So many things I am thankful for… Jason, family & friends, my health, all of you! So many more but I’ll keep this post to a minimum.

Jason and I ran our first race together this morning! We were joined by his sister and her hubby and had a brief meeting with Rachael at the start and Jen at the end. At the start it was so cold (!!! but we were so hot by the end), the medals are RAD, and I totally PR’ed! 33:32! Whoo!

Now we are hanging at Jason’s family’s house for dinner… not sure if we have enough food… bahahaha!

Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Weekend(ish) round up!

- Jason and Daniel gaming Friday night
- Saturday weather gear!
- Sledding (tubing?) in the back
- Dinkytown with D and Jason
- “The Jose” at Al’s Breakfast
- D with his Aunt… It’s tradition that everyone goes to Al’s with Katie the first time… took about a year and a half but he finally made it! Haha
- Jason’s flipping adorable niece on his shoulder
- Sexy snow glasses
- We ran today!

It’s been a busy few days for sure.

Saturday we all prepped for the gym then got a call giving us 10 minutes to get changed to go to Jason’s niece’s cheer competition. That afternoon we got in some quick sledding/tubing before we prepped the house to have the neighbors over. We spent the night chatting about so many things from weather to babies to the wedding and honeymoon planning… we had a blast until the mix of caramel vodka cider and 3 different wines hit me and I practically passed out. So much for all your “practice” suggestions. ;) Lol.

Sunday was ROUGH. Despite a late night, we had to be up early to get down to Dinkytown to meet with Jason’s sister (Katie) and her family (Lee and Lilly) and officially welcome Daniel to his first of what will likely be many delicious Al’s Breakfast experiences. The grease of the food helped my stomach (a ton) and we got to experience a scoot at Al’s when we have to move either left or right on the stools to make room for other people.

We then headed up north to spend the afternoon with Jason’s parents. Katie, Lee and Lilly met us there and we had a great, relaxing afternoon chatting and snacking. Katie had drawn my name for Christmas and made me a (freaking amazing) banana bread loaf and also an awesome 3-photo frame with a picture of me with her and Jason’s other sister at the top, “SISTERS” in the middle, and an open frame at the bottom for a pic of me and my sister. LOVE it. Also, 

Monday was a wash because we dedicated the day to relaxing (and literally watched NCIS the entire day).

Today we finally got a run in which was really, really cool. I have never worked out at the Y like today - we did 5K around the indoor track, 15 minutes in the sauna, about 10 minutes kicking around in the pool and another 10 minutes in the hot tub. I LOVE THIS GYM. I’m so excited to be a member. But the track will take some getting used to because after the first lap I felt like I was breathing in sandpaper so that was a little difficult. 


This is my Facebook PSA to Jason’s family that I’m going to Minnesota for Thanksgiving!!!!! Eeeeeeee!!!!!

By some miracle I got the last minute time off approved (my manager flat out told me I am lucky she likes me, lol).

(Thank you Rachael, Katie, and Heather for keeping the secret! I had to spill!)

Who wants to get together on Black Friday?! Coffee or late lunch or something?!