cookiemonstahz  asked:

I'm guessing that you'd rather control a woman's rights and force her to carry out a pregnancy that she can't afford (she probably can't afford to properly care for a child either) and now cause two human beings to barely live through a tragic poverty ridden life than to "kill" a few cells? Who are you even helping with that? You'd rather have people live unhappily than let women get an abortion? Who gave you the right to think you can have a say in the rights of others?

I’d rather save both lives and do all I can to help and protect said two lives. I’m not the type to stop paying attention once the life is saved. 

I’m all for women’s rights and will defend them with all I’ve got, but taking away another life is not a woman’s rights and in fact it has nothing to do with gender. 

I have a say in the right’s of others because I’m defending the rights of others. The rights of all human lives from conception to death.