*taps mic*

Is this thing on?


I live. I’m so, so sorry for my endless silence and huge gaps. I’ve just been.. yeah, finals, school work and now interning to actually graduate next year(hopefully) has left me.. well, unavailable. So I’m really sorry for my silence.

I’m back and I’m going to try and update casually, BUT. Yeah, a huge “BUT”.

Sadly my financial status is going desperately bad. My PC died twice and had to be repaired and the processor + motherboard was changed. My mother is going into surgery this Friday - which is also my birthday. The internship doesn’t really pay well enough to maintain me let alone help my family.

So my status is, ultimately, declining. Rapidly.

My mood and spirits are mostly stable so that’s a bonus, and it gives me motivation to work.

Where am I going with all this? 

After finding a parter in crime I can trust, I’ll be putting up a Patreon, take two. The first one was absolute garbage, lol. It’ll be a while before I do, but it’ll come eventually. 

The stages will offer early access to “pages” - yes, I’ll do comic book-ish pages, and before Patreon I’ll make sample pages so everyone will know what they’re paying for -, characters showing up in said pages, characters being directly involved in updates, coloring pages of the month’s theme, wallpapers and access to my projects that are either my own creation, Warcraft based, MLP based, or Furry based. There’ll be fanart, OCs, and participating in voting for themes. Highrank Patreons will get their characters hand drawn and mailed to them.

So on, so forth.

This leads the updates to be monthly, but more detailed. The early access tier to all artwork and uncensored NSFW will be available to lowest tier of Patreons. Something like $1.

There’ll be samples of /everything/ I mentioned above, so you’ll know what you’re paying for.

For now, though, I’ll try to update in bits and bobs.

I’m very open to suggestions about anything, feedback, critiques, etc. so please don’t be shy about it!

Thank you for your Patience,


Hey guys. Syn here.
In the recent news of my childhood hero passing away, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, I decided to take some time off and mourn. While they may or may not have been in your personal favourites, he meant a great deal to me and my younger self. I owe them, and him, a great deal.

I will eventually make a tribute piece, after my mourning phase is over. Art will commence once I can shake off the weight of this loss.

Thank you.