you took my hand and said to me,

darling, we may walk separate paths,

but don’t you see? we are the same.

our swords will clash forever.

and from my heart, I promise you,

it’s written in the stars above

that you and I are bound by fate.

this war will never end.

Theme: Counterparts

Here’s a preview of what I’m working on right now. Redrumrose made a bunch of really awesome artwork of a Twilight Princess role swap… soooo guess who’s working on a visual novel adaptation!

The character portraits and backgrounds are going to take me a while, but I’ve been having fun so far. Unfortunately I don’t have a dedicated video capture software, so I had to use Quicktime for this preview, which kills the quality. I haven’t added any audio either—that will come later.

I’m also open to suggestions if you guys have any!