Made Walking Dead Carol’s Cookies today on Nerdy Nummies with the talented Max Schneider! Had so much fun baking and playing video games with this awesome guy! :)  


Clara Cakes: Vegan Mexican Wedding Cakes

In honor of Cinco De Mayo, I decided to bake up some Mexican Wedding Cakes. For such a simple cookie, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the Mexican Wedding Cake—every region seems to have a different name for them. In Mexico they’re referred to as “Biscochitos,” in Russia they’re “Russian Tea Cakes”, and in the Italy they’re none other than “Italian Wedding Cookies”.

Whatever the name, these cookies are universally delicious.  They’re powdery, messy, crumbly, all while being melt-in-your-mouth delicious. These are the most minimal, easy cookies I’ve ever made and so easy to vegan-ize since you just swap traditional butter with vegan butter like Earth Balance.

Bake up!

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Robin Williams’ final film, Absolutely Anything, will hit theaters Aug. 14 — almost one year to the day after the actor’s death. Williams plays a talking dog, Dennis, and he just really wants some cookies. (So do we.) [via]