a good cookie. Lucas is giving Riley a disappointed face , but Farkle is glaring at Zay! Best part is sarah though she is staring right into the camera…spot the difference is all i can think in this moment 👀 nothing is coincidence.

Exo reaction when their daughter asks them to play with her

Sehun: *gets sassed by his ownkid*

Daughter: Daddy how many time have I told you that you have to lift your pinkie when you drink tea. You are a princess not a peasant.

*lifts his pinkie and holds his tongue* It is better now princess bubblegum?

Kai:*agrees to play with her only to spend more time with his little angel* Aren’t you a cute one? with that little  flower crown on you look like a princess.

Tao:*gets his role as a princess really serious* I don’t know who made those cookies but you should have him fired princess, cause they are not that good.

Kyungsoo: Why not? I had worst thing on me while I was promoting wolf, how’s wearing a flower crown and drinking from a pink cup different?

Chanyeol:*gets more excited than his little kid* Can I this time choose the tea and the cookies that we are gonna make?

Chen:*sees his little kid coming to him  dressed with a pink tutu while she is holding another one* If I say yes do I have to wear that also?

Baekhyun: Daddy’s in for the party princess.

Lay: Of course daddy will play with you ladybug.*pokes the little one on the nose*

Suho:*plays peekaboo* Daughter: Don’t peek, you are not allowed to peek daddy.

I’m not peeking, I swear that I’m not peeking.

Kris: Tea party and pink dresses? that’s what you have to offer me for the afternoon? how about some cookies with the tea?

Luhan:*sees all the make up that his little daughter brought to the living room* I thought we were going to play with the dolls, why are you bring mommy’s make up?

Daughter: You will be my doll daddy! now stay still.

Xiumin: Instead of playing why won;t we watch some cartoons? it will be….fun also.

Dear mean ass anons

Seeing as it’s Sunday, which is a) a day of rest b) the Lord’s Day and c) The Sunday before Jesus’s birthday…why don’t y’all give it a rest today? Be kind. Donate your apparently endless energy to a good cause. Make some cookies. I don’t know. Just something other than being mean and saying things that make me cringe.

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