To send her and CookieMod to Isle of Dreams.

What’s Isle of Dreams?

Isle of Dreams is an EDM Festival held in Israel, Switzerland and Turkey. CookieMod lives in Turkey, and this is something huge for her. Why?

Because Turkey doesn’t get EDM Festivals. Ever. This is the second EDM festival - that I’m aware of, anyway - that is being hosted in my country, and you cannot imagine what a big deal it is for me.

But the thing is, I’ll have to make a lot of expenses.

I will go to the festival somehow, but I still need to be funded so I can actually eat and have a place to stay there.

I don’t have a huge goal, but around $500 should be more than sufficient for every expence. Yes, 500 USD for a three day music festival filled with artists I love.

So this is a glorious thing for me, and I need every help I can get.

Not only that, but as a budding musician, I aspire to become a DJ/Producer myself. So this is very, very important.


Commission me. My prices -excluding sketches- starts from $20 and goes up depending on how detailed, what style and how long it will take me. I still have classes going on, so this is a huge dealbreaker and I should be focusing on my finals but this is a huge thing for me.

You can always Donate but I kinda feel bad for asking donations for something like this. You get the idea.

What will I supply if I hit my mark? Well, more art for sure! Maybe a big poster-piece of every donator added in it. So if you make a donation, please let me know. I want to thank somehow if you make a donation. 

Plenty of photos from my travel, the festival, and if I can score, photos of artists.

I don’t know what else I can do really.

Help, plz? ;w;

((OOC: The Guides))

(( Well then. As you might know I will have a guide for each faction, but as of now I’m a bit conflicted as to which race the guides should be.

For horde I’m torn between undead and troll. 

For alliance I’m torn between night elf and draenei.

I steered away from Humans.dwarves, gnomes on alliance because it’s hard to tell them apart from normal ponies.I didnt wanted to go with the obvious Orc for horde because of reasons.

Any input is welcomed.))

OOC: Commissons? Anyone?

So it turns out CookieMod needs a new setup - a desktop - to actually make progress in her stuff without praying that her laptop won’t crash. Now she’s already taking freelance everywhere she can get her claws on - this varies from translation to illustrations - but she needs extra help if she wants to get somewhere.

So what I need to know if sketches like these;

would go for about $5 for a while? Would you guys interested? I also add this style to the pile of art-you-can-get;

Minimalistic as possible sort of art would go about $7-$10. 

These are things I can deal with swiftly so they’re up for grabs until I say I have enough so I don’t really have slots but uhm… here’s slots anyways?











Yay 10. You can still get a fullblown commission from me in these styles;

But the cost of fullblown pictures in any style above will have a custom price tag to it.

What I can do:

  • Character designs
  • Clothing/Armor designs
  • Illustrations - cellshaded and normal
  • Action poses/Combat/Battle-ready images
  • Ponies
  • Animals
  • Humanoids
  • Gore
  • Pinup

What I can’t do:

  • Robots/Androids(I seriously suck at robots but I can try for your sake if you want me to)
  • Hyperrealism(please don’t even ask me 8<)
  • Groupshots (I can, really, but it takes too long and I’d rather not do more than two figures at a time, unless they’re overly simplistic.)
  • Erotica (I suck at drawing erotic images/porn. I can try mild porn but nothing hardcore.)

What I won’t do:

  • Pornographic images(Extreme kinks and fetishes irk me. Sides, I suck at drawing porn images, stated above)
  • Fetishes - Vore, scat, fat - anything that falls in fetishes is a no.
  • Extreme gore - I like psychotic images too but let’s tune that down a bit.
  • Triggering images - concepts such as rape, suicide, abuse etc. are a huge no.

And that should be about it. Let me know via ask if you want a slot, or have a question. I will answer them on my mod blog here, so make sure you ask me there. Okies?

Buh bye!

“I see you’re still asleep, Glich.”
“You do realize you must wake up eventually, yes?”
“I do, princess.”
“So why not now? Why not leave this world, and attend the one that is real?”
“I’m not ready, princess.”
“You are a godling, Glich. You are stronger than you credit yourself for. Your lineage could be one of terror and chaos, but that is not the case with you. We both know that.”
“I know, princess, but you don’t understand.”
“We do not understand what, godling?”

