cookies and soy milk

Although I have to say, being allergic to milk and eggs has made me realize something: vegan food only sucks because vegans use batshit weird recipes instead of just using normal ingredients but not animal products.

Like, people are always shocked when they find out that the baked goods my mom makes are vegan, because they taste so good! (Hell, lots of people have said her cake recipe is the best they’ve ever had.) In reality, a lot of things don’t actually need dairy. You can take pretty much any cookie recipe (that doesn’t have eggs) and use soy/rice/almond milk instead of cow’s milk and it’ll come out fine.

But then sometimes people ask things like “But if it’s vegan, what do you use to make it sweet?” ????? Sugar? What, you think milk makes cookies sweet? I also remember someone at my church being proud that she found a recipe for “vegan hummus” (which tasted AWFUL) when, uh, hummus is already vegan dude… it’s basically just chickpeas, sesame, oil, and spices…

You’d really be surprised how much good food you can make without animal products, it’s just when you start getting ridiculous with all sorts of weird unnecessary ingredients that you end up with stuff that tastes like shit. Like “vegan hummus”.

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Intake! :)

i’ll do yesterday since I’ve only had breakfast and am snack today

breakfast: cup of oatmeal squares with a cup of soy milk, apple and a tablespoon of almond butter

am snack (in program): apple with 1.5 T of cookie butter and a cup of soy milk

lunch (in program, meal outing!): eggplant salad thing and falafel and hummus

aft snack (in program): split oatmeal raisin and pb cookie with a girl and had most, left some of the pb cookie when i was full because we were supposed to eat to our hunger/fullness and that was roughly the appropriate a+b portion

dinner: ~4oz. tofu scramble and a bunch of kale cooked in 1T coconut oil with green curry paste and a splash of coconut milk and turmeric and about a cup of roasted sweet potatoes

pm snack: pretzels with 1T almond butter and a lil box of sunmaid chocolate covered raisins