cookie run themed asks
  • brave cookie:do you consider yourself a leader?
  • bright cookie:can you figure out solutions easily?
  • strawberry cookie:do you prefer to be alone or with others?
  • cream cookie:would you want to learn to knit?
  • cloud cookie:do you like to dance, and are you good at it?
  • buttercream choco cookie:do you spend a lot of money on yourself or others?
  • coffee cookie:how do you drink your coffee?
  • boarder cookie:have you ever learned to skateboard?
  • princess cookie:do you always want to get your way, no matter what?
  • knight cookie:would you rather fight dragons or tame them?
  • muscle cookie:do you work out?
  • zombie cookie:do you nap a lot during the day?
  • ginger claus:how do you enjoy the holidays?
  • angel cookie:are you considered a cinnamon roll?
  • ninja cookie:is your double jump perfected yet?
  • pirate cookie:do you consider yourself a romantic at heart?
  • skating queen cookie:is there a skill you want to perfect?
  • hero cookie:would you use superpowers for good or evil?
  • special force cookie:are you on a mission for something? is it classified information?
  • cheerleader cookie:do you work better in a team or alone?
  • ninetails cookie:if you could have one wish, what would it be?
  • devil cookie:are you considered a problematic fave?
  • fairy cookie:do you like to garden?
  • wizard cookie:would you like everyday to be like halloween no less no more?
  • rockstar cookie:whats your favorite singer/band?
  • soda cookie:do you like going to the beach?
  • cherry cookie:are you a prankster?
  • cheesecake cookie:do you like going to parties?
  • prophet cookie:do you believe in fate?
  • pistachio cookie:are you always willing to help others?
  • alchemist cookie:do you like to read? what is your favorite genre?
  • vampire cookie:are you a nightowl or an early bird?
  • adventurer cookie:do you like exploring the unknown or do you prefer to stay at home?
  • muay thai cookie:can you fight? or want to learn to?
  • snow sugar cookie:is summer or winter better?
  • carol cookie:do you like to settle problems peacefully?
  • blackberry cookie:are you interested in the paranormal?
  • pink choco cookie:crushing/squishing on anyone right now?
  • kiwi biker cookie:do you have your license yet?
  • apple cookie:what is a happy childhood memory of yours?
  • werewolf cookie:do you have any big secrets?
  • mint choco cookie:can you play an instrument?
  • cocoa cookie:do you enjoy classical or rock music?
  • creampuff cookie:is there something you wish you could be better at?
  • cherry blossom cookie:are you a chatterbox or do you like to keep quiet?
  • gumball cookie:are you easily inspiried? if you can, draw something in 15 seconds!
  • lemon cookie:what is the last song you listened to?
  • orange cookie:do you enjoy outdoor activities?
  • lime cookie:is there someone you want the attention of?
  • peppermint cookie:have you ever been sailing before?
  • tiger lily cookie:do you have any siblings?
  • fire spirit cookie:can you handle hot temperatures?
  • moonlight cookie:what is the last dream you can remember you've had?

sweet-sweet-escape asked:

I came for the Sherlolly text chats, I stay for the Sherlolly text chats and THE TAGS, and you. My wonderful, talented, generous, gorgeous, talented, fun friend. You reel us in with the text chats and keep us here with your wonderful personality.. I'm never going anywhere.. xx

oh, I’ve missed you, sweets. you are too kind to me, you really are. thank you so much, it means so much to me that I’m not wasting my time. I honestly love sharing these with you Sherlollies and the amount of love I get for it overwhelms me. I seriously cannot thank you enough for the support, the encouragement, the friendship…you really are beautiful xx

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August 28, 2015: Simple, internship-free day entirely spent on searching for future jobs. Apparently every job opening in Los Angeles has a requirement of 82613 years of specialized training prior… Perfect for a 17 year old like myself. No surprise here, the only other things I did was eat cereal with blueberries, and watch about 4 hours worth of Sorted Food videos (with Yorkshire tea and Biscoff cookies, of course). It was wayyyy too hot to properly function in LA, BUT I will always take time to appreciate how pretty it is at night. Oh, and here’s a random picture of my new and improved Hawaiian BBQ dad shirt that I’m in love with.