“When I’m asleep, no one is hurt. When I’m asleep, he’s not lost to me. Waking again means enduring all of this again, and again, until I get it right. I can’t risk disappointing people again, Princess Luna. I can’t risk crossing paths with him - only to watch him slip from my grip again.

You see, princess, when I’m asleep, I’m not hurting.”

((unrelated pony art is unrelated. CookieMod has the sads so this happened. Glich is an eldritch godling of mine that I ponified because ponies make me happy, has made me happy since I was a tiny cookie. And Princess Luna is my favourite, along with me liking the night on it’s own. Just some vent art. I’m not sure if people would be interested in this as a story so I don’t think I’ll include them to the blog.))

((OOC: Hiatus and More!))

((Hay guys.

I know I’ve been super silent and inactive for a long, long time. So long that I lost my train of thought for Cookie and now I’m lost as to what should I do with her and the gang. So instead of mindlessly roaming in silence trying to find an idea, I came up with the resolution of temporarely putting it in an official hiatus.

However, that’s not the only thing.

I don’t know if you guys are interested, but I’m going to make a new blog where I’ll squeeze Warcraft with My Little Pony and make Citizens of Ponyroth. I’ll link it here once I create the blog and what not, but I would like to hear what you think or what you’d like to see.

That’s all, and thank you very much.





So, to celebrate my one year of ponytumblrin’, 150+ followers and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL HALLOW’S EVE, I will do a livestream! YAY GO ME.

But! What to draw, what to draw? For the sake of Halloween, the theme is Halloween! Samhain, for Fortunate Cookie, that is. So, what shall I draw for this Hallow’s Eve? Cookie in her Samhain garb? Or maybe Cat Scratch as something sinister would catch your fancy? Sonata(CookieMod’s ponysona, that is, if you don’t know about her as of yet!), or maybe you’d want to see the unknown mistress? BUT YOU CANNOT, BECAUSE SHE HASN’T REVEALED HER FACE YET! Lulz.

Or maybe something else..?

I’m open to ideas. The livestream will be either on 29th or 30th, depending on voting. There will be singing, there will be chatting, there will be ARTS! Cast your votes! What shall CookieMod art for Halloween?


Oh, why, if she’s willing, I could form a mental link which would able us to talk - a psychic move I’ve been taught by my clan so that rituals would not be disrupted. In any case, I know a tad bit sign language, I guess that could work as well.


No, I’m fine. What ever gave you that idea? Things are going well, and speaking of which, I’m very late. I’m sorry, I must depart now.

Please, take care of yourselves. I’ll be back by the sun rise.

The mare galloped off before the duo could say another word, heading straight into Everfree Forest, soon vanishing out of sight.

=> Follow mare

=> Stay behind

((Welcome to the NEXT CHAPTER! This time, there will be no RP events - sawwie! - but you get to choose the adventure! The option that gets most votes will be the next “page” so to speak. Control what Cookie -or the others!- will do next! Similar to the webcomic, Homestuck, I’ll proceed will little arrows and options that vary from 1-2 to 1-10. Happy adventuring!))

((OOC: Catching up))

((Welp. It was my birthday on the 21st(bye bye 24), so I was amiss for a while dealing with shizzles. Hence, no updates. And if I tried to update now, all you all would get would be teasers.))

((I feel like if I post more teasers, someone’s gonna assassinate me.))

((Now I’m rather pissy for various reasons, so let me cut this short. Sorry for the wait, the story I’m writing up is pretty.. uhm.. well needs to be handled with utmost care so I won’t reveal everything in one go. And my skills are failing me.))

((That and then I have a few commissions. Which brings me to my second note. I DO COMMISSIONS GAIZ. And I could really use the cash because.. yeah I won’t go on a drama spree here, lets just say it’s necessary.))

((All in all, that’s about it. I may be amiss some more, IRL is laughing it’s ass off at me and what not. So, take care my precious loves. ILU all. <3))


Just popping to tell you guys that some of the updates will be traditional, mainly because I currently possess no functioning art program. And my tablet is dying. I hope you guys don’t mind.

And I’m sorry for the hiatus.

But I’m here for now!

Just.. slow.. because finals.. :’)