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[Commission information will be updated after the last batch.]

[Commission method is to be updated as well, since Paypal is still offline for my country.]

[Thank you for your patience.]

Hey guys!

I’m alive, don’t worry. I’ve had a hell of a few months, even my birthday was a mess, the country I live in got a bit too hectic and just… overall, some rather shit times happened.

But! I’m back now, and I wanted to ask you - what should I do now?

Do you want me to proceed with the story I left, or re-start something random via asks? Or something totally different? 

Let me know! Hit me with your ideas, I’m open to everything. :)

 And thanks for sticking around - I love you!

OOC: Commissons? Anyone?

So it turns out CookieMod needs a new setup - a desktop - to actually make progress in her stuff without praying that her laptop won’t crash. Now she’s already taking freelance everywhere she can get her claws on - this varies from translation to illustrations - but she needs extra help if she wants to get somewhere.

So what I need to know if sketches like these;

would go for about $5 for a while? Would you guys interested? I also add this style to the pile of art-you-can-get;

Minimalistic as possible sort of art would go about $7-$10. 

These are things I can deal with swiftly so they’re up for grabs until I say I have enough so I don’t really have slots but uhm… here’s slots anyways?











Yay 10. You can still get a fullblown commission from me in these styles;

But the cost of fullblown pictures in any style above will have a custom price tag to it.

What I can do:

  • Character designs
  • Clothing/Armor designs
  • Illustrations - cellshaded and normal
  • Action poses/Combat/Battle-ready images
  • Ponies
  • Animals
  • Humanoids
  • Gore
  • Pinup

What I can’t do:

  • Robots/Androids(I seriously suck at robots but I can try for your sake if you want me to)
  • Hyperrealism(please don’t even ask me 8<)
  • Groupshots (I can, really, but it takes too long and I’d rather not do more than two figures at a time, unless they’re overly simplistic.)
  • Erotica (I suck at drawing erotic images/porn. I can try mild porn but nothing hardcore.)

What I won’t do:

  • Pornographic images(Extreme kinks and fetishes irk me. Sides, I suck at drawing porn images, stated above)
  • Fetishes - Vore, scat, fat - anything that falls in fetishes is a no.
  • Extreme gore - I like psychotic images too but let’s tune that down a bit.
  • Triggering images - concepts such as rape, suicide, abuse etc. are a huge no.

And that should be about it. Let me know via ask if you want a slot, or have a question. I will answer them on my mod blog here, so make sure you ask me there. Okies?

Buh bye!

“I see you’re still asleep, Glich.”
“You do realize you must wake up eventually, yes?”
“I do, princess.”
“So why not now? Why not leave this world, and attend the one that is real?”
“I’m not ready, princess.”
“You are a godling, Glich. You are stronger than you credit yourself for. Your lineage could be one of terror and chaos, but that is not the case with you. We both know that.”
“I know, princess, but you don’t understand.”
“We do not understand what, godling?”

“When I’m asleep, no one is hurt. When I’m asleep, he’s not lost to me. Waking again means enduring all of this again, and again, until I get it right. I can’t risk disappointing people again, Princess Luna. I can’t risk crossing paths with him - only to watch him slip from my grip again.

You see, princess, when I’m asleep, I’m not hurting.”

((unrelated pony art is unrelated. CookieMod has the sads so this happened. Glich is an eldritch godling of mine that I ponified because ponies make me happy, has made me happy since I was a tiny cookie. And Princess Luna is my favourite, along with me liking the night on it’s own. Just some vent art. I’m not sure if people would be interested in this as a story so I don’t think I’ll include them to the blog.))